DirecTV Drops Newsmax TV?

Newsmax TV is no longer airing on DirecTV. I don’t know exactly when it happened but the dearth of news when I searched Google suggests it happened either today or within the past few days.

When you try to tune in you get a message saying “This channel is currently unavailable. Please visit for more information. That site is a generic site that has this at the top…

You come first.

DIRECTV is committed to bringing you the best TV experience at the most reasonable value. When disputes arise with programmers over their rising prices, this site will keep you up to date with clear and direct information.

This strongly indicates that DirecTV is in the middle of a carriage dispute with Newsmax. Given what happened between Dish and Newsmax TV, it would not be unreasonable to assume that something similar is going on here. The rumors were Newsmax wanted Dish to lower or eliminate the amount of money the network was paying Dish to carry it.

Related: I’m hearing that Newsmax TV has cancelled the Ed Berliner show…though it won’t officially exit the airways until Friday.

28 Responses to “DirecTV Drops Newsmax TV?”

  1. Another Conservative program dropped by the Liberal Media.. No wonder America is going Down the Toilet.. Political Correctness is Destroying America. Wish I could DROP DirecTV..

  2. yes its seems like Directv is becoming more and more like cable just drop a program does not ask us the consumer. It’s time we all stand togather and cancel you cable, satellite and smartphone, a lot to ask but I bet things would change.

    Only 30 years ago just 30 years we had none of these did we survive you tell me?

  3. If we need to drop Direct TV to get them to pay attention how many would it take. Is there a direct number at Newsmax to find out what is going on?

  4. stananddan2 Says:

    Newsmax has been saying they were moving to DirecTV 366. They were on for a few days but now are completely off the channel guide. They got rid of Dennis Michael Lynch a couple of weeks ago which was an absolute mistake on their part as they lost alot of viewers including me. After that, they just disappeared.

  5. jaquebauer Says:

    The silence on both sides may mean they are in backroom negotiation. I was not aware that they dropped DML. I thought he was on vacation. I was fond of Newsmax TV, and a faithful DML program viewer. As for Directv, It has become a wasteland of garbage. For $124 a month, and no premium channels, we watch maybe 10 channels, including local stations. I signed up 13 years ago after firing Comcast. It was the Military channel that hooked me, and now that’s gone, replaced by everything but military subjects. Discovery channel is endless Naked and more Naked. But the wife won’t let me dump Direct, as she has her 3 favorite channels. FOX news is turning left, other than Hannity. I find good programming on the internet, but ATT DSL usage caps and the resulting fines will eat your wallet when streaming HD material.

    Maybe Breitbart will start a TV program for satellite distribution. There needs to be a heavy counterweight to the overwhelming amount of Communist television networks. Who could forsee that the media would become 5 columnists ?

  6. I found it very interesting that DML, on 8/8, was discussing on his NEWMAX program the coincidence of, I believe, 5 people that had recently died very mysteriously whom were all related to the DNC. Not long after he made that comparison the program went dark for about 5 minutes. Another commentator came on to finish the program. Two nights later, DML discussed how Newsmax wanted DML to relinquish editorial control of his program and to show some “packages” basically slamming FOX news. He refused and, again, the program went dark. That was on 8/10, his last time on air. By early last week (8/15) Newmax was off Directv. DML was the ONLY reason I ever watched Newsmax..Karma is a bitch!!

  7. I stopped watching Newsmaxx when the discontinued “The Daily Wrap”. Except for the excellent war documentaries on late night.

  8. This is what I was told by DirecTv when I asked them about the Newsmax channel being dropped: DirecTV’s contract with Newsmax to provide their programming to you is due to expire at the end of the month or already have expired, and both sides are negotiating what the new contract is going to be. We do this with all of our channels from time to time, but most of the time, you never see it. What is happening now is that 349 channel is looking for a higher price, and here at DirecTV, we’re working to keep our prices as low as possible.

  9. doris eidem Says:

    direct tv you really joined the other power hungry retards! getting rid of newsmax which cost you and customers nothing! outsourcing your phone operators to nitwits who do not understand english makes you totally worthless! i look forward to canceling you!

