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FNC: GOP Hindrance?

Posted in FNC on May 18, 2015 by icn2

James Fallows in The Atlantic notes a recently released study by Bruce Bartlett that is going to be getting some play in certain media circles…and probably some FNC pushback to boot…

Let me recommend for your weekend reading, or for your weekday reading if you’re seeing it then, a detailed study by Bruce Bartlett called “How Fox News Changed American Media and Political Dynamics.” You can download the 18-page PDF from this site of the Social Science Research Network.

The idea that Fox News operates with different aims and by different norms from those of, say, the BBC is familiar. But this presentation is notable for two reasons.

The first is its source—for those who don’t know, Barlett is a veteran of the Reagan and Bush-41 administrations and was an influential early proponent of supply-side / tax-cut economics. He also worked for Ron Paul. Since then he’s harshly criticized the Bush-43 administration, but in no sense does he come at this as a Democratic party operative.

The second and more important reason is Bartlett’s accumulation of detail showing (a) that Fox’s core viewers are factually worse-informed than people who follow other sources, and even those who don’t follow news at all, and (b) that the mode of perpetual outrage that is Fox’s goal and effect has become a serious problem for the Republican party, in that it pushes its candidates to sound always-outraged themselves.

Greg Guttfeld’s New Show

Posted in FNC, Miscellaneous Subjects on May 14, 2015 by icn2

TVNewser’s Brian Flood writes about Greg Guttfeld’s new weekend show on FNC debuting on May 31st…

The Greg Gutfeld Show is expected to have a comedic-commentary format, with parodies of current events and humorous monologues on news-worthy topics. FNC contributor Joanne Nosuchinsky will also be on the program.

“Every host of a new show likes to say they’re breaking new ground. So why should I be any different. This show will forever change the way you watch television, plus guests provide their own transportation,” Gutfeld said.

Fox News Digital Profile…

Posted in FNC on May 13, 2015 by icn2

Capital New York’s Alex Weprin writes about Fox News Digital…

“It is extremely validating to me that a competitor took to the level of panic that they did last week. That is a thing to be proud of for this team,” said Jeff Misenti, Fox News Channel’s chief digital officer, referring to CNN’s complaint to Pew. “Our business isn’t about trying to take on loss-leaders here, our business is about trying to engage the audience. We are not about the bells and whistles, we are about what the audience is looking for, and what they are evolving to.”

According to Pew (which based its data on numbers from ComScore), Fox News Digital brought in 55 million unique vistors in January, with CNN at 64 million, a revised number that was calculated after the network took issue with Pew’s methedology. The Times was practically even with Fox in every category.

“We are looking to make sure we are tagged correctly by these third party measurements like ComScore too,” Misenti added. “We want our audience to be measured accurately, it is a growing audience.”

Harris Faulkner Profile

Posted in FNC on May 6, 2015 by icn2

The AP’s David Bauder profiles FNC’s Harris Faulkner…

“She’s a go-to person around here,” said Jay Wallace, Fox’s senior vice president of news. Her energy and willingness to put in the extra work has endeared her to management, he said.

The noontime “Outnumbered” has worked beyond its mildly sexist premise, where four women arrayed on a couch kick around the day’s news with one male panelist. Faulkner’s news chops make her the closest thing to a ringleader. Sandra Smith of Fox Business Network and commentator Andrea Tantaros are the other regulars. The fourth woman, and the man, are rotated in. “Outnumbered” guys have included Fox regulars like Ed Henry and Bill Hemmer and guests like Terry Bradshaw and Gene Simmons.

FNC Upfronts…

Posted in FNC on May 4, 2015 by icn2

Variety’s Steinberg writes about FNC’s upfronts…

Executives from the network have called on media-buying agencies in recent weeks, Rittenberg said. The network is also touting length of tune-in by the network’s viewers. According to Nielsen, the average length of tune-in by viewers between 25 and 54 in April during the week was 25.8 minutes – more than that of MSNBC or CNN, but also of general-appeal outlets like AMC and ESPN. Only Scripps Networks’ HGTV had a longer tune-in length, at 27.1 minutes, according to Nielsen.

