The Destruction of The Weather Channel…

In a must read, the AP’s David Bauder writes about the continued destruction of The Weather Channel which soon will be able to be referred to The Less Weather Channel…

Once the home primarily to meteorologists standing in front of maps, the new Weather Channel will be featuring Arctic pilots, iron workers, wind turbine and power line repairers and Coast Guard rescuers in both icy and tropical climates.

“It’s an evolution, not a revolution,” said Michael Dingley, the network’s senior vice president of content and development, who came to The Weather Channel from HGTV 10 months ago. “You want to respect the core viewers, but let’s invite new viewers into the tent.”

That’s an old motivation for profit-hunting cable networks, who know the key to success is grabbing casual viewers and holding them. The same forces compelled MTV to move away from music videos two decades ago, and has transformed History into more than a place for musty war movies.

The point of a weather channel is to present weather. If there’s not enough demand for weather, shut it down. Otherwise admit that you’re just trying to squeeze out more money by ruining what was once a great brand.

You want to know what’s going to happen next for the Weather Channel? The same thing that occasionally happens to CNBC and MSNBC…they’re shut down and in tape when something unexpected happens and they can’t go on the air properly. It’s a less remote scenario for The Weather Channel than CNBC and MSNBC because weather can be predicted so the channel’s brain trust will have some warning that they might need to put resources on the air at a time they’re in tape. But they could still be caught off gaurd or, worse, decide through some internal metric that will make absolutely no sense to you and me that the event wasn’t big enough to warrant them breaking tape. It’s going to happen.

Correction: Actually I forgot…it already has happened…

While the new shows have helped ratings, The Weather Channel executives must be mindful of a wary fan base that insists upon weather being the top priority. Viewers were sharply critical last spring — and TWC meteorologist Jim Cantore tweeted an apology — when the network did not interrupt a movie to cover a tornado outbreak in Arkansas.

The network has ditched movies, Dingley said.

Yeah…the movies are now infesting the channel that used to be Vs. and is now called the NBC Sports (and movie) Channel.

Jeff Zucker may be gone from NBCU but his legacy still plagues its cable properties to their brands’ detriment.

And then there’s this bit of self serving pablum from Al Roker…

“Everybody needs to evolve,” said Roker, who also hosts the “Wake Up with Al” forecasting show early on weekday mornings. “The History channel has a new definition of what history is on their channel. A&E has redefined who they are. If it’s a good story and well told and you’re not talking down to the audience, I think it’s going to do well.”

Yeah…I might take this line of thought a bit more seriously if it wasn’t coming from someone who has a vested financial interest in seeing things go this way because his production company is supplying shows to some of the very networks he just cited. Duh!


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  1. The Weather Channel was near and dear to my heart as a child, but I was also odd in that I could enjoy having Headline News on in the background when it was hours and hours of taped content. Still, I can’t help but agree.

    TWC was the cornerstone of news content television: The network oozed meterology in all forms, and all of their personalities actually looked and acted like they know what they’re doing. Turn it over to FOX, and what you get are people who may know what they are doing, but first off are beautiful doing it. It’s absolutely agrivating seeing this channel gutted, just like TechTV was gutted, because it isn’t a profitable venture. The thing though? TWC was a service, and it’s been on the air for at least 15 years I think. It’s like CNN in that respect, been around since the dawn of apparent time and overall served a purpose. In that same reguard though, I suppose CNN has gone down the rathole of producing garbage and leading with dead bodies in place of actual news happening – you know – elsewhere than the USA.

    Long live the past TWC, which hit the pinnacle around the HD conversion. Sad to see the old personalities leave, as well as the content transform into yet another “viewers at any cost” mentality network. Oy.

  2. savefarris Says:

    And this is suprising … how? This certainly isn’t the first legacy cable channel to radically depart from their mission statement:

    MTV now doesn’t play music.
    AMC doesn’t play classic movies.
    Fox News doesn’t do news. (kidding!)

  3. Actually, the other night The Weather Channel was airing “Ice Pilots” while there was a Tornado on the Ground near San Antonio, Texas and 2 other Tornado-producing storms where in progress.

    Also, TWC tends to promote their Internet offerings up the wazoo whenever they do break from tape. Just to say “We can’t be here for you, but come to our website where we can better serve you.” It’s a complete insult to TWC viewers like myself who tune in for WEATHER information.

  4. I agree, what has been done to TWC is a disaster and ownership should be ashamed.

  5. The Weather Channel debuted thirty years ago.

  6. starbroker Says:

    Just have to laugh hysterically at what Spud writes so often. Oh, not enough demand for weather then SHUT IT DOWN. Sure!

    NBC etc paid $3.5 BILLION for this channel.

    It outlived it’s original mission years ago. The money to be made now really is on the interactive side…with, their apps etc. They get 62 million unique visitors each month online and 33 million to its mobile. (Variety)

    Funny, years ago, I predicted they would start airing movies on there. And of course, as usual, the ones who aren’t too bright…dismissed it… laughed it off etc. Then of course it came to pass.

    At least the weather channel is offering shows that do have to do with WEATHER. I give them props for that.

    Heck, of alot better than what CMT morphed into. Do they ever show music? From Dukes of Hazzard to reruns of Extreme Makeover and some new Cheerleading show… or “Sweet Home Alabama” (a stupid dating show). And of course airing at the same Pauly Shore movies over 50 times a year.

    I would love to pitch some new shows to the Weather Channel. Like the search for the next big breasted blond weather guesser. That’s entertainment! They could even get that wuss guy that’s suing the CBS station in LA to host it ;).

  7. Their doom, as well as the NBC staff of meteorologists, was doomed the day NBC bought them. It ain’t personal, Spud, it’s business. Lean on!

  8. The direction TWC and HLN have gone are disappointed.

  9. danoregon Says:

    Surprised TWC doesn’t provide an alternate feed (like ESPN offers) for hardcore weather. (Boy that sounds like the next reality offering doesn’t it)?

  10. Outsider Says:

    For a compare and contrast, there’s another all-weather channel called The Weather Network in Canada. I believe they face the same problems as TWC and I’ve noticed they’ve scaled things back.
    They haven’t diluted their brand, they still do live weather 24 hrs (and only that) and they have an even smaller audience than TWC. Also, there aren’t many commercials either so they don’t get much in ad revenue. To cut costs, they use a virtual studio and there is no desk, they just stand. There are no camera operators either.

  11. It’s sad what they did to the weather channel it’s sad really. It was a great channel and now junk.
    Kind of like HLN used to be good old Headline News , A&E used to have arts , History (Channel) used to have History, MTV had music, AMC Used to do classic movies. There is another channel called Weather Nation let’s hope they do well

  12. TWC has the same problem CNN does: You can get what they offer in a few minutes on the internet. I check all the time. I never check the channel.

  13. I used to love TWC and had it on the telly at least once a day. Now it’s terrible and they might as well rename the stupid thing CRAPTV for all I care.

    Makes sense that online and smarty-phone apps have eaten into it relevance. Doesn’t make sense that anyone would pay billions for what was already waning brand.

  14. They need to get rid of Abrahams and Roker in the morning. They laught at their own jokes and Abrams is just plain annoying. The channel is unwatchable, unreliable. NBC is killing the channel

  15. The NBC buy may have accelerated it, but the event horizon was passed years ago. As far back as the 1999 OKC tornado, TWC was blowing off the kicks in flyover country. Parenthetically, TWC was known for having a toxic-to-women corporate philosophy for decades, and that couldn’t have helped.

  16. Bill Aryes destroyed it.

  17. Just have to laugh hysterically at what Spud writes so often. Oh, not enough demand for weather then SHUT IT DOWN. Sure!

    NBC etc paid $3.5 BILLION for this channel.

    As usual your disingenuous parsing of what I wrote leaves a lot to be desired. My point was not to have NBC shut it down (don’t be so freakin’ literal Star) but to have NBC admit that it can’t make it work doing what it did so well when NBC wanted to buy it. No it has to dilute the content and muddy up the brand. That’s what NBC does. That’s what Viacom does. That’s what everyone seems to be doing to some extent.

    But NBC wants to say, “Oh no…we’re all about the weather. it’s our core business.” No…squeezing out every potential dime out of the channel, whether it helps its brand or not, is your core business. Own up to it.

    Otherwise don’t own up to it. But then I’m going to take a whack at you every time you do something that is contrary to that brand. It’s what I do with CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, FBN, HLN, FNC, and Bloomberg. I spring to life when the statements coming from a network don’t line up with their actions or their channel’s brand.

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  19. yes since giving al roker a show which nbc in all these years he has been there hasnt promoted him. put a ststion in new york with abrams and bettes for 5 days a week and half the time they dont show up. and when they are there they talk about everything but weather. when they do talk about weather it seems they only know two cities new york and chicago. the past week they are back in atlanta since nbc sent roker to london. and for 5 days they were to work abrams only showed up 4 days, guess you missed her hero al roker. if it wasnt for the other girls in atlanta they wouldnt have had a show and they dont get no credit for it. guess you have to be special. oh thats right abrams was just indcted in space camp hall of fame. i think there was a lot of people that went through it but she is special.

  20. well again abrams didnt show up on mondaythought it was a5 day show. today she is in florida finally reporting on weather but there isnt a storm for another 3 or 4 days and like her partner bettes the so call storm chaser will be any where from 2 or 3 states away. someone else will report on storm when it hits. if wasnt for the girls in atlanta like maria lorosta or jen carfagno there wouldnt be any weather.still dont know why bettes is in atlanta should be with his partner. of course dont know why abrams is there being so far fro al roker. when nbc was cover sport in england she was in atlanta. you should at least have people that can show up for their show and depend on other people to do their work and take credit for it

  21. Being a full-time resident of Florida, I have relied on TWC for years for my information on our annual hurricanes, but with each passing year, the channel became more drama than accurate information and news. Reporters that I admired and looked forward to seeing because I trusted their work, became TV actors, with all of the drama soap opera actors. Most recently, with Tropical Storm/turned Hurricane Isaac, I was dismayed, then disgusted, with all of the scripting and unnecessary gesturing and almost laugh-in comedic behavior, by the on-location reporters–geez, were they really that frightened to be in Florida and Louisiana during a storm–it is Hurricane Season! Heads up. We are on the vulnerable Gulf Coast, we know what hurricanes can do–you don’t have to act like terrified Days of Our Lives dramatic actors. Please stop that. TWC’s Cantore showed us the wall around the Tampa Convention Center sheltering the center from the Bay, and told us that it COULD be flooded and washed out, IF, and I emphasize, IF, the storm gained strength, the weather currents changed, we had a blue moon, the tide changed and brought in protected gag grouper, JC Penneys had an end-of-summer sale and Governor Rick Scott could not possibly attend the convention because he had to show some tiny token of interest in the people of his State. If all TWC has to offer is speculation,and histeria, you don’t need to pay degreed meteorologists, all you need is a Hollywood lineup, that you can direct where to stand, what to say and how to go on camera and how to look harried and wet. I can imagine the worst case scenario without Cantore , Abrams, and Bettes jumping around and telling us that the sky is falling. Not only does the gloom and doom forecasting paint an inaccurate description of what NOAA predicts, but with each inaccurate weather prediction and fright factor we are asked to experience ,and embrace, with all of the bells and whistles required by network TV to raise the ratings, the ultimate harm is that the people affected by possible extreme weather, lose faith in such predictions. The ultimate catastrophe has happened time and time again and none of us has been prepared because we relied on The Weather Channel to lead us to safety. If you go online to the NOAA website, you can read the advisories which are then repeated, word for word, by TWC, so why do we even need TWC anymore–why don’t we have a real channel with NOAA or The National Hurricane Center? People listen to TWC–freak out because they feel incredibly threatened and frightened that they are about to lose their lives, leave their homes, then nothing happens, then they get complacent and the next time The Weather Channel reports an impending disaster, we say, “Yeah, right”. I think there is may be a legal precedent that needs to be explored by people who rely on these inaccurate, insensitive, misleading and possibly, disastrous, reports. I am done with The Weather Channel forever. And, in complete support of my fellow humans in Louisiana and other affected Gulf Coast states, I offer my heartfelt sympathy and hope for better circumstances. The National Hurricane Center must be humiliated by their own involvement with TWC. Long posting, I apologize, but I had to get rid of it–just so disappointed with the media right now. Please forgive spelling, punctuation and grammar errors; I’ve just gone through a hurricane……………rained for 2 whole days here in Naples and I swear, I am going to have to wash my car AGAIN.

  22. UNPRECEDENTED Hurricane/Nor’easter heading towards the east coast and MILLIONS of people the weekend before Halloween and what do they air? Iron Workers and some dumb pilot show. Put 1/2 hour shows on reg TV, and KEEP WEATHER on THE WEATHER CHANNEL!

