More Van Susteren…

NY Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman has more on the Greta Van Susteren departure from FNC…

Fox News announced Greta Van Susteren was leaving the network and will be replaced by Brit Hume until the election. Fox’s media correspondent Howard Kurtz reported Van Susteren left after asking to renegotiate her contract. But a source close to Van Susteren disputed this, telling me Van Susteren left because “she is troubled by the culture” Ailes built. On September 1, Van Susteren notified Fox that she was exercising a clause in her contract that allows her to leave Fox if Ailes is no longer running the channel.

Over the summer, Van Susteren took flak for casting doubt on Carlson’s claims. The source says Van Susteren did not know about Ailes’s alleged harassment at that point.

One Response to “More Van Susteren…”

  1. Why did Greta fly the Fox News coop?
    1. It is for the stated reason that she has not been happy for a ‘few years.’
    2, It was driven by her disappointment (or anger) over Roger Ailes ouster.
    3. She was let go because of low demo ratings and she and FNC negotiated a soft landing scenario for public disclosure.
    4. She was upset about the ‘culture’ Ailes created.

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