Thomas Roberts Out At MSNBC?

Never in a million years would I have figured this would happen. Thomas Roberts posted on his Facebook page that he will no longer anchoring at MSNBC. Presumably he’s done with MSNBC entirely though that’s not clear from what Page Six reported.


I wanted you to hear directly from me…it is true I won’t be keeping my current show weekdays on MSNBC. My last show was Thursday.

My colleagues are incredible people…and I am so proud of our team and our accomplishments. It is always a special blessing when co-workers become close friends and family. We achieved that bond and our hard work was recently honored by winning an Emmy in 2016 for Breaking News coverage of last year’s Supreme Court decision on Marriage Equality. I can’t thank my colleagues enough for years of their dedication to me and our show.

Also, a BIG thanks to the viewers who’ve been supporters of our coverage at MSNBC. Hearing from you (whether positive or negative) is always an important thing for me.

So what’s next? Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I am going to be spending the holidays with my husband and family.
From our family to yours…

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year,


Absolutely stunning news and adds questions to who is calling the shots at the network now; Phil Griffin or Andrew Lack?

There was a time when Roberts was golden…especially after he filled in on Countdown when Olbermann was suspended. Griffin prizes loyalty and Roberts doing something that few others wanted to do – anchor Keith’s show under the circumstances of his suspension – earned him major brownie points with Griffin and Roberts was rewarded with a move from free-lance status to contract employee with a dedicated timeslot.

Roberts’ presence and profile rose at the network. He started appearing on Morning Joe when Willie Geist’s appearances were scaled back.

Unless this was purely a money issue or some personal falling out occurred behind the scenes between Roberts and Griffin, I just don’t see Griffin dumping Roberts. So I’m wondering if other forces intervened.

MSNBC has been trying out everyone with but the Kitchen sink on Dayside lately. They finally started trying to work Katy Tur in, presumably after some behind the scenes work; not everyone is a Hallie Jackson natural their first at bat (though Jackson still talks at a million miles a second which is a big issue for me). They even had Kasie Hunt try and anchor a show or two, something I didn’t think would happen because it hadn’t happened yet.

Changes are coming in 2017. Roberts was just one domino.

5 Responses to “Thomas Roberts Out At MSNBC?”

  1. This is absolutely shocking. Last person I thought would go.

  2. I’m not all that surprised about Roberts departure. He’s a pro and a good host but maybe he wanted a PT slot or more money than the network wanted to pay. I have no idea who made the call.

    I commented here a month ago that lineup changes would be coming to MSNBC post election and Tur and Jackson would probably end up on Dayside. This provides an opening.

    I still think Mitchell will retire this year and Kornacki will get a show more suited to his talents – maybe back on weekends. Hunt looks to be settling in as Russert’s replacement on the Hill.

  3. Maybe he’s going to the 3rd hour of the Today Show? I think he, Tamron and Al would make a great team… and would be a great fill-in for other slots on Today

  4. If it was known (meaning he knew) that he was headed to the Today Show, his message on FB would not have been written the way it was. Plus, the news would not have come out this way. There would have been an on air announcement…as was the case both times Chris Jansing stopped M-Fr anchoring for reporting gigs.

    They need someone for the 3rd hour but I don’t think it will be him. Not unless he starts popping up in fill in duty (which should have already started happening if putting him on the 3rd hour was the intention)

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