Kate Snow Leaving MSNBC…

TVNewser’s A.J. Katz writes that Kate Snow will be leaving MSNBC dayside to do work for the mother ship network…

Kate Snow is leaving her MSNBC show for expanded duties at NBC News.

NBC News president Noah Oppenheim announced that in addition to anchoring Sunday Nightly News, Snow’s new 3-year deal will include reporting stories for NBC’s upcoming Sunday news magazine show, which will be hosted by NBC News newcomer Megyn Kelly. Snow will also report pieces for NBC Nightly News, Today and Dateline.

Snow was doing six day work weeks for months so something had to give.

MSNBC’s dayside lineup has been in turmoil for a while now, despite the election being over. 10am has no designated anchor and now neither does 3pm. In addition Craig Melvin only anchors 4 days a week because of his Saturday Today duties. The network has been double and sometimes triple shifting Katy Tur for completely inexplicable reasons.

Tur is so far an interesting case study in branding confusion. Her big claim to fame was working the campaign trail and reporting from the field. MSNBC has been going out of its way citing her remote reporting in its advertising.

And yet how is the network using her? As a news anchor. She built up her brand doing one thing…the network has been advertising her doing that one thing…and then it winds up having her doing something completely different from the brand that’s been cultivated. It’s bizarre. They should have given her a D.C. job.


4 Responses to “Kate Snow Leaving MSNBC…”

  1. I tend to agree MSNBC’s Dayside and weekend hosting has been a mess recently. Not that the talent is bad but rather, as you say, it’s “a study in branding confusion”.

    Not only is Tur, who is a great anchor BTW, been put on a hosting merry-go-round but other hosts like Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi are all over the place. All three seem to performing a role as pundit host; appearing as a pundit on some shows (even MTP) and a Dayside host at other times. Although I’ve seen this happen with PT hosts before it’s not usually been the case, with the exceptions of Andrea Mitchell and Ari Melber, with Dayside anchors on MSNBC.

    On weekends we’ve seen the reemergence of Thomas Roberts after being dumped as a Dayside host. Alex Witt now is a regular on MJ First Look as well as her occasional weekend appearances. Weekends has also recently previewing a number of new hosts in what appear to be fill in or try out appearances.

    There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to all this confusion and it may be that the network is just trying to find what works in this changeover from Obama to Trump but hopefully it will settle down soon.

    On the other hand Tur, Ruhle and Velshi are obviously three very talented and smart hosts who don’t suffer fools with talking points gladly and MSNBC may just be trying to see which side of the interview desk they best can help the network. We’ll see soon enough.

  2. I’ve liked MSNBC the past couple years, but this week, it seems like they’ve taken a hard shift back to being all politics all the time. I know the Trump Administration dominates the headlines, but I don’t think MSNBC has done a second of general news coverage all week.

  3. “it seems like they’ve taken a hard shift back to being all politics all the time. I know the Trump Administration dominates the headlines, but I don’t think MSNBC has done a second of general news coverage all week.”

    ^^It may seem crass to say this but the fact that MSNBC is now a top 5 basic cable network and occasionally beating FNC shows in PT since Trump became POTUS would seem to be relevant to the change in coverage to all Trump all the time. Just sayin’.

  4. You’re right, they should have given Katy Tur, a DC gig. Instead they gave it to the brainless, Hallie (sp) Jackson, along with a morning anchor gig (she is hit and miss in the 10AM slot). I guess they thought she was cuter or something??? Yes, or something? Her resume, Hallie’s is really slim. Katy does a much better job, so why don’t they give her a real gig. And please keep the Republicans (Trump lovers) on FOX, where they belong. Our household has quit watching NBC, altogether and most of MSNBC prior to 7PM EST.

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