Er…for reasons unknown Greg Gutfeld decided to revive my 5+ year old post press release commentary regarding the announcement of The Five as a replacement for the timeslot previously occupied by Glenn Beck. I was made aware of this by a shit disturbing Johnny Dollar tweet:

.@greggutfeld recalls the @InsideCableNews review of @TheFive: “I give it six weeks.” Greg sez: “What happened to that guy? He’s homeless!”

Um. Yeah. Ok.

Gutfeld has brought up this subject before. He did it three years ago on The Five’s second anniversary. And I responded to that. Short version: No excuses. I got it wrong.

Why Gutfeld brought it up again today, I have no idea. It’s not another anniversary for the show. And it’s not like I’ve been throwing darts at the show the past few years. I don’t get it. There’s no reason to rehash it other than he’s bored I guess. I already fell on my sword once so I’m not going to do it again now.

But I do have one thing to say to Gutfeld. If you’re going to come after me, come after me with the truth. That tweet saying I said, “I give it six weeks.” left me scratching my head. That didn’t sound like me. That’s not how I talk about shows. I don’t give closed ended timelines. But just to be sure I checked the original post and sure enough the only thing I said was I didn’t expect the show to last. Obviously wrong but then so is Gutfeld for saying that I said, “I give it six weeks.”

But then this shouldn’t be surprising. The first time he came after me he played fast and loose with the truth as well and took me out of context on several points which I rebutted point by point.

Greg, you don’t need to embellish. You had me dead to rights on the show not lasting and I owned up to it. To slant it with embellishments just makes you look bad when you didn’t need to go there in the first place. The truth cuts deeper than a lie every time.

7 Responses to “Yawn…”

  1. “@greggutfeld recalls the @InsideCableNews review of @TheFive: I give it six weeks.”

    Was this a PM or a text message to @johnnydollar01?

    I can’t find a social media comment by Gutfeld with this purported “recollection.”

  2. Is it possible for anyone to simply ignore the snipes of others?

  3. Speaking of “The Five,” what happens to their ratings if Kimberly Guilfoyle is offered and accepts Trump’s White House press secretary position?

    I’ve always thought she was the most expendable. But I could be wrong.

    I’m not as focused on the ‘leg chair’ and the panelists looks as many others seem to be. I just think she’s too predictable — therefore easily replaced.

  4. I think Dollar was quoting something said on air. That’s my guess anyways.

    Guilfoyle would be a disaster as White House press secretary.

  5. “I think Dollar was quoting something said on air.”

    ^^If that’a the case it would be good to hear the context of the comment. Perhaps they were doing a five year anniversary look back of the show and discussing the negative reviews that occurred at that time – including yours. In that case what Greg said (taking jabs at those who predicted their quick demise) would make some sense.

    I doubt who Trumps PS is will be of much importance as he seems to deal with the press personally and mostly in private. Note the pre-Xmas fete of invited only press at Mar-a-Logo this weekend.

  6. Why would they be doing a five year anniversary look back when the 5th anniversary happened months ago?

  7. “Why would they be doing a five year anniversary look back when the 5th anniversary happened months ago?”

    ^^No idea. Without the show tape (if that indeed was the source) were just guessing. There’s no source or date on Dollars tweet so for all we know it’s just Dollar pulling your chain with made up stuff. This was just my best guess as to what might have happened. Maybe Dollar or one of your twitter followers can give you the source.

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