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Spin (Out Of) Control…

Posted in FBN, FNC on January 11, 2015 by icn2

Brian Stelter writes on CNN Mondy about the latest tactic in the PR war between FNC and Dish…

Rarely, if ever, does a channel owner accuse a distributor of “censorship” — but that’s what O’Reilly says, and what Fox’s web site about the dispute says.

“Don’t let DISH censor YOUR news,” it asserts. “Contact a new TV provider directly to save you time and frustration.”

Uh…kind of hard to credibly throw the word censorship around when you’re the one who yanked your channels off Dish in the first place. Actually, it’s hard to credibly throw the word censorship around at all in a free market economy that is entirely governed by dollars and cents. And with that, this dispute has officially entered Weather Channel territory…

Flawed Logic…

Posted in FBN, FNC on January 7, 2015 by icn2

Mutlichannel News’ Mike Reynolds has FBN/FNC’s VP of Distribution making an…ahem…interesting claim

Carry, executive vice president of distribution for FNC and FBN, estimated that Dish has lost some 90,000 subscribers since the channels were removed from the provider’s 14 million subscribers late on Dec. 20.

Sounds impressive…that’s .6% of Dish’s subscribers (if my math is right and after last time I wouldn’t trust it 100%). But what’s the attribution?

He based the total on the number of viewers that have reached out to the website and 888-numbers, and others that have contacted Dish directly.

And that’s where Carry’s logic runs aground for that assumes a near 100% follow through. You can’t make that assumption. Certainly a significant percentage of the 90,000 did go “all the way” and cancelled outright. But we don’t know what percentage did go all the way and what percentage U-turned upon hearing what the terms for cancellation would be.

And then there’s this…

But you can’t fault Carry for trying. This is after all as much a PR war with Dish as it is a substantive one. So Carry is naturally going to try and paint this in the most favorable light possible. This is why you see Carry also give Reynolds completely vacuous figures like the 350,000 people who either called about or visited the site. Nobody cares about who called about or visited the site…it could be anyone. What matters is who followed through and cancelled. Carry doesn’t have those numbers. Dish has those numbers. And Dish isn’t going to say.

But since Carry extrapolated, I will also extrapolate. Reynolds wrote that there hasn’t been any communication between the two since December 20th, the day FNC yanked its channels (I’m taking Dish’s side in the “who did what” back and forth because FNC’s commentary in that matter has been non-specific compared to Dish’s statement on the matter. FNC could have outright denied it yanked the channels and to the best of my knowledge it hasn’t). We can extrapolate that means whatever damage has been done to Dish’s subscriber base so far it hasn’t been enough to bring it back to the table. Not yet, anyways.

Numbers Games…

Posted in CNBC, FBN on January 6, 2015 by icn2

The Wall Street Journal’s Joe Flint writes about CNBC deciding to stop using Nielsen…

Financial news network CNBC will no longer rely on TV ratings specialist Nielsen to measure its daytime audience, beginning later this year. Instead, it has retained marketing and research firm Cogent Reports for the task.

For years CNBC and its parent company, Comcast Corp. ’s NBCUniversal, have complained that Nielsen underreports the size and wealth of its audience by failing to track “out of home” viewing in places such as offices and airports.

CNBC’s switch to Cogent is the latest barb for Nielsen, which has faced criticism from media companies that it has been slow to adapt its traditional ratings to changing media consumption habits. While many media companies say they are frustrated with Nielsen, CNBC is the first network to opt out of its ratings.

Aaaaand…cue the predictable reaction…

Explaining why Fox Business Network continues with Nielsen, Paul Rittenberg, executive vice president of advertising for the channel, said, “Only using the numbers you like is a little tough to sell.”

Indeed. CNBC is the canary in the coal mine. If it succeeds, others with similar beefs about Nielsen may follow. And make no mistake. This isn’t CNBC going rogue. This has all the signs of a Comcast blessed official trial balloon…

Spin Control…

Posted in FBN, FNC on December 21, 2014 by icn2

TVNewser’s Mark Joyella does FNC’s bidding in its renegotiation war with Dish Network by duly trotting out these numbers without context…

Since late Saturday night, talks have stopped. Fox News EVP of distribution Tim Carry tells TVNewser “our phone line is open, we’re willing to talk. Am I negotiating right now? I’m not.”