Fox News is making a push in morning television, Rittenberg said, hoping to convince advertisers who regularly support “Good Morning America” on ABC and “Today” on NBC to consider taking some of that money and using it to support “Fox & Friends.”

Data Wars?

Posted in CNN, FNC on April 30, 2015 by icn2

The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple writes about CNN disputing something Pew did in regards to web traffic data…

The sub-headline on the 2015 Pew Research Center study (State of the News Media) is a morale-killer for the folks at “Fox News Is a Leader Online.” Under that section, Pew noted that in January 2015, bested in unique visitors:

Web traffic data taken from a sample month, January 2015, shows leading the other two major cable news brands, according to data from the analytics firm comScore, with a total of about 55 million unique visitors. In the same month, drew around 50 million unique visitors. drew far fewer visitors (about 7 million) than the other two…

CNN doesn’t agree with the methodology and has asked Pew for a correction. Matt Dornic, a CNN spokesman, notes that Pew drew conclusions from one month of data for what’s otherwise a report featuring annual statistics. That’s not the only concern. In a fit of Web-metric geekery, Dornic argues that the data in the report:

Uses a custom entity, [E], for Fox News against raw site-level property metrics, [S] for This is not an apples-to-apples comparison since a custom entity may contain a collection of other URLs that remain hidden. As it turns out, we learned from our inquiry to comScore that Fox News’ custom entity is also comprised of a variety off-site traffic assignment letters (TALs) and, as such, is not truly the audience of but instead is assigned traffic from other sites that is reallocated back to Fox News even though the visitor did not consume said content on

The figure for used by Pew also fails to account for the company’s apps, he says. “The data significantly misrepresents CNN’s digital audience,” he writes.

Basically, CNN is saying FNC’s data lead in the Pew survey comes from the equivalent of ballot box stuffing. It’s an interesting concept but if CNN is going to make the charge, it needs to show exactly how much traffic is being reallocated. For example, if removing the alleged reallocated traffic from the results doesn’t give CNN the lead again then it doesn’t matter whether gets reallocated traffic or not…it would still be #1.

Roger Ailes Interview

Posted in FNC on April 20, 2015 by icn2

The Hollywood Reporter’s Marissa Guthrie does a deep dive interview/profile piece on Roger Ailes… (via J$)

Ailes Mouths Off On…

Why Jon Stewart never will be allowed on Fox News

“Under the guise of comedy, he can do anything. He’s figured out a way to win. But you don’t invite a guy like that in-house to pick his ammunition and shoot you with it.”

Skipping this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner

“[In 2009] Obama said, ‘I know you all voted for me except you guys over there at the Fox table.’ And I’m thinking, ‘I finally did something right.’ The media is cheering. I’m the only guy in the room saying, ‘Hold on a minute.’ ”

The return of NBC News chairman Andy Lack

“Andy is a smart guy. He’s going to work on several problems at the same time. That in and of itself will make a difference. He’s got to make the right call on Brian Williams. I’d put Brian back.”

Why he doesn’t watch the hit Fox drama Empire

“It isn’t that I would not watch — I would. But I don’t watch much TV other than the news. I think African-Americans have been hoping for a show that they felt comfortable with, but there must be a bigger audience for it than that because it’s doing so well.”

The Daily Show’s new host, Trevor Noah, and his controversial tweets

“He had a rocky start, and he’s probably learned the first lesson of comedy: Not everything you say is funny.”

The problem with Rachel Maddow and MSNBC

“They have to decide what they are. I don’t think they even view it as television. They view it as a place to express their views, which happen to be all the same view. And so you’ve got one topic and 12 people [with the same opinion], and it’s just boring.”


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