FNC Announces Eric Bolling Program by Disguising It as Another Panel Format Show?

Well this is weird. When FNC announced that Bolling was getting the 5pm hour being vacated by The Five, I was expecting a show where Bolling was the star and centerpiece.

But my earlier expectation may have proven to be wrong. FNC gave out details of the show ahead of its Monday launch and it appears to be more of a panel show than a Bolling star vehicle show…a scaled down Five if you will…

The Show is called The Fox News Specialists. According to FNC’s announcement the show will be “co-hosted” by Bolling, Katherine Timpf, and Eboni K. Williams and the three will be joined by a rotating pair of “experts” who will spill more useless hot air than a dirigible would need discuss the issues of the day.

It’s hard to see based on this description how this is an Eric Bolling show and not just another panel show.

It will probably do well in the ratings though so I guess who cares that it’s not the Bolling star vehicle some of us thought he was getting?


4 Responses to “FNC Announces Eric Bolling Program by Disguising It as Another Panel Format Show?”

  1. I find Bolling to be a pretty weak personality. He needs other people to prop him up.

  2. Have to agree. He seems able to speak in coherent thought-out sentences.

  3. Correction to my own incoherent post above: he seems UNABLE etc 😉

  4. Sounds a lot like a D League team for the PT ‘The Five’. This isn’t a bad idea as I expect, given what’s been happening recently on the show, they will need a cast of replacement hosts at the ready.

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