Fox viewers, however, are fully engaged. Since 6 a.m. Sunday, over 12,000 calls have been placed to Fox–and 7,000 of them asked to be connected to Dish to disconnect their service. The network reports 22,000 viewer emails have been sent to Dish to object to the Fox blackout, and viewers have swarmed the Dish Facebook page. Fox’s Carry says Dish has agitated a very powerful audience. “Relative to any other fight they’ve had, they’ve never had a viewer as personally invested as Fox News. Our viewers are invested. They have a personal relationship with us.”


Let’s see… 12,000 calls out of a 14 Million user subscriber base…that’s .085%. 22,000 emails out of said base is much better. It’s a whopping 0.15%. This is of course assuming that every one of those calls and email complaints is actually a Dish subscriber.

Oh, I almost forgot. There were also 7,000 who wanted to cancel their service as a result which is .05% of Dish’s customers…which for Dish is the equivalent of a rounding error.

That’s some agitation going on over there…wake me when it gets to .2% of Dish’s subscribers, okay?

To be fair, it’s early and it’s a Sunday. Things may change dramatically come Monday when FNC’s regular M-Fr schedule kicks in. Then again it may not because it’s the holiday season and that’s historically been a low point in viewership for the year for everyone except football fans. There may not be real movement on a new deal until after New Years Day.

Dish, however, insists it’s Fox that has forced the two sides apart. “It’s like we’re about to close on a house and the realtor is trying to make us buy a new car as well,” said Warren Schlichting, Dish Network’s SVP of programming. “Fox blacked out two of its news channels, using them as leverage to triple rates on sports and entertainment channels that are not in this contract.”

Fox argues Dish has simply failed to change with the times–which are changing dramatically.”When you won’t accept that businesses evolve, that relationships and partnerships evolve. And the way we deliver content changes. And we both need to adapt. Dish hasn’t changed its packaging since 1993. That kind of marketing and that kind of packaging is outdated.”

Translation: We know we can’t get those rates on those other channels on their own so we’re going to extort the providers by threatening to withold FNC and FBN. But extortion is such a dirty word we shall rephrase it as needing to adapt to changing times.

Carry says Fox’s negotiating team knew this would be tough, deciding to do something they’d never done before: warn viewers they might lose their access to Fox News. “That’s why we messaged out seven days ago that this might happen.” Fox fans got the message, and they are clearly in action.

Did Carry negotiate on behalf of the Weather Channel earlier this year? That last sentence sure makes it sound like he did…

Correction: I goofed on my decimal places yesterday. Math was never my strong suit. The numbers were two decimal places deeper than they should have been and obviously I regret the error…and never making it past Trig in college. The numbers have been corrected to reflect this.

FNC and FBN Go Dark on Dish…

Posted in FBN, FNC on December 21, 2014 by icn2

Variety’s Brian Steinberg writes about FNC and FBN going off Dish Network’s lineup in a contract renewal negotiation dispute. (via J$)

Dish said in a statement early Sunday morning that 21st Century Fox had blocked access to the two networks after Dish balked when rates for other networks owned by the media conglomerate were made a part of the negotiations. Tim Carry, executive vice president of distribution at Fox News Channel, countered in a statement that “Dish prematurely ceased distribution of Fox News in an attempt to intimidate and sway our negotiations. It is unfortunate that the millions of Fox News viewers on Dish were used as pawns by their provider. Hopefully they will vote with their hard earned money and seek another one of our other valued distributors immediately.”

Dish said it had offered a short-term contract extension that would have kept Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network on the air as the two parties continued to haggle over terms.

“Fox blacked out two of its news channels, using them as leverage to triple rates on sports and entertainment channels that are not in this contract.” said Warren Schlichting, senior vice president of programming for Dish, in a company statement. “It’s like we’re about to close on a house and the realtor is trying to make us buy a new car as well,” he said separately in the company’s release.

Hmmm one side says the provider blocked access…the other says the company yanked its channels…who to believe?

Charlie Gasparino’s Unique Lone Gunman Theory…

Posted in FBN on December 15, 2014 by icn2

Mediaite’s Andrew Desiderio writes about some provocative things FBN’s Charlie Gasparino put out on Twitter today…

While the hostage crisis was ongoing in Sydney, Australia Monday morning, Fox Business Network reporter Charlie Gasparino wondered whether waterboarding would have prevented Man Haron Monis‘s actions had they happened in New York City:

Charles Gasparino
Question: who wldnt be in favor of a little waterboarding to prevent a Sidney-like situation in NYC?

