Stephanie Ruhle to MSNBC…

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The New York Post’s Kevin Dugan scoops that Bloomberg TV’s Stephanie Ruhle is jumping to MSNBC…

MSNBC has brought in a new face as part of its hard news overhaul.

The cable news outfit scooped up Bloomberg TV morning anchor Stephanie Ruhle, who will appear for an hour during its MSNBC Live daytime coverage, The Post has learned.

NBC News chief Andy Lack is moving MSNBC, which ranks last among the major news networks in the ratings, away from left-leaning political shows. Ruhle is the first anchor Lack has hired from outside under this hard news strategy.

Starting in May, she will anchor for about an hour during MSNBC’s 9 a.m.-to-5 p.m. market news show, a source said. A network spokeswoman declined to comment.

This is surprising news, mostly because I’m having trouble figuring out where in MSNBC’s lineup Ruhle would land. On the surface it would appear MSNBC didn’t have a slot it needed filling…at least not based on what the schedule looked like prior to the network going to “The Place For Politics 2016” schedule which saw a whole bunch of anchors appear on MSNBC’s air who weren’t there before. It seems that the old schedule before the politics programming shift is not going to be used going forward…at least not without modifications.

CNN US Has Lost Its Way…

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In the 1990s and 2000s there was always one network you could count on for news that occurred beyond our borders that didn’t include the Middle East or extremism. That network was CNN.

But CNN is a cable news network and cable news networks have become obsessed with US politics as a ratings driver. It’s gotten worse with each successive election since the Florida recount. 2004 was worse than 2000. 2008 was worse than 2004. 2012 was worse than 2008.

So far the 2016 election cycle has been magnitudes worse than anything that has come before in terms of how ridiculous the nets have become in their political coverage. The networks will now cover any piece of useless minutiae if its political. There’s little actual news that has come out of the succession of debates or town halls.

It’s mostly about entertainment. It’s about hyping the politics with countdown clocks being plastered constantly as they count down to events days in advance. It’s about showing video boxes in the lower right corner of the screen showing so and so candidate at such and such an event…and event the nets aren’t actually covering with sound. It’s about hiring armies of pundits with little substantive to say other than talk about who is doing what in the horse race.

This does little to inform the voter. You get probing questions that rarely generate anything other than non-answers or benign boiler plate answers. What you get is the spectacle…to titillate or inflame the viewer and keep them tuned in.

I cannot really fault either MSNBC or FNC. They never had reputations as global news operations covering the world. They were chiefly local (US bound) operations with target bureaus in a few select locations of the world who would send US talent overseas en masse for certain specific events.

But CNN was different. It was a global operation. It still is largely a global operation. But it is two operations; the domestic and the international editions. Over the past 10 years those operations have been increasingly separate in their coverage with CNN US sticking to US politics and certain world issues, mostly national security related or with a Middle East focus. But even then, when big news happened in the world, CNN US could still be counted on to cover it. Not this year.

This year is different. In its drive to gin ratings on the back of the 2016 election, CNN US has abdicated its role of bringing the big (non-Middle East, non-terrorism related) news of the world, particularly of a humanitarian nature, to US audiences.

It started with Cyclone Winston pulverizing Fiji. It was the worst natural disaster to ever hit the nation, leaving tens of thousands homeless. Months later Winston’s after effects still cripple the nation.

But where was CNN? CNN sent an army over to cover Paris and then Belgium. How many did it send to Fiji? One? Two? None? And for how long? A week? Less?

2016 has seen one of the worst El Ninos in a generation hit the Pacific. While CNN US has covered it occasionally in between its near nonstop politics coverage it has been almost entirely from the impact it was having on America.

Did you know that this El Nino has unleashed one of the worst if not the worst ever incidents of coral bleaching to impact the fragile Pacific reef system? The Great Barrier reef is being rapidly killed off. Fiji is having its own die off. And the damage is also killing off reefs in Indonesia as well. Those reefs feed the smaller fish who feed the larger fish or feed the apex predator fish and we feed off all of them. Regardless of the cause, it’s a cataclysmic event that will take a decade to recover from. If it can recover.

And where is CNN? It’s in Wisconsin. It’s ginning up more newsless debates, town halls, and political exclusives to entertain its audience.

But this El Nino isn’t just killing reefs which puts pressure on the world’s seafood supply and will exacerbate tensions in the South China Sea as countries go further out to fish for less and less. This El Nino has unleashed worst ever drought conditions in the central Pacific where islands used to having some level of rain most of the year have hardly seen any in months.

How bad is it? It’s so bad some of the island nations in Micronesia and the Marshall islands are in danger of running out of water. Palau, which is not officially part of Micronesia, has drought conditions so bad it’s literally in danger of running out of water in a matter of weeks.

Ponder that for a moment. A nation of tens of thousands with no tap water. None. Zero.

And where is CNN? Has it bothered to send anyone to cover this?

