Michael Clemente Out at FNC…

Well this isn’t exactly a surprise though the timing is interesting. TVNewser’s Chris Ariens writes that FNC specials/longform unit head Michael Clemente and his number 2 Peter Boyer are out at the network…

Clemente is the first high-profile executive to be dismissed following Roger Ailes‘s resignation last Thursday, but insiders say his dismissal was not tied to last week’s moves, when Ailes departed and 21st Century Fox chairman Rupert Murdoch named himself interim chairman.

Until April of this year, Clemente was EVP of News Editorial. He was moved to a specials/longform unit and was replaced by Jay Wallace, a longtime Fox Newser who started his career on Shepard Smith‘s show. Bill Shine, who is Senior of programming, remains the internal frontrunner to oversee the channel when Murdoch steps back.


One Response to “Michael Clemente Out at FNC…”

  1. Outsider Says:

    I don’t think many would believe Fox will change too much post-Ailes in terms of politics because of revenue (a fifth of 21st Century Fox’s profits) due to a loyal/cultish audience. Some are hopeful change might occur because James Murdoch is considered a ‘moderate’ and not a fan of the direction Fox has taken but Lachlan is ‘conservative’ according to a guest who wrote a book on Ailes on a BBC radio show that is about, as it’s name ‘The Media Show’ would suggest, the media.
    http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07lfkqb (the segment starts around 17:30 and the Lachlan bit around 24:30)

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