In a Post Ailes FNC, Will Megyn Kelly Stick Around?

in a must read, Vanity Fair’s Sarah Ellison offers new details on what went down in the Ailes investigation and what looms on the horizon…re-signing Megyn Kelly…

Settling the newsroom’s nerves could be the easy part. While the company was installing Shine, 21st Century Fox began settlement discussions with Carlson and two others who allege they were harassed by Ailes. (At issue in those negotiations are tapes of Ailes in discussion with Carlson and others, according to two people familiar with them.) But beyond the fears of the newsroom, the ongoing internal investigation, and even the disagreements between various lawyers over settlements, executives at Fox News are staring down another emerging threat. Their biggest issue is not just how they will get through the election without their founder, or who will win, but how the Murdochs can hold on to one of their most high-profile anchors: Megyn Kelly. In fact, more than anyone, Kelly could be the key figure in determining whether the younger Murdochs are able to change Fox News’s culture, or whether it remains the same.


2 Responses to “In a Post Ailes FNC, Will Megyn Kelly Stick Around?”

  1. I say let her go and good riddance

  2. Where she really going to go?

    NOBODY who has a hit show on the #1 news network is going to want to go to the ones fighting for 3rd place…….so that cancels out CNN and MSNBC and HN.

    I still haven’t watched her primetime special (on my DVR) but the reviews from the NON_Haters were almost as bad as the Fox Haters… that’s not good. The rating cant be drawn on much for it because she was going to lose against NCIS that night no matter what.

    She would have to have a few good reviews and rating hits in primetime for me to think ABCNBCCBS would want her to do specials…..which those networks seem to have moved away from……..but maybe a show like dateline would be good for her if she wanted a break from 5 nights a week………..seems like kind of a demotion to me though.

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