Slowing Down On The Carlson Lawsuit Story…

I’ve decided to dial it back on the Carlson lawsuit story. The story has morphed from a legal suit to a PR campaign (on both sides). We’ve had a few people publicly come forward to allegedly substantiate the thrust of Carlson’s suit (e.g. Ailes’ alleged mistreatment of women) with stories decades old. On the other side the dams have burst and a flood of mostly FNC paid talent have taken to the media to voice their support of Ailes and dispute Carlson’s claims (as far as they know).

When actual news items come out, I’ll revisit the story. But I’m not going to post subjective charges and counter charges that are ping ponging out on a seemingly daily basis.


3 Responses to “Slowing Down On The Carlson Lawsuit Story…”

  1. Fox folks need to lay off the “father figure” stuff. It sounds creepy now, and it’s going to sound worse if he loses the suit. And nobody needs to hear Bill “falafel” O’Reilly’s thoughts on the subject.

  2. “When actual news items come out, I’ll revisit the story.”

    Well Spud, does the front page of Thursday’s NY Times count as actual news?”

  3. notfoxy Says:

    I think everyone should lose their minds because I comment on this blog once a year. Party on, psychos.

    Your pal,
    Joe Remi

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