Murdoch’s First Day

The Hollywood Reporter’s Marisa Guthrie writes about Rupert Murdoch’s first day minding the FNC store…

Certainly Rupert Murdoch is no stranger to the business of Fox News, which is among the portfolio’s most valuable assets and contributes nearly 25 percent to the company’s bottom line. But his multiple weekly conversations with Ailes were about big-picture topics, not day-to-day operations. And so Murdoch’s task ahead is familiarizing himself with the running of the channel. In this effort, Rupert is said to be leaning heavily on current Fox News executives including Jay Wallace, who in April was promoted to executive vp news and editorial, CFO Mark Kranz, and especially Bill Shine, a longtime Fox News executive who runs primetime programming and also oversees Fox Business Network. Shine is said to be in the running for the permanent CEO job.

In addition, Fox News communications chief Irena Briganti will remain as executive vp of corporate communications of Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network, a move that might surprise some journalists because of Briganti’s years of hard-charging allegiance to Ailes. A spokesperson for 21st Century Fox confirmed that she will stay on and she was at work on Friday.


One Response to “Murdoch’s First Day”

  1. I beginning to think Roger Ailes may just be the tip of the sexual harassment iceberg at FNC. With dozens of women coming forward against Ailes, and now staffers being accused, the floodgates look to be about to really blow wide open in the next week or so.

    The network has had a number of sexual harassment rumors and even a few charges, including one against Billo, in the past so it wouldn’t surprise me if there aren’t a lot of victims looking for payback against the network who mistreated them over the past decade.

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