The MSNBC Conundrum…

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In a semi must read article that clearly takes sides and doubles as an Andy Lack hit piece, The Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim writes about MSNBC’s ratings rise and how that is allegedly making life difficult for one person at NBC…

But from inside, the news about Wallace and Hewitt was seen as just two more steps toward the full execution of the vision of Andy Lack, the NBC News executive who oversees MSNBC. He has made quite clear his plan to move the cable news network away from its bedrock liberalism and toward a more centrist approach personified by Brian Williams — even including hosts of a conservative bent, as typified by hosts like Megyn Kelly or Greta Van Susteren, who Lack brought over from Fox News.

But Lack, in seeking to make this vision a reality, has an unusual problem for a TV executive: sky-high ratings. Since the election of Trump, MSNBC’s liberal primetime programs hosted by Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell have surged not just in ratings but in the share of the cable news audience they’re capturing. In its earnings call on Thursday, NBCUniversal specifically cited the boost in ratings to “The Rachel Maddow Show” for a spike in profits. Maddow has been the top show on cable news in the key demographic for two months running, an inconceivable achievement at MSNBC.

Tossing those primetime hosts overboard while they’re raking in viewership and revenue has so far proved an elusive task.

“Hayes, Maddow, O’Donnell ― the entire primetime lineup is doing record numbers and Lack can’t stand it. It makes him furious,” said one senior MSNBC source, echoing the sentiment of many other insiders who spoke to HuffPost only on the condition of anonymity. (An NBC spokesman said Lack is happy with the high ratings.)

The Last Word for The Last Word?

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The Huffington Post’s Yashar Ali writes that Lawrence O’Donnell may soon find himself without a show on MSNBC…

Lawrence O’Donnell, host of MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” has just four weeks left in his contract, and the cable network does not appear to be interested in renewing his deal. Four well-placed sources tell HuffPost that MSNBC has not been in contact with O’Donnell’s team of representatives to negotiate a new deal.

The absence of active negotiations weeks before a contract expires is highly unusual and often a sign that a contract won’t be renewed. News networks normally don’t risk letting the contract of a host who has a highly rated program expire or even come close to expiring before renegotiating. A short time-frame puts the network at a strategic disadvantage in talks, that’s why cable networks often start negotiating renewals six to nine months in advance of a contract ending.

A spokesman for NBC News declined to comment on “ongoing negotiations.” Although, multiple sources from inside and outside the network have told HuffPost that no negotiations have taken place.

Surprising, considering how MSNBC’s prime time has been tearing it up in the ratings this year. But maybe not so surprising if Andrew Lack wants to get Brian Williams in at 10 instead of 11…

Steve Kornacki’s New Role

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With the announcement of Nicolle Wallace getting the 4pm hour on MSNBC, speculation centered on what would become of Steve Kornacki. Now we know. NBC announced that Kornacki has become NBC News and MSNBC’s National Political Correspondent and chief sub for Hardball with Chris Matthews…


NEW YORK, NY – May 8, 2017 – Steve Kornacki has been named National Political Correspondent, NBC News and MSNBC, a role that will expand his duties and visibility across both networks, MSNBC President Phil Griffin announced today.
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April Numbers: MSNBC…

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MSNBC is noting its April ratings…


MSNBC Again Delivers More Viewers Than CNN in Total Day for 2nd Straight Month

“Morning Joe” Continues Total Viewer Victory Over Third-Place CNN for 26th Straight Month

MSNBC Tops CNN in Weekday Prime Among Total Viewers for 5th Consecutive Month; Ranks #2 in Prime for All Cable for 3rd Straight Month

MSNBC Weekday Prime Again Outperforms CNN in A25-54

“The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” Bests CNN in Total Viewers and A25-54 at 10pm

MSNBC Surpasses CNN Among Total Viewers at 9am, 12pm, 7pm, 8pm, and 11pm

MSNBC Dayside Growth in Total Viewers Continues to Outpace the Competition
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April Numbers: CNN…

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CNN is noting its April ratings…




AC 360 +24%, CNN at 9pm +18%, CNN Tonight +36%

New Day Overtakes MSNBC’s Morning Joe (Again)

CNN Ranks Top 10 in ALL of Cable for Third Straight Month; Longest Streak in 15 Years

April was a strong month for CNN, with the network growing double digits from last year’s busy election year. This month, CNN was up in Total Day and dayside and all weekday prime time shows grew vs. a year ago. CNN also posted the 5th largest growth in ALL of cable in Total Day (25-54).
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HLN To Change Logo, Tagline…

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Well April came and went and, as I predicted, Carol Costello’s HLN show did not launch. But it may launch as soon as next Monday. Why? Because according to AdAge’s Jeanine Poggi that’s when HLN is going to unveil a new logo and tagline…

Over the past year HLN has been “returning to our news roots and emphasizing that the network is part of the CNN family,” Jautz said.

It is focusing on buzzy regional news stories, crime stories, entertainment and weather, according to Jautz, and leaving international affairs and in-depth political news to its Turner Broadcasting sibling CNN.

And on May 8, it will solidify that focus with the new tagline, “News that hits home,” and a logo that more overtly positions HLN as part of the CNN news family.

It would seem to me that the day you start a new branding campaign would be the day to have all your new shows in place so that’s why I think Costello’s show may launch Monday.

If it doesn’t launch Monday, HLN will have big time egg on its face.

Bill Shine Out at FNC…

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Looks like Marisa Guthrie was right. Bill Shine is out at FNC and a woman is taking the top job.

Now all eyes are going to be looking at Sean Hannity and how he reacts…

Fox News co-president Bill Shine is out at Fox News. The move comes as Shine was due back Monday after two days out of the office for a pre-planned long weekend.

Rupert Murdoch, 21st Century Fox and Fox News executive chairman, made the announcement Monday via a brief email to Fox News staffers.

“Sadly, Bill Shine resigned today,” wrote Murdoch. “I know Bill was respected and liked by everybody at Fox News. We will all miss him.”

Suzanne Scott becomes president of programming and Jay Wallace has been promoted to president of news. Scott had been Shine’s second-in-command in programming and has been with the network since it began in 1996.

Additionally, Brian Jones, executive vp of Fox Business Network, becomes president of the network reporting to Scott and Wallace.