The Impending Fallout From James O’Keefe’s CNN Expose…

We still don’t know what will be in James O’Keefe’s CNN Editorial Meeting Expose but based on past behavior we can be relatively confident in making a few predictions:

  • The recordings will be cherry picked, edited, and possibly out of context. It’s fair to highlight bits and pieces but it’s not fair to highlight bits and pieces without providing some record of the full context so that the bits and pieces can be properly evaluated. I seriously doubt O’Keefe is going to do that, not necessarily because of him having an agenda (which he absolutely does have), but the infrastructure required to host this stuff in full context is probably beyond Project Veritas’ capability (or desire). And they won’t put it on YouTube because CNN will (rightfully) seek takedown notices and YouTube would comply.

  • Regardless of the context, or possible lack thereof, these recording are going to be explosive and very embarrassing for CNN. How do we know this? Because anyone who has attended an editorial meeting, or worse; months of editorial meetings, will tell you that they are free-for-alls where all kinds of stuff gets discussed, a lot of it not necessarily worthy of airtime. Things go off topic. Jokes are made. People speak freely, more freely than they would in an official capacity to the rest of the press. The chances that there aren’t dozens upon dozens of recorded incidents of someone saying something that would be considered embarrassing for the network is an absolute impossibility.

But here’s the thing. If you bugged ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, FOX, OANN, Newsmax, or PBS you would find editorial meetings strewn with similar embarrassing snippets. O’Keefe will get his CNN scalp and put it on his mantlepiece. But what kind of scalp is it? You can talk about all kinds of stuff, make incendiary comments, tasteless jokes, political sniping, etc.. in editorial meetings.

While there may be a schadenfreude interest being satisfied in exposing that to the world, the real question that should be asked, and O’Keefe should be trying to prove, is which of these embarrassing/provocative/incendiary revelations actually resulted in something that happened over CNN’s air? If it was me who was leaking these recordings I would also be looking to tie what was said in Editorial to actions that occurred over the air. Otherwise, I would just have a lot of talk in the recordings but it would be talk that didn’t impact coverage.

I will be very curious to see if O’Keefe tries to make the talk vs. action connection between the editorial meeting and what transpired on the air. If he can’t (or won’t), he’ll have a rather muted victory; one that looks bad from a PR standpoint but substantively doesn’t carry much weight.

  • CNN either has a traitor in its ranks or an O’Keefe planted mole because that’s the only way O’Keefe gets the access codes to CNN’s editorial meeting. If it’s a traitor, that person is so disgruntled they shouldn’t be working there. But because O’Keefe has a documented history of using spies he’s had inserted for his intelligence, I’m going to assume this was a mole O’Keefe planted a long time ago under deep cover.

But here’s the thing. Those access codes go out to enough people that CNN is going to have a hard time figuring out who is the mole. CNN Security is not to be trifled with. I can attest to this first hand as they once hunted me down to get me to delete a comment someone had made that posted Christ Paul’s address.

But as good as they may be this will be a tall order to ferret out the mole, unless they quit and reveal themselves first which is something I would not expect to happen for the simple reason that O’Keefe has someone on the inside and isn’t just going to wantonly throw away an asset that still has great value.

But I can guarantee you that CNN will institute full background checks on everyone who had access to those calls so whoever was in on those calls better hope their background doesn’t include conservative political activism of any kind. Because anyone who does is going to be isolated/ostracized in lieu of being fired. Having such a background doesn’t mean that the person is the mole. It just means that person could be the mole. So, without a smoking gun to prove it, they won’t be fired.

There will be considerable tail chasing at CNN and employees looking over their shoulder because of this. It’s a real morale killer.

2 Responses to “The Impending Fallout From James O’Keefe’s CNN Expose…”

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  2. Not trying to be facetious or sarcastic.
    But I fail to see the news value here.
    So far all I have read and heard shows a CNN and a Jeff Zucker who mimicked a milder version of what we witnessed for the 20 years Roger Ailes ruled with an ironclad fist at Fox News.
    I just don’t see why Zucker’s micro managing doesn’t pale by comparison to the daily intensity and forcefulness of Mr. Roger Ailes..


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