  23. i guess chaging name of program tomorning rush is to make different. last two days jen carfagno covering for the great abrams,you still hiding bettes in atlanta while the people down there make him look good. since he is to be a storm chaser you should be outside reporting on them but when he was out he was always 2 states away thats strange. and abrams is in the hall of fame of space camp but nevers reports or go on assignment unless she can go with her hero al roker which has a show on weather channel but never on nbc or today all these years. to bad you people dont reward people for what they do instead who they know and money. you have turn this show into one of if not the worst show on tv. just what we need another news station with people that dont know what they are doing

  24. I use to always leave my TV on TWC so when it came on i could rely on gorgeous woman ( Vivian Brown, Kelly Cass, etc.) to be informing me of something we all need – Weather Forecasts. Now the WC has turned into a Left Wing green energy idiotic business venture that is bound to fail. good job NBC you morons. I hope you rot in the dismal failure such as Al Gores dumb ass did. Please bring back the original WC. So that the local on the 8’s doesn’t take over an hr. if one is lucky to see it. TWC used to be weather not politics or other left wing OP’ fools . Bring back 24 hr. forecasting..!!

  25. dont know who the person is that they decided to send mike bettes to super bowl. whos going to write what he needs to say. since you were hiding your storm chaser in atlanta and the girls there kept cover for your great team abrams,bettes,and roker. now he is to know all about super bowl. like they say its not what you know but who you know. something else to make this show the worst there is on tv. you have two people that are suppose to be top weather people but never go out to cover weather. last cold spell up north people were taken from atlanta, not bettes, and sent up there even though they had so call reporters in new york already,abrams and roker and then complain you have to cut back somewhere better start with the big three since they dont do any thing any way

  26. It’s pretty much been all said! I don’t know where they get the on air people they have now but most of them don’t know where the States are! Just the other late afternoon when we got an hour of weather channel instead of the half hour shows, she was talking about Montana and she pointed to Arkansas! Another time one of the men was talking about Washington and pointed to Tennessee. Then I realized TWC doesn’t know where anything west of the Mississippi River is!!!!! They totally ignore. If you don’t live on the east coast of the gulf states, they don’t care about you and the weather you are having. They keep referring the States of Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin as the MID WEST! How dumb is that? The Mid West is just that, the States that are in the middle of the west part of our country. Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakotas, and Oklahoma. Ohio,Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin are the MID EASTERN States! Just weird. The fear factor the on air personalities love to put forth when there are bad storms around is just ridiculous. The leader of this is Cantori. I think he is trying to get an Academy Award for best dramatic performance. TWC is so partial to the east and northeast that they can’t be bothered with any place else. Poor Alaska and Hawaii aren’t even on their radar anymore. I turn on TWC to get the weather in the mornings and all I get is Abrahams. She is so annoying, and it is all about her, and trying to be funny for some reason (I have yet to laugh), or she is in Y with Roker. I turn it off and turn on the radio to get my weather. Why they don’t just get rid of her and let Jen Carfagno take her place. Heck Abrahams hardly is there these days anyway. Almost forgot, I said above that TWC is so partial to the east coast and the gulf States that they don’t care about anything about the rest of the country. This is also showed in the Sunday NFL tailgate coverage. How many times have you seen Seidel in any Stadium that is not on the east coast? Why TWC was at the Super Bowl gave everyone a laugh riot. Just for the fun of it, it is 1:15 a/m March 3 and I just turned over to TWC to get my Local on the 8’s, but I didn’t get it…I got something called Lightning Mom. Don’t know why I even bother because their Local on the 8’s forecast is so wrong it’s gotten to be funny. Bring back the old WC and the on air people that were let go and get rid of the likes of Abrahams, and those others that don’t know where the States are. Miss Samantha Moore and Heather Tesch, Cheryl Lemke, Bill Keneely, Marshal Sease, Vince Morrow, Nicole Mitchell. Until something changes no more watching TWC for me. Had enough of it. They ruined a good thing.

  27. see now on april 1 you will put your 3 worst reporters on special. has been al roker is going towhite house for egg roll. of course he will fit right in there. the other two bettes and abrams going to baseball openning day. hope abrams can get away from roker long enough to attend seeing last week out of 5 days she should up two and he your smarts take maria larosa from her family in ga and send her there to cover instead of sending mike bettes which he is suppose to be abrams co host on that show but you sneak and change name and hide him at atlanta where those people make him look like he is doing something but if not for the others there wouldnt be any show. better hope monday weather is good since he cant go out in weather unless you are sending them to a them that plays under a dome then maybe they can show up. i see people leave but the 3 that should are still there. guess no one else is foolenough to hire them. guess old saying comes to play here, not what youknow but who you know.

  28. i see no one learn from before about sending bettes out to chase storms. he was on there showing all the equipment and about being safe. you have to be close first and havent heard about him since and sure hes at least 2 states away like before. that equipment does no good for anyone if you cant let people know there is bad weather coming. if he was being sent on vaction i would think its suppose be at his expense not compant but of course you have kept him hide in atlanta while everybody else makes him look like it knows what hes doing. thats like roker and abrams. see again she dont have to show up on mondays as long as you have people like maria larosa and jen carfagno to cover for her. guess knowing someone high up or pay alot of money you can do what you want and get away with it. this was a very good channel until those three were brought in now it just keeps going down. at least weekends are still good of course those three dont work then of course they have hard time doing monday thru friday without missing a day

  29. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. Pretty much every time I turn to the Weather Channel (which was my favorite channel for years, ever since I was a little kid) these days I’m disappointed.

    What bothers me the most out of everything is the fact that Local on the 8s is no longer shown every 10 minutes as the name suggests. I can’t tell you how many times over the past couple of years I’ve tuned to TWC in plenty of time to see the Lot8s, only to have them not show it for another 10 minutes at the very least. Sure, when that happens they do sometimes show it on the lower 1/3rd (more like lower 1/6th), but it’s so much less detailed (all you get is an icon and temperature). I do like when they show the split screen Lot8s though.

    Also, what’s with all the political commentary and news, which is bound to be off-putting for at least half the viewership at least half the time? If I want that I can easily switch to the multitude of channels that already provide that service.

    In addition, a week or so ago I tuned to TWC and one of the Lifeguard shows was starting. I think they were in Miami, but anyway, at the beginning of the show they clearly cut to a close-up just the lower half of a woman, obviously to show everyone her voluptuous butt, which wasn’t covered very much by her bikini. Now, I’m a single guy and I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t enjoy it, but come on now. This is the Weather Channel. Have a little class and remember that kids and families are watching. Same thing goes for when they show bloody wounds on the Lifeguard and Coast Guard shows, or when the characters in their reality shows keep getting their words bleeped out. (I don’t care about foul language, I use it myself sometimes; but again it’s a matter of class.)

    Their website is pretty hilarious by the way, the main page reads like a tabloid. Examples of actual headlines include “You’ll never believe what THIS is!” (under a picture of something weird looking and non-weather related); “A Fish With Human Teeth?!”; and “Spooky Abandoned Hospitals and Asylums (PHOTOS)”. Couple that with the busy site design and multitude of ads, AccuWeather’s website is definitely the better design in most regards.

  30. well see didnt learn from before bettes is out so call storm chasing but anyone knows he wont get within 2 statesof a storm so cant see how he can be a storm chaser. spend all that money on equipment to be able to give people a warning so there isnt any deaths and you put someone that dont know now and shows up after storm saying how bad it was. at least i see abrams has showed up almost 2 weeks in a row without missing a day. but kentucky derby coming and sure she will report on the horse race of course sure that here close friend and your number one star al roker will go together. guess this show will keep going down and all the good people will have to suffer to make your 3 special people look good

  31. well see this morning bettes is in missouri where is no chance of storms since all are in texsas. but sur to move since you are talking about storm in denver coming tomorrow so he will be running again. still dont know why abrams is never in feild. all the others go out reporting but she never leaves new york of course unless she has her hero and yours al rokeer. guess since she is special she dont have to do like other people.. why do you have bettes talking about torando he runs and hides and you have other people that knows more of course he is another one of those special people

  32. well just as i stated your stormchaser mike bettes is on his way to texsas where storms are already gone through and he willbe safe. dont know why spend all that money to put that equipment in truck for him to ride around away from storms. see abrams is talking about chicago. of course they only know two cities chicago and new york. guess you will send someone out of atlanta to cover that big storm going through denver since storm chaser goig to texsas to be safe and abrams never goes to far from her hero and close friend al roker

  33. well like was stated abrams always got excuse why she cant go out to report on bad storms or disasters but see see is in kentucky covering derby and proably al roker is with her if not close by. guess getting all those fancy dresses and drinks have something to do with weather but dont worry people like maria larosa will cover and report on weather while your aces are partying in kentucky. of course not much since saying anything about bettes storm chaser he is still hiding in texsas behind storms until its safe to move to another location. if you had to depend on those three to keep station going it would be close by now. but you have the others to take advantage of to keep it going and so people will watch it

  34. came to my view of weather channel since that is when you dont have to put up with the wonderful so call meteroligist bettes,abrams, and al roker. and to my surprise who do i see abrams from the kentucky derby. she go go out all year for any weather but for a horse race where she can have all those fancy dresses and drinks she is there which dont know what it has to do with weather and he wasnt showed but bet roker was close by. what about your storm chaser bettes. thought that was a 7 day job but of course he is behind all the storms in texsas and since it was showed the storms were in ga and ala he would be safe. of course he is proably hiding at the weather channel in atlalta like he has all year and come monday he will be where the storms have been and gone. dont know why he is chasing storms when he is never close to one. you could do what he does from station in atlanta without all the fancy equipment and a rookie could report what he does but guess its those special three people that do nothing but get all the credit for it. why dont yoy people give the people that really make the weather channel the credit they got coming instead of cheating them out of it and put your special pets on a pedestal

  35. well see abrams back from her big assignment covering kentucky debry which still dont know what its got to do with weather while the others went outand cover storms. surprise she is at work on monday also see the great storm chaser bettes is back hiding in atlanta guess couldnt find any where to hide with that van so send him back so the people there can protect him. i am sure if these are read there is nothing will be done. like abram talking about all these bad storms over weekend but she was covering a horse race and didnt have equipment to show all the problems oh thats right the people in atlanta do all that hard work so your three special people abrams,bettes and roker can take credit and look like they know what they are doing. to bad you dont really give the right people the credit.

  36. well see there was a report on trip to mars but look who reported on it jen carfagno and maria larosa not your hall of fame from space camp abrams. then she started about in georgia how they are going to solar panels but to surprise julie martin cover that but everyone knows she wont go to far away from her hero al roker. from what is seen that station in ny is useless everything comes from the atlanta station. you should close it down and just move her to the today show you already have one al roker and put her beside him and they would be happy and maybe weather channel may improve if you get rid of other one that i see today is being hid bettes maybe there was somplace he could go with that special van where he would be safe and away from storms. mr. stormchaser another joke

  37. well this is proably waste of time or no one will read but why was reynold wolf sent to work with abrams in new york when bettes should have been sent since that it is the co host but guess you think by changing name makes a difference and bettes is hiding behind storms in oklahama like always. but yet cantore is about to hunt storms and go into them. that shows you the real stormchaser. how about abrams reporting on the people after the storm. should have should all the people still out of their homes. how about ny sending bills for electric to homes that are burn to ground. where are the three people that promise they would be with them until they were in homes, mayor new york, governor of new york and the president obama. guess they forgot of promises or something more important like vactation or the mayor trying to do away with butter now. i guess NBC as no idea to make there reporters abrams,bettes,and roker to do the job that they are suppose to do. let someone else do it and make them look good. well good the weekend is coming and finally get something about weather and not those three

  38. well went to weather channel on today saturday because thought i wouldnt have to put up with make believe weather reporters bettes,abram,roker and what do you have a clip from friday about poor mike bettes caught in a wind storm it even sound like he was about to cry. not good for your number one storm chaser. guess someone goof and put him close to a small storm while jim cntore was about to go into a torando earlier. guess bette can run home and hide until monday only storm chaser i ever seen that just works maybe 8 hours in a day and only 5 days a week. no wonder this station is going down if these are the people you have to depend on. people better not depend on him to warn them of storms coming their way hes too bussy hiding

  39. this proably waste of time but see your number one storm chaser is back in atlanta under maria skirt to protect him. guess two days off wasnt enough time for him to get his nerve up to go hunt storms again. oh thats right jim cantore is out really trying to find storms to warn people not hide them. still think bettes should be sent up with the other two great weather reporters which is where he was until someone got the great idea and change the name. cant see how roker is classife mterogist since never been to school for it but guess like everything else right price anything is possible

  40. well see bettes still hiding in atlanta station. weather must be to bad out for storm chaser. abrams talking about how chicago was in 30 yesterday but today in 80. like i said chicago and new york is only cities they know. it is in the 30 in pittsburgh but nothing said about that. guess they will work the storm chase under a desk in atlanta or new york or wait until someone else does it for them and they can take credit

  41. as i thought your storm chaser was hiding under a desk in atlanta station. him talking onhow he was looking at video of storms. maybe if he was out doing his job with that fancy van all those people that were hurt plus the ones that was killed would have had a warning and got out of way. like your hall of fame reporter abrams talking about where those people were killed and why. since all she reports on horse races,dog races or award shows or holding al rokers hand dont know how she had time to do any of that. oh like bettes the people at atlanta did all the work and they get the credit. thats like roker being a meterolist and never went to school for it but has his own show now that most people dont watch. maybe someday you people will finally fiqure out who really makes this styation and its not those three.

