Say What?

The New York Times’ Vanessa Friedman writes about Megyn Kelly’s fashion sense. However I really don’t care about that. It’s Friedman’s opening sentence that got me…

Megyn Kelly — breakout star of the 2016 presidential campaign…

That is absurd. 100% on its face absurd. Megyn Kelly may be a tough questioner (when she chooses), great on the air, and worth every penny FNC wants to throw at her to retain her services going forward. However she was absolutely not, in any way, shape, or form, the breakout star of the 2016 campaign.

For starters Megyn Kelly already is a big league star. The breakout rules don’t apply at this stage.

More importantly, I could argue that Kelly’s campaign 2016 contributions basically can be distilled down to one thing; getting dragged in to a one way street fight with Donald Trump because The Donald didn’t like getting poked and asked tough questions at a pre-primary season roundtable. It was one way because the Trumpster was doing all the fighting.

It sucked up media space for weeks if not months as it escalated to FNC taking on Trump. But that was essentially the most noteworthy thing that happened in campaign 2016 for Megyn Kelly. She already had established her bonafides as a show host and interviewer so that doesn’t factor here.

I don’t consider that breakout star material.

I would consider others as more deserving of the breakout title. This is predicated on the idea that you have to break out from somewhere unknown to someplace known.

With that proviso I would argue Katy Tur is more deserving, though hardly the only available choice. Tur came from nowhere in London to become the main political campaign road warrior for NBC/MSNBC (Kasie Hunt would be a not too far behind #2 for me).

If you line up Tur’s campaign 2016 trajectory with an established star like Kelly, it’s no comparison. Tur traveled further and increased her profile exponentially greater for Campaign 2016 than Kelly did precisely because Kelly already is a big star.

Again, this is not to diminish Kelly in any way. It’s to take to task print reporters making baldfaced absurd platitude statements that demonstrably show they have no clue what they are saying when they stray from their comfort zone of fashion.


7 Responses to “Say What?”

  1. Totally agree with you here Spud. Kelly has been a “star” for years – at least at FNC. Tur and to a slightly lesser degree Hallie Jackson are the breakout stars – at least at NBC. They were both unknowns before the campaign and are now (part-time?) anchors at MSNBC and have appeared on MTP. Other networks have there own breakout stars but Tur and Jackson are the ones I know best.

  2. I forgot to mention above that while I agree Kasie Hunt’s reputation grew during the campaign she was already working and recognized at NBC before the election and so for that reason alone she comes behind Tur and Jackson.

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  4. This is the problem – the journalist should never be the star. Just do their job.

  5. Megyn Kelly was the breakout star of the 2012 election. Katy Tur easily was the breakout star this year. I bet she had no idea when she was assigned to cover the Trump campaign what was coming her way.

    She was a total unknown before the election cycle and suddenly was covering the top story every night on NBC and MSNBC.

    Not to mention, the way Donald Trump always singled her out and his supporters always cut loose on her. I said last year that Megyn Kelly was Donald Trump’s big bad wolf. Katy Tur replaced Megyn in that role.

  6. “Megyn Kelly was the breakout star of the 2012 election”

    ^^I don’t agree Andy. She was a star on FNC before the election and she’s still a star on FNC now. If she gets a higher profile job somewhere else next year then she’s just a bigger star; not a breakout star.

    Tur was just a local reporter who got a shot at covering a fringe GOP primary candidate not expected to go far. The thing that makes her different is she got to stay with him even after his campaign took off because not only was Tur was a great reporter but she was thick skinned enough to deal with the bulling by Trump and his supporters.

    Tur also has a really interesting personal story. Her parents were both well know reporters and her father has undergone gender reassignment surgery. She also dated Kieth Olbermann for three years – which was probably a big help in dealing with a thinned skinned, narcissistic bully like Trump.

    She also has a self-deprecating sense of humor that comes across well on TV. My favorite campaign Tur moment was a stand-up in front of Trump Tower last fall where Tur wore a tight tee-shirt with the word ‘HELLO’ across her chest. When Tamron Hall teased her about it she shot back it also had the word ‘GOODBYE ‘ across the back. It was really funny but for her next appearance the tee shirt was covered up.

  7. “I don’t agree Andy. She was a star on FNC before the election and she’s still a star on FNC now. If she gets a higher profile job somewhere else next year then she’s just a bigger star; not a breakout star.”

    Megyn Kelly went from being a FNC star to being one of the most respected journalists in the country on election night. And that landed her a primetime show. She broke out of just being a FNC star.

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