FNC Finally Finalizes Dayside…

TVNewser’s Chris Ariens notes that FNC is finally setting its dayside lineup in stone. Dayside has been in a partial state of flux since Gretchen Carlson left the network…and that was over a year ago. With these moves FNC’s lineup will be complete.

– Harris Faulkner will get her own show at 1pm called…uh…Outnumbered Overtime. Question: If it’s her show how can she “outnumber” anyone? Just wondering. This does mean John Scott loses an hour since 1pm was his shift.

– Dana Perino will get her own show at 2pm called The Daily Briefing.

– Sandra Smith will get the permanent co-anchor gig with Bill Hemmer in America’s Newsroom at 9am.

This comes on the heels of the announcement that Shannon Bream is getting an 11pm show to go up against Brian Williams on MSNBC and Don Lemon at CNN.

18 Responses to “FNC Finally Finalizes Dayside…”

  1. Why can’t these shows or Outnumbered or The Five be replayed at night time?

  2. Is Outnumbered By Herself going to be another opinion hour, or is Faulkner going to pretend she’s a news anchor again for that one? FNC moves her around constantly between the two disciplines, which I find utterly bewildering.

  3. Great move by Fox to give Emmy award winning journalist Harris another platform.

    Only racist nuts think she is not fair and balanced.

    Of course the same people have no problem with MSNBC journalist saying opinions every day…..but most of them are not black,.

  4. Off topic but newsworthy:

    Tonight on TRMS Rachel led and did most of the show on the Harvey Weinstein story. Her coverage was good but the highlight for me was the interview with Ronan Farrow about his New Yorker Weinstein article.

    After covering the details of the scandal Maddow pointedly asked Farrow why NBC, who was offered the story before The New Yorker, refused to put the reporting on air. Farrow replied that NBC said the story wasn’t ready to air and so he was free to take it elsewhere. He took it to the New Yorker who immediatly published the story.

    I can’t imagine Phil Griffin was pleased to have NBC/MSNBC thrown under the bus by their biggest star and it will be interested to see if there is any fallout for RM. My guess is nothing public but who knows. Also of interest will anyone else be as brave? My guess – not likey.

  5. I’ve been quite amused by the attack on “Hollywood liberal elite” from Fox News, a channel that supports a sexual predator president, and lost the mastermind of the channel plus its biggest star for the same crime. They’re on full Weinstein blast – with the side story that it’s all Hillary’s fault – as if their own problems with this issue simply don’t exist. The chutzpah is almost impressive.

  6. motownman Says:

    The big loser seems to be Heather Childers, who has her own show but it’s at 4 a.m. Heather deserves better.

  7. icemannyr Says:

    “Is Faulkner going to pretend she’s a news anchor”
    She still pretends to be an impartial journalist.

  8. “Is Faulkner going to pretend she’s a news anchor”
    She still pretends to be an impartial journalist.”

    is that the same as you pretend to not be a racist even though you “write” for a site that lets people call Fox people of color COONS?

  9. I’ve read that Spud is often too busy to read the comments — let alone moderate them.

    If he did, I can be fairly certain he would not approve of someone like Gatxer calling another commenter (icemannyr) a racist.

    That’s beyond the pale.

    My mantra is attack the comment (if you wish) — not the commenter.

    Let’s keep it civil and friendly.

  10. I call them as I and others see them………funny that Ice hasn’t posted here in months (years?) and he does so to attack a woman of color……nope no racist behavior there…LOL….but I give him this……at least hes not a coward and posts with a fake screen name like two others here.

    If Spud has a problem with my comment pointing out that he “writes” for a disgraced blog that allows commenter’s to call people of color “coons”…and lets those comment stay even after they know they are there for years…………he knows my email……..but Ice can hardly complain when he uses that same augment to call people he dislikes racist all the time….if they re-tweet somebody who once re-tweeted some thing racist then they are in his mind…RACIST….just playing by his rules.

  11. Gatxer,
    As I said before, “My mantra is attack the comment (if you wish) — not the commenter. Let’s keep it civil and friendly.”

    Spud’s blog is called “Inside Cable News” and that is what most of us talk including opinions of cable news anchors.

    We all benefit when we avoid personal attacks.

  12. *most of us talk about

  13. Well MT when you start you own blog I might care what you want me to talk about and don’t want me to talk about….until then I don’t care what you want…..if I was silly enough to comment on a blog started by you I might then. I invite you to not read my stuff if it bothers you so much…..or at least ask for your money back.

    Disgraced blog newshounds is about Cable news……..why do you think its OK for people here to talk about J$ place…….you have never whined about that…..but not to talk about the disgraced racist newshound blog?

    Hypocrite much?

    Once again…….done with your silly stuff……see you when Spud post again.

  14. Like I said, “We all benefit when we avoid personal attacks.”

    But you’re a tough dude to reason with. As others at J$’s blog have noted there is no give and take with you on many occasions. You rarely concede a point to move the discussion forward. You seem to dwell on the past.

    You do know a lot about cable news though. I salute you for that.

    Cheers and happiness.

  15. Gatxer,

    You have often used August 29, 2016 as a day on Twitter by Iceman to promulgate your bogus claim that @IcemanNYR, “Is a racist because he spent most of 8/29 complaining about black people on Fox.”

    In the real world @GATXER it makes more sense to chronicle how many different FNC/FBN people Ice criticized on a specific day (e.g., August 29, 2016). Not the number of tweets about any single person.

    In your very fine blog you should have highlighted the people tweeted about — NOT the number of tweets — many occurring in the same one-hour thread.

    As your blog shows, Ice tweeted about five African Americans and 11 Caucasians on Fox — and this doesn’t even include the folks he tweeted about who were not on Fox in his scores of tweets that day,

    You used such deceptive information as Ice participating in a long 30+ tweet thread with three other people — about Harris Faulkner — over a one-hour period to skew your results.

    A thread in which he made 10 tweets..

    That is hardly “talking about black people most of the day.” As you may recall, he made over 80 tweets that day.

    Just admit it my friend, you loathe Iceman because he is affiliated with the anti FNC blog NewsHounds. No one agrees with your bogus hateful accusation that Iceman is a racists in any context.

    Peace brother.

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