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MSNBC to Re-Air Halperin/Heilmann Bloomberg Show…

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CNN’s Brian Stelter writes that MSNBC is going to announce that it will indeed re-air Mark Halperin and John Heilmann’s Bloomberg TV show…

Replacing a fiery liberal talk show host like Sharpton with the insidery duo of Mark Halperin and John Heilemann is a statement by Andy Lack, the chairman of NBC News and MSNBC, about his vision for the cable news channel.

Lack is in the process of remaking the channel, seemingly away from partisan opinion and toward political news.

Oh, it’s a statement alright. Just not the statement Stelter is suggesting…

MSNBC To Air Bloomberg Programming?

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CNN’s Dylan Byers writes that MSNBC is considering Mark Halperin and John Heilman’s Bloomberg show at 6pm…

The talks, first reported by New York Magazine, center around rebroadcasting Bloomberg’s 5 p.m. show “With All Due Respect” at 6 p.m. on MSNBC, sources at both networks who are familiar with the discussions said.

“With All Due Respect” is hosted by “Game Change” co-authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, who are regular guests on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

It’s worth noting in Gabriel Sherman’s original story on this, that Andrew Lack wanted to move Lawrence O’Donnell to that time slot but O’Donnell balked. That I find very interesting.

But back to Halperin and Heilman. Byers also drops this poison pill…

For many at NBC, the idea of rebroadcasting a competitor’s show feels desperate. “Talk about out of ideas,” one on-air talent at MSNBC said. “We’re going to run a rerun of another rival network’s show? As a programming decision that is completely insane.”

Ouch. That struck a nerve at 30 Rock because NBC Universal News Group’s Senior Vice President of Communications Mark Kornblau punched Byers in the face on Twitter

Talk about conflicted. We (CNN) are going to cover our competition’s possible moves and pretend we are neutral?

There are reasons to tee off on CNN’s media reporters and the not at all clear roles they have which lead to conflict of interest charges being thrown…mostly doing with the coverage of their own network. But this particular attack smacks more of sour grapes than anything else. What’s Byers going to do? Not quote what some MSNBC talent gabbed to them about? Please…

But back to the main story. The anonymous MSNBCer is dead on. This is wrong on so many levels. It’s bad for MSNBC morale. It undermines Englewood Cliffs. And it gives even more exposure to a duo which already appear all over the place. This is one idea best left on the drawing board.

David Westin to Bloomberg TV Mornings…

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Variety’s Brian Steinberg reports that David Westin will join Stephanie Rhule on a new Bloomberg TV morning program…

Westin, the former president of ABC News, will work with Bloomberg anchor Stephanie Ruhle to deliver “Bloomberg ,” a new morning program that the business-news giant hopes will make a splash beyond its time slot. Executives at Bloomberg think “Go,” which will air between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Bloomberg TV starting October 5, will cultivate a crowd beyond traders seeking tips before the U.S. stock market opens, such as financial executives in Hong Kong or business leaders seeking new ideas from video delivered via tablet or smartphone.

The two vow they won’t focus overmuch on the usual business-news chit-chat, like whether the Dow Jones Industrial Average is going up or down or stock-picking. “Our audience will be impatient with that sort of stuff. They are busy people who want to get something they can use something they aren’t going to get somewhere else,” said Westin in an interview Friday afternoon. “If we don’t give them that, they are going to go on to somewhere else.”

“Go,” named for the button that executes commands on the Bloomberg news-and-data terminal that fuels the company’s coffers, is part of a broader effort to expand the company’s influence beyond Wall Street. Since the return of Michael Bloomberg, the company’s founder, to its top post after a long stint as mayor of New York City, Bloomberg has taken steps to cultivate a broader audience of high-income consumers focused on business and wealth. The new show “is really designed to be the smartest morning show, the most intelligent morning show on television,” said Justin Smith, the chief executive of Bloomberg Media.

Trouble At Bloomberg TV? Or Much Ado About Nothing?

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I’m not sure how to read this. The New York Post’s Kevin Dugan writes about “trouble” at Bloomberg TV…(via J$)

Bloomberg LP’s cable business network lost an executive producer this week, the latest in a string of at least 11 departures during an especially tumultuous time at the media company.

