S.E. Cupp Gets HLN Show…and Other HLN News…

A bunch of HLN stuff to get to today…some of it a week old because I was out of town last week and then sick as a dog.

For starters CNN US Executive Vice President Ken Jautz announced that S.E. Cupp will be slotted in at 7pm ET for a new show…

I’m pleased to announce that S.E. Cupp is bringing her distinct outlook and passionate opinion to HLN as host of her own 7 pm nightly program. This is the next step in our campaign to bolster our primetime line-up. You can expect to see S.E. lend her energy and insights to conversations with provocative guests from the diverse worlds of radio, politics, comedy and journalism as she tackles the day’s most important stories. Live from CNN’s New York bureau, this soon-to-be-named show will launch in early June. S.E. will also continue her role as a CNN Political Commentator and CNN.com contributor.

Please join me in welcoming S.E. to the HLN team.

In more primetime news, we’re also announcing HLN’s 2017 Original Series slate today.

This follows up the news last week that Carol Costello’s new two hour HLN program will debut sometime in April at the 11am-1pm slot. That was Michaela Pereira‘s slot. Pereira is moving into the 3pm-5pm slot.

Here’s the release on HLN’s original series that Jautz referenced above…


Lineup Features Unscripted Programming Developed by CNN Original Series Team for HLN

NEW YORK (March 13, 2017) – HLN announces its 2017 Original Series slate today, a robust lineup of commissioned and internally produced CNN programming fare which features three new unscripted series and the season two renewal of the network’s highly-rated documentary series, How It Really Happened with Hill Harper.

New HLN Originals Series premiering this year include Beyond Reasonable Doubt, produced by Nutopia, Something’s Killing Me and Inside Secret Places with Chris Cuomo (working title), hosted by CNN New Day anchor Chris Cuomo. The latter two series are produced internally by the CNN Development team.

“It’s great to be back in business with Jane Root and Nutopia, who produced the #1 ranked Finding Jesus for CNN Original Series—this time with HLN,” said Amy Entelis, executive vice president of talent and content development, CNN Worldwide. “This partnership puts HLN on the path to mirroring the enormous success that CNN Original Series has had on CNN over the past four years.”

“We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished with Beyond Reasonable Doubt and we look forward to sharing it with HLN audiences. CNN has been a wonderful partner in the past and we’re excited to expand that relationship to HLN,” said Jane Root, founder and chief executive of Nutopia.

How It Really Happened with Hill Harper, the first series produced for HLN by CNN Development, broke new ground for the network in primetime, and paved the way for its new lineup of internally and externally produced programming designed to serve its audience’s appetite for explorations of real-life mysteries often involving the celebrated and the infamous.

“As HLN’s schedule continues to evolve, first with dayside and now in primetime, expect to see even more HLN Original Series featuring deep-dive investigations that complement our strong live news programming,” added Ken Jautz, executive vice president of CNN/U.S.

Following are program descriptions for the HLN Original Series, airing within the HLN Friday night “Spotlight” programming block (premiere dates are subject to change):

· Beyond Reasonable Doubt (six one-hour episodes, premieres Friday, June 2 at 9 p.m. ET) Produced by Nutopia with executive producer Jane Root (CNN’s Finding Jesus), this true crime series takes viewers deeper inside the world of forensic crime solving than ever before. Detectives reveal the most enduring cases of their careers and uncover the incredible advances in forensics that helped to finally solve them.

· Something’s Killing Me (six one-hour episodes, premieres Friday, July 21 at 9 p.m. ET) Produced by the CNN Development team, this medical mystery series investigates puzzling diseases and symptoms that result in a life or death struggle. Each episode chronicles a race against time to discover what or who is killing the patient? Doctors, scientists, and, in some cases, federal investigators act as medical sleuths to solve a mystery in which life literally hangs in the balance. Cases include a fatal form of insomnia and anthrax poisoning.

· Inside Secret Places with Chris Cuomo (wt), (five one-hour episodes, premieres Friday, November 3 at 9 p.m. ET) Produced by the CNN Development team and hosted by CNN’s Chris Cuomo (New Day), this investigative series takes viewers behind-the-scenes of places and situations few will ever experience. Episodes include an inside look at sex trafficking and exclusive access to a medical examiner’s cold case investigation.

· How It Really Happened with Hill Harper (season two) (premieres Friday, September, 15 at 9 p.m. ET) Produced by the CNN Development team, this series, which premiered in January 2017, leverages CNN’s expansive archives to comb for missed clues and reexamines conspiracy theories to unveil new information that may have emerged since the cases in each episode made headlines. Previous episodes looked at the deaths of Michael Jackson, Prince and Whitney Houston and the cases of the Menendez brothers, Unabomber and Jeffrey Dahmer.

Additionally, HLN will simulcast season four of CNN’s The Hunt with John Walsh later in 2017. The network also simulcast the previous season.


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