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CNBC To Air Live Putin Interview…

Posted in CNBC on May 22, 2014 by icn2

Say what you will about the man, his government, and whatever ulterior motives he has for doing this, it’s a huge deal for CNBC to land a live interview with Vladimir Putin on Squawk Box tomorrow at 6am ET…

[CNBC EXCLUSIVE] Russian President Vladimir Putin will sit down in a live interview on @CNBC Friday morning at 6a ET.

That said, there are some questions that this raises:

– What are the ground rules? Is Putin on to talk about a specific thing or are there no restrictions (read: Ukraine)?
– Why did Putin choose CNBC? It’s great for the network but it’s still an odd play for him. Did he think he’d get an easier time than he would have if it had been one of the big three networks top anchors doing the interview?
– Is there any linkage to Brian Williams’ Snowden interview airing on NBC next week? The timing of the two interviews could be co-incidental. Then again Russia surely must have been aware of NBC’s Snowden interview. I would tend to think you can’t just go into Russia and interview whomever you want without Russia being made aware of it, particularly when the person is such a high value target as Snowden is. Was there any quid pro quo?

Press Releases: 04/08/14

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CNBC (1)




ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. & PASADENA, CA — April 8, 2014 — On the heels of its best quarter among P25-54 in more than a decade (M-F 8P-2A), CNBC today announced an extended order of episodes for season two of THE PROFIT. CNBC, the fastest-growing cable network among P25-54 in weekday prime, also revealed that the network has greenlit two new series joining the primetime line-up this summer: RESTAURANT KICKSTART (July) with restaurateur Joe Bastianich, and celebrity chef, Tim Love; and FILTHY RICH GUIDE (August). In addition, CNBC revealed three series in development: RESTAURANT CONFIDENTIAL: NEW YORK (working title), HARD MONEY (working title) and MORE MONEY MORE PROBLEMS (working title). The announcements were made today by Jim Ackerman, SVP, Primetime Alternative, CNBC.
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Maria Bartiromo Interview

Posted in CNBC, FBN, FNC on March 28, 2014 by icn2

The AP’s David Bauder interviews Maria Bartiromo…

Bartiromo said she had considered another deal at CNBC when her contract came due but decided to look around, too. She concluded her job at CNBC wouldn’t change much, and she was looking to do some things differently. She was ready for a move.

“They have gotten so chatty, with so much personality, that they left some of the content on the cutting room floor — business information,” she said.

Bartiromo said she believes CNBC’s fast pace is no longer in tune with the times.

“I just felt this pressure to do five-minute interviews and this pressure to have five people on at once and I just got tired of it,” she said. “I felt like I needed something with a little more substance and perspective and felt it was going to be hard to do that where I was because the structure is the structure and the machine keeps on going.”

Uh..yeah…ok…but what’d you expect her to say? “Best job I ever had…made my career. So I jumped ship for a big payout”? Uh…nooooo.

Speaking of “the structure is the structure and the machine keeps on going”…I’ll be watching to see what kind of show we get on Sunday…the “a little more substance and perspective” business show Bartiromo talks about…or…the totally useless from a business standpoint Saturday Business block because it’s filled with the ideological mumbo jumbo which permeates most FNC programming. I’m hopeful for the former but I fear for the latter…

CNBC Asia Changes…

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Marketing Interactive’s Jennifer Chan writes about CNBC Asia’s new lineup that starts next week…

CNBC will launch a new campaign from tomorrow to promote revamped programming line-up, following the recent recruitment of Susan Li to its Hong Kong team.

In addition to the new on-air talent and revamped programming schedule, CNBC unveil a redesigned studio in Hong Kong, home to the network’s flagship morning program Squawk Box.

The new programming and revamped studio are the latest moves by CNBC in Asia Pacific after the launch of a new bureau in Beijing, the addition of a new feature program Inside China, and the recruitment of Li in Hong Kong.

