Flawed Assumptions…

Joanna Weiss writes an opinion piece in Politico in Politico regarding Fox and Friends in the wake of the Gretchen Carlson lawsuit. I was going to ignore it except one part raised a giant red flag…

Fox & Friends, too, has aired complaints. It happened most memorably in 2008, in a week when presidential candidate Barack Obama had been forced to answer for incendiary statements by his controversial preacher, Jeremiah Wright. The hosts spent two hours dissecting an off-the-cuff Obama statement—and Chris Wallace, invited on to plug his Sunday talk show, used the bulk of his seven minutes to lambaste his colleagues. “Frankly, I think you’re somewhat distorting what Obama had to say,” Wallace said. “I feel like two hours of Obama-bashing may be enough.” The hosts, Carlson included, bristled visibly and tried to defend themselves. Wallace wouldn’t let go.

These episodes are not mistakes or accidents; Ailes has always understood, perhaps better than most, that conflict is entertainment.

Conflict may or may not be entertainment on FNC but in the above example it sure as hell wasn’t. This was the infamous “you shot inside the tent” incident which Roger Ailes called Wallace on the carpet for. This was a bad example Weiss chose to cite here.


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