Some Twitter users questioned him, but Gasparino stuck to his guns:

@CGasparino what a fallacy – how do you waterboard a lone gunman?

Charles Gasparino
Waterboarding may prevent the lone gun man @TTN12

Look, I don’t care about Gasparino’s opinions on waterboarding…whatever they may or may not be. Nor am I interested in the subject of the ethicacy, efficiancy, or utility of waterboarding.

But the idea that waterboarding could prevent a lone wolf (Gasparino called it a lone gunman) is just plain ridiculous. The definition of the lone wolf theory is predicated on the fact that the guy came up with it and executed it on his own without any outside communication or influence. If waterboarding were to prevent a lone wolf from carrying out his plan, then he was never a lone wolf to begin with because he had co-conspirators. That is a completely different scenario.

Gasparino should have known the difference before sticking his neck out like that.

Maria Bartiromo Profile

Posted in FBN, FNC on August 5, 2014 by icn2’s Kate O’Hare profiles Maria Bartiromo…

Ailes obviously had faith in Bartiromo’s abilities, and that faith had to endure a weak ratings debut on Feb. 24 for her FBN daily show. Her Sunday-morning show on FNC ,which debuted March 30, is faring better.

In July, per Nielsen Media Research, it topped the cable-news ratings for its time slot, averaging 807,000 total viewers, and 207,000 viewers in the coveted Adults 25-54 demographic. Since its first full month on the air, Sunday Morning Futures has stayed stable in total viewers but has increased the A25-54 segment by 9 percent.

For context, for July 31st, the primetime content at FBN itself had only 6,000 viewers in that demo (out of a total viewership of 57,000), while top-rated (by far) FNC had 370,000 (of 2.22 million).

Viewers of both cable news and business channels tend to skew older, so getting younger viewers is an ongoing challenge. But with the dip in jobs, we may also be seeing a rise in entrepreneurship, both among seasoned workers and those new to the workforce.

“We’re bringing in a great demo [on FNC],” says Bartiromo, “so that tells me that there’s an appetite for business and economic conversation on a Sunday. … After the 2008 financial collapse and all of these white-collar jobs going away, people recognize that there are not the opportunities that you thought there were in business. People are saying, ‘You know what, I want to try something on my own.’

The Independents is Cancelled?

Posted in FBN on August 4, 2014 by icn2

The New York Daily News’ Marianne Garvey, Brian Niemietz, and Oli Coleman write that FBN’s The Independents has apparently been given the axe…

The Fox Business show “The Independents” has gotten the axe, a source tells Confidenti@l. We’re told that network president Roger Ailes had argued against the show, telling another top executive at the cable network that it was unwatchable and that co-host Matt Welch, the editor-in-chief of monthly libertarian journal Reason magazine, was a “dud.”

Kevin Magee Steps Down From FBN…

Posted in FBN on July 31, 2014 by icn2

TVNewser’s Chris Ariens writes that FBN President Kevin Magee is stepping down…

Magee has been EVP of Fox Business Network since it launched nearly 7 years ago. He’s been EVP of Fox News Radio since 2005.

“It’s impossible to overstate how wonderful my stay here has been in every possible way, but mostly because I got to work with the most professional, hardest-working and smartest group of people in the business,” Magee writes in a note to staff, obtained by TVNewser.

The management structure of Fox Business is under review, we hear, and an announcement on the new team will be made in the coming weeks.

Magee joined Fox News Channel from CNBC in 2001. During his tenure, he also oversaw the 2-year run of the syndicated “The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet.”

Deirdre Bolton Profile…

Posted in FBN on June 30, 2014 by icn2

Suburban Life Magazine’s Bill Donahue profiles FBN’s Deirdre Bolton…

What do you like most about what you’re doing now?

One of the most fun parts of what I cover is venture capitalism and new tech business. New York is full of investors who want to find the next Facebook or Twitter, so it’s a really exciting place to be. There has always been money in the city, but for the first time in generations there are tons of entrepreneurs who have opportunities here. These are people we might not have heard of otherwise, so part of the joy for me is the discovery. These are great stories, even patriotic stories, and they speak to why people want to come here, go to school here, stay here, because they can have their intellectual property protected and they can find other people easily who are capable of helping them launch a business. … Entrepreneurs are also very honest; they will tell you, “I failed the first 99 times, but the 100th time was the one.” They are “failure ready,” so when they do it right, it’s a compilation of every step they tweaked and honed along the way.

