Press Releases: 03/23/15

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The Weather Channel (1)

The Weather Company Expands Marketing and Communications Group, Appoints David Jaye as Chief Marketing Officer

Maureen Marshall Also Promoted to Vice President of Communications

Atlanta, GA – March 23, 2015 – The Weather Company has expanded its marketing and communications group, appointing David Jaye as chief marketing officer and elevating Maureen Marshall to vice president of communications. Jaye joins Weather from Google and will spearhead the marketing, creative and social media efforts for The Weather Channel® and Weather Underground brands across all platforms. Marshall will lead the communications efforts for the marketing and communications group, supporting cross-functional efforts for the company. Both Jaye and Marshall will report to Shirley Powell, executive vice president of marketing and communications.

“I’m thrilled to have a terrific leader like David join the company,” said Powell. “His strong digital marketing experience and passion for marketing will be a great asset and help strategically position Weather to show just how ‘It’s Amazing Out There’ across all of our brands.”
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Free for All: 03/23/15

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What’s on your mind?


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Mediaite’s Joe Concha takes a few ideological conspiracy theory tinged whacks at Brian Stelter and Reliable Sources…

But now, fortunately for those who have worked for Fox — or are currently employed by Fox, or like to write books about Fox — there’s now a very public place to get everything off one’s chest, and 100,000 or so in the 25-to-54 demo can hear all about it: CNN’s Reliable Sources. CNN, of course, is a competitor of Fox in a mostly-lopsided cable news race, and therefore has the motive to make the network running ahead of it look bad or stupid. Reliable has been on the air since 1992, and is currently hosted by longtime Fox critic and former New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter.

First off some disclosure on where I stand regarding Stelter. He’s a professional acquaintance and a somewhat kindred spirit. We both share a driving passion toward the nuts and bolts and mechanics of TV News. I do wish he hadn’t taken the CNN gig and had stayed at The Times because of the conflict of interest issues working at CNN brings to someone of his calibre where he can do extensive reporting on other networks but is necessarily constrained from going as in depth on his own network. Worse, when he does infrequently go that in depth we are left to wonder what the motivation is behind why this one story made it out in such detail but others, just as if not more deserving of similar treatment, did not.
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The False Equivalency False Narrative…

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FTVLive is reporting that Rachel Maddow is pissed at Chuck Todd…

Sources tell FTVLive that MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is “apoplectic over” Chuck Todd’s moral equivalence of Fox News and MSNBC prime time.

Todd was on The Mike O’Meara show, when he said, “I think advocacy journalism, sort of the Fox and what MSNBC primetime, those models, that hasn’t been healthy for politics. It’s just not healthy for it. It all goes to one of the explanations why we don’t persuade people anymore.”

Word is that MSNBC staffers are pissed at Todd’s takedown of cable news and no one is more mad at Mr. Meet The Press than Maddow.

Sources say that Todd is furiously backpedaling and trying to apologize to Maddow… who is having none of it.

Todd shouldn’t be apologizing (if he really is apologizing) because he’s not wrong. The primetime cable news POV ideological broadcasts have absolutely negatively impacted politics. But so has talk radio and the internet.

Press Releases: 03/20/13

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NEW YORK & MIAMI, March 20, 2015—CNBC, MSNBC, NBC News and Telemundo today announced their plans for eMerge Americas, a groundbreaking technology conference taking place in Miami on May 1-5, 2015. As part of the multi-year media partnership between eMerge Americas and the NBCUniversal News Group, viewers and users across all of the networks will gain exclusive access to unique programming from the event.

Full coverage plans to date include:

CNBC’s “Fast Money” (M-F, 5PM ET), anchored by Melissa Lee, will broadcast live from the event. In addition, CNBC’s Chief International Correspondent Michelle Caruso-Cabrera will report live from eMerge Americas for CNBC’s Business Day programming.
MSNBC’s “The Rundown with José Díaz-Balart” (Weekdays, 9AM) will broadcast live Monday, May 4th and MSNBC reporters will cover eMerge Americas live for
Based in Miami, Telemundo plans to send multiple programs to cover eMerge Americas:
Telemundo’s “Enfoque con José Díaz-Balart” (Sunday, 12PM) will air a segment about eMerge on Sunday, May 3rd.
Telemundo’s Diego Schoening will report live Monday, May 4th and Tuesday, May 5th for “Un Nuevo Día” (M-F, 7AM-10AM).
Telemundo’s “Al Rojo Vivo” (M-F, 4PM), hosted by María Celeste Arrarás, will feature stories about fashion and technology.
The websites of these NBCUniversal networks will be the exclusive destination for live streaming portions of eMerge Americas
In addition, NBC News’ Chuck Todd, moderator of “Meet the Press,” MSNBC and Telemundo’s José Díaz-Balart and CNBC’s Melissa Lee will moderate panels at the event.

