HLN To Change Logo, Tagline…

Well April came and went and, as I predicted, Carol Costello’s HLN show did not launch. But it may launch as soon as next Monday. Why? Because according to AdAge’s Jeanine Poggi that’s when HLN is going to unveil a new logo and tagline…

Over the past year HLN has been “returning to our news roots and emphasizing that the network is part of the CNN family,” Jautz said.

It is focusing on buzzy regional news stories, crime stories, entertainment and weather, according to Jautz, and leaving international affairs and in-depth political news to its Turner Broadcasting sibling CNN.

And on May 8, it will solidify that focus with the new tagline, “News that hits home,” and a logo that more overtly positions HLN as part of the CNN news family.

It would seem to me that the day you start a new branding campaign would be the day to have all your new shows in place so that’s why I think Costello’s show may launch Monday.

If it doesn’t launch Monday, HLN will have big time egg on its face.


2 Responses to “HLN To Change Logo, Tagline…”

  1. Am I the only one who misses the around-the-clock 30 min newscasts?

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