  42. see bettes still hiding under the people at atlanta weather channel. guess waiting for all the storms to go away and then he will go and show how bad it has been. at least weekend starts tomorrow and can listen to true meteroligist since the 3 aces dont work weekends. see abrams not on what is there a flower show somewhere or did her and al roker have a job somewhere together . guess you people think if you make the show bad enough you can have it cancel. with your 3 aces it wont be long

  43. well to my surprise but what i see mike bettes at close to storm sites of close like last year you have storm experts there so he had someone to hide behind and they were doing the report. bet this will cost you bettes working a sunday. alot of money or like his partner abrams take a few days off. see she wasnt at work friday but like always either maria larosa or jen carfagno covers. forgot the preakness horse race was this weekend sure her and al roker were covering that since that is what they are experience in. guess people wanted to know how wet the horses and riders got

  44. well like always bettes is there where storm was saying how bad. you have spent all the 1000 of dollars for machines put in those vans and yet there was no way to pre warn those people so not all the deaths and hurt. see abrams is finally covering a weather story but like her partner after storm not before. if that how good those vans and crew are i would park them and do away with team. since other weather stations are predicting more storms they will be leaving and people like jim cantore will cover and try to help like always. what is new york going to do for weather since your number one reporter not there. oh thats right the people will take care of it like always. guess time to go find another station to watch. dont like watching people trying make theirselfs look good and important because of someone else miss fortune

  45. well see your number one reporter abrams still at site saying how bad is after the storm like her former bettes. of course after yesterday i notice she is there with her hero al roker of course since he isnt weather man dont know why hes there. oh thats right abram cant go report anywhere without him at her side. but of course like always the atlanta team the ones you left there are covering the rest. people like jim cantore is at site but they always go and cover weather with no excuses not like your big three roker,bettes,and abrams. like she said before her name isnt on schule dont know why. she is on the space camp hall of fa,me. i dont know what new york is doing without their two great reporter abram and roker. it would be something to see if something happen to atlanta site that they couldnt work and that would show people where the real talent was. not in new york or with bettes in that van hiding somewhere waiting for someone to have trouble so he could look good on their missfortune

  46. well at least you dont have bettes setting in his van safe from everything. guess you have him hiding safe somewhere else instead on there acting like he is helping. see you have your other two top reporters abrams and roker on jershey shore showing they are fix and going to open on weekend how about the people that still are not in a home with their famlies which they were promise almost a year ago by the president new york mayor and governor but you see any of them. see president finally after a week to okalahoma of choresthey are going to have service for people and him and his friend from fema will be promise the people of help and be with them until they are in homes. just like N.J. and N.Y. good thing maria LaRosa is doing her job or we wont have any weather reports. roker acting like something he has never been and abrams what do you have horse race or dog show for her to go to. maybe a award for going to too two bad storms all year with herclose friend al roker.

  47. yesterday bettes was hiding again in atlanta but showing film of storm chasers in kansas. today he is out in kansas but as anyone can see where he is at there is enen rain yet they show a life threatening storm may come but he isnt even close like always. also see your other two great weather reporters are back in new york. notice most of your re[porters like santore when they go to site they report but also give a hand with the people in need but your your great three abrams,bettes and roker does nothing but stand there and say how bad it is too bad they really dont know what it feels like

  48. does anyone from nbc read these or even care. see again bettes is away from all the storms which he is suppose to be finding tracking and warning people but every day he comes on show on video bad storms but he is standing with not even wind blowing. then abrams in new york with her buddy al roker but when it comes to forcast they go to the girls in atlanta. what use is the station in new york al roker,abrams and bettes. seems just wasted money for things and people taking credit for what other people do. if it came to these three people the weather channel would not even be around. reporting on something a day or two later does no one any good so why waste time and money with these three wonder people. you should really give credit to the people that get this show going

  49. i guess you think you show abrams outside reporting on what. like her buddy bettes. after the storm and if any one notice she is still in new york. she dont go far with out roker. how about that big storm that hit last night oh thats too far and sure bettes is far away from that one and any others that happen today. oh today is friday and he has to go back to atlanta. storm chaser down work weekends or nights. it would be interesting to see everyone in atlanta have just one day off it would show how good your big three reporters are and who really keeps this show going not them

  50. well finally you gave the people that are on tv every weekend day off but who is on abrams. of course it dont show where shes at but i am sure she not far from roker. see over people in okal. the big story one of your vans got caught in storm and flip. its bad that happen but all you people say that bettes just got a few scratches. how about the other two or dont than count. the picture they show bettes is in back sleeping. well since you have someone on that dont really report on weather guess will have to find another source of weather. she has been talking about weather that happen 2 days ago and already reported. i am sure there is alot of weather today to talk about. of thats right she has to wait until its sent to her from atlanta seeing yesterday her and roker were reporting on the shore yesterday and how it was fix. why didnt they report on people still waiting to get into a home that they were promise over a year ago

  51. well here is another statement but sure nothing will happen. see you put a real meterolgist Maria LaRosa. guess al roker wasnt close and abrams dont want to be to far away or you had a horse race or award she had to go to. now the big news about poor mike bettes. like always its about bettes. well like stated with all the experience should have known better but they were proably trying to get back to atlanta so bettes could hide in station again. one true statement he made this is the first time he was close to storm. proably didnt have all those fancy machines on to show there was a storm. now he can see how all these people that get stuck in these storms because he dont do his job he is suppose to be doing. only storm chaser i ever seen that works a regular 8 hours no weekends nights or holiday. he got film that someone else gets just like his other two partners abrams and roker. i guess have to listen about poor mike for a week. about the driver and the camera man guess they dont count.

  52. it is really bad i see finally say something about those three brave meteroligist that was doing there job and not running home were killed and finally you say something. yesterday yo have mike bettes on telling how bad he had it. well if they were not just out run it which anyone knows you cant and what do i see on here now how mike bettes survive the storm still dont hear nothing about other to people. that iswhat it is when you are not of the three top people. he made one true statement this was his first time close to storm usually he is 2 or 3 states away.guess if he wasnt trying to get back to atlanta he wouldnt got caught in storm. guess time to find another station because all that is being talk about how bettes made it through the storm. guess he will be the next one to get a award

  53. here goes another comment you people dont do anything with. see the belmont horse race was this weekend that will be big news on monday sure two of your two reporters albrams and roker were proably there to see if maybe the horse got rain on them. i see your number 3 reporter bettes is off guess that crash that he cause gets all week off but sur the other two had to go back to work the next day. you dont have to worry see the people in atlanta are keeping things going but will never get credit some how the dynamite three will get credit for it all

  54. Speed kills, Del.

  55. BINGO!

  56. well see your wonder boy bettes finally back after completely destroy that van put one of the men in hospital dont know about other a first year meterolgist would have known you dont try to out run a storm of course he was proably in hurry to get home since he dont work weekends and put those guys life in danger since he is suppose to be the experience storm chaser and see him he dont even have a scratch. i guess you will be giving him a award like your other one abrams. see her and her hero talking about the farmers but never been on a farm. sure they were at the lelmount past weekend since they report on all horse races. you people shouldfeel lucky the other peole in atlanta dont go to company that would give tem the credit they deserve not like you giving bettes,roker andabrams. guess bettes will be hiding under those girls skirts the rest of the year since destroy that van since he dont report on any weather like his partner abrams

  57. see bettes still hiding under girls skirt in atlanta station. act like he is forcast weather like his two abrams and roker. people ought to take a good look at photo of other two men that were in that van how they arehurt and cut up and look at their leader bettes there isnt a scratch on him but he got a week off and like all year he hides in station like his counter part in new york abrams that was brought up before dont ever go out on assignment. when those storms were up in new york instead of your great reporters abrams and roker cover them people in atlanta were sent. bettes suppose to be experience storm chaser yet he put those other guys life in danger to try to out run a storm so he could get home. someone just starting out knows you dont try to out run those storms and you proably either promote bettes or give him a award.

  58. i came to see maybe your wonder boy was out on assignment but no there was bettes acting like he was forcasting weather. of course he is doing just like the other one in new york with her award for being in hall of fame of space camp. depend on the other people in atlanta to give them what to say and do so they get the credit. any other place a experience employee that destroyed a piece of expensive equipment put other peoples lives in danger instead of being praise and pat on their back would have been gone but like people in new york they are good at reporting on horse races beauty shows and everything else except anything about weather and get credit for doing such a good job. bet that the guy is laying in hospital because bettes was in ahurry to get home and he is being made like he is great and they get nothing. you people are really bad, no wonder this show is going down the tubes.

  59. The Weather Channel Is Entering Trash TV Category! Maybe We Need To Say PG Ratings Are In Order! Many Of The JUNK Series’ Are Using Profanity!! Bleeping Is Going On! The Local On 8’s Has Been Drastically Shortened!! They Used To Give Lots More Information! They Used To Give Us The Air Quality Report, The School Day Forecast, The Picture Icons & Writing Used To Be Bigger! The Almanac Was Also Shown Giving Us A Chance To See Normal High/Low, Record High/Low For Ea. Day & The Actual High/Low For The Previous Day! The Also Used To Show The Getaway Forecast. I Understand There’s Internet But When Watching TV, It’s More Personal, Informative & People Don’t Want To Go Computer Hopping If Watching TV. That’s Why It’s Called THE WEATHER CHANNEL!! I So Agree W/The Previous Comments.

  60. well see your number reporter is reporting on space craft but one has nothing to do with weather has her tablet getting weather from atlanta and see there is someone kenndy space center talking about shuttle so why is she there. of thats right shes in the hall a fame for space camp. of course that like i see al roker giving weather but he is no meteroligist oh thats right you bought station and you can make him one like making bettes a storm chaser almost getting two other guys killed and he comes out without a scratch but is made to look good. i usually dont watch this bad show wake up with al but heard that abrams was down making like she knew something about the shuttles surprise she that far from roker. another one of those bad decision made or made that is what was promise to the great three

  61. you people think people cant see like abrams see is in N.Y. and we all know there isnt equipment to forcast but like her partner hide in atlanta bettes that all the other people do all the work and they ,ake your fablous three bettes,abram,and roker good. and look at the pictures of that accident in that storm where that man that was in that van how hurt and cut up he is but you look at pretty boy bettes he dont even have a scratch. yey he is doing what he did all year hide under all those people there to make him look good. look at abramsgoes out reportson shuttle return yet have to have people fro nasa to tell about it yet she is in hall of fame for space camp but dont know anything about it. i know it hurts all the good people that are there but i believe this whole program should be taken off since it is all around three people that do nothing and get credit for people that really try to inform the public.since you wont get rid of the fakes

  62. well see you both your two big reporters abrams and bettes but cant see why you brought her to atlanta. there isnt any dog races,horse races beauty pagnet and she usually is not far from roker but then i see roker is in orlando guess he is reporting on mickey mouse. see under bettes name instead of storm chaser now its meteroglist. with all the real ones their guess they both can hide under them to look good. oh see roker talking about oka. from florida but guessagain send someone to cover it but not your top three guess cant afford another van destroyed well since you have your two so called meteroglist in atlanta time to go to another station that really does what they are suppose to do. inform the public. guess maybe can come back on weekend when the real ones are there unless the fablous 3 may for a change work then will not.

  63. well was wandering why abrams was in atlanta station friday but it all came to light when that little girl of make a wish waswith jen carfagno and they were telling of her wish and who was crowding into photo the storm chaser that ruin that van and almost got rid of two others and there is number two reporter acting like doing her job but see she is back close to her buddy depending on others to do er job for her. dont know where you have bettes hiding. see erica and alex is covering for him. dont know what chicago will do since thats only city bettes knows but new york ok its got it hero back

  64. well see your wonder boy bettes is back under the people in atlanta guess all that hiding he needed a few days off. also see abrams back in new york closeto her buddy roker for holiday. see now on today all of a sudden he is the meterolgist there guess after buying weather channel you can give him that title even thogh never went and got the degree of course right amount of money you can buy anything. back to abrams see she is telling how those poor fireman lose there lies. to bad she does know what she is talking about. see you are losing another good reporter in eric fisher. hate see him going but he will be better off since all you people have are 3 people you care about and take care of, abrams,bettes,and roker.

