FNC Slots New Post-O’Reilly Schedule…

FNC was quick to clear up any schedule speculation about a post-O’Reilly era…

5pm New Eric Bolling show (starts May 1)
7pm The Story with Martha McCallum (starts May 1)
8pm Tucker Carlson Tonight (Live)
9pm The Five (Live)
10pm Hannity

This is probably the best possible outcome for FNC.

3 Responses to “FNC Slots New Post-O’Reilly Schedule…”

  1. jackyboy Says:

    Not a bad schedule considering the circumstances; we’ll need to see how the Eric Bolling Show goes.

  2. I don’t know how McCallum will play but the rest are hard core Trump. I expect along with F&F Trump will have total control of FNC in the early AM and PT time slots to spout whatever lies he wants to promote that day. I do wonder which show will be the first to have Alex Jones on as a guest.

    On the other side of the this will make life more difficult for the legitimate news side of the network and hosts like Shep Smith and Chris Wallace. I’m not sure how that story will play out.

  3. imnotblue Says:


    The Five isn’t hardcore Trump.

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