Are you pleased with “Risk & Reward” and how it has been received so far?

It’s going great, touch wood. FOX has been super supportive. One thing that I’m doing is something called “Elevator Pitch,” in which we block off a News Corp elevator, so we’re in a moving elevator with an entrepreneur, and they have 30 seconds for the ride up to give their pitch, and there’s a panel of judges waiting. Two or three weeks ago, off camera one of the judges wrote a check for $50,000 to an MBA student at Columbia [University] for his idea. … This whole show is my startup, and that segment [“Elevator Pitch”] has been my startup. I went to my boss and asked, “Can I do this?” and he told me to go for it. They’re very supportive of creativity, which is unusual in the media right now; when have a good idea, you can go for it.

Ratings? What Ratings?

Posted in CNBC, FBN on June 2, 2014 by icn2

AdWeek’s Sam Theilman writes about CNBC not guaranteeing daytime ratings… (via J$)

CNBC, the financial news network, is done with daytime Nielsen ratings.

“They are no longer guaranteeing the business day, which is the most important daypart for a financial client,” a source told Adweek. “They believe that their primary business day viewing is done in offices and therefore not monitored by Nielsen and underrepresented.”

And to some extent, that’s probably the case. The smaller a network’s audience, the less accurate its Nielsen ratings are going to be, and the ratings for CNBC have gotten ever-smaller in the last few years, as have ratings at its competitors. The network will continue to guarantee in prime time.

But, of course, CNBC is also one of the few networks for which daytime ratings aren’t a particularly accurate measure of relevant reach. Monitors throughout the Goldman Sachs building play the network to their wealthy executives. The network’s show Squawk on the Street broadcasts from inside the New York Stock Exchange. If you work in the financial world—a small world, but one with nearly unlimited spending money—CNBC is ubiquitous in gyms, hotels and elsewhere among areas frequented by bankers and traders.

It’s a risky move. Whatever beef, legitimate or not, the network has with Nielsen’s ability to accurately measure its business day ratings, the optics of withdrawing a guarantee on those numbers is going to make more noise than the negativity of the ratings themselves. FBN will make much hay of this development.

FBN Taps Charles Payne For 6pm Show…

Posted in FBN on May 20, 2014 by icn2

TVNewser’s Merril Knox writes that FBN has given Charles Payne a 6pm show…

Fox Business is launching a new show hosted by Charles Payne in the 6pmET timeslot, FBN EVP Kevin Magee announced today. “Making Money with Charles Payne” will debut June 2.

“Charles has an incredible talent for identifying growth sectors in the markets and we’re excited to launch a new show dedicated to helping viewers spot these emerging investment prospects,” Magee said in a statement.

Maria Bartiromo Interview…

Posted in FBN on April 29, 2014 by icn2

MultiChannel News’ Mike Reynolds interviews Maria Bartiromo…

MCN: Is part of the appeal here to help boost Fox Business Network? MB: Fox News Channel is the leading cable network, so I’ve got that support behind me for the Sunday show and that’s phenomenal. Fox Business Network is a little more of a build-out situation and I know that and it’s not going to happen overnight. This team has done a great job in six years. I’m here because I want to help them build this network, because I think people do want an alternative. For Fox Business Network, I feel like I have already had incredible success because I have had guests on the air that have never walked through the building. I mean I am having the highest of the high in corporate America on the show every day. So I think as long as we do a good show, the numbers come later.

Wow…Bartiromo may not realize it but that “I have had guests on the air that have never walked through the building” quote implies that FBN couldn’t compete properly without her. Hey, she’s great and the statement may be true…but it probably would be better to not say it publicly because of the negative connotations such a statement generates…

MCN: What about working with Roger again? MB: One of the reasons I came here frankly was because I did want to reunite with Roger Ailes. I like him a lot. He is very smart, very savvy about branding, about television. And he put me on the air twenty years ago. I mean he saw something in me, he believed in me, and I have always had the highest regard for him. I think another reason was because I’ve seen Bill (Shine) and Michael Clemente and Brian Jones in action. Kevin Magee used to work with me as well at CNBC, and he’s running Fox Business Network. I like him a lot. When I looked at the overall management team, I thought these guys know what they’re doing.

