Ali Velshi’s new Morning Show gets a Name…

TVNewser’s Alex Weprin writes that Ali Velshi’s new 5am show called “Wake Up with Ali” “Wake Up Call” (Sorry CNN, couldn’t resist) will debut on Monday. But this really got my attention…

CNN has committed to the program through September 23, 2011.

Talk about non-committal. They give a guy a solo early morning show and then give it a figurative cut-off date? And why September 23rd which isn’t even the last week in September? And it’s well past Labor Day which is the traditional changeover period for TV shows on a short summer leash.

Maybe the ol’ tin foil needs replacing but I don’t think that date was chosen at random. It was chosen for a reason. But what’s the reason? I would tend to think that September 26th, the following Monday, is too far off to possibly be the launch date for Erin Burnett’s show. But CNN has dragged out launches before.

Incidentally, Velshi’s new 5am program does mark the end of CNNI simulcasting World Business Today on CNN Domestic. Nobody else has noted that as far as I know.

8 Responses to “Ali Velshi’s new Morning Show gets a Name…”

  1. I’d rather look at Zain Verjee than Ali Velshi.

  2. thelowedown Says:

    Would I rather look at Zain Verjee than Ali Velshi? Sure. However, Ali is a great, engaging anchor and should do well with his own program, even if it is at an ungodly time. The real thing CNN needs to fix is American Morning and I’m still wondering where the lovely Erin Burnett will wind up there.

  3. mediaho Says:

    More room on the “curvy couch” for Romans/Chetry to stretch their legs.
    BTW , Carol Costello was rockin’ her gams on “the couch” this AM, subbing for Chris Romans.
    She looked elegant wearing a glamorous LBD.
    Although CC doesn’t have world class gams like Christine Romans, she did manage to flash enough thigh to coax Mr. Happy to stand up & applaud.
    CC is a savvy vet & she knows how to “work” the couch.

  4. joeremi Says:

    Hey mediaho (you don’t say), get off mommy’s computer and finish your homework.

  5. Josh Kaib Says:

    If you watch cable news to get a hard on, you need to see a therapist.

  6. laura l Says:

    I would say that discussing it in this venue is more the issue. Our commenters generally seem to have a higher level of impulse control.

  7. And I chase off the ones that don’t…with a bazooka…

  8. […] I’d already suggested that CNN chose the short time frame – with a September 23rd cut off date – for […]

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