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Talking Head Primetime Invades Daytime: Chapter 11

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This one comes courtesy of MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts and is predictably catching fire on the right side of the blogosphere. This is the problematic part…

THOMAS ROBERTS: Well, that is something that affects everybody across this country. It doesn’t have to be – it doesn’t have to be with the LGBT community, it talks about all Americans. But I do want to talk about what GOProud is doing in reaching out an invitation to Michele Bachmann to take a meeting. Where does that stand right now? Has the Bachmann camp gotten back to you? Will they meet with you?

JIMMY LASALVIA: Well, at this point we are having a dialogue with them. And when there’s something to report, I’ll let you know. You know, we’re reaching out to all of the presidential candidates because, frankly, gay Americans are living in the Obama economy too, and it’s important that we beat him next November and replace this failed president. So we’re reaching out –

ROBERTS: But you will replace him with a person that would extinguish you. You’re replacing him with a person that doesn’t believe that that you have a right in this country to get married, that believes you don’t even have a right in this country to be gay because she co-owns a clinic that will convert you.

LASALVIA: Well, I think all the presidential candidates should hear our perspective as gay Americans who, like you, live our lives openly and honestly because we bring a unique perspective to our American experience. And I think it’s important for anyone running for that office to hear that perspective.

It’s not quite to the level of Ed Schultz screaming that the “Republican party wants to see you dead” but it’s in the ballpark. Roberts clearly feels passionately about this issue but more restraint is called for on dayside news. “Extinguish” was an extremely poor word choice on his part. If Roberts wants to take on more of an advocacy role he’s free to do so…on primetime where that kind of vitriolic rhetoric is all too common. It doesn’t have a place on a straight news hour.


The Hazards of Live TV: #25,066 – Talking Head Primetime Invades Daytime: Chapter 10

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Two words…train wreck

Talking Head Primetime Invades Daytime: Chapter 9

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Just a few minutes ago MSNBC had another one of those interviews that probably looked interesting on paper but should have been killed before it aired. It was David Shuster and Andrew Breitbart shouting at each other for about five minutes. The interview began and immediately went south when Breitbart brought up Shuster’s tweets. From there it was lots of crosstalk and accusations and not much in the way of news. This was followed by Shuster interviewing Media Matters Representative Eric Boehlert about ACORN and O’Keefe and Breitbart.

This would be fine if this segment aired during Countdown or Maddow or The Ed Show. But it aired during the supposedly straight news portion of MSNBC Dayside. I can’t even recall the last time I saw either Breitbart or Boehlert on the air during Dayside, that’s how rare their appearances were.

Phil Griffin said that MSNBC would be returning to a more news oriented focus on dayside. It appears Griffin still has his work cut out for him. This was a travesty. No. Travesty is the wrong word. Joke is.

Talking Head Primetime Invades Daytime: Chapter 8…

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Donnie Deutsch is filling in for David Shuster this week on MSNBC Dayside. That would be non-journalist Donnie Deutsch. MSNBC has so many other people it could have brought in who are journalists; Peter Alexander, Jeff Rossen, Amy Robach, Natalie Morales, Lester Holt, Chris Jansing…hell Monica Novotny isn’t doing much these days. It’s just mind boggling that MSNBC would pick Deutsch. But they already have one non-journalist anchoring news these days (Carlos Watson) and another who occasionally does (Dr. Nancy) so what’s another non-journalist on the air?

This says a lot about the state of MSNBC Dayside and what the network wants to do with talent these days. And none of it is any good…

Talking Head Primetime Invades Daytime: Chapter 7

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NewsBusters’ Kyle Drennen catches MSNBC’s David Shuster weighing in on Sarah Palin’s future and Tamron Hall taking one for the home team…

On Wednesday, MSNBC anchor David Shuster made a bold prediction about Sarah Palin’s political future: “I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, Sarah Palin will never recover from this…No matter what people say, no matter what these polls, she has no future.”

Talking Head Primetime Invades Daytime: Chapter 6

Posted in Talking Head Primetime Invades Daytime on June 15, 2009 by icn2

Well Carlos Watson got his solo anchoring hour on MSNBC and it’s at 11. As I watched it, I couldn’t help but think about the identity crisis that’s slowly infecting the news division at NBC. It’s more like a virus and MSNBC is the host.

Where do I start? Well first let’s look at the elephant in the room. I’ve been avoiding looking at it for a while now but it can’t be ignored any longer. Watson is not a journalist. He has no journalism background. And yet, he is anchoring news on MSNBC. Not talking head stuff. News. He’s tossing to reporters in the field. He’s reporting stories on the air. The question is why is NBC News allowing a non-journalist in such a key position on its air? Watson, as anchor, serves as a brand identifier for NBC News. And yet he has no formal training in the very brand he is supposed to be serving. Why? I’ll get to that in a moment.

Second, and even more troubling from a journalistic standpoint, is the fact that Watson is injecting his opinions into his newscast. A news anchor is not supposed to spout off their opinion on the topics of the day. They’re supposed to tell stories and ask questions. I do not tune in to a newscast to hear news anchors tell me where they think a story is going or what the future may hold. I’m educated enough to figure that out on my own thank you very much. I do not need or want an echo chamber for a news cast. Unfortunately this is a problem that is happening more and more these days in cable news whether it’s a Rick Sanchez or a Mike Galanos or a Julie Banderas or a Megyn Kelly. Or a Carlos Watson. Watson is a liberal and his opinions are such, which of course flies in the face of “what happens in primetime has no bearing on dayside” which we kept hearing over and over when NBC got defensive about Olbermann, Maddow, Matthews, and Schultz being a “stain” on the news division. Not anymore. Liberal opinion is now welcome on Dayside too.

What we are seeing now is the “New MSNBC”. It’s not about news anymore. Forget about that reputed “firewall” between the news division and the pundits which we’ve heard so much about. It’s gone. They tried to get rid of it last year with Olbermann and Matthews anchoring political events and it spectacularly blew up in their face. This is round 2. It’s going to have Dylan Ratigan talking about whatever he wants. It’s got David Shuster mixing it up with his interviewees. It’s got interview guests like John Ziegler, who have no business being on the air in the first place except for the gratuitous factor. It’s going to have Watson, a non-journalist, anchoring news and giving his opinions. Keith Olbermann would be right at home anchoring an hour during the day now because there’s nothing to distinguish what he does at night and what MSNBC is setting up to do during the day. Andrea Mitchell and her non-opinion show, by comparison, now reminds me of one of those segments you’d see on Sesame Street; “One of these things doesn’t look like the others…”
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Talking Head Primetime Invades Daytime: Chapter 5…

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Well this appears to becoming more and more frequent (much to my chagrin). So much so, that I’ve had to create a Category field to hold posts like these. Today CNN’s Rick Sanchez spent considerable time rebutting Bill O’Reilly. I know this is a Sanchez trademark, to stick his opinion into a story. But the thing is, this is dayside news, when news is supposed to happen. It’s not primetime when opinion takes over (though apparently that concept is being downplayed at CNN these days).

In the end is it really necessary to rebut O’Reilly? Sanchez is a big Tweeter. Why not put it there? Is it so important for CNN to devote a whole segment to fact checking O’Reilly? Why give him the publicity? I’m just askin’…

Update: O’Reilly comments. “A rare correction”…cute. What about the ones that should’ve come but didn’t? (via J$)