eMerge Americas 2015 is expected to attract more than 10,000 attendees, hundreds of top companies and the world’s leading disruptors and thought leaders. Key elements on this year’s agenda include:

eGov: Government Innovation Summit – Prominent mayors and government officials from around the globe gather to address the challenges faced by accelerated urbanization and how to transform their urban communities into Smart Cities through the power of innovative technology.
Startup Showcase – Entrepreneurs from over 100 start-up incubators/accelerators from Latin America and Europe compete for funding from well-known investors.
Country Pavilions – Participating nations from the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia showcase their local innovations and connect with strategic partners, generate new international leads and become a part of the ever-expanding technological transformation in the Americas.
Women, Innovation & Technology (WIT) – A one-day summit showcasing top female professionals from different industries discussing how they are transforming the business landscape through technology and innovation.

More MSNBC Speculation…

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Politico’s Dylan Byers writes about MSNBC’s mess…

The extent of that change could be vast: In the months ahead, MSNBC is likely to shake up the bulk of its programming, moving some shows and canceling others, high-level sources at NBCUniversal told POLITICO. With a few exceptions — notably “The Rachel Maddow Show” and “Morning Joe” — every program is at risk of being moved or canceled, those sources said. “All In with Chris Hayes,” a ratings suck that currently occupies the 8 p.m. time slot, will almost certainly be replaced. Network execs are also considering moving some weekday shows, like “Politics Nation with Al Sharpton,” to weekends.

“The plan is to re-imagine what the channel is,” one high-level NBCUniversal insider with knowledge of the network’s plans said, “because the current lineup is a death wish.”


Lack, a former NBC News president, is likely to rein in MSNBC’s ever-leftward drift and focus instead on creating more news-driven programming, with more involvement from NBC News talent. This could become a radical change of course for MSNBC, where partisan, opinion-based programming has come to dominate the vast majority of the network’s lineup in both daytime and prime time. Lack is likely to keep Griffin at MSNBC’s helm, network sources said, because his seven years as president make him best-suited to implement the changes.

The guy that ran the network into the sticks is best-suited to implement the fixes? The guy who fiddled away while the signs pointed YEARS AGO that things were in trouble is best-suited to implement the changes?

For MSNBC to have a shot at redemption, the executive team has to go. They ran the ship aground. They are not best-suited to pull it off the rocks. Anyone who says otherwise is delusional…

For some NBC insiders, the failure of “All In” — Hayes is a distant third place to Fox’s Bill O’Reilly and CNN’s Anderson Cooper, both in total and in the demo — is indicative of the limits of Griffin’s reactive approach to programming.

Well at least some people in 30 Rock get it…

Harris Faulkner Profile…

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Harris Faulkner gets a big FNC push in this Variety profile piece by Brian Steinberg…

Faulkner, 49, has quietly become an almost ubiquitous presence at the 21st Century Fox-owned network, hosting an hour of “Fox Report Weekend” on Sunday evenings as well as serving as a co-anchor on “Outnumbered,” the noontime program that has “one lucky guy” spar with four female panelists Monday through Friday.

Faulkner may not be what viewers typically expect on their TV screen. “I challenge you to go and turn on the other cable networks to find a face like mine in primetime,” says the correspondent of female African-Americans hosting evening programs. Yet her presence at the network is very deliberate. “I chose Harris for these roles because she’s an excellent journalist with a distinct ability to handle breaking news on the Fox Report and seamlessly transition to an issue driven talk show like Outnumbered,” said Roger Ailes, Fox News’ chairman and chief executive, via email. “Her dedication to the news product and dynamic presence have become a key part of the network.”

Faulkner may be getting more exposure as Fox News ponders new ideas. “The more we expand into digital properties, she’s probably a natural for that,” said Jay Wallace, senior vice president of news and politics at Fox News, in an interview. “I can see her getting into podcasting, radio, digital properties – really as much time as she can give.” Already, she spearheads an extra segment of “Outnumbered” that appears via streaming video, monitoring queries from the audience while the show is in the midst of its traditional broadcast.


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