  65. see bettes is still hiding under everyone in atlanta to make him look good. why isnt he sent out with your hurracane crew. of maybe you cant afford him to destroy another van. see abrams is back at new york talking about things she dont know about or ever around. oh thats right she has to be near the new meteroligist al roker. that shows what money buys never when to school but now all of sudden he became one even got his own show and has a female at his side no matter where he goes. as days go on you make this show so bad. if it wasnt for the good people still here i am sure you would lose the whole production.i like how the ones in new york can talk about farming and what the people go through and never been on a farm or work there.. of course they cant even do the job they were trained for. money talking again. maybe someone will finally see what going on and put a show on for the people instead of what you can put in your pocket and maybe finally help the public like it started out to do in beginnig but not now

  66. i am sure either no one at nbcreads these or just ignore them. see your wonder boy bettes is hiding inside while other go outside covering story of course there is nothing for him to destroy or get other people hurt. see abrams is on in new york talking about weather in florida and about how bad and why the farmers have it so bad but dont really know nothing about either. like since you brought weather channel you can make roker a meterologist not ever been to school but it like abrams in hall of fame of space camp. a weekago she was suppose to cover story on weather change of course she had julie martain there who does go out to cover stories to help. guess have to go find someplace else for weather until weekend when your 3 great people dont work and the real people that forcast weather are on and not getting on internet to get their information so they look good

  67. well see this morning you had two meterolgist jen carfagno and mr wolf. then all of i sudden here comes your favorite number 2 bettes which is still hiding there under people. then he is suppose to be hurricane finder and storm chaser yet he has to go ask mr perkins about the storms. i guess you cant send him out because ypu cant afford him destroying more equipment and putting more peoples lives in danger plus when he is out there you always run the opposite of storm so he does no good for the public. see abrams not there guess her and roker had big weekend and need time to rest. plus know you dont treport on weather unless roker is at her side. maybe there was a horse race or maybe her and roker her telling the president how he can change the weather. i was always taught that only one person has control of weather but guess that has changed and everything is controlled here. guess thats way the people dont get the real truth from your station just what you want them to hear and see

  68. maybe you can explain something to everyone. i see it is space week at nasa. why dont you have the space camps hall a famer abrams down there to report and answer all question. you would think she would have no problem but of course she would be away from number one al roker then unless he can get away from the today show since he is so important. havent seen bettes but i am sure hes hiding under someone skirt in atlanta

  69. see all of sudden abrams talking about all these bad storms but never goes out to cover any. always horse races ,concerts,beauty shows and she is always with roker who knows nothing about weather except what he is told. like this week is space week and who is in colorado cover it jen carfagno not your hall of fame for space camp abrams guess roker cant get away from today since he is so important and we know abrams wont go to far from him for some reason. you would think with schooling and training she want to work what she knows but guess other things more important. havent seen bettes and where he is being hide. hope you didnt put him on one of those planes looking for storms. they are real expensive and not like those vans there is no escape if you do something stupid like last time.

  70. see abrams taking about something she know about but since she is just like herhero al roker just on a station telling something someone else does. because we know they dont have equipment in new york to forcast and it all comes out of atlanta. like all these years on today all these people left or was promoted roker was never moved up but since you purchase the weather channel and screw it up now he has his own show with his admirer abrams but she get all her information from atlanta who make her look good along side with roker. she talking about texas having high temperature but even grade school student knows it get hot there. but thats your number one reporter. see jen carfagnon is back from space week which your expert from space camp abrams should have gone but guess roker couldnt go so too far for them to be apart plus roker would be shown how he dont know weather without her at his side

  71. well see which is unusual abrams on tv forcasting weather on monday. guess roker was busy and see had no horse races or concerts to report on durning weekend and she is acting like she did all these forcast even thou it came from atlanta where thr real forcasters are. see also your number 2 is back bettes. guess all that hiding under the people in atlanta he needed time to rest up. him likehis partner in new york dont go out and cover and report on weather stories they let the others do it and then they take the credit for it. as it seems alot of your good people are starting to see what you are doing and slow leaving there and soon or later you may realize what your problem is but will be too late and stuck with your 3 great ones that dont do or know anything without them bettes on now acting like he knows what he is sayiong and like always the only city he knows is chicago. of course the other one just knows New York.

  72. went to your station andone see bettes gone again guess needs more rest. then abrams comes on talking about how bad heat is there but she proably hasnt been in it.what do i see one of the people that was in atlanta mike sidel is in new jersey showing how bad it is. yet we here how you have to lay people off or fire them yet you have one that is in the hall of fame for space camp and your top reporter made meteroglist al roker for the today show but they cant go report on it. wouldnt surprise me they never get in heat someone has their cars running and cool plus in a building so again it shows that it not how good a person is at their job but how much money they have and who they know. abrams always has a excuse why she dont go out but anyone with a little sense can see the real reason. she reports and comes to work when see feels like it then the people in atlanta does all her forcasting and she act like see did it. like the fony al roker he never did his own weather forcasting. bettes can go around how he is a great storm chaser but yet go out destroy a very expensive equipment pluswhen he is out when a storm comes he goes opposite direction goes 2 or 3 states away and when itsover he comes back saying how bad it was but if he would do his job maybe there wouldnt be so may hurt people yet he still is so call working. but like jen carfano she works almost every weekend and yet she has been on air all week plus she goes out to report on weather but dont get the credit she reserves. someone there needs to realize who the people that keep this station going is and get rid of the ones that just collect money and do nothing but take credit for the work someone else does

  73. what comes on abrams talking about why she became a meterolgist. about because thatswhat her parents paid for. like one time a short time back jim cantore ask her why she never goes out to report on weather and she said because her number never came up but people know why. and when she does report on anything it has nothing to do with weather and she never goes far unless her side kick al roker is with her. thats another. if you check his bio he has never been to school for it has the name and thats all and since you purchase twc all of a sudden he got his own show. never moved to front desk on today. the one big accomphlishment was going to hospital and had fat removed. once willard on today show retired roker moved up and for his forcast like his partner abrams comes from people in atlanta if they had to do their own people wouldnt have one.

  74. i see like all week mike siedel from atalanta is up in new york reporting on the heat wave but you have your number 1 and 2 people there but dont report on it but come monday they will be saying how bad its been yet not working it. oh thats right they dont work on weekends and why should they go out in heat when you can send someone else out in it and abrams and roker can take the credit for it just like bettes does hiding in atlanta and then come out and take credit for other peoples work. to bad the two abrams and bettes dont go and do the job they went to school to learn. guess if they can set back and let other people do the job and they can take the credit plus get paid for it. maybe people will see who really do the job and are trying to keep public inform and the other are just there collecting money thinking of theirselfs

  75. well see your to wonder reporters are back talking about high heat that they have been hiding from. see bettes finally crawl out from under neath who ever he has been hiding. now he is telling all about the heat and why. of couse abrams doing the same in new york but everyone knows she not out sweating up those new dresses and hair does. and of course never far from al roker espically when they dont have to worry people in atlanta are doing their job and they can take credit for it and that dont mean bettes hes hiding somewhere waiting to see what he can destroy or until someone gives him what to say

  76. why dont you people put bettes where he start after you started that new york station with his partner abrams and before changing name thinking people wouldnt fiqure it out. of course that would get in the way of abrams tv time and being with her hero has been and meterologist wish to be al roker. that way bettes wouldnt been in atlanta under all those people taking credit for something he and abrams didnt do. i would like to see communication between atlanta and new york be block for a few days and people could really see who is doing their job to give the public forcast and not just run their mouth taking credit for other peoples work. that way too you would have your three that are not worth what they attempt to do.

  77. well see bettes still at atlanta acting like he makes forcast and knows all about hurracanes. to bad if it wasnt for those people there he would be standing there sayimg nothing like abrams on all her forcast in ny but if it wasnt for those ipads like i seen roker with yesterday they wouldnt be saying anything. like they were ask before why they never go out on assignment cover these storms and abram said her number dont come up. i guess its better to lie than say nothing. even the two girls jen carfagno and maria larosa go out but your two experts abrams and bettes dont never go out except bettes went out play as storm chaser destroyed van and look how bad he got the two other in van hurt. but yet he was to be in van too but when they talk to him he said how scare he was but you didnt see one little scratch. the other two were shown in hospital all bandage up. that is really odd. bettes should be sent back to ny station where he was with his partner until you change name and so the team roker and abrams could be together. that way the three that dont know what they are saying can be together

  78. dont know what you people from NBC is trying to pull. weekend was only time you could go to twc and really get weather information without having to listen to the three that dont know nothing but take credit for other peoples work. like bettes a experience storm chaser yet destroys a very expensive van plus put two people in hospital very badly hurt and he didnt get a scratch and i go to see weather and who is there mike bettes talking about cost of summer he cant even do his own forcast but of course he cant do the job he went to school. like abrams look she good at going to kentucky derby with al roker or any horse or dog race. cover beauty shows or concerts but not weather. like last month it was something to do with the outer space progra,m and space camp and instead of your hall of fame person of space camp which was proably brought because she has never done anything special and llok at all the people before and after her never got in but does she go and report of that no but jen carfagno went and did. guess she would have been to far and too long away from roker. what about this now al roker is a meteroligist now and never been to school. guess since you purchase the weather channel he can become one since all these years he been on today and hasnt had his own show he got one now that no one likes but you. didnt think you could make this styation any worst but guess i was wrong.guess you are going to keep destroying it until you are force off the air which seem not far away. just to bad for the people that really try to do a good job and they will get the bad end. people like your big three of bettes,abram and roker you will take care of but the other you dont care about its not hard to see.

  79. well see your number 3 wonder boy back. guess like your other one in new york 5 days in a row is too much for them to work. hes back reporting what the other people have done just like your 2 aces in new york. you should fill lucky your other people enjoy doing their work and dont mind you letting the big 3 using it and taking the credit. maybe some day you will realize who really keeps this program going and its not that big 3

  80. well guess since bettes so called worked a couple days in the row have to have time off. what do we see abrams is on jershey shore showing how its running how they came back from sandy. thats good how about the people that still are not in a home. guess you dont want show how all promises all these state and federal people promise still like always do. as for abramssure roker isnt far away if he isnt there with her. they never go far from each other. you would think they were a couple. of course since you falsely give roker a title as meterolist and never been to school you just buy a weather channel that just shows what money does like abrams get put in hall of fame for space camp doing nothing special. at least see mrs carfano got a couple days off even though see had to work over 9 days in a row. your famous three is lucky to work 5 in a row and that dont happen with 2 of them abrams and bettes but they are special

  81. well big news roker sleeps in but like always the weather dont come from him or abrams comes from atlanta from the real meterolgist same ones that cover show but something that wasnt brought up abrams missing too isnt that strange. sure they both will be back today taking credit for weather reports they dont do. suppose you people will give them a raise or maybe some time off to rest like wonder boy bettes. no worry you have all those people that day after day that make those three look good and seem like they know what they are doing. when are you going to make roker senior meteroligist since you can give him a title as a meteroligist and not even go to school just be there until someone leaves or like you buy a weather channel.

  82. see bettes crawl out from under neath his rock and should up to act like he made forcast and reporting it. hes like his partners abrams and roker. if not for all the other people inatlanta they wouldnt know what to say but NBC lets them get away with it.

  83. went to weather channel and what i see bettes there 2 days in a row but no one has to worry Maria LaRosa and the rest of people in atlanta is there to straighten anything he screws up plus there is no equipment or people he can destroy. see sbrams is telling all about new york weather and what it should be. good thing she has her computer so she can get that information from atlanta because we know she hasnt been doing her profession she went to school for to busy reporting on horse races dog shows and how i man president obama can change the weather i was taught there was one person that can do that and he is not on earth. now she talking on charolette and dont get past her camera on stage and her hero al roker and we know they dont have equipment there to forcast so wheres it come from of yes atlanta. have you people made anyone else a meteroglist like you did for al roker since you brought the station. if you go to his profile it shows he went to a community college for business and thats all but yet now he has a degree. maybe you are going to have him put into hall of fame of space camp like abrams. it just takes some more money

  84. well what do i see today Jen Carfagno on the road reporting but yet your other 3 great ones are hiding inside bettes hiding behind Maria LaRosa like always saying about weather everywhere but he doesnt do nothing. come friday if he makes it that far hegoes home for weekend but the one on the road see works the weekend how about the two other greats abrams and roker roker is given a show finally after all these years but not on station hes been on all these years. it took you to buy a station plus he dont go to school for ameteroligst but with right amount of money now he has a title. just like abrams being put in hall of fame of space camp. she didnt get it for something she has done. like bettes and roker they hide and wait for other people to do the work and they take the credit. all would happen is they made to do it once and people would see where everything really comes from. all they have to do is see what happen one time they let bettes make the calls and a very expensive van was destroyed and two men are very lucky they still are alive. of course the way you peopledo we havent heard of them since those photos when they were in the hospital maybe you did your usual blame them and fired tem since it seems beetes has got nothing but praise.