Dubbed New Look New Programming, New Experiences, the ad campaign will span television, online, print (South China Morning Post and Wall Street Journal Asia) and OOH (trams and bus shelters) to feature the fresh presenter line-up.

Is CNBC Making a New Social Media Push?

Posted in CNBC on February 14, 2014 by icn2

Talking Biz News’ Chris Roush posted a new rec for CNBC…

CNBC’s Social Media Desk is responsible for maintaining the business networks’ presence across all social platforms while also playing a critical breaking news function in our newsroom. We are looking for an experienced social media editor to help lead our social media team and expand our digital footprint.

This candidate will be expected to manage social editorial needs of both broadcast and digital, especially at times of breaking news. The candidate will also liaise with daytime shows and advise on the development of social media campaigns around special projects and initiatives. Given the dynamic nature of the role, we are looking for a candidate who is able to work flexible hours.

In addition to day-to-day management of the social media team, this candidate should have a background in social analytics and regularly provide analysis of key performance metrics.

It’s unclear to me if this is a new position or an old position that recently became vacant.

Embargo Busting?

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Wall St Insanity’s Samantha Lile blogs about the possibility that CNBC’s David Faber busted an embargo on the Comcast/Time Warner Cable deal…

The media has been buzzing all day with news that Comcast will acquire Time Warner Cable in a $45 billion deal. CNBC’s David Faber has been credited with breaking the story. However, a critical detail about this “scoop” has been conveniently omitted: Comcast owns NBC, and is, therefore, Faber’s boss. Was there, then, ever any doubt its in-house business channel CNBC wouldn’t be first to report the news? Hardly a journalistic coup here, further evidenced by reports that this news was actually embargoed and Faber simply broke the embargo…. Scoop? Not so much. Easiest story ever to break? Definitely.

In fact, Reuter’s editor Soyoung Kim called CNBC out on Twitter:

Know M&A is competitive, but how are you supposed to break news you get on embargo? Sad to see people don’t have same journalism ethics.

Although Faber “broke” the story Wednesday evening, other journalists were not invited to a teleconference announcement of the merger until Thursday morning. By that time, they were, of course, well aware of the news thanks to CNBC’s “scoop.” Reuter’s, in fact, had been reporting the possibility of a merger for months. Kim, no doubt, was seeing green when a fellow journalist broke the embargo to run the story during Wednesday night’s “Squawk Box.”

FBN Dips a Toe in CNBC’s ‘Business Tape’ Waters…

Posted in CNBC, FBN on February 12, 2014 by icn2

TVNewser’s Merril Knox writes about a new taped show being developed for Tracy Byrnes…

Fox Business Network has announced the development of an original alternative primetime program, “Strange Inheritance,” that will debut later this year. The half-hour documentary show, hosted by Tracy Byrnes, will showcase real-life stories of unconventional inheritances.

“Strange Inheritance” will be produced by an outside production company, Towers Productions LLC. In-house oversight will be managed by Brian Gaffney, who was recently promoted to director of special programming for FBN. Gaffney, previously an executive producer of Fox News’ documentary unit, has been with Fox since 2002.

After years of beating up on CNBC for its business tape documentary primetime while noting that it was offering non-documentary programming, FBN appears to be changing direction…albeit very tentatively for now.

Susan Krakower Out At CNBC…

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Page Six is reporting that Susan Krakower CNBC’s senior vice president of strategic programming and development, has been “not renewed”… (via J$)

We’re told CNBC has opted not to renew her contract and that CNBC president Mark Hoffman explained, “You’re great. You’re creative. But you’re just too hard on the furniture [meaning tough on the talent].”

Krakower, who joined CNBC in 2002 and created shows including “Mad Money With Jim Cramer,” famously got into a war with former CNBC host Dylan Ratigan after he ranted about her during a commercial break, “If you want to pull me off the show, please do. [You are] rude and disrespectful.”

Ratigan quit shortly afterward. We’re told Krakower is now in talks to join Morgan Stanley.

