The New York Post’s Daniel Harper breaks some extremely head scratching CNN news…

Valerie Jarrett’s daughter quietly joined CNN in September as a reporter in the network’s Washington bureau.

She came to CNN with no experience in journalism. But the Harvard educated lawyer defended companies and individuals against the Justice Department as a private litigator in Chicago.

Laura married fellow Harvard law grad Tony Balkissoon in 2012 at a Chicago ceremony attended by President Obama, her mom’s boss.




This is bad on two fronts, both of which make me question CNN’s standards.

First, CNN hired Jarrett’s daughter while Jarrett was still working for Obama. That should never have happened. If Obama had been out of office when the hire took place it the egregiousness of the hire would have been much less (though still a huge issue for ideologues).

Second, and even more troubling…is she has almost no journalism experience. And she’s writing about Trump’s ethics issues according to The Hill’s Joe Concha?

This has all the fingerprints of Jeff Zucker who seems to love hiring children of political figures with zero experience in the field. He grabbed Jenna Bush Hager and Chelsea Clinton for NBC. Now he’s grabbing Laura Jarrett for CNN.

10 Responses to “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?”

  1. Sandy Killila Says:


  2. No wonder why I don’t trust CNN.

  3. Chris Stuart Says:

    Duh — where’s the outrage about Jared the Wonder Joo working in the White House?

  4. I’m afraid I just can’t get too worked up over this. Children of the rich and powerful have been getting plum jobs in the media forever. Jarrett may turn out to be a great reporter in time just like Luke Russert.

    “Duh — where’s the outrage about Jared the Wonder Joo working in the White House?”

    ^^I don’t know about anyone else posting here but i find this comment a touch offensive.

  5. imnotblue Says:

    It’s almost as if CNN doesn’t WANT to be taken seriously.


    Yes. Clearly offensive and should be deleted.

  6. This is how you ruin your reputation and legitimacy.

  7. “What the hell!” Oh, poor babies.

    What the hell was Corey Lowendowski / Trump con man, doing being brought over to CNN immediately in favor of Trump!

    Here we go again!

  8. In answer to Fritz 3….Yes, you are so right.

    Nepotism runs rife in the politico world and their offspring.

    For instance, take Jenna Bush the biggest clown, drunk/loud mouth daughter (just like her father was) of President Bush.

    Jenna and her sister Barbara, were ASKED to leave the county of Argentina while on a spring break as they made such fools of themselves in public/ drinking and falling down — plus gave secret service a VERY bad time!)
    This is just one story about the Bush girls. Yes, I know they are all grown up now and Jenna is a mother, BUT…..this is what happens when kids are out of control.

    Bush family could not control their daughter Jenna so what happened next!? Jenna was rewarded with two plum jobs! Jenna Bush Hager got a nice gig on TV, plus JBH is one of the “editors” at Southern Living Magazine. What! Jenna also of all things is now a fashionista according to her articles and photos in magazine! This story would have been altogether different if Jenna had earned those positions.

    Nepotism at the highest!

  9. Chris Stewart,

    It doesn’t matter in the Repub./Rightie world. They will always get a pass no matter what. We all should know that NOW. You will never hear much shade throws towards favorite SIL Jared!.

    What is funny, is that Trump had asked Pres.Obama workers to stay on (in Jared’s dept. ) until other people can be hired to fill their positions. Unbelievable. Hypocrites! So far, not having much luck.

    Once again after all that shade thrown at Pres. O, Trump had to actually lower himself and do the impossible. How lucky can Trump be that Obama workers are staying on to help Trump, and Jared! But, then again, this will make for more dissing towards Pres. O after he leaves office.

    The next four years of dictator Trump is going to be one hell of a ride.

  10. The story on Page 6 yesterday that Andy Lack NBC wants to turn MSNBC into a new Fox News is pretty much laughable. A single unnamed source says this fantasy is based on the hiring of Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Susteren and the rumor – strongly denied by MSNBC – that Joy Reid was on her way out. If anything, this moves the network closer to the middle of the road political stance CNN once held and not the far right version of Trump TV that is now FNC.

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