Maria Bartiromo Interview

Posted in CNBC, FBN, FNC on March 28, 2014 by icn2

The AP’s David Bauder interviews Maria Bartiromo…

Bartiromo said she had considered another deal at CNBC when her contract came due but decided to look around, too. She concluded her job at CNBC wouldn’t change much, and she was looking to do some things differently. She was ready for a move.

“They have gotten so chatty, with so much personality, that they left some of the content on the cutting room floor — business information,” she said.

Bartiromo said she believes CNBC’s fast pace is no longer in tune with the times.

“I just felt this pressure to do five-minute interviews and this pressure to have five people on at once and I just got tired of it,” she said. “I felt like I needed something with a little more substance and perspective and felt it was going to be hard to do that where I was because the structure is the structure and the machine keeps on going.”

Uh..yeah…ok…but what’d you expect her to say? “Best job I ever had…made my career. So I jumped ship for a big payout”? Uh…nooooo.

Speaking of “the structure is the structure and the machine keeps on going”…I’ll be watching to see what kind of show we get on Sunday…the “a little more substance and perspective” business show Bartiromo talks about…or…the totally useless from a business standpoint Saturday Business block because it’s filled with the ideological mumbo jumbo which permeates most FNC programming. I’m hopeful for the former but I fear for the latter…

Dierdre Bolton’s FBN Show Gets a Launch Date…

Posted in FBN on March 18, 2014 by icn2

TVNewser’s Merril Knox writes that Dierdre Bolton’s FBN show will launch March 31st…

“Risk and Reward with Deirdre Bolton,” the latest addition to the Fox Business daytime lineup, will debut March 31, FBN EVP Kevin Magee announced today. The program will provide coverage of breaking market news, as well as “an in-depth look at non-traditional ways to make money beyond just stocks and bonds.”

Bolton’s show was announced as part of FBN’s programming changes that went into effect when Maria Bartiromo‘s show launched in February. Bolton joined Fox Business from Bloomberg TV, where she worked for 15 years, last month.

“We’re excited to add Risk and Reward with Deirdre Bolton to our lineup. Alternative investing is an immensely untapped field and Deirdre’s expertise in this area will help broaden our market hours coverage,” Magee said in a statement.

Maria Bartiromo Interview…

Posted in FBN on February 24, 2014 by icn2

Variety’s Brian Steinberg interviews FBN’s Maria Bartiromo…

“We are trying to build a business network,” Bartiromo said in an interview, “and so I think in order to have a business network you need to have morning shows.”

Will “Opening Bell” stand apart from its primary TV competitor, CNBC’s “Squawk On The Street”? Bartiromo has ideas. She says she knows business-news aficionados get more of the nitty-gritty of the stock market – earnings reports, analyst ratings changes and stock movements – from any number of web sites and digital players. And so, she’d like to help viewers gain more perspective and put pieces of news together by working her sources and providing longer, in-depth interviews with important observers and players.

“There was a moment in time when it was really all about the stock market, and I know, because I was there,” she said. ”I think today viewers want something very different.” People with an interest in business “want to know about the latest technology. They want the international story, the emerging markets. They want to know about jobs. They want to know more and expect more and deeper perspective. That really is my opportunity.”

For Fox Business Network, the hire is a big, and likely expensive, maneuver. While the network has notched audience growth over its six years, CNBC retains a sizable lead. Another big name FBN has lured, Lou Dobbs, has maintained his cachet, but has not mustered the viewership numbers he enjoyed at CNN.

Related: The LA Times’ Meg James has FBN President Kevin Magee talking about the Bartiromo hire…

“To create a channel from zero is enormously challenging,” said Kevin Magee, executive vice president of Fox Business Network. “We’ve had to convince people that there was another cable business channel out there.”

Bartiromo should help raise the profile of Fox Business and perhaps prompt loyal CNBC watchers to change the channel.

CNBC has seen its audience decline in recent years. Its daytime audience in 2013 was about 30% lower than 2010 levels, according to Nielsen audience estimates. A CNBC spokesman declined to discuss the network’s ratings.

Bartiromo’s arrival represents “a tipping point for us,” Magee said. “We are already moving the needle, and Maria will help us enormously. She’s got great experience, a terrific Rolodex and perspective. She has seen the ups and downs of the market, and they don’t fluster her.”