Page Six also has CNBC issuing a non-denial denial saying Krakower is still under contract. Well…ok…but is it going to be renewed? Answer that…

Spin Control…

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Someone leaked early CNBC 2013 year ratings to Street Insider and they aren’t good…

The early results are in and despite being a huge year for gains in the stock market, ratings for CNBC will likely hit 20-year lows in 2013.

Early data from Nielsen Media Research showed that in the key 25-54 advertising demo for total day ratings, CNBC only averaged 39,000 viewers. This is the lowest since 1993. It is not just the key demo that is lagging, though. For total viewers, CNBC had only 129,000 viewers in P2+ for total day ratings. This is the lowest since 1994.

Surveying the Business News Channel Ratings Landscape…

Posted in Bloomberg, CNBC, FBN on December 3, 2013 by icn2

The Wall Street Journal’s Keach Hagey and William Launder take a look at how the business channels have been faring lately…

The U.S. stock market is soaring, but ratings have sunk for the TV networks dedicated to covering it.

In the third quarter, CNBC, the dominant business-news channel, hit a 20-year low in its target demographic of adults 25 to 54 years old, according to Nielsen Holdings. Since 2008, average total daytime viewership has fallen more than 50%—to 169,000 from 348,000 —at CNBC, which commands three-quarters of the audience among business-news networks, according to Nielsen.

Six-year-old Fox Business Network remains on a long-term growth trajectory, but its average total daytime audience has declined from last year—to 58,000 from 71,000—and has fallen short of some media buyers’ expectations.

Bloomberg LP, meanwhile, is rethinking the business model of its TV channel, having failed to turn a profit or draw more than 10% of the audience for TV business news despite being on the air for nearly two decades, according to people familiar with the matter. Nielsen doesn’t release Bloomberg TV’s ratings.

Susan Li Joins CNBC Asia…

Posted in CNBC on November 25, 2013 by icn2

For those out there who had been wondering what happened to Bloomberg Asia’s Susan Li – I was thinking about posting an inquiry here – wonder no more. CNBC Asia announced today that Li was joining the network…


Singapore, 26 November 2013 – CNBC International is pleased to announce that Susan Li is joining its unrivalled global roster of anchors and reporters. Li’s new assignment will include coverage during CNBC’s core business day programming in Asia-Pacific. She will debut on the network shortly after the new year.

Li has been based in Hong Kong with Bloomberg television for the past several years,becoming the network’s main anchor in Asia as host of First Up with Susan Li. She has been at the center of its daily business coverage, interviewing world leaders and top business personalities, including Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Robin Li of Baidu, Credit Suisse’s Brady Dougan and Blackrock’s Larry Fink.
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FBN Picks Off Maria Bartiromo…

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In stunning news, FBN has stolen Maria Bartiromo from CNBC. Huge, huge pickup for FBN…huge, huge PR hit for CNBC which now will surely be gazed upon as a complacent shop that can’t hold on to its star talent like it used to.

If you read Ze’ev Chafets’ Roger Ailes biography, as I did, you too would know that FBN was poised to expand big time. They already snapped up space in the old Charles Schwab offices in the News Corp. building. Chafets’ book also relayed that Ailes had essentially gotten the go ahead to spend more money on the network. Grabbing Bartiromo is money well spent.

Mark Hoffman’s position as President of CNBC is now officially on an egg timer, albeit one that has an unknown duration. CNBC Primetime is a wasteland but that didn’t matter as long as the network held on to its crown jewels. Well he just lost one. Bartiromo may not be the last. For a network president Hoffman has kept an incredibly low profile…well out of the media writers’ gaze. That will now change whether CNBC likes it or not.


