MSNBC is Test Driving Mark Halperin

MSNBC has been using Mark Halperin on First Look so far this week.

…I stop to let the shock wear off…

…ok, enough time…

It’s not just that they’ve been using a political journalist in a straight news anchor role…but they’ve tailored the show to him to some extent. It comes off as more of a segue into Morning Joe, where Halperin can be usually found hanging around like a Vulture next to a dead carcass, than it did last week. Mike Barnicle doing sports. Mark talking to Joe in the minutes before his show airs. And, get this…today they paired Chris Jansing with him and they had him both introduce her and say goodbye for her.

Now, here’s an 18 year vet of MSNBC/NBC news who has been just about everywhere and done just about everything for the network(s) and you have newbie non-contracted Halperin doing her introduction and sign off; the ultimate bigfooting. How embarrassing for her.

Good Morning America, I’m David Hartman along with Joan Lunden…

Yeah…it’s that embarrassing.

It’s well known Phil Griffin has a thing for the H-Team; Halperin and Heilemann, so With All Due Respect gone from Bloomberg’s lineup and 6pm now burning a hole in MSNBC’s schedule, expect to see these guys a lot more on MSNBC’s air.

Just not for regular newscasts. Please.


10 Responses to “MSNBC is Test Driving Mark Halperin”

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  2. I think Halperin has guest hosted on MJ on occasion so this is probably just an extension of that practice. I too think of First Look as an intro to MJ and there is often interplay between the two shows.

    Halperin and Heilemann are a team and work for Bloomberg so I don’t see how he/they can also host a show at MSNBC show unless they sever ties at Bloomberg and it’s produced by MSNBC or it’s rebroadcast like WADR. Now reports say that Bloomberg is moving away from political coverage and back to a more financial focus so maybe H&H will be available to work full time at MSNBC in the new year. We’ll see.

    As for Halperin bigfooting Jansing by doing her introducing and sign off; well I think she’ll survive the embarrassment. 🙂

  3. With All Due Respect, All Things Considered airs on NPR. The Bloomberg programme was called With All Due Respect.

  4. “nd there is often interplay between the two shows”

    No there isn’t.

  5. “With All Due Respect, All Things Considered airs on NPR. The Bloomberg programme was called With All Due Respect.”

    Interesting…you posted a comment correcting what I wrote and subsequently fixed 10 minutes after posting…but I did so hours earlier.

    How’d you see something that late when it didn’t exist since this morning? RSS feed? And why didn’t my correction update whatever you saw?

  6. BTW Fritz…this is more than just a normal substitution. It’s a tryout of some sort. The reason being it’s not just a sub job…Ali Velshi. Velshi was one of the three First Look hosts and he’s not on vacation this week. In fact he’s been sub jobs during dayside. Now before you argue that’s why he’s not doing First Look, all previous times he’s filled in on dayside he did First Look. Now he doesn’t do both two days in a row? It’s because Halperin is being evaluated.

  7. “there is often interplay between the two shows
    No there isn’t.”

    ^^Not like the interplay between Maddow and Hayes or LOD; but in the sense that MJ hosts often comment on FL and FL hosts are often MJ regulars or guests. First Look is, as you say, a segue into MJ.

    “It’s because Halperin is being evaluated.”

    ^^I only see the last two minutes of FL, when I PVR MJ, so I’m no expert on the show but why does MSNBC need to evaluate Halperin? He’s been a host on MSNBC before (WADR) and seeing how he introduces Jansing on FL isn’t going to tell them anything they don’t already know. If they were evaluating him they would sub him in as host in a Dayside or pre PT show to see how he performs. Besides if he gets a show on MSNBC it will likely be with Heilemann and you would want to see the two together – but then you have on WADR.

  8. I was afraid that WADR getting cancelled would mean more Halperin on MSNBC. Griffin loves that guy for some reason.

    The only thing worse than political POV coverage is boring political coverage that tries too hard to be neutral.

  9. FWIW though, First Look hasn’t been a headline news show for months. It was blended into the Morning Joe brand several months ago.

  10. website

    MSNBC is Test Driving Mark Halperin | Inside Cable News

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