FBN Dips a Toe in CNBC’s ‘Business Tape’ Waters…

Posted in CNBC, FBN on February 12, 2014 by icn2

TVNewser’s Merril Knox writes about a new taped show being developed for Tracy Byrnes…

Fox Business Network has announced the development of an original alternative primetime program, “Strange Inheritance,” that will debut later this year. The half-hour documentary show, hosted by Tracy Byrnes, will showcase real-life stories of unconventional inheritances.

“Strange Inheritance” will be produced by an outside production company, Towers Productions LLC. In-house oversight will be managed by Brian Gaffney, who was recently promoted to director of special programming for FBN. Gaffney, previously an executive producer of Fox News’ documentary unit, has been with Fox since 2002.

After years of beating up on CNBC for its business tape documentary primetime while noting that it was offering non-documentary programming, FBN appears to be changing direction…albeit very tentatively for now.

Dennis Kneale and Two Others Out at FBN…

Posted in FBN on February 7, 2014 by icn2

TVNewser’s Chris Ariens reports that Dennis Kneale and two longtime FBN staffers are being let go…

“The anchors, reporters and production teams in place are poised to produce business television that is approachable, comprehensive and provides critical analysis of this important economic climate,” says FBN EVP Kevin Magee. “Our new programming structure emphasizes our financial acumen and wide breadth of experience and we look forward to its debut on February 24th.”

Magee adds that he “appreciated Hoffman, Giserman and Kneale’s service to Fox Business” and stated that “no further staffing changes are being considered with the elimination of Markets Now and the new overall programming format.”

FBN Dominoes…

Posted in FBN on February 5, 2014 by icn2

TVNewser’s Merril Knox scooped this morning that FBN would be slotting Maria Bartiromo at 9am and then goes on to detail all the other dominoes that will fall as a result of that…

With Bartiromo going on the air at 9amET, “Imus in the Morning” will end 20 minutes earlier. “Varney & Co.,” which currently airs from 9:20 to 11amET, will slide to 11am to 1pmET. “Markets Now,” FBN’s four-hour block helmed by a rotating cast of FBN anchors, will be condensed to one hour and will air from 1pmET-2pmET.

Fox Business has also announced the hire of Dierdre Bolton, who joins the network after 15 years at Bloomberg TV. When Bolton officially joins FBN later this year, she will take over the 1pmET hour with an as-yet-unnamed show.

As much as I like these moves, I cannot take FBN’s ambitions completely seriously as long as Imus has a presence on the channel blocking 95% of the overseas and early morning market coverage FBN should ideally be doing if it really wants to take down CNBC.

Deirdre Bolton to FBN?

Posted in Bloomberg, FBN on February 1, 2014 by icn2

Business Insider’s Julia La Roche writes that Bloomberg’s Deirdre Bolton is headed to FBN…(via J$)

Today was Bloomberg TV anchor Deirdre Bolton’s last day at Bloomberg, Business Insider has learned.

She’s headed to Fox Business Network, according a source who will remain anonymous.

Stuart Varney Re-Signs With FBN…

Posted in FBN on January 21, 2014 by icn2

TVNewser’s Merrill Knox writes that FBN and Stuart Varney have agreed to a new deal…

Fox Business Network has re-signed Stuart Varney to a multi-year deal as the host of “Varney & Co.”

“Stuart’s astute business sense and respect within the financial community make him a premier anchor and an essential part of our team. We look forward to his continued success with FOX Business,” Fox News CEO Roger Ailes said in a statement.

Spin Control…

Posted in CNBC, FBN on December 16, 2013 by icn2

Someone leaked early CNBC 2013 year ratings to Street Insider and they aren’t good…

The early results are in and despite being a huge year for gains in the stock market, ratings for CNBC will likely hit 20-year lows in 2013.

Early data from Nielsen Media Research showed that in the key 25-54 advertising demo for total day ratings, CNBC only averaged 39,000 viewers. This is the lowest since 1993. It is not just the key demo that is lagging, though. For total viewers, CNBC had only 129,000 viewers in P2+ for total day ratings. This is the lowest since 1994.

Discontent in The Ranks?

