The Last Word for The Last Word?

The Huffington Post’s Yashar Ali writes that Lawrence O’Donnell may soon find himself without a show on MSNBC…

Lawrence O’Donnell, host of MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” has just four weeks left in his contract, and the cable network does not appear to be interested in renewing his deal. Four well-placed sources tell HuffPost that MSNBC has not been in contact with O’Donnell’s team of representatives to negotiate a new deal.

The absence of active negotiations weeks before a contract expires is highly unusual and often a sign that a contract won’t be renewed. News networks normally don’t risk letting the contract of a host who has a highly rated program expire or even come close to expiring before renegotiating. A short time-frame puts the network at a strategic disadvantage in talks, that’s why cable networks often start negotiating renewals six to nine months in advance of a contract ending.

A spokesman for NBC News declined to comment on “ongoing negotiations.” Although, multiple sources from inside and outside the network have told HuffPost that no negotiations have taken place.

Surprising, considering how MSNBC’s prime time has been tearing it up in the ratings this year. But maybe not so surprising if Andrew Lack wants to get Brian Williams in at 10 instead of 11…


10 Responses to “The Last Word for The Last Word?”

  1. Andrew Lack is a fool for entertaining the idea of canceling Last Word. Lawrence O’Donnell is popular and so important to a public dialogue about what is happening in our country today.

  2. Hope this is not true..

  3. I’d be sorry to see LOD depart as he often attacks a subject from a POV not seen by other hosts based on his past careers as a top Senate staffer, lawyer and TV writer and producer. He can be irritating at times, especially when in full outrage mode, but he also practices what he preaches; the best example being his founding and on air support of the KIND charity.

    As for his replacement I’d vote for Katie Tur. She’s shown she’s an excellent host over a number of formats, doesn’t get flustered, has a good sense of humor, is an expert on Trump and is female. What’s not to like?

    Another good choice would be Chris Jansing – also a female – whose hosting reputation is A+ and who now might be available as she’s recently been replaced as Chief/Senior White House Correspondent by Hallie Jackson. I’m not sure what happened there but if she’s available she’d be great.

    As for Brian Williams – please noooooooo. He’s shown he’s a terrible host, has trouble doing breaking news, is constantly being ridiculed for his off topic stories and is a proven liar and exaggerator. He has zero credibility in talking about Trumps lies on cable news.

  4. imnotblue Says:

    I’m not a LOD fan by any stretch… And like the idea of MSNBC becoming a more balanced place.

    That said, why would Lack meds with ratings? Unless internal data says that it’s just short term gains, ride the wave now, and make changes when things return to poor.

    If it ain’t broke… And so on.

  5. MSNBC has Katy Tur on so much, primetime just seems inevitable for her.

  6. Judging from the ratings Chris Hayes is the weak link, not O’Donnell.

    Andy Marquis – yeah, Katy Tur’s stock has gone way up. I can see her hosting a prime time show as an anchor and let the guests toss around the partisan red meat.

    If Andy Lack really wants to do people a favor he’d get rid of Joe and Mika.

  7. Greta van Sustern is a bust-Keep O’Donnel; and dont; even think of Hugh Hewitt-in all due respect even in appearance that man is weird.

  8. The Last Word has become my favorite show on MSNBC lately. I like the way O’Donnell analyzes the news, the tone of the show, and I like his guests.

  9. Also like Chris Hayes. If I’d get rid of anyone at night, it would be Bryan Williams.

  10. Brian William’s attempts to ride on Rachel Maddow’s coattails is kind of embarrassing.

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