Free for All: 11/18/11

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  1. Watching WAY TOO EARLY this morning, I was surprised at their news report on OWS: very critical, “after two months they are still saying the same things and what do they have to show for it?”

  2. When you’ve lost Jon Stewart, you’ve lost Walter Cronkite.

  3. Disturbing news reports threaten one of the two surviving reverse mortgage salesmen.

  4. Natalie Wood is on tape saying she was afraid of deep water. I don’t swim well, and have the same issue. I’ve been on boats, but there’s no way you’d see me teetering on the edge of one, no matter how much wine I drank. That case never made sense to me.

  5. I agree Joe but bring back a 30 year old cold case where the sole suspect is 81 seems like a giant waste of time and cable news resources to me. But this is the type of case that is catnip to the news nets so there is little chance it won’t be the subject of endless speculation, especially on HLN, over the next few months.

  6. I don’t think getting away with murder is ok because 30 years passed. Robert Wagner went on to a hit TV show, Hart To Hart, while Natalie Wood went on being dead. I have a problem with that.

  7. No more late shifts for Alex Wagner. She did LOD’s show last night, and looked like she was going to fall asleep in the chair. She doesn’t look much better now.


    “There’s a pair of testicles somewhere between the Capital Building and the White House that fell off the president after Election Day [2008].”

    “This may be a good test, see if he can get his balls back because somewhere between the Capitol and the White House, they clearly fell off.”

    Brutal honesty here, folks.

  9. ^ Joe, this even creeps me out.

  10. I don’t have a problem with them having another look at the case but I don’t see it coming to anything. It’s always going to be a circumstantial case. The only party that can be convicted of committing a crime is the Captain – for withholding evidence- and I wonder about that guys motives then and now.

    That being said it is a great opportunity for cable news crime pundits to speculate endlessly about a celebrity ‘crime’. I can hardly wait. 😉

  11. There is no statute of limitations on murder.

  12. Next time your kid has a test and is asked to identify a vegetable, tell them to write pizza as an answer. According to our bought Congress, that would be a correct answer.

    Herman Cain’s response:

  13. The novelty of NOW has worn off. It’s pretty much the lefty version of Four-on-One, er, The Five.

  14. Odd that Natalie Wood’s death gets a new look almost exactly thirty years hence. Too much of a coinky-dink for me.

  15. Joe, this even creeps me out.

    The text was unpleasant enough. I didn’t click the video.

  16. @larry, @joe: HAH! It’s about Obama’s, um, broken promises over GITMO (for all those who don’t think the left is criticizing Obama).

  17. Odd that Natalie Wood’s death gets a new look almost exactly thirty years hence. Too much of a coinky-dink for me.</I.

    The Captain says in an article that everything is in a book published in 2009, he just hasn't been able to get anyone to pay attention 'til now. I don't much care about the coinky-dink, I just want to know why any idiot would believe someone afraid of the deep would totter around on the edge of a boat because she'd had a few. That particular phobia takes a massive amount of alcohol to overcome, i.e., you'd be passed out before you got that drunk. She didn't "accidentally" fall in the ocean.

  18. @larry, @joe: HAH! It’s about Obama’s, um, broken promises over GITMO (for all those who don’t think the left is criticizing Obama).

    I got the hint.

  19. And, here we go again… the annual FOX “News” crusade to save Christmas.

    What’s Gretchen Carlson an expert in anyways? All I see is her co-hosting a right wing snarkfest each morning, which is a shame that’s the format because I actually like Brian Kilmeade.

  20. Pizza may not be a vegetable (no matter what Congress says), but it is an excellent breakfast.

    It’s got your crust for grains.
    Tomato for the fruit.
    Cheese is dairy.
    Pepperoni for meat.
    And any other type of veggie topping.

    It’s a very balanced food.

    Now the beer that you need to drink with it, well that may be the breakfast exclusion.

  21. Andy, a government that is big enough to force you to eat your vegetables is big enough to define what a vegetable is.

    Democrats 2012: Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!
    … unless you’re a pizza-maker
    … or potato farmer
    … or an oil pipeline worker
    … or jet manufacturer
    … or Christmas tree salesman
    … or Gulf rig worker

  22. Someday, Christian Americans are going to have to accept that there’s a whole lotta religions in this country that don’t share their devotion to The Christmas Story. Which, as I understand it, is to make people buy stuff for other people with money they don’t have, while being told to “have a Happy Holiday!”

