Steve Kornacki’s New Role

With the announcement of Nicolle Wallace getting the 4pm hour on MSNBC, speculation centered on what would become of Steve Kornacki. Now we know. NBC announced that Kornacki has become NBC News and MSNBC’s National Political Correspondent and chief sub for Hardball with Chris Matthews…


NEW YORK, NY – May 8, 2017 – Steve Kornacki has been named National Political Correspondent, NBC News and MSNBC, a role that will expand his duties and visibility across both networks, MSNBC President Phil Griffin announced today.

Kornacki will also contribute regularly to political reporting on NBC News’ TODAY and become the primary fill-in host for Hardball with Chris Matthews. In addition, Kornacki will have a prominent role across both networks for all major political programming, including major political event coverage.

Kornacki will also appear daily on MSNBC’s new 4pm show — hosted by veteran political strategist Nicolle Wallace set to launch later this month — and will provide in-depth analysis and features in addition to bringing viewers his expertise on political statistics.

“Steve was one of our breakout stars of the 2016 election and is an exceptional talent,” Griffin said. “His intelligence and unique perspective enables our political coverage to operate on a higher level, one that clearly sets us apart from the competition.”

For MSNBC’s 2016 coverage, Steve consistently appeared in prime time on big election cycle nights providing real-time analysis of voting patterns, exit polls, and electoral data, distinguishing himself as a go-to voice. He is also the author of a forthcoming book – due out in 2018 – which focuses on the political history of the 1990s.

Kornacki, who has hosted MSNBC Live at 4pm, previously hosted the Monday edition of “MTP Daily,” “Up with Steve Kornacki” on Saturdays and Sundays 8-10 a.m. ET and was a co-host on MSNBC’s ensemble show “The Cycle.”


3 Responses to “Steve Kornacki’s New Role”

  1. This seems like a good move by NBC. Kornacki’s strength is in political analysis based on his knowledge of the intricacies of lawmaking, election rules and political history. He’as also really good at explaining complicated things on TV.

    His innate on air nervousness means he’s not best suited as a PT or Dayside cable news host so the weakest part of this new job will be his subbing for Matthews.

  2. CM, RM, LOD & BW all won their demos & Total Viewers last night. Hayes won the demo but lost the TV. It was a big news day for liberals but still…

    Nicolle Wallace’s new show isn’t much different than other Dayside offerings. I doubt her ratings will be any different than Korancki’s over time.

  3. I miss seeing Steve on tv he did a great job for Matthews. He is youthful and enthusiastic makes for less boring newscast.

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