Sloppy, sloppy…

The Cut’s Amy Larocca writes the latest “There are a lot of blondes on FNC!” story…

Normally I wouldn’t give a story like this the time of day. Yes, there are more contractual employees in key on air journalism positions on FNC who are blonde than there are on all the other channels combined. And though that ratio of blonde to non-blonde has gone down the past 10 years it’s still large enough that only a blind person would deny the prevalence. Or, if you want to be generous, the coincidence.

So the story on its face is not worth my time. What is worth my time is how the writer and the site’s art team has stacked the deck against FNC.

Take a look at the first image in the article. There’s sooo much wrong with it…

– Everyone’s hair has been colorized to the same monotone color. Jenna Lee may be a blonde…in a dark blonde sort of way…but she’s not THAT blonde!

Update: Ok, she’s a redhead. That’s what I thought but some of these images didn’t look very red…and I got fooled.

– Page Hopkins? Gee, couldn’t you get examples who have worked at the network in the past four years?

– Katherine Timpf, Lis Wiehl, Margaret Hoover, etc… – Gee pad out your image with contractual analysts and contributors, why don’t ya?

And then there’s the second image which features Rita Cosby…

…who hasn’t worked at FOX in over a decade.

I could go on…but you get my point.

The images make it out like the article is all about FNC women but the author only devotes a single paragraph to the network.

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