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Media Storm…

Posted in Miscellaneous Subjects on January 4, 2016 by icn2

Mediaite’s Joe Concha writes about cable news’ hyperventilating coverage of the standoff in Oregon.

In other words, our armed militia means no harm unless the law does its job and takes the building it, you know, owns back. Pretty ominous stuff. And methinks the leader of the Crips or Hell’s Angels wouldn’t be afforded the same courtesy regarding media coverage if it took over a federal building. Yet here we are on the first busy day of the new year with wall-to-wall coverage of the standoff around a federal building in the Malheur Wildlife Refuge — a remote facility in the Oregon high desert … all as Ammon Bundy, gang spokesman, is granted more interviews on virtually every national television network and therefore a platform to share what his perspective to millions.

And we’re not just talking NBC, but ABC, CBS, CNN, the Associated Press, local media … you name it (adding: Fox Monday night on The Kelly File). Ammon Bundy — the son of the infamous Cliven Bundy who dominated the news cycle for weeks in April and May of 2014 during a standoff then — has now taken the Donald Trump mantle of media domination and will likely continue to until this standoff is over. Note: Bundy has declared the group “will stay for years” if it has to, meaning this could unfortunately end under not-so-peaceful terms. It also means the story will have legs — particularly in the cable news world — which was practically invented for this kind of scenario.

Indeed. It’s one thing to cover pacific northwest skirmishes with the Feds over a variety of issues, issues which are genuine policy questions. FNC was the only network to really cover the Klamath Basin water fight over a decade ago. That was a real issue that affected lives.

This was too. But it’s not really the issue that’s being covered now. What’s being covered is the standoff. For decades news has loved to cover standoffs with a voraciousness not justified. This kind of coverage grants a kind of legitimacy to something which has no business being legitimate since it is in fact illegal.

CBSN’s Profitability Problem…

Posted in Miscellaneous Subjects on December 15, 2015 by icn2

This is off topic as far as this blog’s charter goes but it’s of interest to me because I am a regular viewer of CBSN. TVNewsCheck’s Adam Buckman interviews CBS News President David Rhodes about the network’s digital offerings, with a very CBSN centric focus…

Rhodes said the core values and mission of CBS News are strong and the division is operating in the black. “We need to make money,” he said. More to the point, he added, “We need to not lose money.”

“Our daily operation is about broadcast journalism and video newsgathering and production. We have a large organization that’s set up around doing that activity globally in a high-quality way,” he said. “We have a variety of ways of monetizing that activity.”

CBSN is an interesting thing in what it does and how it does it. It is almost cable news like in how it programs. M-Fr, in the mornings it re-airs CBS This Morning with a one hour delay. It is then more or less live through 9 or 10pm ET with occasional re-airings of segements earlier in the day. On weekends it is more taped than live. There have been times when CBSN wasn’t live that I had tuned in hoping it was live. Commercials are somewhat infrequent for the Live broadcast but if you pick any segment that isn’t part of the “Live feed”…and by “Live feed” I mean whatever is currently airing under the “Live” banner whether truly live or not, you’ll get a commercial before you get the segment you picked.

Whenever I hear the term “monetizing” in regards to web streams I immediately think “more commercials” and that’s a tough sell. Web viewers are acclimated to the practice of airing one commercial before getting the content they selected so adding additional commercials will be a tough sell. Whenever I hear the phrase, “We need to not lose money” I think cutbacks; be they in infrastructure, the number of hours of live broadcasts, or getting cheaper talent…or at the very least talent that is amortized across a wider platform (read: not dedicated to CBSN).

Rhodes wasn’t very clear on how bad CBSN loses money or how he is looking to bridge that gap. So, as far as I’m concerned, nothing is off the table because Rhodes didn’t rule anything out other than an impending demise for the channel.

Home Movies…

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This is 1080p so you’ll want to watch it on YouTube…

I’m Back…and Cable News is Off The Charts With Paris Coverage…

Posted in Miscellaneous Subjects on November 15, 2015 by icn2

Still figuring out what time zone this is and catching up on all the news I’ve missed while on an island with horrendous internet penetration. How horrid? On the days I could find a wi-fi hot spot that worked, even Twitter took forever to update. Totally missed the Paris attacks and all the initial coverage. Very pleased to see Chris Jansing anchoring on MSNBC for the first time since she left for the White House beat. I see CNN put most of its A-Team on a plane to Paris. FNC has been wall to wall too.

Press Releases: 10/27/15

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Interview to Air During Special “Morning Joe” Live from Wichita on Tuesday, November 3

NEW YORK – October 27, 2015 – In a rare, exclusive interview, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski will sit down with billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch. The interview will take place in the Koch’s childhood home in Wichita, KS and will explore the role of money in politics.

“Morning Joe” (weekdays, 6-9 a.m. ET) will air the joint interview in a special live broadcast from Wichita State University on Tuesday, November 3, one year out from Election Day 2016.

Big Time Sour Grapes…

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CNN’s Brian Stelter writes about the Trump campaign barring Univision journalists from covering Trump events because Trump is suing Univision over the Miss Universe pagent fiasco…

On Friday evening Univision staffers confirmed that they weren’t given press credentials for a Trump rally at the candidate’s resort in Doral, Florida. Univision is the most-watched Spanish-language network in the United States.

Jorge Ramos, one of the network’s best-known anchors, tweeted that the journalists “were not allowed” to cover the rally.

A Trump campaign spokeswoman told CNN, “Mr. Trump is suing Univision for $500 million and until that is resolved it is a conflict of interest.”

Bullshit. There is no conflict of interest. In the modern history of Corporate America suing Media America, those media entities with journalism wings weren’t blocked from covering the plaintiff’s events.

For example, GM sued NBC (and settled) over a Dateline story. GM didn’t block NBC from covering its events and NBC didn’t slant its coverage of NBC as a result of the lawsuit.

Moreover, Univision’s news division isn’t even the subject of this particular lawsuit. It’s Univision’s entertainment wing that’s being sued.

This is nothing more than Trump using the lawsuit as an excuse to keep Univision away. It’s sour grapes, pure and simple.

Changes at The Weather Channel…

Posted in Miscellaneous Subjects on September 9, 2015 by icn2

TVNewser’s Mark Joyella writes about Weather Channel changes…including layoffs.

“We’ve restructured our TV division to better align our content production and distribution with a focus on innovative models of storm coverage and strategic new products, such as our soon-to-be-launched OTT service,” the network told TVNewser in a statement. “This shift in focus has resulted in the elimination of some our programming and positions.”

In a memo to employees, Weather Channel president Dave Shull said the network will refocus its morning coverage on weather–and move Sam Champion away from the network’s AMHQ to a new role in prime time. Champion left a high-profile job at Good Morning America in late 2013 for the Weather Channel.