Blaming the Victim…or Not?

FTVLive writes a dangerously vacuous post blasting CNN for its “critical” coverage of Trump and all but telling it to cover Trump “more fairly” if it wants to not get shut out of gets and events.

There is no doubt that CNN has gone against Trump from day one and Fox News, for the most part has praised him.

Last night, Trump showed that if he sticks to the script he can act and sound more like a President. Words, for a President are easy, it’s the actions that will tell his legacy.

CNN, Trump’s harshest critic even had to admit that Trump did well last night.

Today, Vice President Mike Pence will be taking a media “victory lap” for the administration.

Pence will stop by, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox News in the morning. He’ll do radio with Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage, and Sean Hannity.

The in the evening, he’ll do “The O’Reilly Factor” and “For the Record with Greta”.

Where he won’t go is CNN.

Which means that CNN will be crying all day about how the administration continues to lock them out. CNN will have to rely on clips of Pence’s appearance on other networks.

Maybe it is time for CNN to start covering the administration more fairly.

I read this and I think to myself where was FTVLive when Obama’s administration was playing mind games and trying to marginalize FNC? Where was the blog post telling FNC to get with the program and cover Obama “more fairly”?

So why does CNN deserve special attention here? Worse, why does FTVLive accuse CNN of being unfair without providing one single example of this unfairness for us to evaluate the claim?

Writing stories the administration doesn’t want reported is not exactly being unfair. It’s doing your job.

Getting people to reveal details that don’t put you in a favorable light isn’t exactly being unfair. It’s doing your job.

Holding an administration’s feet to the fire on things it says and doesn’t do isn’t exactly being unfair. It’s doing your job.

Not every network does this as vociferously as others. And some change their focus from administration to administration. But none of this happens in a vacuum in isolation. You can’t evaluate a network’s behavior that way without examining its environment.

What CNN talent has been unfair to Trump and why? Give us examples so we can evaluate the claim.

Where has CNN been reckless in its coverage of President Trump? Give us examples so we can evaluate the claim.

Does anyone, other than the Trump base, seriously think that if Trump had not been blasting the press all through the campaign trail, getting his facts incorrect, following insane Info Wars type conspiracies, making stuff up, and doubling down when challenged on his incredibly shaky ground…not to mention the Birther crap from years earlier…that the media as a whole would not look at least somewhat askew at everything the Trump administration does?

There is a causality at work here between Trump’s prior actions and the media’s coverage of his administration that makes laying all the blame at the media’s feet seem incredibly obtuse. That history counts a lot towards where we now find the relationship between the Administration and the Media.

Now, I am not arguing that CNN is pure as the driven snow. Far from it. I just wrote a couple of weeks ago about some things CNN has done recently which are not helpful to its cause.

But it’s a damn long road going from incompetently shooting yourself in the foot to being unfairly hyper aggressive in your news coverage that excuses or justifies blackballing networks. We aren’t there yet. Not even close.

What I am arguing is that if FTVLive is going to appear to blame the victim here it needs to thoroughly document what incidents are the reasons why we should believe that CNN is the aggressor to be blamed and deserving of blackballing and not the victim of a thin skinned Trump administration that is not in control of its narrative as much as it wants to be.

Just making the charge, without documentation, is no better than what Trump does to the press on a regular basis as he tries to divide and conquer the media and keep it weak. So, if you’re going to go down that dangerous path and appear to blame the victim, without supplying evidence, FTVLive in effect is doing the Trump administration’s work for it, whether it realizes it or not.

13 Responses to “Blaming the Victim…or Not?”

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  2. A short while ago I saw a comment by Joe Concha at J$P asserting that “FTVLive calls a fair game when it comes to media.”

    He was trying to make the case that the conservative media is not the only one criticizing CNN.

    I took him at his word until I read your column today…now I’m not so sure. FTVLive sounds more like Zurawik — occasionally criticizes FNC, but mostly goes after CNN and MSNBC…often with strong partisan opinions.

    Can anyone point to a similarly harsh column by FTVLIve about Fox News?

    (I didn’t think so.)

  3. Trading favorable coverage for access isn’t journalism. Which, it seems Scott would know since he hammers away with snark each day and gets no access in return.

  4. imnotblue Says:

    CNN struggles some more…

    “CNN falsely reports Loretta Lynch recused herself from the Hillary Clinton email scandal”

  5. >>”Trading favorable coverage for access isn’t journalism.”

    Good point by boisedigital.

    Looks like FTVLives’ Scott Jones’ possible biases are showing.

    Is the fact Scott follows Betsy Rothstein, The Cable Gamer, johnny dollar, HowardKurtz and Julie Banderas on Twitter a window into the political leanings (e.g. anti CNN comments) of Mr. Jones?

    Hard to tell for sure looking at some of the others he follows. But it does raise suspicions about why he’s become so anti CNN.

  6. imnotblue Says:

    Uh-oh… ICN also follows johnny dollar and HowardKurtz on Twitter.

    Someone alert the media… or at least tell NewsHounds and MediaMatters.


  7. >>”ICN also follows johnny dollar and HowardKurtz on Twitter.”

    Not Spud….but Scott as in FTVLive’s Scott Jones.


  8. imnotblue Says:

    Seriously? That’s your excuse?

    So who does Spud follow?

    And why didn’t address any of the other points I’ve made in this thread?

  9. Trump is a thin skinned narcissist who won’t allow any negative coverage. He’s already laid the seeds for “state run media”.

  10. harry1420 Says:

    so trump gets his feeling hurt and apparently ftv live because the “news” reported isn’t so friendly toward him. well tough crap. And the trump followers whine just as loud. so sorry the TRUTH hurts. stay tuned to trump friendly channel fox. fox dogged obama for 8 years and the foxers loved it. now that trump is in the white house fox isn’t dogging anybody instead just giving praise to the king. don’t like cnn or MSNBC, don’t watch. it’s as simple as that.

  11. imnotblue Says:

    Harry… did you read the story?

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