Here are some answers to questions you may want to ask…

I posted a comment. But it didn’t show up. Why?

There are several possible reasons why a comment doesn’t show up right away. Usually the problem is due to one of two things. Either the commenter is posting from an IP address that the blog hasn’t seen before or the comment contains a word that I’ve flagged for holding. In either case those comments wind up in the blog’s holding bin until I can review them. If I find there’s nothing wrong I’ll send it on through. Very very rarely is a comment ever lost in cyberspace. So you don’t need to keep trying to submit the comment because all that means is that duplicate comments wind up in the holding bin.

Another reason your comment might not have gone through is because you’ve been banned. But usually you already know you’re in trouble by that point so it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

As  I only attend to the blog in the mornings or at night there may be some delay between when you post your comment and when I review it in the holding bin and send it through. If I’ve been on the blog updating it and you still don’t see your comment (and you know there’s nothing controversial or improper with it), email me.

How do I get in contact with someone at a network?

Beats me. You need to go through the network to reach people. I don’t have that information readily available. And even if I did, it would not be proper for me to give out that information. I don’t know who is a stalker and who isn’t.

I saw a program and I want to get a copy of it. How do I do that?

You can try contacting the network directly. Chances are that in most cases they won’t make DVDs available for distribution. But there are exceptions.

I missed a particular program and want to know when it will re-air. Can you tell me?

No. Some networks repeat specials some of the time. Some networks don’t repeat specials they should repeat. Some networks repeat specials they probably shouldn’t repeat. How and why a network repeats a special remains a mystery to me. And probably to some of them as well. You can try contacting the network directly but you’ll probably get a non-committal response.

How do I get a copy of the ratings? Or the ratings for a particular show that wasn’t mentioned?

You can try AC Nielsen but I can tell you what their answer will be. No.  

Why don’t you talk about a network’s political leanings and their biases?

Because that’s not what ICN is about. There are enough sites out there looking for any ideological angle to a program or show host. Many are seeing phantoms in my opinion. But it’s not what I want to talk about on this blog. I don’t care if the network is to the right of Hitler or to the left of Stalin. I care about whether they cover the news and how well they do it.

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