Ailes Departure Collateral Damage…

New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman writes about an ancillary issue in the Roger Ailes separation story…

As Roger Ailes battles the Murdochs over the terms of his exit from Fox News, he’s doing so without a key weapon in his arsenal: Fox spokesperson Irena Briganti.

Briganti — who is feared both inside and outside Fox as Ailes’s public-relations enforcer — has been told by 21st Century Fox executives that she is not allowed to communicate with Ailes or the press about his status at the network. Her sidelining comes after New York reported that she has been criticizing Megyn Kelly to reporters.

Briganti’s silencing by the Murdochs is leading to speculation inside Fox News that she will be forced out along with Ailes. “When Roger leaves, she’s gone,” one executive briefed on the talks said.


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