  23. Nah, Joe. I think most Christian Americans understand that.

    What I don’t think they understand is why we need to put special washing stations in public buildings to accommodate a certain religious group, but aren’t allowed to call the big pine tree with lights on it a “Christmas Tree.” Or when people got so sensitive that the phrase, “Merry Christmas,” would set off a firestorm of complaints and rage.

    And as a non-Christian myself… I have to admit to being similarly confused.

  24. @savefarris: I wasn’t aware the government was “forcing” me to eat vegetables. Besides, I thought the four food groups were: Pizza, burgers, wings and fries (crab cakes as a fifth if you live in Maryland).

    If you don’t like the healthy school lunches, pack a lunch for your child with all the cold pizza you desire.

  25. If you think I’m in favor of “special washing stations”, then you’ve missed some of my Muslim tirades (hint: it’s not a real religion any more than Mormonism is).

    As for Christmas: I don’t support tyrannical eradication of all references to it in public places, nor do I support tyrannical promotion of it as if anyone who has issues with certain expressions of it is An Enemy Of The State.

    On a personal note: I’m a bit ambivalent about these major “family holidays” – Thanksgiving and Christmas – because they’re so damn hard on so many people.

  26. … unless you live in Barack Obama’s Chicago.

  27. @savefarris: Wasn’t the principal of that school fired? Didn’t they also find that the principal had financial motivation to mandate everyone buy school lunches?

  28. On a lighter note, something me and Joe will both be celebrating: This weekend, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion will be crowned in Miami and it WON’T be Jimmie Johnson. 🙂

  29. @ Joe

    You do recognize that you’re not ALL people, ALL Democrats, ALL Liberals, or anything like that, right? So YOU may be against it, but you’re not the majority.

  30. Blue, what the hell are you babbling about? It’s patently obvious that my opinions are my own, and I’ve gone out of my way to stress that I don’t like my perspectives being labeled as Those Of A Group. I used to get a lot of responses to my posts – many from you – that labeled whatever I said as “this is what the Left always does”, or whatever, and would come back to say “Why are you responding to me as an amorphous Left?”

    Maybe I need to sign all my posts as “this is my opinion, and mine alone, for all you blog readers who have no clue how blog comment sections work”.

  31. No no no, Joe… you misunderstand. I’ll review the content for you:

    You said:
    Someday, Christian Americans are going to have to accept that there’s a whole lotta religions in this country…

    Talking about “amorphous” Christians.

    I, in turn, offered my opinion on what said Christians really see as their concern.

    Your response, however, turned from that group (which you previously identified), to YOU and how YOU view things.

    In other words, Joe, the “amorphous” Christians don’t view YOU as the problem. That’s not what we’re talking about.

    It’s like complaining that O’Reilly is talking about the WoC, by saying, “Yeah well, I don’t do that.” That’s terrific and all, but there are far more people than just you, and those are the people we’re talking about.

    Get it?

  32. I get that I need a nap.

  33. Well… it’s a start…

  34. This WSJ opinion piece by Sarah Palin could have been written by Elizabeth warren. Very odd!

  35. ^ The link didn’t work. Google it if your interested.


    Sounds like Half-Gov Palin has joined #OCCUPYDC without realizing it.

  37. if it was just OccupyDC then the Tea-party would help with that. The issue is what to do next. The Tea-party would cut back government. Have no idea what the current bunch would do? Mug rich people?

  38. Thanks for linking Andy. I just couldn’t get it to work.

    I agree with you. When I first saw it I thought it would be a hit piece on OWS but she sounds like she a big supporter. I’m really interested in seeing how it plays with the Tea Party and particularly Republicans Senators and Congressmen.

  39. @ Larry

    100% correct!

  40. I don’t get it with this Natalie Wood thing. I remember at the time (was it really 30 yrs. ago?) that she and Wagner had a fight, and that she was afraid of the water.

    So what are the new revelations by the Captain? We already knew the above. Did he see Wagner push her or something?

  41. Pizza now a vegetable? Wait until Weight Watchers finds out. Vegetables are zero points, so virtually unlimited!

    Little Ceasar’s will now be on my speed dial!

  42. “Little Ceasar’s will now be on my speed dial!”

    ^Not Godfathers! 😉

  43. Missy, I think the Captain’s testimony that Wagner backed off any effort to search for her may be new. But you’re right, the fight and fear of water were known back then, so I doubt there’s much they can do to get any closer to Wagner as a suspect.

    Btw, my memory of “going on to Hart To Hart’ was wrong. It happened after the first season, near the time William Holden died after cracking his head on something while drunk. Holden was married or living with Stephanie Powers, Wagner’s co-star. A truly bizarre coincidence.