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@Twitter closes below its hyped session high after FoxBiz calls it out 4 turning tail. PR flack @jimplosser had our producer ‘removed’

FBN’s Liz Claman on Twitter today…

A small kerfuffle erupted today in the wake of the Twitter IPO. Dealbreaker’s Bess Levin has more

Back in September, Fox Business asked a Twitter spokesperson if anyone at the company could “chat about IPO rumors.” The response was simply: “…”, which Team FBN took to as a confirmation that plans for an IPO were imminent. It’s unclear exactly what transpired behind the scenes between the business network and social media platform after that, but based on a the six and a half minutes of airtime FBN correspondent Charlie Gasparino and anchor Liz Claman just spent referring to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo as a “nasty,” “slimy,” “scheming nerd,” it seems fair to say their interactions were less than cordial! The clip really has to be seen to be believed but it includes:

* Gasparino: “Companies like Twitter are not altruistic, they’re not charities. They’re nasty, conniving, skeevy individuals who run these companies and they want to lure in as much dumb money as possible.”

* Gasparino: “Dan Costolo.” Claman: “Dick.” Gasparino: “George, I couldn’t care what the hell his name is.” Claman: “Yeah! ‘Cause he’s not talking to Fox Business, ’cause he’s scared!”

* Gasparino: “This guy is a nasty, skeeving, scheming nerd from Silicon Valley. He is! That’s my opinion!”

* Claman: “Somebody over there is hashtag-spineless. Hashtag, maybe it’s their PR department?” Gasparino: “Don’t blame the dumb flacks, you blame the skeevy, nerdy guy that runs the company.”

* Gasparino: “It’s a big circle something between Wall Street and Silicon Valley.”

* Claman: “Fox Business and Twitter came into existence around the same time– 2007– and we were the first business network to profile them and they repay us by refusing to talk to us because Charlie and our company have been very honest about them.”

* Claman: “Twitter is not profitable years after its launch, Fox Business is– are they, hashtag-jealous?”

* Gasparino: “They’re run by these Silicon Valley nerds…doofuses…”

* Gasparino: “Is [Costolo] Italian?” Claman: “Can you believe that?” Gasparino: “That guy is not a paesan, I can tell you that much.”

* Gasparino: “I want to see a picture of Dick Costolo, can we show a picture of him?” [Someone in control room flashes a picture of DC on the screen] Gasparino: “This guy looks like the guy you beat the hell out of…I’m not advocating violence, I’m just saying he looks like—”

CNBC got Costolo this morning. Did CNBC exert pressure on Twitter to not interview with FBN? It wouldn’t be the first time something like that has happened.

There is no way to tell for sure (though appearances are pretty damning). What we do know is that Bloomberg didn’t have any trouble grabbing Costollo for an interview as soon as he was off CNBC’s set.

Does CNBC consider Bloomberg not as big a threat as FBN? Who knows…

A Win Is A Win…But…

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ValueWalk gets some not normally available numbers for FBN and CNBC from last Wednesday for a time span where FBN beat CNBC in the demo…

Fox Business Network had better ratings than CNBC among the advertising demo of people aged 25–54 for every hour between 2pm and 6pm on Wednesday October 9, according to Nielsen Media Research. Lou Dobbs also bested his rival, CNBC host Larry Kudlow, in both total viewers and the advertising demo. This news is another blow against the network, which just had its worst quarter in twenty years.

Ok, yes…this was obviously an FBN leak and I normally take a dim view of selective ratings leaks that lack context. ValueWalk attempts to add context…

CNBC, the channel that calls itself “First in Business Worldwide,” now looks like it’s second behind FBN in the afternoon, and will need to do something drastic if it is going to recover its dwindling audience.

Uhhh…not exactly…

For one thing, this is one four hour period for one day of one week. That doesn’t make it a trend…it makes it an outlier. Furthermore, there’s no context here as to why FBN beat out CNBC during this timespan. Did CNBC crater or did FBN surge? Or both? See the problem? Without being able to answer those questions we can’t possibly answer the question posed by ValueWalk’s statement, to wit: is CNBC going to fall behind FBN? Note that I used the word “is” and not “has” because we can already answer that question if I used “has” and the answer would be no.

But that doesn’t mean CNBC has nothing to worry about because it does. For whatever the reason the network did fall behind FBN during those four business day hours. From CNBC’s point of view, that’s a problem.

