Looks like some emails got misdirected in the O’Reilly-FNC split and Politico’s Joe Pompeo was the beneficiary

The day before Bill O’Reilly was cut loose from Fox News after 20 years with the network, his handlers appeared to believe they had at least one more card to pull that might help save his job in the midst of a sexual harassment scandal engulfing the top-rated prime time host.

On Tuesday, O’Reilly and his legal team debated whether to share with the leadership of parent company 21st Century Fox an April 13 email from Mary Pat Bonner, a Democratic fundraiser and ally of the liberal watchdog group Media Matters, which had spearheaded what she called an “advertiser education campaign” to get advertisers to pull out of O’Reilly’s 8 p.m. nightly broadcast, “The O’Reilly Factor.”

The email, whose recipients’ names were redacted in the version that was shared with POLITICO, announced two conference calls — originally scheduled for this Thursday and Friday — with Media Matters President Angelo Carusone. The purpose was to discuss “the success of the campaign so far, and our plans moving forward.”

3 Responses to “Oops…”

  1. The Media Matters emails aren’t all that important as everyone knew groups on the left were organizing the sponsor boycott. The thing I was grabbed by was in the O’Reilly email to his lawyers and how pissed he is to be so disrespected (in his mind) by FNC and the Murdoch’s. He feels he’s the victim here – despite the $25 million dollar buy out. It wouldn’t surprise me, that when this is over, he writes a ‘fictional’ account of the story from his POV that would trash Fox News and those that work there. He could call it ‘Killing O’Reilly’.

  2. See how Rush smacked down Media Matters attempt to take him out via same method. But he had some legal help that knew how to find the true identities and fake bots generating posts to adverts


  3. imnotblue Says:

    Good article, Bricko.

    I shared it at Truth Beagle.

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