  44. Wait… there are still Little Ceasers? Who knew?!

  45. Whoa. Ron Christie called Herman Cain “pathetic!” on Hardball. He’s pissed.

  46. – Christie –

    ..and followed it up by bashing Perry for claiming Obama “came from privilege”. Ya know, by a single mom who was on food stamps for a while. Matthews and David Corn were speechless.

  47. “Matthews and David Corn were speechless…”

    Praise the Lord!

  48. That’s our Missy Cat. 😉

  49. lonestar77 Says:

    Obama wasn’t raised by a single mom on food stamps. Besides, Perry wasn’t talking about his upbringing or the wealth of his parents. He was talking about his real world experience, of which, there’s nada.

  50. Bollocks, LS. He was raised by his mom and his grandparents. He didn’t come from priviledge, which is exactly what Perry said. Only a dumbass like him would consider a college education “not real world experience”. Only a dumbass like him would consider community organizing “not real world experience”. Which is beside the point. The term “comes from priviledge” is a common term for “rich and protected from childhood”, which Barack Obama most certainly was NOT. Rick Perry is an idiot.

  51. “Whoa. Ron Christie called Herman Cain “pathetic!” on Hardball. He’s pissed.”

    I saw that too and almost fell out my chair. Christie is the most on message, and thus boring, pundit on TV and I find usually him unwatchable.
    Matthews looked stunned. It was priceless.

  52. Apparently Ron Christie draws the line at “complete idiot”.

  53. The Taliban. In Libya. The GOP needs to cancel this show; recast it; and relaunch at mid-season.

  54. Cain needs a Krell brain boost.

  55. lonestar77 Says:

    I disagree, Joe. I saw the interview and, while i don’t think “came from privilege” was the best way to describe the point he was making, I’m positive he wasn’t talking about his childhood. His theme in that part of the interview was about Obama being out of touch, not having ever really having had a real job, etc.

  56. lonestar77 Says:

    “Apparently Ron Christie draws the line at “complete idiot”.”

    If I had a dollar for every time you called some conservative an “idiot”, I could prolly retire. Why do liberals always go to the intelligence card? Any one of these guys is waaay smarter than your average Joe. Pun may or may not be intended!

  57. I read Obama’s “Dreams of My Father” a couple years ago. A really good book. The guy can write. Was written before he was in national politics so his guard is down. About the “privleged” thing, the most you can say is that he went to a great private school in Hawaii, and his grandparents spoiled him. That’s about it. He never had money until very late in life.

  58. Hey, it’s not my fault idiots keep getting popular in the Republican Party. Stop throwing dumbasses like 43, Palin, Perry and Cain at me, and I’ll stop calling them idiots. You don’t have to be a genius to get by in life, but abject stupidity is repeatedly rewarded by the right, and I’m sick of it.

  59. Oh gee. Another discussion of W. Because that always ends so well.

  60. I know that it’s wrong and stuff, but am I the only one getting tired of hearing about Penn State? It’s a worthwhile story, and it’s not in any way similar to Casey Anthony/Dead Blonde, but…still. Half of every program is a bit much.

  61. abject stupidity is repeatedly rewarded by the right, and I’m sick of it.

    Yea only the right has stupid people.Do you really believe the stuff you write?

  62. No, I just say stuff. I’d be great on Fox & Friends.

  63. As long as Obama’s Cabinet keeps returning to academia to teach their failed methods to future generations…y’all can complete the thought.

  64. lonestar77 Says:

    Sorry, Joe, but you can’t be a “dumbass” and successfully navigate your way to Governor, CEO or freaking POTUS.

    No laura, you’re not the only one.

  65. joe’s qualification for being stupid-

    1. Be a Republican

    That is all.

  66. “…am I the only one getting tired of hearing about Penn State?”

    No. Same info over and over. Cable news loves outrage at villains: Casey Anthony, Gary Condit, Heck-of-a-job-Brownie, AIG Exectitives, Don Imus. The subject of sex drives the story too.

  67. 24-hour-news is an endless series of miniseries. It’s one of the less entertaining circles of Hell.

  68. Wrong, there’s lots of smart Republicans. Unfortunately, most of them are smart enough to not run for President.

  69. Btw, “When you’ve lost Jon Stewart, you’ve lost Walter Cronkite” is a good line. Ask your parents..

  70. “And for God’s sake somebody turn off that ‘tickity-tickity’ noise.”

    – Johnny Carson impersonation of Walter Cronkite

  71. Damn copyright protection.

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