  85. well see bettes was able to make another show but like always maria has everything under control. he looks like he has been working and has all the facts like his partnerabrams but to be known people like maria and other a truly the ones doing the work and forcasting. see you have jen carfagno back in time for her to do weekend. your gret three hard to say where they will be they have hard time showing up 5 days in a row as was said before their number isnt ever pick. plus the three together proably together could run one show. guess on weekend weather doesnt or anyone cares in new york. that station never runs weekend oh thats right atlanta takes care of it from atlanta so why was the waste of money use to start and run the station in new york. we hear how you are cutting cost but you have 3 people that are useless abrams,bettes,roker looking good because of other people and a station that only runs 5 days and part of the time it got to be cover by the atlanta station.

  86. well I just came home from having surgery and thought I see if by a small miracle something change to the better. what do I hears abrams is talking about the bad heat wave going through Atlanta lets see normal is 87 degrees and two days out of the seven temperature is going to a big 90 the rest are at normal or below anyone with a grade school education can see it is no big heat wave of course she proably never had to sweat. seeing see don’t seem to get out studio in new ypork or away from al roker another make believe meterolgist. then bettes gets on there talking about the one city that seems he only knows Chicago. and he proably never been there. of course if wasn’t for all the other people at Atlanta thoser three wouldn’t know what to say.

  87. look what is on two people talking about hot weather that never goes out to report on it. bettes that stays behind maria larosa that makes him look like heknows what he talks about but never goes on a assignment. then there isabram who is never far from al roker and you never see him out in weather but they know all about it.

  88. guess we will hear how poor abrams worked the holiday. of course everything she has said came from the people that do the true reporting. proably biggest reason she was working roker was working or maybe he had to go be with his family. of course didn’t see your other great on bettes. guess hiding at home. at least you finally have another meterolgist with maria

  89. well what do we see your number one storm chaser back after 4 days off forcasting for the country. that’s a joke. of course like always maria larosa there covering for him. maybe he can make 4 days hiding we know he don’t go out reporting on weather. what don’t we see number two abrams guess she will have to rest up so she can read what the people from Atlanta put together for her shes like bettes they don’t do the work but take credit forit.

  90. well guess having to hide takes a lot out of one of your top people. even though bettes had 4 days off in a row see after two days he need a day off. I see yesterday he is a expert now in farming. what you going to send him out to see if he can destroy someone farms. see abrams was acting like see was doing all that forcasting but we know it came out of Atlanta from someone else and then see is talking about whales we know see cant leave new York or al rokers side so we know those pictures wasn’t something she did. guess that’s how you teach them get on there and lie and act like how hard you work like you have done all these years with roker make it look like he is a meteroligist which he never went to school. on his bio it even says he went to a community college which he study business then he went to news station got in weather part and just waited for the head to leave or die and he was put in position. now since you purchase a weather channel you made him one. again that’s what money can do. make someone that is nothing to someone that is great

  91. well surprise bettes didn’t take another 4 days off. back today but we know he didn’t make any of the reports or forcast himself . like always someone else does the work and wonder boy takes credit unless he was out working that farm he was talking about the other day. see talking about the weather and wallet but like him and his partner abrams they let someone else go out to investigate and make reort and they read it on air and take credit. that’s to beneath them to go out theirselfs. of see no abrams guess her and roker had other things to do what is there a dog or horse race to cover. that station in new York should be shut down since it is useless. get rid of the free loaders abrams,bettes,and roker. they don’t do nothing but take advantage of other peoples work. they don’t work weekend and two of them have a hard time showing up for 5 day in a row. that’s abrams and bettes and roker has never been a big name always under someone else on the today show.

  92. don’t know if anyone reads these but finally abrams and bettes show up on Monday. of course bettes is trying to impress alex thought he just got married but hope alex can see through his smoke screen and now what he truly is living off all her hard work because he don’t do any since alex worked weekend and bettes was hiding at home. of course abrams all she is attach to al rokers coat tails of course don’t know why he don’t know anything either but live off someone else work. id he was force to forcast the weather without someone else help there wouldn’t be one. good to see you brought another meteroligist but your famous three will try to drain from alex likethey do all the others.

  93. I guess you people don’t listen. last year bettes was a storm chaser until he went out destroyed a van and almost killed to other men without him getting a scratch. now hes a meteroligist but don’t show up half the time. how do you do your job never there? oh yes like abrams and roker someone else does the work and they take credit. I see he is a expert on football now. but those three never go out and cover any of these items. now we can see why this has gone to the worst show on tv

  94. I guess you think people are not very smart. you put that station in new York for one so you could make al roker something he isn’t. then you want people to believe they have the equipment to forcast but yet it is the people in Atlanta that do it and they take the credit. oh lets not forget bettes him hiding under all the people there that make him look good. he don’t do the work either. don’t know how much longer those three special people are going to get away with this of course look at al roker he has been doing it for years on today. cant see how abrams can be proud of taking credit for things that see never did is that what people paid for her to go to school for living off other peoples hard work which you let them

  95. how can you put twopeople on tv reporting on places they don’t even go. bettes don’t ever get from under all the people in Atlanta. they proably bring a car in the place to pick him up to go home so he don’t have to get out in weather. like abrams in new York if roker ever stop quick shed proably knock ghim down. they only know two cities new York and Chicago. like always who giving the weather Maria LaRosa. abrams talking about heat but you never see her go out to report on any weather so how would see know. dettes talking about floods what someone fill his bath tub with too much water. what ypou going to wait until hurracaine season is over and maybe send your number one storm chaser out of course you will have to send someone with him to make decision and hold his hand. of course from the last time maybe no one wants to go with him being afraid they may end up in hospital from him leading. of course you could send his partner abrams since she talks she knows a lot about storms of course you will have to send roker too since they cant be apart

  96. I see your two make believe meteroligist abrams and bettes on there talking about storms and flooding in col. but yet one is safe hiding in new York and the other in Atlanta hiding under all those people waiting to be given what to say. even that disaster in new jersey close to abrams and she couldn’t go report on that she had to stay close to roker seen her at 6 am there by him. you prioably send someone from Atlanta to cover it but we know it wont be bettes. like col who was there mike sidel but abrams was on telling him all about it even though he was there and see hasn’t left her protection al roker. up early and I turn on to hear about storms and who was there reporting jen carfagno and your other two wonder people cant show up for their regular show. there is jen carfagno that works durning the day on the weekend and there she is working that late part but yet the other two get all the credit for doing nothing. I think maybe you should be reported for all what you do. like making al roker a meterolist just because you bought station and he was never to school. thatsjust a start. getting tired seeing you screw over all the good people just for 3 people that never do there job

  97. see bettes back this morning talking about how bad it was in col. this weekend and now. that’s good since he was hiding at home under his wife I guess and let people like mike sidel that’s been out there all week. someone else that does the work and he takes credit of course guee nothing he can destroy there since mother nature took care of that and I am sure a lot of people are a little afraid to work with the experience storm chaser that got two people put in intensive care put yet that night he was able to say how bad that was how scare he was but yet didn’t even had a little scratch on him and he was suppose to be in same van. I guess abrams had a bigg week and Saturday and sunday since couldn’t show up for that show that is suppose to be so important that you had to do away with good people to produce it. what they have some kind of race or maybe they had to go to miss America and make sure they didn’t rain on all those people. we know it had nothing to do with weather. no worry like always this time Maria LaRosa cover for her. of course bettes should be up there to cover since he help open that show and they were both sent from Atlanta together to do it. oh that’s right didn’t want anyone in the way of the two greats there abrams& roker

  98. The weather channel just sucks nowadays, bottom line. Everyone else pretty much hit the main points so no use repeating them.

  99. who do I see reporting on flooding disaster in colo Jen Carfagno but where is storm chaser Bettes hiding in Atlanta. of course hewould have no van to destroy but I would think he should be there. abrams still not at job must been a real big weekend with her friend roker since they do everything together. now bettes acts like he knows about storms but never goes to any of them. like our federal govt. haven’t seen anyone from the white house or fema there. maybe fema going to come out like they did a few months ago and tell colo like they did texas they weren’t going to help them. thought that was their job. sounds like another we should get rid of since like the white house don’t help the American people just take money for what nobody knows. oh maybe they are saving it for the immigrants if they need it since that is what we want at least that’s what was said on tv.

  100. what do I see this morming guess abrams finally rested up over her weekend. back for a day and giving her expertise on the storm in colo just like bettes and neither one knows what they are saying. yet jen carfagno is still out there and I am sure she will be back tomorrow to host weekend but yet you so call two ones cant show up 5 days in a row. why don’t they go out there. jen has a family and you send her out but yet the two one that is in N.Y. chasing after al roker and the other hiding in Atlanta hiding under all the people there and taking credit for their work they do just like abrams and roker do. then abrams got enough nerve to say her number isn’t pick to go I believe the only number involve is the amount of money to over look her number. bettes I guess you people cant afford for him to destroy more equipment and I am sure people are afraid to work under him seeing what happen to those two guys last time

  101. what are you people doing now. you want to totally screw up weekend. bad enough you screw over jen carfagno she had to go out cover flooding in colo all week then come back to do weekend but you stick her with worthless mike bettes. he cant show up durning the week for 5 days straight. bad enough everyone else has to do all the work and people like him,abrams and roker but now you are trying to make weekends bad with him on. why don’t you make that three trio go out and do the job they are suppose to instead standing back and being like a blood sucker taking credit for work they never do. not these excuses their number don’t come up. its over look while you throw the shaft to the real people trying to do a job and keep the public inform. I hope all the govt. agency see this and do something about it.

  102. I guess since bettes work Saturday he will have to take week off to rest up. and what do I see in new York. there is meetings on climate change and who is cover it. you have make believe meteroligist Al Roker and his friend that is always with him and went to school for it but never does the job Abrams are they covering it. no not working either and you pull Maria LaRosa out of Atlanta and send her there good move we hear about cut backs and lay off but pull stupid acts like that guess you got your ideas from the federal govt because they are pulling same scam on the American people. now I see how you keep going must be getting backing from the president and federal govt. oh that’s right reported before he now has a plan to control climate changes I thought god was the only on that could do that

  103. well what do we see your two great people were able to come back to their job and act like they know what they are doing. also see maria was aloud to come back to her family in Atlanta after abrams came back from where ever or who ever see was. then bettes got rest from having to work Saturday of course he did work all week either but they are your special people nd they get special treatment while you screw over all the others that keep this station running that’s nice you have a person knows all about storms suppose be storm chaser but never goes out to him forcasting weather but never there and there abrams sameway. someone else does all the work andthey take the credit

  104. well see bettes acting like he made forcast and now giving but you see the others do it for him. like we see abrams talking on how bad it is in Denver but she has never left new York of course I am surprise she wasn’t with her close friend and the other make believe meteroligist al roker yesterday at Denver with the vice president doing the president job of course everyone knows that where the vice president go for vacation and skying so that’s why he was there to check on his place. and I believe the other person incharge of fema that promise a lot but never seen anything done. they said they approve 20 million request but damages are in thebillions so that’s nothing and don’t mean anyone will get anything like for sandy and the storm in la. fema locked their doors and you couldn’t find them. if abrams and roker are doing all this forcasting why don’t you show them doing it on all this equipment they have in new York. you wont first because they don’t have it and second proably don’t know how. easier to have people in Atlanta not counting bettes do the work email it and they take the credit

  105. well theres abrams giving forcast on four cities but we know she didn’t do it came from Atlanta like always. its like her going out covering a weather story she don’t her reason is he name isn’t picj making jokes. only weather story she might cover if al roker is with her that way you have two people that don’t know what they are talking about. I am sure bettes is on didn’t stay to find out. just make me sick two people taking advantage of other people work. of course they have a good teacher al roker he has done it all his life since only school he went to was a community college on business.

  106. Ernest, my man, you need to go on vacation from your computer . Bettes and Abrams were doomed from the time NBC purchased TWC. Roker is at best mediocre, he must have something on NBC for him to be teamed with Abrams. TWC has snagged a couple very good meteorologists from Colorado, and now I can’t find them anywhere. NBC is a cancer than needs to be cut out. As some of the earlier e-mails commented, NBC is nothing but far left agendas and changing things so the American public is purposely mis-informed. The more one can dumb down the masses, the more control can be exercised over them

  107. well I guess that’s what you call abrams being on assignment outside new York station talking to people about climate change what roker just up the street. what else bettes is in Tulsa where storms been and gone. guess crew fiqures there safe no van and storms are gone and none in forcast. of course he there telling what it was like what the people should have done and what they need to do now but don’t see him give a hand. I am sure he not far from airport so he can be home by night and he ont danger anyone. hope you are not going to screw up weekend show with him on again. of course look who is taking care of show ;like always so the public has weather, Maria LaRosa, Jen Carfagno and Mr. Wolf whileyour two great ones are acting like they are doing something wouldn’t surprise me someone has already wrote up what they are saying.

