Kiran Chetry Talks Roger Ailes…

Kiran Chetry writes of her experiences with Roger Ailes…

In all of my time at Fox, Roger Ailes never told me what to say and more importantly never told me what not to say. I was a young journalist and always a stickler for getting my facts correct. But on a show like Fox and friends, you also have to express your opinion and show your true personality for better or for worse. I never could have done that if I feared reprisal.

He may not have always agreed with my opinion or the opinion of any other host, but he gave us the breadth and space to say what we thought without fear of retribution. Over the years at Fox, I met with Roger Ailes one-on-one many times and never once did Roger ever make me feel uncomfortable or put forth any sexual advances.

I can’t speak for Gretchen since I wasn’t in the room obviously but I will tell you that I never felt uncomfortable around Roger Ailes.


One Response to “Kiran Chetry Talks Roger Ailes…”

  1. No Xmas cards exchanged between Kiran and Gretchen apparently.

    A. First rumors persisted at the time that Kiran was trying to take Gretchen’s job as part of her failed negotiations with Fox News.

    B. Now she (Kiran) goes public with defense of Roger Ailes.

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