Q3 Numbers: CNN…

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CNN is noting its Q3 ratings…



In September, CNN Beats Fox News In Prime For First Time In More Than 7 Years

In the third quarter (July –September) that ended Sunday, CNN enjoyed one of its best quarters in recent years. CNN ranked #2 in cable news across every daypart (Total Day, M-Su and M-F primetime), in its closest position to Fox News in years and firmly ahead of MSNBC. CNN was the only cable news network to grow in all categories compared to a year ago, showing the most significant gains in primetime. CNN narrowed the quarterly P2+ gap with Fox News to its smallest in Total Day in over four years, in M-Su Prime in more than six years, and in M-F Prime in six years. The network also topped MSNBC dayside (9a-4p) by wide margins this quarter, posting a +58% advantage in total viewers (506k vs. MSNBC’s 321k) and a +130% lead in the demo 25-54 (122k vs. 53k). CNN ranked #1 this quarter in weekend prime in the key adult 25-54 demo. MSNBC hit its 3rd lowest quarterly P25-54 levels in Total Day in over 10 years, in M-Su Prime in over nine years, and in Daytime 9a-4p in over 15 years. And CNN’s morning program, New Day beat MSNBC’s Morning Joe for the fifth straight quarter among adults 25-54.

Of particular note, CNN ranked #1, ahead of Fox News, for the month of September in primetime among adults 25-54. The last time CNN ranked #1 in prime time in cable news for any month was February 2008. In Daytime 9a-4p, Fox News averaged its 3rd lowest quarterly P25-54 delivery in 14 years.
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September Numbers: MSNBC…

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MSNBC is noting its September ratings…


MSNBC Continues to See Gains in 25-54 Demo and Total Viewers for September 2015

“Morning Joe” Tops “New Day” in Total Viewers and Ties in the Demo for September 2015

NEW YORK – September 29, 2015 – MSNBC wrapped up the third quarter of 2015 seeing the highest ratings in key dayparts for the year. MSNBC saw 25-54 demo highs for total day M-Su 6a-6a, M-F prime 8p-11p, M-Su prime 8p-11p, sales prime M-Su 7p-2a, sales day M-Su 6a-2a and M-F 9a-5p according to data from Nielsen (graph below). “Morning Joe”, “Hardball with Chris Matthews”, “All In with Chris Hayes”, “The Rachel Maddow Show”, and “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” were also up in total viewers for the quarter and over last year.
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Dobb’s Beats CNBC…And These Numbers Matter…

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Talking Biz News writes that Lou Dobbs’ FBN show beat its CNBC counterpart in Total Viewers for the first time in September…

The program had previously topped CNBC in the advertising demo of persons aged 25-54, but this is the first monthly win for both the network and the program in total viewers.

Hosted by Lou Dobbs, the program averaged 115,000 total viewers for the 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. time slot compared to CNBC’s 113,000 viewers for September.

I’ve dinged FBN in the past for touting once in a blue moon outliers when long term trend data is what matters. Well now we have some long term trend data and it’s definitely noteworthy.

Why CNN Changes Things Up With Its Debates

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Mediaite’s Joe Concha wonders why Jake Tapper isn’t doing the Democratic Presidential Candidate debate…

But the real question is: Why isn’t Jake Tapper working this debate as well? He is the face of the network when it comes to all-things-politics.

No he isn’t. He could be. But he’s not. That’s the thing about CNN and politics…it treats politics like it does all its other stories…it floods the zone with too many people covering too many angles.

There is no single go to person at CNN. There hasn’t been since Bernard Shaw retired.

It’s now more of an oligarchy of four to seven people depending on the story. We are talking essentially Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, John King (moreso before he lost his show), Don Lemon (for all the wrong reasons), Chris Cuomo, and Christiane Amanpour.

Who has been anchoring CNN’s election nights the past decade or so? Cooper and Blitzer.

CNN spreads the wealth around to its top guns and has for over a decade. It’s the way the network is now.

CNN’s bench is wider than FNC’s in this regard. That is no slight against FOX…it’s just a fact. CNN overdoes everything including how many chefs it uses for its politics coverage. FNC concentrates its politics coverage amongst a small central core. CNN dissipates it amongst as many top line people as it can get away with, regardless of suitability.

It is as much a difference in style as it is in substance between the two networks.

So I wasn’t surprised to see Cooper and Lemon fronting CNN’s Democrat debate. Would Tapper make the more natural fit? Of course. But so would Blitzer. So would King. At least one or both will get their turn soon enough.

As long as Jake Tapper doesn’t have a prime time show and Wolf Blitzer hasn’t retired, don’t be expecting Tapper to have the lead role in politics coverage. Instead, expect him to be just one of CNN’s more prominent cogs in its big political coverage machine.

And Still More Trump/FNC Posturing…

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New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman writes about the latest in the FNC/Trump “feud”…

Both sides are posturing to save face. Yesterday a Fox statement called Trump’s boycott “stale and tiresome.” But a source close to the Trump campaign told me that Trump thinks he has the leverage. Trump has been hearing from Fox hosts who are worried that his boycott will hurt ratings.

And which “Fox hosts” would that be anyways? Most are probably annoyed with what’s been going on. There’s only one I can think of who might be worried about Trump not being on FNC and who has shown the most tepid public response to all this warfare and that’s Hannity.

And then there’s this…

As an Ailes friend told me today: “Roger can’t turn back. The entire credibility of Fox as powerbroker rests on Trump being destroyed.”

That’s way overstating things. First of all, Trump getting “destroyed” won’t happen, if it happens, because of FNC alone. It will have more to do with Trump imploding as he picks fights with every network that doesn’t give him fawning coverage. Second, FNC’s credibility as powerbroker, if it exists (and that’s a debatable subject), doesn’t rest on what happens with Trump but how FNC conducts itself throughout the entire 2016 campaign.

But this source is right about one thing. Roger Ailes can’t turn back. He must hold firm. But he must hold firm for the sake of his network as a news operation and the people who work there…especially the ones Trump has attacked.

More Trump/FNC Warfare…Do You Really Care At This Point?

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TVNewser’s Chris Ariens writes about the latest barrages between Trump and FNC. Yawn…

Fox News has responded to Donald Trump‘s assertion that he “decided” he won’t be doing Fox News interviews “for the foreseeable future,” with its own statement saying it canceled his next appearance before he sent that tweet:

“At 11:45am today, we canceled Donald Trump’s scheduled appearance on The O’Reilly Factor on Thursday, which resulted in Mr. Trump’s subsequent tweet about his ‘boycott’ of FOX News. The press predictably jumped to cover his tweet, creating yet another distraction from any real issues that Mr. Trump might be questioned about. When coverage doesn’t go his way, he engages in personal attacks on our anchors and hosts, which has grown stale and tiresome. He doesn’t seem to grasp that candidates telling journalists what to ask is not how the media works in this country.”

Let us hope this latest blockade by Trump lasts a while…just so we don’t have to keep hearing about this stupid idiotic fight he’s picked with the network.

Brian Williams Returns…

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Mediaite’s Joe Concha writes about Brian Williams’ return to air on MSNBC…so I don’t have to.

At 3:00 p.m. ET today, the Brian Williams saga comes full circle as the former NBC Nightly News anchor will take to the air for the first time since his suspension more than six months ago. The platform: A revamped, more traditional-news-focused MSNBC.

So what will be the reaction? Honestly — from all appearances from recent columns and on social media — it’s going to met with mostly apathy.

Apathy is a very good word to describe my feelings.


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