Allison Girvin, an executive producer for morning show “Market Day,” left Bloomberg on Thursday to take a job at NBC, sources said.
Girvin was handpicked by Claudia Milne, who led Bloomberg’s TV operations in the US for little more than a year before she was pushed aside and given a “special projects” role by founder and CEO Mike Bloomberg.

Bloomberg, which charges $24,000 a year for its financial data terminals, went through one of its biggest layoffs ever last week when it cut 80 editorial staffers around the globe.

Milne was removed from her position after a public spat with Bloomberg and had been “walking around like a chicken with her head cut off,” one insider told The Post.

It sounds bad but I’m just not sure it’s as bad as it sounds…

More on Bloomberg Business’ New Look…

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Nieman Lab’s Caroline O’Donovan writes about Bloomberg Business’s new web design…

Another public-facing change loyal readers are sure to notice: Bloomberg killed its comments section. Lots of media companies, from Recode to Reuters, have done this lately, which Topolsky said made him more confident in the decision. He says both writers and editors are more comfortable engaging with readers on external social platforms, where they’re likely to reach a more representative percentage of the audience.

“I’ve looked at the analytics on the commenting community versus overall audience. You’re really talking about less than one percent of the overall audience that’s engaged in commenting, even if it looks like a very active community,” he says. “In the grand scheme of the audience, it doesn’t represent the readership.”

Nothing about the new Bloomberg is set in stone; Topolsky says the entire process is iterative, and that includes the comments. The digital team will be monitoring reader behavior across desktop and mobile to see how they’re reacting to and interacting with the new site. For example, on launch day, they experimented with header height so see what readers like better. On mobile, where they’re working to “find the right balance between design and imagery and text,” Topolsky plans to experiment with different formats — more text versus more color versus a grid — to figure out what draws readers in.

Press Releases: 01/28/14

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Bloomberg (1)

Bloomberg Business announced a new digital platform today…

New York, NY – Bloomberg today announced the launch of Bloomberg Business, the company’s flagship digital destination that unifies its most powerful media assets to deliver a modern news experience, built for today’s global web consumer. Microsoft Corporation is the global sponsor of the launch.

Bloomberg Business is the centerpiece of Bloomberg’s new media strategy, first announced by Bloomberg Media CEO Justin B. Smith in March 2014. Bloomberg aims to build the leading, next-generation media company for global business by creating a portfolio of digitally-led, multi-platform brands that broaden Bloomberg’s core audience beyond its traditional finance roots, towards global business.

Bloomberg Business will combine and replace and The mobile-first site is powered by a new cutting-edge, custom technology platform developed within Bloomberg internally. Bloomberg Business carries the editorial DNA of Bloomberg News – factual, reliable, credible, authoritative, lightning-fast journalism at a global scale, and of Businessweek – one of the most lauded magazines in the world, with hallmark design and deep, insightful, sharp, and at times, irreverent reporting.

For the first time ever, a digital editorial team, led by Bloomberg Media’s Chief Digital Content Officer Joshua Topolsky, will marry the strengths of Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg TV and Bloomberg’s digital video operation, with ambitious new web original content – all on the Bloomberg Business platform.

Bloomberg Changes

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AdWeek’s Michael Sebastian writes about upcoming changes for Bloomberg…

In addition to the new Bloomberg Business site, Bloomberg TV is getting a revamp that will look to borrow Businessweek’s attitude. Josh Tyrangiel, Bloomberg Media’s chief content officer, was short on details about the TV network’s new look and feel, but identified one tricky goal: Making it cool.

“We’ve made a couple of very important philosophical decisions of what we want to be and now we’re at the pace of filling in the boxes,” Mr. Tyrangiel said. “So you are going to turn it on and say, Well that’s unexpected.”

“The challenge is to make it cool and cool is a very difficult thing to define,” he added. “Lots of people have lots of opinions about what is cool. But you know it when you see it.”

Spearheading this change is Bloomberg Media CEO Justin Smith, who reports to Michael Bloomberg, according to a memo Mr. Bloomberg sent to staff this week.