Posted in FBN on December 4, 2013 by icn2

Capital New York’s Alex Weprin writes about the cable business news landscape and where it’s going. But I’m most interested in this part…

Then there will be the existing internal culture Ailes will have to dismantle and rebuild. While Imus, Dobbs and Varney are secure, sources tell Capital other FBN anchors, like Liz Claman and Melissa Francis, are angry about Bartiromo’s arrival, lest they get pushed to less prime periods, or off the anchor desk altogether.

It’s a dog eat dog world out there.

Surveying the Business News Channel Ratings Landscape…

Posted in Bloomberg, CNBC, FBN on December 3, 2013 by icn2

The Wall Street Journal’s Keach Hagey and William Launder take a look at how the business channels have been faring lately…

The U.S. stock market is soaring, but ratings have sunk for the TV networks dedicated to covering it.

In the third quarter, CNBC, the dominant business-news channel, hit a 20-year low in its target demographic of adults 25 to 54 years old, according to Nielsen Holdings. Since 2008, average total daytime viewership has fallen more than 50%—to 169,000 from 348,000 —at CNBC, which commands three-quarters of the audience among business-news networks, according to Nielsen.

Six-year-old Fox Business Network remains on a long-term growth trajectory, but its average total daytime audience has declined from last year—to 58,000 from 71,000—and has fallen short of some media buyers’ expectations.

Bloomberg LP, meanwhile, is rethinking the business model of its TV channel, having failed to turn a profit or draw more than 10% of the audience for TV business news despite being on the air for nearly two decades, according to people familiar with the matter. Nielsen doesn’t release Bloomberg TV’s ratings.

Kennedy To Get FBN Show…

Posted in FBN on December 3, 2013 by icn2

TVNewser’s Jordan Chariton writes about former MTV host Kennedy getting a M-W and Fr show on FBN…

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery will debut as host of the new Fox Business Network primetime show “The Independents” at 9pmET on Monday, December 9.

The show will air Monday through Wednesday and Friday at 9pmET, with “Stossel” remaining on Thursday at 9pmET. Expect a roundtable discussion about protecting economic and civil liberties hosted by the libertarian-leaning Montgomery and co-hosts Matt Welch of Reason magazine and America’s Future Foundation’s Kmele Foster.

FBN Picks Off Maria Bartiromo…

Posted in CNBC, FBN on November 18, 2013 by icn2

In stunning news, FBN has stolen Maria Bartiromo from CNBC. Huge, huge pickup for FBN…huge, huge PR hit for CNBC which now will surely be gazed upon as a complacent shop that can’t hold on to its star talent like it used to.

If you read Ze’ev Chafets’ Roger Ailes biography, as I did, you too would know that FBN was poised to expand big time. They already snapped up space in the old Charles Schwab offices in the News Corp. building. Chafets’ book also relayed that Ailes had essentially gotten the go ahead to spend more money on the network. Grabbing Bartiromo is money well spent.

Mark Hoffman’s position as President of CNBC is now officially on an egg timer, albeit one that has an unknown duration. CNBC Primetime is a wasteland but that didn’t matter as long as the network held on to its crown jewels. Well he just lost one. Bartiromo may not be the last. For a network president Hoffman has kept an incredibly low profile…well out of the media writers’ gaze. That will now change whether CNBC likes it or not.


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@Twitter closes below its hyped session high after FoxBiz calls it out 4 turning tail. PR flack @jimplosser had our producer ‘removed’

FBN’s Liz Claman on Twitter today…

A small kerfuffle erupted today in the wake of the Twitter IPO. Dealbreaker’s Bess Levin has more

Back in September, Fox Business asked a Twitter spokesperson if anyone at the company could “chat about IPO rumors.” The response was simply: “…”, which Team FBN took to as a confirmation that plans for an IPO were imminent. It’s unclear exactly what transpired behind the scenes between the business network and social media platform after that, but based on a the six and a half minutes of airtime FBN correspondent Charlie Gasparino and anchor Liz Claman just spent referring to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo as a “nasty,” “slimy,” “scheming nerd,” it seems fair to say their interactions were less than cordial! The clip really has to be seen to be believed but it includes:

* Gasparino: “Companies like Twitter are not altruistic, they’re not charities. They’re nasty, conniving, skeevy individuals who run these companies and they want to lure in as much dumb money as possible.”

