White House Correspondents Profile…

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Washington Life Magazine’s Virginia Coyne profiles a group of White House correspondents. Among them are several cable newsers including CNN’s Jim Acosta, FNC’s Ed Henry, NBC/MSNBC’s Chris Jansing, and Al Jazeera America’s Mike Viqueira. The story on the website is in-line PDF only so no quotes are coming since I’m wayyyy too lazy to transcribe it.

Q1 and March Numbers: CNN…

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CNN is noting its Q1 and March numbers…



CNN’s New Day Beats MSNBC’s Morning Joe for Third Quarter in a Row

MSNBC Primetime Programming Hits Record Lows; Loses 45% of Audience
Dayside Hits Lowest in 17 Years

CNN Original Series Post Strong Ratings this Quarter

CNN’s ratings momentum continued this quarter, with the network ranking #2 in cable news in the first quarter Total Day in both total viewers and the demo 25-54, ahead of MSNBC by its largest quarterly lead in over eight years (since 3Q-06) among 25-54 and by more than five years (since 3Q-09) in total viewers. CNN also outperformed MSNBC this quarter in M-Su/M-F in the demo rating, and tied MSNBC in M-Su total viewers. CNN has now beat MSNBC in Total Day for the fourth straight quarter among both total viewers and the demo, in M-Su Prime for the fourth straight quarter among 25-54 and in M-F Prime for the third straight quarter in the key demo 25-54. This is the longest streak across these dayparts and demos in over six years (since 4Q-08).

CNN (and HLN) also had big ratings gains this quarter, with all four dayparts up from year-ago levels, while MSNBC posted the biggest declines in cable news. CNN’s weekday primetime programs all grew compared to a year ago and outperformed MSNBC across the 7pm, 8pm, 9pm and 10pm hours in the demo 25-54 for the third consecutive quarter; while MSNBC lost 45% of its primetime audience. CNN’s New Day topped MSNBC’s Morning Joe for the third quarter in a row; beating Joe in both total viewers and the demo rating. CNN also posted the largest increases in daytime (9a-4p) among both total viewers (+26%) and demo (+24%), while MSNBC daytime is down -56% to 42k in the demo, its lowest in nearly 17 years (since 2Q 1998; 27k). CNN Original Series had a strong ratings performance as well this quarter.
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March Numbers: MSNBC…

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MSNBC is noting its March ratings…

“Morning Joe” Beats “New Day” in Total Viewers in March
MSNBC Primetime Up in A25-54 for the Month

NEW YORK – March 31, 2015 – Many of MSNBC’s core programs saw ratings increases in March 2015, with MSNBC’s M-F Primetime beating CNN in total viewers for the month, and “Morning Joe” beating CNN’s “New Day” in total viewers. “Hardball”, “All In with Chris Hayes”, “The Rachel Maddow Show” and “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” all came in second in total viewers for the month and MSNBC’s primetime (8-11pm et) was up in the A25-54 for the month.

All prime shows including “Hardball” ranked #2 among total viewers for the month: “Hardball” 698,000 (vs. CNN 536,000), “All In with Chris Hayes” 597,000 (CNN 537, 000), “The Rachel Maddow Show” 795,000 (CNN 459,000) and “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” 578,000 (CNN 446,000). This marks the 22nd month for “Hardball” and “The Rachel Maddow Show” at #2. MSNBC’s prime was also up in A25-54 by 4 percent. This is the first time since July 2014 that “Morning Joe”, “Hardball”, “All In”, “The Rachel Maddow Show” and “The Last Word” beat CNN in total viewers in the same month.
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The MSNBC Conundrum

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In a must reaad, the AP’s David Bauder (I presume it’s Bauder…as usual this went out uncredited) writes about MSNBC and its challenges. I want to quote the whole damn thing but that would be wrong. Instead I’ll highlight the part everyone will be talking about most…Keith Olbermann’s opinion on the situation…

To many fans, MSNBC’s weakness isn’t that it’s liberal. It’s that the network is boring.

“The solution is not that ‘we need more news’ or that ‘we need to alter the political viewpoint,’ but what does the content of the shows look like,” said Keith Olbermann, former MSNBC prime-time host. “Do not be afraid to make good television. And in Rachel, Phil Griffin, and Andy Lack, they’ve got three people in place who’ve already done that there.”

Olbermann single-handedly lurched MSNBC to the left during President George W. Bush’s second term when his angry commentary attracted a loyal audience. He had the passion, Maddow the quietly analytical mind and together they formed a potent one-two punch.

After Olbermann left, MSNBC set about modeling its lineup after Maddow, its Rhodes scholar and highest-rated personality.

Liberal in outlook, MSNBC’s programming approach is often conservative. Watching MSNBC can feel like a hidden camera picking up a discussion in the faculty lounge. Fox viewers often feel like they’ve stumbled upon a street brawl.

Free For All: 03/26/15

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What’s on your mind?

MSNBC Speculation

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The Hollywood Reporter’s Marisa Guthrie writes about Andrew Lack getting his feet wet at 30 Rock…

MSNBC insiders expect the pro­gramming revamp that began with the axing of daytime shows hosted by Ronan Farrow and Joy Reid to continue. There is widespread speculation that Al Sharpton’s show could be moved to a weekend slot as the network led by Phil Griffin hews toward news programming during daytime. The fate of 8 p.m. host Chris Hayes, a pro­tege of Rachel Maddow, is unclear. “Contrary to rumors that already have been reported, there are no plans to move Rev. Sharpton’s or Chris Hayes’ shows,” says an MSNBC spokesperson.

MSNBC has been on a ratings slide for months; in February, it was down 48 percent in primetime in the 25-to-54 demo and 43 percent in total day compared with the same month last year, when MSNBC hosts, notably Maddow, were hammering New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie over the so-called Bridgegate scandal.

Lack, who in his previous stint at NBC presided over the partnership with Microsoft that created MSNBC, is expected to more closely integrate NBC News and MSNBC, a reversal of the strategy advocated by NBC News president Deborah Turness that drew a stark line between the units.

The Hazards of LiveTV: #25,133

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Ugh…POV analysis run amok

During a Now w/ Alex Wagner conversation about GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz‘s statement that he became a country music fan directly after 9/11, guest Jamilah Lemieux opened up the conversation with this remark: “Nothing says ‘Let’s go kill some Muslims’ like country music, fresh from Lynchburg, Virginia. Someone who obviously does not want to be a polarizing candidate, he wants to bring people together, I mean — really? That’s absurd.”

While co-panelists Joan Walsh and Michael Steele could be heard laughing at Lemieux’s remark, guest-host Melber responded: “Well, I mean there’s plenty of country music that doesn’t have that message, right?”

A few segments later, Melber appeared on-air with an apology: “We have a programming note. A few minutes ago on this show, a guest made a comment about country music. That comment was not appropriate, and we want to be clear this network does not condone it.”


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