With FBN’s documented long term expansion plans…namely FBN’s purchase of the Schwab office space in the News Corp. building as documented in Zev Chaffets’ Roger Ailes biography, which my sources say is still just empty office space as of a couple months ago, FBN is looking to mount an even bigger assault on CNBC at some point. CNBC can’t be complacent…and yet it seems like it still is complacent.

Fisking Andrew Ross Sorkin…

Posted in CNBC on September 23, 2013 by icn2

CJR’s Ryan Chittum destroys Sorkin and his ‘Two myths and one reality’ video…

Sorkin’s first myth is that “the bankers walked away with boatloads of money in bonuses and the rest of the country didn’t. And why would we spend $700 billion bailing out these banks without putting some kind of new rules or restrictions or strings to prevent this from happening?”

First of all, that’s not a myth. The bankers really did walk away with boatloads of money and people really did question why we didn’t put any restrictions—none at all—when handing out those bailouts.

Sorkin just wants to tell us the truth we don’t want to know, which is part of his concern-troll shtick: “I’m on your side, seekers of justice, I really am. But, sadly, let me tell you why, sadly, you’re wrong”:

Hey CNN and NBC…Blow Priebus Off…

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Ok, it’s been all the talk of the interwebs today so let’s talk about it…

Today Reince Priebus once again demonstrated that given the choice of expanding its reach or shooting itself in the foot, the GOP would apparently gleefully choose the latter.

How else can you explain Priebus’ curious broadside against NBC and CNN for…gasp…deciding to feature non-declared speculated prospective 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton in a pair of films, CNN’s is a documentary and NBC’s a drama, that will air years before the primaries and to threaten both networks with blacklisting them from the GOP primary debates if they don’t reverse course?

Let me break that down for you again in case you didn’t pick up on the nuannce of all that.

Priebus wants CNN and NBC to not air a pair of films that are slated to air well outside of the 2016 campaign window, and thus have plenty of time to recede from the public’s consciousness, because somehow that might influence short attention span voters who don’t start paying attention to the campaigns until they actually kick off. And if they don’t play ball Priebus will stomp his feet and recommend that both networks be excluded from any GOP primary broadcasts.

Amazingly, both networks managed to supress their natural inclination to laugh their asses off, and played the situation straight with their statements about the matter…


CNN Films, a division of CNN Worldwide, commissioned a documentary about Hillary Clinton earlier this year. It is expected to premiere in 2014 with a theatrical run prior to airing on CNN. This documentary will be a non-fiction look at the life of a former First Lady and Secretary of State. Instead of making premature decisions about a project that is in the very early stages of development and months from completion, we would encourage the members of the Republican National Committee to reserve judgment until they know more. Should they decide not to participate in debates on CNN, we would find it curious, as limiting their debate participation seems to be the ultimate disservice to voters.


NBC News is completely independent of NBC Entertainment and has no involvement in this project.

Here is what they should have said…

Dear Reince,

We received you letter. Setting aside for the moment the questions of how a film about Hillary airing years before the primaries commence would possibly influence voters who are already tired of the too long election season we have to contend with every four years, ignoring the fact that Hillary hasn’t even declared herself as a candidate, and forgetting the fact that prior to 2008 Hillary was considered the front runner and spectacularly tanked it to Barack Obama, we have one thing we would like to say to you…

Go ahead and try it. We dare you. In fact, we triple dog dare you.

Give a debate to ABC, a debate to CBS, a debate to PBS, a debate to Bloomberg and the other twenty two to Fox when you run out of alternatives (we’ll leave out Al Jazeera America since we know you’ll never “go there”).

We’re sure you’ll love having to continually address the question of why the RNC is so scared of Hillary instead of addressing the issues in the campaign. We’re sure the candidates themselves will love being continuously taken off message by having to answer whether they agree or disagree with the awkward position you have now put them in.

Have you been taking lessons from the Obama administration in its idiotic war on Fox? It sure looks like it to us.