  108. I see your two top meteroglist are back from assignment. abrams came in door of station where she was talking about climate change and today she talking about new Orleans wonder where she got her information oh that’s right Atlanta like always. bettes back in Atlanta hiding under Maria LaRosa. of course sure he was back from oka Friday night. it would be a disaster if he was away from home for the weekend but here there acting like all the work with forcast too bad he hasn’t been there for 4 or 5 days you knows all isn’t that a joke

  109. how can abrams even talk about what happen and the people in Denver when her assignment last week was just outside of the new York studio notice not far from al roker and bettes is sent to okla. where there is nothing but hes talking about tornados what he a expert on them now? see like always he hiding in Atlanta under all those people so he can make himself look good like abrams and roker they don’t do none of the work. like last week who was sent to Denver oh Jen Carfagno then she had to come back Friday to help Maria LaRosa cover foryour two great ones plus she worked the weekend she abrams reporting her usual like bettes Chicago and new York. guess only two cities in the us

  110. well today what do I see Mike Bettes saying the reason what happen at jersey shore they built too soon. now he is a contractor engr. he cant forcast weather without someone else doing it or being a storm chaser as he says he is. whats he good at is destroying other peoples property or putting peoples life in danger. when he did go storm chase most of the time he was at least 2 states away. thought they trying to get information so not so many people get hurt or die but hes busy running the other way. she abrams missing again maybe roker needed his hand held. don’t see maria larosa what see get sent out assignment while your wonder people get to hide and see you brought jen carfagno in to cover for your two famous people that cant do their own work.

  111. who do I see cover Denver Maria LaRosa last week was Jen carfagno see abbrams could show up for work. guess roker didn’t need her to hold her hand. but bettes is hiding in Atlanta last week you send him to okala where there is nothing and abrams she was standing outside new York studio talking to people about climate change. of course guess you cant afford bettes to destroy any more equipment and I am sure people don’t want to work with him seeing the last two guys almost lost their lives while bettes didn’t even get a scratch but you made him out something great. of course you do it for bothof them bettes and abrams living off of other people hard work while they do nothing. no wonder your station is head to the gutter and why you are one of the networks that do whatever the white house tells you. you can always get money from them. now I see where roker,abrams and bettes get their ideas. do nothing and get all the credit

  112. this morning what do we see cantore and some new people are covering storm Karen but where is your storm chaser bettes that’s right hiding under everyone in Atlanta. weekendcoming up he don’t work and he maybe in danger and whatelse we see abrams dressed like she going out of course one she wont go that far away from roker and second if there is a slim chance of danger she wont go plus you may miss her hair plus see mike sidel is covering other storm atlas and that has snow and cold weather so either of the three great ones will go to that. they will stand there and talk about them like abrams is doing right now but she not going there if they really did their job and not stand back and be like a leech and suck all the credit for what others do they may become good meteorologist. but rokers done it all his life and no hope for him and he is teaching these other two so guess they will be just like him and you do nothing but incourage it since it puts money in your pocket and don’t care about the public

  113. I go to twc on the weekend so I get the weather and not have to listen to the 3 make believes metoroglist first I see Maria LaRosa which is good but what do I see mike bettes you finally make him work on weekend but he in station hiding under all those people instesd of outside as the storm chaser he is suppose to be guess don’t get my weather in this weekend. what you have abrams and roker covering a storm that’s over too. or is there a horse race they are covering. you people try to make it worst instead of better.

  114. well what do I see bettes there what he hide there all night. but like always hide under people like Maria LaRosa. you going to keep him hide there until you hire new people that hear what he did too those other two and then send them with him. that’s like sending lambs with the wolf. now hes try to talk to the hurricane experts like he knows what hes talking about. what don’t we see abrams taking about the marine base of course I guess she is like her close friend al roker money will buy you anything. guess she expert in anything even if never done or been around. like roker never even took a lesson in weather just business and he has a title of meteroligist better hope nothing happens you cant get forcast from weather channel roker or abrams would be able to forcast weather if they did have the equipment. abrams been to busy chasing after people like roker to make herself a name to even practice what she went to school to do what a waste of course I guess you have a good body wear the right kind of clothes and never say no to anything and some money and you get anything even if you don’t deserve it or at someone elses expense like all three of them roker,abrams,and bettes their families ought be real proud of them it proably don’t even bother them how bad they hurt other people we know you dont

  115. there is no one that’s wants to watch wake up with al you have one that all these years he has stood around waiting for someone to retire or die to get title like he has all these years on today without going to any kind of school al roker and the other goes to school but hangs unto a has been hoping to make a name for her self abrams while they both live off the hard work of the people in Atlanta weather channel of let us not forget about that hides under people like jen carfagno,jim cantore, maria larosa and hides at the station there

  116. we see bettes talking about bad storms out west and costal storms but he never comes out from under his hiding place in Atlanta station. I wander how he goes home maybe they have parking inside station that way he never has to go outside. at least a few weeks ago abrams stood outside station in new York asking about climate change I guess that was suppose to be her assignment on the road that way she did that and wasn’t away from al roker. of course haven’t seen her today maybe she is over in NBC station holding rokers hand since there is storms coming up coast but notice everyone is out reporting on them all but your 3 top people one hiding in Atlanta and the other 2 in new York station buildings

  117. what do we see abrams comes back to work and talking about rain in new jersey shore but don’t know how she is like her friend bettes she don’t go outside reporting on weather. she spend all her time beside al roker. wander if that’s what her family had plan when they sent her school to be all over a has been reporter and take all the hard work that other people do so she can be beside so call great al roker making a name for her self but not by her own hard work no what others do and take credit of course she has good teacher rokers do that all his life and NBC let him do it. oh what I see no bettes today guess showing up four 4 days in a row was hard and he needs a long weekend off

  118. see abrams and roker are back after longrest. what abrams taking about storms out west but never live al rokers side that a good one likeher buddy and storm chaser mike bettes that never leaves the people in Atlanta weather channel station that make all three of them look like they know what they are doing and not doing. oh I see bettes still not back guess those four days in a row he so call worked really tired him out needs more time off to rest. no problem everyone else will cover for him. I see a lot of the new people covring storms out west at least they are not destroying equipment or putting people in hospital

  119. well like always see other people out reporting on bad weather while like abrams in new York saying how bad and how it happen but never leaves station and this morning like her buddy bettes guess Chicago only city in us of yes they talk about new York at least for 5 days. guess those cities disappear on weekend. of course see abrams showed up but roker couldn’t forcast without her. see bettes is still not back. guess all those days he work in a row were too much. guess time for another promotion what are you going to make him now

  120. well this morning again abrams acting like she did the forcast and try to explain but yet she acts like a teenager with the cute act hoping no one notice she really don’t know what she is saying also bettes still gone guess those days in arrow he worked was too much. he don’t have to worried other people will take up slack. maybe he is having a relaps from his accident with that storm. or maybe he fiqures like abrams and roker why worry someone is doing the work and they can take the credit for it

  121. well what do I see this morning after almost two weeks mike bettes back. be glad it wasn’t more than 4 days in a row he work. he might have to take a month off. yet he come back had all the forcast and news about everywhere. like his buddy abrams she talking all about texas how hot and bad but never left roker side. if she really went and practice what she went to school for you proably become very good and feel she earned it. guess that don’t matter of course look at the teachers she has al roker which has live off of other peoples work for well over 20 years and bettes is doing the same inatlanta now. I would feel bad being like a leech

  122. should have party Bettes made two days in a row to work. seen abrams in new York talking again about things sheknows nothing about. since her and roker are good friends with president they ought to talk to him maybe he would put them on staff. he likes hiring people that don’t know their job but always say and do what he says. that way you could hire some real metoroligist for there that care about reporting to the public about weather. now bettes is trying to act like he knows about storms to the experts. I hope this doesn’t mean he will be on the weekend. that’s the only time you can watch and get the weather. if he is going to be on weekend time to watch something else

  123. so what do i see i go to show and someone in their great wisdom screw up weekend show by putting bettes on. he cant show up durning the week show you fiqure you will see how bad you can make weekend by putting someone that dont do his job andlives off of other peoples hard work. what going to make it worst by putting abrams on too. no that wont work she has to be close to roker. guess have to go somewhere else to watch weather.

  124. at least you didnt screw up whole weekend. she bettes not there today. guess that means he will have to take another 2 weeks off to rest up to work maybe 2 or 3 days. must be nice to be so special destroy equipment almost get people killed and then hide and live off of other peoples hard work. like other two you have in new york abrams and roker of course roker done it all his life. good teacher of course you keep rewarding him for it and now you have two more just like him. if all the good people got tired of you screwing over them and walk away people would see what you are all about but with ecomny you know they have families and cant so you keep throwing the shaft to them

  125. to surprise what do we see mike bettes showing up for work. of course he hides great under all the people at atlanta station. he likes his partner in new york good at living off of others hard work. they wouldnt know what to do if they had to do it on their own. oh thats right the last time you had bettes take charge destroyed a van and almost got rid permanently two peole. guess thats why you keep him hid under the people at weather station. abrams she stays glue to her hero roker.

  126. well 2 days in arow bettes shows up keep this up might make a week of course we know that everyone there makes his forcast up you would have to work your job to learn how to do it. like he was trying to explain about water clouds are shape like a donunt so maria brought one out to show for a excample and what he does take it and take a bite out of it and put back on plate. that just show how considerate he is of other people. does his so call new wife wait on him too. notice abrams not on guess new york dont need weather and i guess the weekend with her hero was too much.

  127. so what jen carfagno up at new york to show abrams how to do her job. little late since you brought her into hall of fame at space camp and since you started that station in new york which only runs 5 days very seldom does weather except what they get from atlanta. like this morning mrs carfagno was talking about weather and abrams talking about dinoscaurs which she proably dont know about that either. i am sure when its time for show at atlanta bettes will be there trying to show his smarts but it is just what someone wrote for him. he should be out in the field doing what he is suppose to like abrams instead of hanging on a has been roker go do what your family paid for you to learn in college not living off of other peoples hard work. of course with bettes i am sure many people are worried to work for him seeing what happen to last two

  128. whats wrong with you people. instead taking mike bettes and send to new york with his partner the way it started out. you take jen carfagno away from her family and send her instead. of course you need to send someone that knows how to do job and bettes is good at destroying equipment and getting people put in hospital. yet abrams talk about everything but weather. oh yes she was talking to al gorge about climate change. guess between her al gorge and the president or going to fix it. my was taught one person was in charge of that and he isnt human or on here on earth but i guess they are better. but like i thought bettes is hiding under maria larosa making himself look good and dont care who he hurts or screw over. just like your company just put money in your pocket dont care about employees and the public

  129. see still keeping Jen Carfagno in new york so your big team of roker and abrams can live off her hard work of course dont see abrams so like her other partner bettes got job that is 5 days and cant show up for that. plus they dont do the forcasting it comes from all the other people. you can buy all weather channels you want and then try to make people meterolgist without ever going to school for it like al roker but it means nothing and it just makes them a leech like they are. so guess you are going to keep trying to do what you are doing to jen carfagno and then she comes back on weekend and do the weekend people can see why people that were with the show left after your takeover.

