CNN’s Unhelpful Death Clock Must Go…

CNN has started keeping COVID-19 statistics on its screen full time. I’m calling it CNN’s “Death Clock” because basically that’s what it is…something that continuously updates the dead and infected COVID-19 cases around the world…and a special breakout for the US dead and sick.

And it’s on the screen




To say that CNN is being unhelpful here is to be charitable. The genius who thought this up should be put in quarantine for the rest of this crisis. Or be lobotomized so they never come up with another stupid idea like that again.

What on earth is CNN thinking here? Thats it’s helpful to further stress out an already stressed out nation by leaving those constantly updating stats on the screen all the time?

This isn’t a pledge break like the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon where we want to know how well we’re doing to measure our progress. This is life and death and any further increase in those figures just makes us feel worse and more h.

People are dying.


There is no journalistic benefit for this stunt. It’s fair to talk about the statistics periodically. But this ubiquitous saturation bombing of these stats is just a very sick twisted gimmick that does nothing to help us in what for many is the fight of our lives.

CNN must remove the “death clock”. It is repugnant…

7 Responses to “CNN’s Unhelpful Death Clock Must Go…”

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  2. joeremi1 Says:

    It’s on MSNBC, too, and I’m for it. I like being able to see the stats whenever I glance at the screen.

  3. I want to know the growth in the number of coronavirus cases compared to the previous day so that we may someday soon start to see a decline and begin to hope for better days ahead.

    Granted the explosion of new cases, which is expected to continue in the days ahead, comes as more state and private labs begin testing for the virus after weeks of delays and test kit shortages.

    For me I like the fact I can check CNN most hours of the day to satisfy my curiosity even if I have no interest in the programming.

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