CNN vs. Morning Joe…

In the latest in a long running battle, CNN’s Dylan Byers takes aim at Morning Joe yet again for the “favorable” coverage it gave Donald Trump…

Scarborough provided several pieces of evidence to back up the claim that they had been tough on Trump, including that, “I said from the beginning I would never vote for him, I said I was voting for Jeb Bush then I said I was voting for John Kasich” and that in early December 2015 he and Brzezinski had compared Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims to Germany in 1933.

Those limited examples are a fig leaf for the months of positive coverage and support that Scarborough and Brzezinski gave to Trump in the period of time Kristol was referring to: late 2015 and early 2016.

As CNNMoney and others have documented, Scarborough and Brzezinski — who visited privately with Trump on multiple occasions during the primaries — were overwhelmingly supportive of the Republican candidate during that time, consistently praising his unconventional campaign and defending him from his critics.

Scarborough, especially, spoke about Trump in glowing terms, praising him as “a masterful politician.” The Washington Post wrote that Trump had received “a tremendous degree of warmth from the show,” and that his appearances on the show, in person and over the phone, often feel like “a cozy social club.”

In February, several NBC News and MSNBC journalists, reporters and staffers told CNNMoney there was widespread discomfort at the network over Scarborough’s friendship with Trump and his increasingly favorable coverage of the candidate.

There’s a reason why this charge can still be hurled at Morning Joe…just as it could be hurled at Fox and Friends…just as it could be repeatedly hurled at CNN itself…

There’s more than enough available evidence to back up the idea that the media became obsessed with Trump that it lost its perspective for much of the primary season and into the summer. While I rarely agree with the usually wrong Bill Kristol, he’s right here; any attempt to say that Morning Joe was tough on Trump in late 2015 and early 2016 is essentially an inaccurate characterization of history.

Not that Byers should be the one squawking here. CNN’s hands are much more dirty than Morning Joe’s when it comes to their coverage of Trump. Byers knows this, of course…yet he throws darts at Morning Joe anyways. Lame…

3 Responses to “CNN vs. Morning Joe…”

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  2. I watched the Kristol segment this morning and it was just another example of Scarborough baiting thin skinned partisans into saying stupid things – much like Clinton and her supporters bait Trump.

    In this case Joe took Trump’s actual statement that he “would look at it at the time” whether or not he would abide by the election results as literally what he meant by saying it. Most people, including Kristol, read that comment as Trump saying he wouldn’t concede defeat. This led to a loud back and forth where no one really won the argument because both statements were essentially correct. Joe pulled the same stunt with his next guest Harold Ford (another frequent baiting target) with pretty much the same result.

    To his credit Scarborough, along with Brzezinski, were among the first people to say Trump could win the Republican primary. He has also frequently said he wasn’t a Trump supporter. What Joe and Mika did do is fawn endlessly over Trump, in the primary, in order to get him to appear on Morning Joe. This is no different than CNN or FNC.

    What we have here is Byers doing exactly what Joe does; baiting a thin skinned partisan into sayin stupid things. And Joe, who’s skin is just as thin as Trump’s, will be only too happy to get into a twitter war with Byers just like Byers wants.

  3. Scarborough and Brzezinski said Trump would win the Republican Primary, then went out of their way to make it happen. That show became a non-stop Trump infomercial for months. Scarborough sat there every time Trump said something and spent 10 minutes explaining why Trump is right.

    It wasn’t until Scarborough said one negative thing about Trump that it changed. Trump called him out and the two got in a pissfest.

    All of MSNBC, with the exception of Hayes, Maddow, O’Donnell and Williams, has been really bad. But, as Spud points out, CNN has been even worse. The other day, CNN was an endless parade of Trump surrogates and coverage about Wikileaks.

    Oh, by the way, does anyone know how bad Eastern North Carolina was hit by Hurricane Matthew? The national media totally ignored that in their endless Trump coverage.

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