Tucker Carlson Tonight Premieres…

I’m back. I’ve been back for almost a week but I came back with a mild cold that exploded into a nasty sumbitch of a cold that laid me out until last night. Normally getting a cold on a dive trip means no more diving the rest of the trip but it hit me after I completed my dives. I was lucky. Spudette? Not so lucky.

Anyway, I was pretty unplugged for most of the trip once I got to Raja Ampat. The satellite internet was spotty at best. Consequently, I had no idea that FNC had announced Tucker Carlson had gotten the timeslot vacated by Greta Van Susteren. And my cold had kept me off the internet once home so I didn’t know it debuted tonight until I saw the last five minutes of it.

What do you think of the show? I’m not sure I like the graphics package.

One Response to “Tucker Carlson Tonight Premieres…”

  1. I watched a You Tube of Tucker’s latest show and it’s much like the other shows he’s hosted – not that good. It’s formatted mostly as a right wing version of ‘The Last Word’ or ‘All In with Chris Hayes’ – a number of short interviews interspersed with comments from the host.

    The host is his usual smarmy self and, as usual, comes across as a frat boy on speed. Whether he gets better ratings than Chris Matthews, we’ll see; but the real question is will his ratings be as good as Greta Van Susteren’s? That’s his real test.

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