So go ahead and try it sucker. Cut your nose off to spite your face. We’ll still be here for the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates which is what really counts anyways.

Warmest regards,


p.s. Have you started circulating your resume yet? It’s never too early you know…

CNBC Adds More Reality TV…

Posted in CNBC on July 27, 2013 by icn2

CNBC announced, on a Saturday no less, some more reality TV for its prime time hours…


LOS ANGELES, CA. — July 27, 2013 — CNBC today announced new programming additions to its rapidly expanding unscripted primetime slate, including a series order for “Money Talks,” which takes viewers inside the world of sports betting and Steve Stevens, a well-known handicapper who runs VIP Sports in Las Vegas. The one-hour pilot will premiere Tuesday, September 10 at 10pm ET/PT. The network also greenlit the second season of “The Car Chasers,” one of the first series to launch on the new CNBC Prime. Season two of “The Car Chasers” premieres Tuesday, October 29 at 10PM ET/PT on CNBC.

“Money Talks” is a docu-soap that follows Steve Stevens, his stable of agents and the clients who risk big dollars in the hope these guys have the expertise to consistently deliver winners. There’s a lot on the line as we follow the gamblers who wager a few thousand each week to the whales who routinely make six-figure bets. “Money Talks” is produced by All3 Media America in association with Turn Left Productions and Lost Tribe Productions.
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Kelly Evans Gets Promoted to Squawk on the Street…

Posted in CNBC on May 17, 2013 by icn2

Talking Biz News’ Chris Roush writes about CNBC moving anchor Kelly Evans to Squawk on the Street…

Nik Deogun, editor in chief and senior vice president at CNBC, sent out the following staff announcement on Friday morning:

Read the memo announcing the news over on Talking Biz News…

NBC News Digital Sales Hires…

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NBC News Digital announced sales staffing hires this morning…


Leadership team expands as news group takes over sales responsibility from MSN this summer

NEW YORK, NY—May 8, 2013— NBC News Digital Group announced today that it is staffing up its sales leadership team with veterans from Gannet, BBC and The Street. This announcement comes as NBC News Digital Group begins to take over sales responsibility from MSN following the acquisition of the Msnbc Digital Network from Microsoft in July 2012. Peter Naylor is the Executive Vice President in charge of sales for the NBC News Digital Group, a portfolio with an estimated reach of 73 million unique visitors per month including properties such as, (launching later this year),,, and

Eric Johnson has been named Vice President, Sales Marketing, reporting to Naylor. Joy Robins has been named Senior Director, Advertising Sales, and Joe Damiano has been named Senior Director, Advertising Sales, both reporting to Brian Matthews, Senior Vice President, Digital Advertising Sales for NBC News Digital Group.
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CNBC Web Video Changes…

Posted in CNBC on April 22, 2013 by icn2

AdWeek’s Mike Shields writes about changes coming to CNBC’s web video…

This week marks the debut of the CNBC Digital Workshop, an in-house production studio designed to crank out Web originals for and partners like Yahoo. Among the projects in development are Chew & Brew, a weekly cooking show hosted by CNBC reporter Jane Wells that’s focused on guy-skewing concoctions like bacon tacos and beer milkshakes, and The Puppets Can Hear You, featuring puppets reciting tweets from the popular Wall Street Twitter feed @GSElevator, which mocks the sometimes out-of-touch traders at Goldman Sachs.

CNBC is clearly going lighter and broader with some of its digital fare, as it attempts to move past simply repurposed TV clips. Meanwhile, it is also ramping up a daily postmarket round-up show, 3 to Watch, hosted by CNBC reporter Josh Lipton, and this Friday marks the debut of Hacking America, an investigative series examining weighty topics like the fight against global cyberterrorism.

“We’re building on the success we already have,” said Kevin Krim, svp, gm of CNBC Digital. “We have a fantastic TV brand and a very strong digital team, which has been doing a better and better job of fundamental blocking and tackling. But now we’re interested in going after a broader base, offering viewers a holistic view of their lives, not just [what they’re doing during] trading hours. And we’re also addressing advertiser demand.”