  130. short message for NBC since they like throwing shaft to good people i did some checking and when you go to your show wake of with al it says early weather reports with meterologist al roker and stephanie. since on national tv one all you have to go to al roker and it says he went to community college for business administration not metorologist. and half the times abrams dont show up so all false statement is a federal offense and i belive the federal trade commission for one will be quite interested in it

  131. see again Jen Carfagno is up doing wake up with al no abraims cant be vacation to get that usually you are to work the job for at least a year.sionce that show was started which is only 5 days she might show up for half of it and she dont talk about weather if she does like the forcast they come from people in atlanta that do itand not hiding mike bettes. cant be going out on assignment the closest to that was the day she stood outside studio there asking people about the weather change. so you people take a woman away from her job and family so one of your make believe like al roker so she can rest. why not send the guy that suppose to start that show with abrams mike bettes instead hiding him in atlanta being like a leech like your other two roker and abrams. roker never been to school for weather just stand back until the true weather person like on today show retires or dies and he just takes the job and the title, thats like that marathon he run after having his fat cut out. saw him start and finish but nothing inbetween. you should everybody else running race but him isnt that strange. i am sure after today show jen carfagno will have to go back to host weekend view. hope you are not going to make show bad last week by putting bettes on saturday and ruin the show. havent been ab;le to watch all week since he has been there leeching off of Maria LaRosa all week and just love how he would be with parker who is expert over there trying tell him about storms when all he does is hide from them and steal from other peoples reports so he looks like he knows what he is doing

  132. will miracles never stop. see abrams was able to show up for her show but be all know she didnt do what see reports like her partners,bettes,roker get it from others that do the work. at least you people didnt screw up the weekend show by putting bettes on butsince he showed up for 5 days in a row that would have been too much for wonder boy. of course we know he didnt do the forcasting. why do it when all the others there can do it and he can take credit for it. roker taught him well he has done it all his life

  133. i see abrams acting like see knows all about forcast when see was hiding with roker while jen carfagno came from atlanta away from her family while abrams play around now she as all these forcast and i like how she was just talking how it was when sandy came through but she never left rokers side and now whats it like after sandy. how about the people still not in a home after they were promise by the governor from new york and new jersey mayor of new york and the president that they would be there until they were back in a home but like fema after all promises they were all gone. the only thing they worried about was coney island and jersey shore some they could make money for states and govt and did that and there is still people not in homes oh i see alse bettes didnt make it guess 5 days in a row too much what maybe 4 or5 days rest he can come back but whats it matter like roker and abram just take other peoples hard work and take credit

  134. well finally got abrams and bettes out of studio but what do we see jim cantore and you drag maria larosa from her family and then bettes and abram acting like they know something about storms like storms they talk like people from white house but whats in back groundunfinish houses that just shows all those promises made to people there a year ago were just lies just like those two make believe metorolidist abrams and bettes. of course another reason they are there weather is good if not they both would be hiding and not reporting. abrams she got to be with roker and bettes hides unless he is in a hurry to get home like last time when he almost got two people killed not counting on the thousand of dollars lost in equipment because he was in hurry to get home to hide

  135. see abrams showed up 2 days early for her showwithout sending someone from atlanta to do her job. but we see how she talks about weather in all these places she never gone. how about roker yelling about guys and his daughter yet its alright for him to be with abrams like they are twins i think she is someones daughter but he leading her on how to suck information off other people to become famous and never work for it. just cant wait to see what lies bettes has if he even shows up. he is one that do all he has dont show up half the time but be the leech he is off of all the people in atlanta. oh thats rigt he just got married and thats his excuse. how about you people taking people like jen carfagno and maria larosa which have children and husband send them out while leech bettes stays hide in atlanta

  136. i guess long trip to new york and all the make believe statement bettes was making took all his energy and needed rest. thats good for us we didnt have to put up with his lies. abrams make believe forcast

  137. see the two make believe metoroligist abrams and bettes on being like the leeches they are taking from jen carfagno as they were taught by the master leech al roker that has done it for so many years on the today and you people reward him for it and now you have two doing just like him. too bad you dont have a enough sense to reward the people that really make the show, inform the public and make it a good show but you would rather reward the ones that steal from those good people and dont care about the public just theirselfs. no wander so many people now hate your productions

  138. see this morning abrams could do her early show and like always someone from Atlanta station cover for her. guess maybe see did the email of the forcast so she didn’t want to show how much she didn’t know and how she don’t really do the forcast of course at 6 she was right beside her other make believe meteorologist al roker and she hadto be with him. I am sure shortly we will have to listen to the other make believer mike bettes. have you given him another title yet since hes no metoroligist, no storm chaser so wander what make believe title he will get now. hope with some luck we wont have to listen to all the lies for a couple days since all 3 of them don’t work weekend unless you are going to see if you can screw up the weekend with one of the leeches working.

  139. well at least you didn’t ruin weekend view by putting mike bettes on there with his lies. I see there is a marathorn in new York. since al roker did so good before I thought you may put him and his close side kick running it but see not. guess you didn’t have enough time in getting rid of cameras on the route like last time there was a starting line camera and a finish line one nothing in between to see him really run the race. guess those two wonder reporters of yours has more important things to do together. I guess the public can enjoy the view without all the make believe metoriolgist of abrams,bettes, and roker but they will be back Monday unless they wear theirself out over the weekend

  140. well one thing see don’t have to put up with bettes lies. but what do we see abrams with another award she didn’t win or deserve. I guess for that marathorn in new York so they give her one for what being close to al roker or for all the information she takes off of other people that do the work. that one is like being inducted into space camp hall of fame. she never went to space she didn’t even report onthat week on space travel jen carfagno went and reported on it or is she going to take credit for it. everyday you make this show worst and keep throwing the shaft to all the good people. I would like to see someone come and take control and treat all the good people that do the job and keep the public inform and get rid of those 3 leeches of bette,abrams ans al roker that care for their selfs and no one else

  141. well see last week showing up 5 days in a row and then go show up for that run get medal for showing up like her buddy roker then bragg about medal yesterday and today you again take I woman away from her family stick her with the make believe al roker in new York because abrams like bettes cant do their job. you people get sorrier ever day. what you trying to chase away more people. you better watch you chase too many away you will just have your 3 make believers and then will have toshut show down all together or is that what you want? of course maybe better since you don’t do a lot of weather anymore

  142. well what do we see this morning your make believe metoroligist bettes is back be the leech he is in Atlanta acting as if he knows all about weather is now and has been doing and all he is doing is taking other peoples work. then see again the other one of the three abrams still not in and like you do take a person away from their family so they can party andbe the leeches they are taught by your number one al roker since you have let him live off of someone else experience and since you bought a weather channel you can give them titles they don’t derserve or went to school or work for. of course I am sure you have some lame excuse for screwing over all the good people that really tired to make things right but they don’t get credit you give it to your great three abrams,bettes,and roker

  143. well see abrams is still missing and you still have maria larosa in new York. why isn’t bettes up there that is where he was when the station in new York started him and abrams and then guess he was in the way for abram to be with roker. she you change girls in Atlanta but still have the leech bettes using her hard work to make him look good. oh yesterday there was a lady space agency in ct which just had graduted about story on earth like planets discovered which someone like that should get a award or put in a hall of fame instead someone looks pretty or has money like abrams but get back to story who was reporting on it not your person that is in space camp hall of fame of course she cant show up for work like bette. what they maybe work 2 weeks out of month while someone else does their job but they get credit but like when it was outer space week jen carfagno reported on it. you people get worst everyday. now I see why you have 3 people like leeches taking all they can from other people because that all you people know take whats not your and don’t worry about other people.

  144. well see again you people are taking advantage of people like maria larosa she still is covering for your number one leech abrams which cant work her job just five days. shortly i guess will have to put up with leech 2 mike bettes taking advantage of people in atlanta to make it look good. like that ad i see run with him chasing storms. why dont you show that van now or the two people he almost got killed yet he never got a scratch. he was even on tv that night saying how scare he was but had not even a scratch

  145. i see the leech mike bettes on acting as if he knows what hes doing yet jen carfagno is doing the report you should get rid of the three leeches betytes,abrams,and roker. roker has never been to school for weather so that is all lies and when abram does show up she went to school but she never reports on weather it horse races award shows or something that has nothing to do with weather. maybe she thinks she can do like her friend and hero roker stand back look pretty and wait for someone to retire or die. soponer or later all these people are going to get tired of those three taking credit for there work when they do nothing. guess have to find another show to watch durning the week. hope you dont screw up weelend by putting one of those 3 fools on. dont have to worry about abrams she cant show up for 5 days durning the week.

  146. i see this weekend you didnt screw the weekend view and keep the make believers away. tomorrow veteran day i guess you may have abrams back talking all about which she dont know the first thing about. are you going to buy her some kind of award for it like you did for her being inducted into space camp hall of fame yet all the people before her and after her was never given credit. thats just like the way bettes,abram and roker steal the credit of all the hard working people at the weather channel that do the work but they take it and act like they did it

  147. i see as i fiqure finally abrams should up acting how she knew all about weather now and past week. doing good when she wasnt here. then she started about veteran day and the veteran and the whole time hugging on roker. then what we hear to make us feel worst mike bettes talking about oka. of course seen a ad with him in oka. talking to people after storm. then you had a real storm chaser on that went through that storm inphippines he didnt destroy equipment or almost get his fellow workers killed he was telling what they needed to help people. not like bettes trying to make himself look good and didnt care about the people are you sure he dont work for fema too. guess dont have to worry about watching weather channel durning the week unless want to get sick or listen to liers

  148. see you revamp first forcast which not bad but you should have canceled wake up with al no ones wants to listen to someone that dont know how to forcast weather never been to school and abrams she went to school but does nothing about weather runs around with roker kliving off of other peoples hard work and in a little of a hour we would have to listen to the other leech mike bettes pretend like he knows what he is saying but actually all he says is what someone writes down for him to say. guess go to another station like everyone else is doing

  149. i see like always your poor mike bettes is hiding in weather channel station in atlanta guess this week he is a metoroligist and you send jen carfagno out to cover story in denver area. the storm is over and it is safe for bettes to go he would have to run to another state to hide or he wouldnt have to destroy and equipment or put people in hospital because of his decision. no you would rather take someone that has a family away from them and you know they will go. yet bettes set in his chair talking about something he dont know about except what people write for him. didnt see earlier show but sure the number one couple abdams and roker were on and there was nothing miss because they dont do nothing but steal other peoples hard work and you give them credit for doing nothing but being the leeches they are. i see you sent jim cantore to ct to cover storm there but you have two make believe metorolgist in new york but guess to cold to go.

  150. well what do we see NBC does now i guess abrams work week is to hard so she dont have to work fridays. see jen carfagno is covering for her like always. guess roker thinks he looks manly with his new look. if he dont mind listening to someone that dont know what he is saying you can listen to bettes run his mouth. i guess this week he is a metoroligst next week who knows what ever NBC decide to make him like al roker

  151. i went to weekend view because usually you dont have to put up with make believe people abrams, bettes and roker and what do i see you sent bettes back out to oka. where he had destroy that van and almost got two other people killed and he is talking how it was the biggest torando he has ever seen seeing the couple times he has gone out usually he runs the other way and is at least one or two states away. your experience storm chaser. the one time he does do like a storm chaser does he trys out run it which a rookie knows you dont but he does dont get one scratch on him but he can stand there and talk how bad it was. i guess this past week he was a storm chaser and go were there isnt any storm. whats he going to be next week? you people are taking a good show turning it to junk take 3 people treat them like the greatest and all the other people you treat them like dirt stealing off them to make your special ones great.

  152. i see high winds and storms but look mike bettes not there any more. mike sidel is in kentucky where there is bad weather but no storm chaser/ metoroligst mike bettes oh i know there maybe storms,weekend work and no equipment or people to destroy. just like your other to great people abrams and roker they maybe together somewhere but nothing to do with weather and come monday if they show up for work someone else will have everything they need for show and not have to do anything but read it i think they can do that roker been doing it for years and he is teaching these two abrams and bettes well.

  153. see that bettes back hiding in atlanta let people like maria larosa do his work yet he acts like he did it but wasnt around but like the leech he is steal their hard work. like we see abrams showed up with her buddy al roker talking about bad weather out west why it happen and what went on yet neither one left new york where ever they were hiding waiting for report fro people in atlanta so they could act like they did it. the other two leeches.

  154. see rooker and abrams talking about storms out west which know they wont or dont get near they get information from some one that does and steal it and act like its theirs. they dont leave new your. the way they are you would think they were married. oh sorry rooker is suppose to already married but hes always with his admirer. then there is bettes running his mouth cold which he proably dont even get in it when he does come inhide from station to go home you proably have a car inside so he dont get cold. one day all these lies you make up about your 3 make believe metoroligst will come out and you will have to pay for it but by then all the other good people will have suffered from it

  155. maybe no one fro NBC or they dont care what public just that money goes into their pockets. well early what do i see the three wonder people roker,abrams and bettes. i guess roker thinks that beard makes him look woman pleaser actually if you go down so of those lower steets in new york where the homeless people are that they dont want anyone to see before holidays so all those govt officals can act like they care and do for public and immigrants any how you can see people that looks like rooker. then theres abram staying close to her hero roker and they are talking about storms out west and the phillapines which they dont go to any place like that they dont leave the station in new york of course there reports are from atlanta like the weather they talk about. then there bettes giving a 7 day forcast which we know he didnt do. he too busy hiding plus if you were looking earlier jen carfagno was on and he was reading word for word what she said earlier so we know how he got his nothing he did like always the leech he is taught from great one roker.