  10. Doris, do you think that what they told me is a lie? That they were in the middle of negotiations with NewsMax, but that NewsMax wanted more money? I wish I could contact NewsMax and ask them as I don’t know if DirecTV went the way of Dish or not.

  11. NewsmaxTV paid DirecTv to be carried on their system, they weren’t being paid. I think Newsmax gottired of paying Dish and DTV.

  12. Except that I saw a segment on NewsMax in which they said that DISH dropped them without reason and they were encouraging DISH customers to contact DISH and lodge a protest of this treatment.

  13. I enjoyed NewsMax…Now it’s gone …& So are we… We can live without Direct TV !!!!

  14. Very dissapointed in Direct TV for dropping Newsmax. I thought I had finally found a conservative station that actually presented some news, rather than Fox Politics all the time. I smell something fishy. I was watching when Mike Lynch refused to air those stories and was shocked when he did not come back on air…….we are living in the Soviet Union folks.

  15. When you go against the establishment this is what happens and they hide like little scared children behind another bogus lie contract negotiations. We all know how this story of American ends and the founders knew that. Land run by COWARDS who will get ran over ISLAM.

  16. Was glad I had DirecTv when I heard DISH had stopped NewsMax; now will look for other options for where I can find the truth. Missing Dennis Michael Lynch the most and history videos. Please everyone post your comment and ask for NewsMax to be brought back to DirecTv!

  17. This sucks!! You guys took away a great news channel. Thought you were better than Dish, but I guess not. We already miss all the very informative conservative news and DML. Not to mention all the history that it offered. Now I have to try to find something else, AGAIN. Hope you bring this back.

  18. i just dropped Dish a few months back when they cancelled Newsmax. we went with DTV when we found out they carried Newsmax and the DML report. Now neither carry it after DML left. Now i have a 2 year contract with DTV and i still dont have the station. Not sure i can get out of my contract.

  19. So I called DirectTV to find out what happened to NewsMax. She told me “Well you have plenty of other stuff you can watch”…….???!!! Are you freaking kidding me!!! NewsMax was the only decent (excuse me) actual news station on TV……..Low budget and all, annoying at times infomercials to pay their bills and all, I still miss my NewsMax……DML we want you back!!!!! Skype and all, we want you!!!! Where or who do we call, demand, threaten????

  20. What channel is/was Newsmax on Direc TV? 366 is JLTV. Also, there is no date for anything posted on this page so its hard to know how current it is. Today is Sept 6th 2016. Thank you.

  21. I have never been so mad I never missed DML and Steve tapped them every night and looked forward to their shows it was the only news that told you the truth I hope you lose every customer you have I will be gone as soon as possible I give you to Oct to get them back if not I’m gone

  22. Newsmax was the only news channel I watched.DML was the best.As soon as my contract with Directv is over I will cancel them.

  23. texted direct tv, and was told newsmax canceled direct tv, newsmax told me to watch on computer

  24. I can’t believe Directv cancelled Newsmax TV it was the only unbiased news network on TV where you could get true reliable news.

  25. We are also leaving direct tv if nesmax doesnt return! Sick and tired of it!

  26. Terry Touchstone Says:

    I switched from Cox to DirecTV in part to get NewsMax Channel…now I’m stuck in a contract until next summer.

  27. I’m so angry the DirecTV has dropped this channel! This shows you how powerful the left is. I’m stuck in this contract DirecTV too! I would go to Fox, but after getting so much truth from YouTube I’m shocked with how little truth telling is on Fox as to what is really going on with the Hillary crowd and their dirty tricks. It’s almost as if they were part of this underhanded Democratic machine trying to steal this election. Why don’t they go into more detail about the Clinton Foundation and the terrible things they did to those poor people in Haiti? About Podesta and the Spirit Cooking scandal.
    Evil thrives when good men do nothing!

  28. We just rejoined DirecTV and we’re disappointed to find that Newsmax is not on the Programme Guide. Seriously? Are there not enough biased PC news programmes on? How about more balanced news programming?

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