CNBC Announces Contestant Slate for Reality TV Show…

Posted in CNBC on April 15, 2013 by icn2

CNBC announced the contestants for it’s upcoming “Crowd Rules” series…



ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. — April 15, 2013 — CNBC Prime today announced the small businesses that will compete each week for a game-changing $50,000 prize in the new reality competition series, “Crowd Rules,” debuting on a new date, Tuesday, May 14 at 9PM ET/PT.

Each week, “Crowd Rules” features three small businesses that compete in front of an audience of 100 that votes to decide who wins a much-needed $50,000. Entrepreneur and jewelry designer Kendra Scott, NY1 Anchor Pat Kiernan, along with a weekly guest industry expert, lead the examination of the small businesses in order to help a studio audience choose which company wins the $50,000. While the small business owners make their case to the panel of three, the real power lies in the hands of the audience – 97 strong – whose votes will ultimately decide which business is most deserving of the investment.

Small businesses and expert line-up (subject to change):
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CNBC Programming Changes

Posted in CNBC on April 15, 2013 by icn2

CNBC announced some programming changes for tonight.


“CNBC Special Report” will be anchored by CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo and Bill Griffeth from 6-7pm ET and Maria Bartiromo and Larry Kudlow from 7-8pm ET.

CNBC Announces Next Delivering Alpha Conference

Posted in CNBC on March 13, 2013 by icn2

CNBC along with Institutional Investor announced their third Delivering Alpha conference…


Annual Conference for the Investor and Business Elite to be Held on July 17, 2013 at The Pierre in New York City

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., March 13, 2013—CNBC, First in Business Worldwide, and Institutional Investor, today announced the third annual Delivering Alpha conference, a singular investor event, scheduled for July 17, 2013 at The Pierre in New York City.

This elite investor conference brings together the biggest names in the hedge fund and investor communities, as well as influential political and economic leaders for a high-level discussion on the critical issues facing investors in today’s global economy. With one-on-one interviews and panel discussions led by top journalists from CNBC and Institutional Investor, the 2012 Delivering Alpha conference featured United States Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner; Henry Kravis, Co-Chairman and Co-CEO, KKR; James Chanos, President and Founder, Kynikos Associates; Leon Cooperman, Chairman and CEO, Omega Advisors; Preet Bharara, United States Attorney – Southern District of New York; William Ackman, Founder and CEO, Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P.; Henry Paulson, Jr., Chairman, The Paulson Institute and 74th United States Secretary of the Treasury; and Robert Rubin, Co-Chairman, The Council on Foreign Relations and 70th United States Secretary of the Treasury, among others.
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Ugh…How Many Times Do I Have to Explain This?

Posted in CNBC, FBN on March 5, 2013 by icn2

ValueWalk’s Paul Shea makes an all to common mistake

CNBC viewers may have been confused yesterday as they tuned into the network only to see an ad poking fun at its programming. The ad, taken out by CNBC’s major competitor, Fox Business Network, highlighted a CNBC policy that barred contributors from appearing on CNBC and one of its competitors on the same day.


Ok, one more time…

When someone sees an ad for one network appear on a different network which is a competitor it means it was a local ad placement aired by the operator, not the network. It looks like the network is allowing it on its air but the truth is the network isn’t the one airing the ad.

FBN vs. CNBC: Round Two…

Posted in CNBC, FBN on March 5, 2013 by icn2

Another day, another FBN ad tweaking its Comcast rival…

Business Booking Wars: FBN flights back…

Posted in Bloomberg, CNBC, FBN on February 26, 2013 by icn2

FBN started airing a new ad calling CNBC out for its booking practices. This story may have stronger legs than I originally surmised.

Update: According to Johnny Dollar this ad has been airing on FNC too..

