John Vause Departing Atlanta…For L.A.?

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CNN Commentary scoops that CNNI’s John Vause is headed to LA for a new show…

Current CNN Newsroom anchor John Vause is set to relocate to CNN’s Los Angeles bureau and anchor a revised simulcast show from the newly renovated studio to air on both CNN Domestic and CNN International, according to sources.

His new co-anchor will be Isha Sesay, who currently anchors NewsCenter from Atlanta. It’s unclear at this point whether Sesay will be relocating to Los Angeles as well, or remaining in Atlanta.

Lots of questions here…

1) Why is CNN going to broadcast out of Los Angeles? What does it gain by doing so?

2) Assuming Sesay stays in Atlanta, which is probably a good bet based on the likelihood that CNN would move two anchors to L.A. when just the idea of one going to L.A. is…well…strange on its face, when will the show air? If my timezone math is correct, Sesay’s CNNI show airs during Brooke Baldwin’s shift so it seems unfathomable that CNN would choose to take that hour to simulcast CNNI and CNN Domestic. CNNI’s World Business Today airs during Carol Costello’s second hour so that would seem to be an unlikely destination as well unless CNNI moves or cancels WBT outright.

Assuming this show won’t air in primetime, the most likely “available” timeslot on CNN Domestic’s schedule would seem to be 9am ET, Costello’s first hour. But that doesn’t make a lot of sense either. It is the first hour of CNN Newsroom and we have to assume that whatever the format of this new show will be it’s going to be different from the Newsroom format because it makes no sense to send Vause out to L.A. and have Sesay in Atlanta to do what can be done better from New York (after all Zucker moved his dayside anchors to NYC precisely because he wanted them to have better access to guests than they would have had in Atlanta…and sure as heck wouldn’t have in L.A.).

We could probably drive ourselves crazy trying to figure this out at this point. Probably best to just wait and see what happens.

Update: CNN Commentary apparently forgot to mention when this is scheduled to air. Uh…helloooo McFlyyyy? It’s for the overnight hours. So that answers that. It doesn’t answer why L.A.?

The End of “MSNBC”?

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The New York Daily News’ Don Kaplan is reporting that yesterday’s MSNBC town hall meeting included a very interesting tidbit… (via Newscast Studio)

“Andy said he’s contemplating a name change because Microsoft is no longer a part of the channel — and hasn’t been for a long time,” an MSNBC staffer who was at the meeting told the Daily News.

“He asked for a show of hands,” of people who thought it was a good idea, the source said. “No one raised their hands and he moved on pretty quickly.”

Changing network names is not a cheap proposition and one not taken lightly.

Press Releases: 07/23/15

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Al Jazeera America (1)



NEW YORK, July 23, 2015 – This Sunday, July 26th at 6pm ET/3pm PT, Al Jazeera America’s debate program “Third Rail” with host Imran Garda will explore the Obama Administration’s controversial decision to reestablish diplomatic ties with Cuba.

“Did Fidel Castro Win?” is the question that will be debated in the first half of the hour-long show. Guests include former United States Chief of Mission in Havana Ambassador Vicki Huddleston, Cuban exile and co-founder of Cuban Democratic Directorate Orlando Gutierrez and Omar Lopez Montenegro, a Miami-based human rights activist who was detained and imprisoned numerous times by the Cuban government before moving to the U.S in 1992.
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Pondering MSNBC’s Future…

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The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple writes about today’s MSNBC news.

Will some tinkering with the daytime lineup solve MSNBC’s problems? Impossible. No one in media critic circles will fault a news network for moving toward more news, but there is the small issue of CNN. Have a look at the chart below, laying out the newsgathering investment of the three major cable news networks, as measured by the research outfit SNL Kagan and reported in the Pew Research Center’s “State of the News Media 2014.”

As of 2013, the chart indicates, CNN was outspending MSNBC by $500 million on news expenditures. Switching around the orientation of some programs won’t make a dent in that disparity. Some press releases, some new faces and a brand-new mission won’t enable MSNBC to puncture CNN’s go-to-ness when it comes to breaking news. In fairness to the plan, however, Lack envisions an ever-closer partnership between NBC News and MSNBC as the latter shifts away from lefty fare and toward news reporting. That alone will beef up MSNBC’s straight-news plan.

I am not convinced. NBCU 2.0 did a lot of damage to MSNBC and its ability to mount a credible straight newscast that didn’t consist of mostly a few choice headlines and a few reports from news bureaus. The days of live hits from NBC’s affiliate service are long gone. I think it will take more than just integrating MSNBC and NBC tighter together. It will take investment. I’m not sure NBC is prepared to make that investment.

Holy Devaluation Batman!

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An investor group led by NBC Universal and two private equity firms clinched a deal for the Weather Channel on Sunday after three weeks of negotiations.

Though the parties did not disclose the price, the buyers, NBC and the private equity firms Bain Capital and the Blackstone Group, will pay just under $3.5 billion, people briefed on the matter said.

– The New York Times’ Michael J. de la Merced in 2008

Comcast Corp, in a quarterly regulatory filing on Thursday, said it took a $252 million impairment charge related to the goodwill on its investment in the Weather Channel. As of June 30, Comcast valued its stake in the Weather Channel at only $86 million, down from $335 million at the end of last year.

– The Wall St Journal’s Shalini Ramachandran today.

Brian Williams ISN’T Getting a Two Hour Show?

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In a must read that apparently wasn’t read by very many media writers, The Wrap’s Jordan Chariton buries his lede

At the town hall, executives also filled in staffers on Brian Williams’ return, telling them he doesn’t want his own show at the network, most likely a decision aimed at rebuilding his credibility as a reporter.

This is the only contradictory information out there that Williams may not get the soon to be open 3-5 block on MSNBC. So what’s it going to be: Williams gets a show or Williams doesn’t get a show? I guess we’ll find out soon enough…

Why Politico Sucks: Reason #1,423

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It started this morning with Mike Allen breathlessly dropping his “exclusive”…

EXCLUSIVE: Chuck Todd, moderator of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” is being given an hour-long weekday show on MSNBC, as part of a massive schedule makeover by the cable network. Time slot is TBD. The format will be similar to Chuck’s former MSNBC show, “The Daily Rundown”: interviews, news and analysis. Likely to start in September.

…EIGHT HOURS after Joe Concha first reported the news on Mediaite.

This was followed by Hadas Gold’s tortuously twisted recap where she leads off with Allen’s non-exclusive followed by Concha’s part about the three shows being canned…which just happens to be included in the same story as Concha’s scoop on Todd…

NBC’s “Meet The Press” moderator Chuck Todd will now also host a daily one-hour show on MSNBC, Mike Allen reported in Playbook Thursday morning.

Additionally, three MSNBC shows, “The Cycle,” “Now with Alex Wagner” and “The Ed Show” are expected to be canceled, Mediaite reports, and our sources confirm. A big staff meeting is expected for later today with more announcements.

And then to top it all Dylan Byers writes about the Williams angle in a very long post that again notes Allen’s non-scoop and the three cancellations but fails to mention Mediaite or Concha at all…

This is finally coming to pass: On Thursday, our colleague Mike Allen reported that “Meet The Press” moderator Chuck Todd would add a daily MSNBC program to his portfolio. He will be joined by Brian Williams, the former “Nightly News” anchor, who is joining the network as a breaking news and special reports anchor following his fall from grace at NBC. Meanwhile, MSNBC is expected to soon announce the cancellation of several progressive talk shows, including “The Ed Show,” the loss of which is already being mourned by Bernie Sanders.

Remember the phrase “Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field“? Well apparently there’s a Politico version of the same phenomena…


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