* Gasparino: “Dan Costolo.” Claman: “Dick.” Gasparino: “George, I couldn’t care what the hell his name is.” Claman: “Yeah! ‘Cause he’s not talking to Fox Business, ’cause he’s scared!”

* Gasparino: “This guy is a nasty, skeeving, scheming nerd from Silicon Valley. He is! That’s my opinion!”

* Claman: “Somebody over there is hashtag-spineless. Hashtag, maybe it’s their PR department?” Gasparino: “Don’t blame the dumb flacks, you blame the skeevy, nerdy guy that runs the company.”

* Gasparino: “It’s a big circle something between Wall Street and Silicon Valley.”

* Claman: “Fox Business and Twitter came into existence around the same time– 2007– and we were the first business network to profile them and they repay us by refusing to talk to us because Charlie and our company have been very honest about them.”

* Claman: “Twitter is not profitable years after its launch, Fox Business is– are they, hashtag-jealous?”

* Gasparino: “They’re run by these Silicon Valley nerds…doofuses…”

* Gasparino: “Is [Costolo] Italian?” Claman: “Can you believe that?” Gasparino: “That guy is not a paesan, I can tell you that much.”

* Gasparino: “I want to see a picture of Dick Costolo, can we show a picture of him?” [Someone in control room flashes a picture of DC on the screen] Gasparino: “This guy looks like the guy you beat the hell out of…I’m not advocating violence, I’m just saying he looks like—”

CNBC got Costolo this morning. Did CNBC exert pressure on Twitter to not interview with FBN? It wouldn’t be the first time something like that has happened.

There is no way to tell for sure (though appearances are pretty damning). What we do know is that Bloomberg didn’t have any trouble grabbing Costollo for an interview as soon as he was off CNBC’s set.

Does CNBC consider Bloomberg not as big a threat as FBN? Who knows…

A Win Is A Win…But…

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ValueWalk gets some not normally available numbers for FBN and CNBC from last Wednesday for a time span where FBN beat CNBC in the demo…

Fox Business Network had better ratings than CNBC among the advertising demo of people aged 25–54 for every hour between 2pm and 6pm on Wednesday October 9, according to Nielsen Media Research. Lou Dobbs also bested his rival, CNBC host Larry Kudlow, in both total viewers and the advertising demo. This news is another blow against the network, which just had its worst quarter in twenty years.

Ok, yes…this was obviously an FBN leak and I normally take a dim view of selective ratings leaks that lack context. ValueWalk attempts to add context…

CNBC, the channel that calls itself “First in Business Worldwide,” now looks like it’s second behind FBN in the afternoon, and will need to do something drastic if it is going to recover its dwindling audience.

Uhhh…not exactly…

For one thing, this is one four hour period for one day of one week. That doesn’t make it a trend…it makes it an outlier. Furthermore, there’s no context here as to why FBN beat out CNBC during this timespan. Did CNBC crater or did FBN surge? Or both? See the problem? Without being able to answer those questions we can’t possibly answer the question posed by ValueWalk’s statement, to wit: is CNBC going to fall behind FBN? Note that I used the word “is” and not “has” because we can already answer that question if I used “has” and the answer would be no.

But that doesn’t mean CNBC has nothing to worry about because it does. For whatever the reason the network did fall behind FBN during those four business day hours. From CNBC’s point of view, that’s a problem.

With FBN’s documented long term expansion plans…namely FBN’s purchase of the Schwab office space in the News Corp. building as documented in Zev Chaffets’ Roger Ailes biography, which my sources say is still just empty office space as of a couple months ago, FBN is looking to mount an even bigger assault on CNBC at some point. CNBC can’t be complacent…and yet it seems like it still is complacent.

Imus vs. FBN Again?

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It’s always hard to tell just how much of Imus’ grousing about his bosses signals real trouble and how much of it is because he’s just a cranky old fossil…

FBN Fires Tobin Smith

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Business Insider’s Brett Logiurato writes that FBN has fired Tobin Smith…(via J$)

Fox Business Network has terminated the contract of contributor Tobin Smith, who was paid $50,000 to tout the stock of Petrosonic Energy, a network spokesperson told Business Insider.

Smith’s contract was terminated under the network’s contributor policy, which states that “no contributor to FBN, nor his/her firm, and/or family members are allowed to accept financial consideration of any kind whatsoever to issue research, advertisements, or to otherwise promote individual stocks or securities.”