CNN US has lost its way. It is so addicted to the ratings politics provides that major news stories that impact the world have fallen to the wayside with either scant or no mention at all. It would not surprise me if CNN viewers were asked about any of these stories whether they could even say that they knew about these stories from watching the network. These were stories the network in years past would have covered. Not this year.

To quote a presidential candidate’s famous phrase…CNN, you’re fired!

Chris Jansing gets “Trumped”…

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Today, Chris Jansing caught Donald Trump live at an event for a few questions which the Trumpster didn’t care for too much apparently…though apparently not enough to head to Twitter to complain about. Talking Points Memo’s Caitlin Cruz writes about the exchange

Jansing then asked if Trump was concerned about the fact his staff was unaware that popular Wisconsin conservative radio host Charlie Sykes was against Trump’s candidacy, setting the candidate up for a brutal interview last week.

“You go into the enemy camp sometimes. He is not a very smart guy, not a very bright guy,” Trump said, adding that his supporters told him he won “the debate” with Sykes.

“Sometimes you go into unfriendly territory. That’s part of the game,” he added.

Is Wisconsin unfriendly territory, Jansing asked?

“No, you said about a radio talk show host,” Trump said.

Jansing pressed him as to whether only Sykes was unfriendly territory.

“That’s what I mean about the dishonest media,” Trump said.

Jansing replied, “I’m asking you a question, allowing you to answer it.”

“Excuse me, Excuse me, excuse me!” Trump said. “You’re asking me about a show host and I said he was unfriendly territory. Then you say is that Wisconsin.”

Jansing reminded Trump that he’d criticized Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) in an earlier part of their interview, but Trump wasn’t having it.

“It’s so dishonest,” he said. “No, no, that’s called—you know what’s that’s called, dishonest media, dishonest reporting. I think I’m going to do great.”

CNBC Really Screws Up…

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I don’t know what’s worse; that CNBC set up a stupid password testing page, which not only stored the password but sent it to 3rd parties to boot…OR…that CNBC has tried to pretend like the whole thing never happened. Engadget’s Violet Blue has more

But rather than respond directly to researchers or critics, CNBC deleted the entire page without a peep. The article was removed and the page left as “not found,” all without leaving a note in its place explaining what happened to the content. The CNBC Twitter account removed its original tweet about the article in an attempt to pretend like nothing happened. On top of it all, the article’s author made his Twitter account private.

According to ad-industry platform Thalamus, gets around 6.6M unique visitors a month and 204M monthly page views. While it’s unknown how many people were affected by this incident, it’s safe to say that some people seriously need to be told by CNBC to change their passwords, ASAP.

It goes without saying that this “password tester” should never have been made — and no one should have been told to use it.

Shots Fired…

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The AP’s David Bauder writes up some of the things Megyn Kelly says in an interview with Charlie Rose to air Sunday Morning on CBS.

Kelly takes another (more than deserved) shot at O’Reilly but expands her reach to include CNN…

“There should have been a moment of solidarity among journalists that night to say, ‘We will not allow ourselves to be bullied by a presidential front runner, even one as powerful and as ahead in the polls at that point as Trump was,'” Kelly said. “‘This is about journalism and the First Amendment, and we will put the debate moderator out on the stage that we think is appropriate.’ And I think it’s a slippery slope when we don’t stand shoulder to shoulder in those moments.”

CNN declined to comment on her remarks.

I’ll bet. This is, after all, the same network that couldn’t say no to the RNC after it emerged that other networks were trying to get the NBC debate.

Press Releases: 3/30/16

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CNNI (1)


Hosted by journalist and author Derek Blasberg, CNN’s new home for global stories about the
worlds of art, design, fashion and luxury launches April 9

CNN Style is coming to TV screens – 15 years after the iconic Elsa Klensch was last on the network – and on the back of style being reimagined for the digital age with last year’s successful launch of

Fronted by journalist and author DEREK BLASBERG, this monthly, half-hour show premieres April 9 on CNN International. With exclusive access to the biggest names and events, Blasberg will bring the worlds of art, luxury, fashion, autos, architecture and design to life for CNN’s global audience. He will build on the unique legacy of style on CNN epitomized by Klensch, who defined style for viewers around the world for more than 20 years.
Continue reading

Money, Money, Money, Money….MONEY!

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I’m late to noting this. Ad Age’s Jeanine Poggi writes about FBN seeking higher ad revenues based off recent ratings gains…

Paul Rittenberg, Fox News’s head of ad sales, is gearing up to convince marketers that Fox Business Network deserves an increase in ad dollars. He will cite the results of a programming shift last June and the benefits of carrying presidential debates that drew massive tune-in.

“Fox Business Network is a bigger part of the mix than it has been in the past,” Mr. Rittenberg said. “This is the first time we’ve had a lot to brag about.”

“We will be talking to advertisers about why we think it’s fair that we get an increase in spending on FBN,” he added.

It’s a fair point but also one that’s predicated on the notion that FBN will have future big events to draw big eyeballs in.


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