Booking Wars: Round Two…

Posted in Bloomberg, CNBC, FBN on February 24, 2013 by icn2

The Slant’s Jeff Reeves writes about CNBC’s booking practices. Reeeves gets FBN’s Kevin Magee to comment on the matter…

If I were in the booking department of CNBC, I would think twice about some of this lest big-time CEOs and hedge fund managers tire of the whole affair.

Or as Kevin Magee, the executive vice president of Fox Business Network, said to me more bluntly, “Business leaders are not going to be blackmailed, much less be dictated to by some booker in Englewood Cliffs.”

Magee uses the right word there with “dictated.” The problem is that CNBC thinks it has a captive audience and captive contributors, and thus can tell all parties whatever it feels like.

Ah…but it can. Until someone big enough runs the blockade…someone CNBC can’t afford to blacklist. Someone like Warren Buffett for example. If CNBC dared try that on Buffett, Buffett would laugh in their face and there’s not a damn thing CNBC would do about it.

But for smaller fry “gets”…yes…it’s a real problem for FBN and Bloomberg. I think we may have witnessed just such an incident a while back when Simpson and Bowles bailed out on FBN to be exclusive for Maria Bartiromo. All FBN could do is take the the air and whine about it.

CNBC vs. FBN and Bloomberg?

Posted in Bloomberg, CNBC on February 22, 2013 by icn2

NPR’s David Folkenflik writes about a booking war going on between CNBC and FBN and Bloomberg TV… (via Talking Biz News)

CNBC is far and away the television ratings leader in the financial cable news business. Now, evidence arrives that its executives, producers and reporters are going to great lengths to maintain its status.

The channel has adopted a policy that prohibits guests from appearing on rival channels amid breaking news if they want to be seen by CNBC’s larger audience.

The tension over the policy with one of its peers offers a window into the intensity of the cable battles over what’s called booking — landing interviews with key financial players, commentators, insiders and analysts.

“Every network should be trying to hustle to get content that’s distinctive to their channel,” said Andrew Morse, president of Bloomberg Television’s U.S. operations. “That’s our job. We’re in the news business.”

But Morse said Bloomberg doesn’t try to dictate who can appear elsewhere.

Not Gone But Forgotten?

Posted in CNBC on January 28, 2013 by icn2

Value Walk’s Paul Shea got a hold of an internal memo from NBCU President Steve Burke which highlights USA, Bravo, E!, Style, Syfy, Golf, mun2, MSNBC, and Telemundo. Shea seems to think that because CNBC was omitted that this must mean something…

CNBC has for years been regarded as one of the centerpieces of the NBCUniversal empire. That may be changing, recent reports, including one from the New York Daily News, have suggested that ratings for some of the cable channels top shows, including Squawk Box and Closing Bell, plummeted in 2012.

It clearly has not been a good year for CNBC, but for the company to be left out of a memo reflecting on 2012 things must have been simply awful. Ratings between December 2011 and December 2012 fell by 14%. In the highly sought after 25-54 demographic viewership fell by 15%. 2012 was the worst year for the company since 2005.

Is Shea on to something? I ran through NBCU’s cable properties. The following networks were also not mentioned…

NBC Sports Network (though sports was mentioned prominently in Burke’s memo)
Oxygen Media
The Weather Channel (!!!)
Universal HD

Chiller, cloo, and G4 are niche channels which have never gained a large following. Universal HD is hard to find. I never heard of Sprout. But Oxygen and the Weather Channel are another matter (especially TWC which NBCU paid a premium to get a controlling interest in). So I don’t know. Should Burke have mentioned CNBC and its sister networks? Probably. Is it significant that he didn’t? Maybe. Maybe not.

Obama Inauguration: CNBC Coverage Plans…

Posted in CNBC on January 16, 2013 by icn2

CNBC announced its coverage plans for the Obama Inauguration…



“The Second Inauguration of Barack Obama” will broadcast live on Monday, January 21st at 11am ET. The special will be anchored from Washington, D.C. by CNBC’s Tyler Mathisen and Chief Washington Correspondent John Harwood along with live reports from CNBC’s Hampton Pearson.