  156. well since abrams and roker what to act they know all about what happen in the phillippines roker all his life he has lived off of other hard work and experience. now abrams was sent to school for this and if she could out from under roker and really do her job she might become a good reporter but guess rokers got her convince to just stand back let everyone do the hard work and then take the credit for it. look at your experience storm chaser mike bettes. hes good at destroying equipment putting people in harms and making himself look good. like how he hides in atlanta station under people like maria larosa and let her do the work and he acts like he did it on stories and forcast but like his counter parts in new york be like the leeches they are but really bad you reward those three for it and take advantage of the real worker not hard to see why people rate your company at bottom

  157. well see this morning roker going around like a bum with that beard or maybe too lazy to shave and i guess him and abrams had a big weekend since see cant show up for her show today but like always to throw the shaft to jen carfagno take her away from her family in atlanta to do show so your great abrams can rest. i am sure the other great pretender mike bettes will be on telling his lies since he dont do his job either. and the advertisement for thanksgiving parade who is one of the host al roker guess since has nothing to do with weather he might get away with it. guess you couldnt get anyone. guess you are seeing how bad you can try to spoil holiday for everyone except for your great three. surprise you didnt have abrams beside roker at parade they are together like they were married ohthats right roker suppose to already be married. go ahead do what you do best make bad for everyone except your great three and line your pockets with money

  158. why your experience storm chaser mike bettes not cover one of those storms in the south or oka. instead of hiding under maria larosa. of i see he is a metoroligist this week of course hes not doing that either. yet he stands there runninghis mouth about bad weather and the holidays. see abrams show up today. after i guess after her and roker weekend. is she going to be alright with someone else being by roker durning parade of course i am sure they all dont think he is the greatest like her. plus sure she will be close by.i see like her partner bettes she has to let someone else talk about weather and forcast. guess since see was not there yesterday she didnt get a email with weather or forcast so she could act like roker and bettes they did the forcast so just pass it unto someone else

  159. well see like always abrams and roker together in building while someone else goes out and reports on storms there but they know all never going out door. which person from the today show did you take off covering parade tomorrow so abrams can be beside roker you would think if anyone roker might have one of his family instead of abrams not hard see whats going on there. then theres bettes like always hiding in atlanta weather channel studio hiding under marie larosa and pretending he is a metoroligst and he knows what he is saying and he is doing. how about your 3 leeches abram,roker and bettes have said anything about wind in new york. all other stations report winds could go to 45 miles a hour and will have to cancel all ballons in parade but your 3 experts said nothing. well that shows all great they are

  160. first time all year the two number one leeches outside together abram and rooker only program it has nothing to do with weather. maria larosa is doing weather and forcasting abrams out there with her little computer getting information from others and hanging on to rooker. thought this was holiday for family to be together yet rooker is with abram and you would think since abrams family in florida see might spend time with them since they are doing nothing to do with weather since all the real metoroligst are doing the weather. are you really going to screw up the hoilday with bettes on in about a hour acting like he knows what he is doing and stealing off of other peoples hard work of course that is what you reward them to do. thats why rooker is still around and even got his own show even though it stinks and most people dont watch it guess thats one reason abrams is there with her looks are to draw people in not her weather skills since most of the time she dont dpo anything to do with weather

  161. see that rooker and abrams are missing. guess they had too much fun together. we know they wasnt with family. but like always the people in weather channel in atlanta cover for them but only problem with that they wont get credit for it for special 3 rooker,abrams,and bettes oh sorry to mention see bettes not there either. of course with him no lose. i am sure you people will have a great excuse. oh thats right they covered the parade which had nothing to do about weather plus the one looks like he just got out of box on skid row but guess he thinks he looks great or maybe he cant afford a razor. if so i am sure his partner abrams would get one for him proably she would even shave him. since she thinks he so great.

  162. see your great three showed up for work and like always act like they did the work but live off of other peoples work. abrams talking about research sea otters in alaska and we know she too busy doing parades horse races award shows all with al roker. she cant even do what she went to school for. she has a show that is 5 days and she cant do that and we know when that station was open it dont have equipment there to do forcast so if not for people in atlanta weather station she would be lost. of course she has the expert on living off of other peoples work al roker seeing the only school he went to was a communty college for business but since NBC bought weather channel you think you can make him a metoroligist and you tell people like abrams and bettes to listen and do what rooker says. so you will fix so they will never be true weather reporters and be leeches like rooker living off of other peoples hard work. can see why this show went from a top show to the worst on tv.

  163. this morning what do wesee wake up with al and again abrams dont show and who do you throw the shaft to but jen carfagno in atlanta you take her from her family and home and send to be with the make believe weather man. why wasnt useless mike bettes sent instead he help started the new york station oh thats right hes like rooker and abrams dont know what hes doing. so i see he is running his mouth about things he knows nothing about living off other peoples work. what is he this week storm chaser or metoroligist? we never know. what abram have a award show or maybe dog show because as she has said her number comes up to go cover any storms or weather stories. i guess people like mike sidell and jim cantore have bad numbers it seems they are at everyone but your great three never leave the building they are in. that was to be abrams and bettes before oh thats right they may have had to work theirselfs plus abrams wouldnt been as close to rooker like she likes

  164. see people like jim cantore and mike sidell out covering storms yet i am sure mike bettes will be hiding under girls at atlanta station when it come on in a couple hours and abrams she cant even show up for her own show. see she is missing again and you have jen carfagno from atlanta covering for her and have to put up with roker. most people know he is nothing but a leech. that brings us to another point how can you make these false statement on national tv that al roker is a metoroligist. just because you bought the weather channel dont mean you can give people titles just because you own station. he has never been to any kind of school for weather. only school hes been to is a community college for business then he was hired at a tv station and was by a true weather man and when that person either dies or retires he moves into their job. maybe someone should have him do the forcast for just one day without people in atlanta doing and see how far he gets. no where. thats like abram and bettes most likely they couldnt do their own either since they have been taught by the great al rooker how to live off of someone else hard work. you do know it offense to broadcast false statements on tv

  165. well like i thought bettes hiding in weather station instead out doing job he says he is or does he have new title this week see he has new girl for him to take advantage guess the other ones are getting tired of him being the leech he is. plus since you dragg jen carfagno to new york so york greak abrams dont have to do her job and carfagno has to put up with make believe metoroligist al rooker and now he talks like it is his show all the people are his and hes the boss. all that for someone that the only important thing he did was go have all his fat cut out and if people look he has gain part back and now he grows beard tyhinking it makes him look great. abrams may think so but actually he looks like one of the people that live in the lower part of new york in boxes whats the word bum. and youpeople advertise false ads that he is a metoroligist and never went to any school but business youought check his bio. how many people are you going to try and mess up. maybe i will send thr federal trade commission a copy of this letter and a copy of your ad where rooker is called a metoroligist

  166. see abrams still dont do her job guess with bad weather she dont want to mess her hair. dont matter you can throw shaft to jen carfagno still there. and see rooker still acting like a metoroligist. talking about something he knows nothing about. come 7 am guess we will have to put up with your other make believer mike bettes. you having same new girl or you have another for him to take advantage of. or maybe you are giving him off too since weather bad down there and we know he dont get in bad weather unless he can destroy equipment or put other peoples lives in danger or he is able to run to another state for saftey but since he lives in atlanta sure he dont want to leave there.

  167. see like i thought the other make believe metoroligist mike bettes running his mouth like he knows whats he doing that why you hide him in atlanta and you take people like jen carfagno away from her home and family to cover for your other make believer in new york abrams then carfagno has to go back to atlanta and get ready for the weekend view. bettes should be the one in new york when you had to start that station thatwasnt needed bettes and abram started and i guess bettes was getting in abrams way of being withj rooker and showing herself off. only promblem those three dont never do the work. all their forcast and information come from other people that work hard and steal their work and rooker,abrams and bettes take credit. if you put the three together with no help from other people they proably couldnt do one day forcast right. of course you know that and that is why you reward them to steal the other peoples work. of course rookers done that over 20 years and the other two have a good teacher. guess thats way you gave him a show that no one watches

  168. what do we see on wake up with al. abrams still dont show up and you people like taking jen carfagno from her family and home stick her with that lying makebelieve metoroligist al roker. it cant be vactation you have to work to get a vacation of course i could be wrong since you put ads out showing bettes and abrams going out reporting on weather and neither one does.the farther abrams went is outside the door of studio and bettes keeps hide under all the girls in weather channel studio acting like he does the weather forcast. guess you people are good at taking advantage of good people and reward the ones that do nothing or as the old saying goes suck up to you or like the president said before if you have something either you or someone else bought it for you

  169. we see abrams still cant come to work and jen carfagno has to be brought from here family to be with that make believe weather man. like he has done all his life rooker living off of other peoples work. why not send him to storms there no you do like always drag cantore and sidell from atlanta if you want to drag anyone from down there why not mike bettes which should be up there since he help start that show. that why he can cover for his partner that come to work half the time. but no he down there hiding under people like maria larosa and then starts his lies like he did something but of course he has a good teacher al rooker. just think in about a hour get to listen to bettes false words and acting like he knows whats he doing. when are you going to send him out to destroy more equipment and employees?

  170. well isnt it a miracle abrams decide to finally show up for work. dont know how see could be away from her hero rooker that long if she was. she talk like she been there all along with her forcast and weather but as everyone knows been very long since she has even tired to do her own work. and unfortuntely bettes just came on and he is talking about the only city he knows chicago. of course dont think he has ever been there. spends to much time hiding under desk waiting for one of the girls in atlanta to come and give the right forcast and weather news. since jen carfagno is not covering for your wonder woman now are you taking advantage of her or did you finally send her back to atlanta so she could at least see her children before you throw the shaft to her again. we know you never miss treat bettes,abrams,or rooker they get what they want. to bad they are as good in their own mind as they think. show runs find if not better when all three leeches are not around and that should show you but guess maybe you are not that bright or you just dont care about the other people as long as they bring you all the big money to line your pockets and take care of your great trio that does nothing

  171. its bad enough come 7am people have to put up with your make believe storm chaser/metoroligist mike bettes acting like he does the forcast and weather when we all know he is just like the other two make believers, abrams and roker but now you have bettes onwith wake up with al but we know he isnt in new york that would put him in the way for abrams to be with her hero. how about it abrams showed up two days in a row. only one day left this week is she going to be able to show another day or will you have to screw over someone else to cover for her. bad enough when she does come to work she is like rooker and act like they know what they are saying and are doing the forcast when actually they are getting them from people in atlanta that are really doing the work and not bettes him too is getting his information from other people then he can crawl back under a desk to hide

  172. i guess you think you keep putting bettes on screen that makes him something he is not. he still dont do the hard part while the other people do that and you let your great three people steal the credit for something they dont do. if they had to do the work theirselfs there wouldnt be a show in either city. but you like trying to ram those three make believers on everyone. maybe someone will really see that and do something but proably not before you destroy all the good people

  173. well see miracles do happen abrams made three days in a row. didnt stay to listen to any subjects she was talking about which know either she dont know anything about or she was just ready what someone wrote. we know she didnt do any forcast you have to know how first and why do it when someone else will do it and she can take credit. then go to atlanta and there bettes going on about towns in ohio of there snow and sled riding which he proably dont know where town is and surely never been there since he never goes out like his counter part abrams reporting on weather. of course just look and you see maria larosa and jen carfagno so you know who was doing all the forcast and weather reports but like always bettes taking credit for the work. then he startys talking about weekend and all he will do is hide at home. any storms or weather stories people like jim cantore will go out and bettes hides at home and abrams hides with her hero rooker.

  174. see your number one ream of rooker and abrams was able to make it to their job even got all their information from atlanta like always. also seen bettes on talking like he did all that hard work but we know like always he lives off everyone in that station like the two in new york. i also seen those false ads on bettes and abrams out reporting on weather. the closest abrams gotten was a few months back when she was outside the new york studio asking people about weather change. bet rooker was standing inside door watching. bettes i believe a few months ago after all the storms were gone and a clear sunny day you sent him to oka. to say how bad it was but quickly he went back to atlanta couldnt go to far from desks he hides under. maybe after hurracane season is over and you canr find a crew that is not afraid to go out with the great storm chaser maybe you will get him out from under his hiding place and do his job for a change. we know abrams wont unless rookers at her side. guess she thinks staying close to him will make her great instead of going out and working for it like most people. easier to steal the credits than earn them ask rooker thats what he done all his life

  175. its bad enough you give fakes abrams and rooker a show that dont do the work or information on the show theirselves. this morning you put them on early and they dont know a thing what they are saying. then in about 2 hours have to hear the other fake mike bettes act like he has done the forcast and whatever you have him acting like he knows what hes talking about or did. of course if it wasnt for people like maria larosa you wouldnt have a show and those three would be standing there like stuff animals saying nothing. but yet you let them steal other peoples hard work take the credit like abrams show up when she likes drag people from their family to cover weather stories everywhere yet your great three dont never have to leave their warm safe building and go out in the cold but yet are allowed to steal the work like they did it. of course look what you have done all these years on your today show rooker been there all these years like a leech living off the other people and now since most are gone and you bought a weather channel heis made a metoroligist without ever stepping into a classroom. like abrams went to school but very seldom she does or reports on weather. flower shows,dog shows horse races or go with al rooker to cover a parade of course thats what rooker done always live off other peoples hard work and now you have two pupils for him to teach the same way,abrams and bettes. what happen to working your job instead of being like a leech taking credit for other peoples hard work

  176. maria larosa was about to explain what that 6/10 meant and here comes bettes trying to show his smarts and talk over her to explain it. then he makes a statement just to prove that he dont do the forcast or any other information he says that it is written down for him to say. he said it sure seems like it has snowed every other day. if he has been doing the news and forcast he pretend to do he would know that for sure it just shows that he takes credit for what someone else works hard to do. i guess its alright for him to be rude to the one there that does all the work. i guess you aprove since you let him and the other two in new york do the same.

  177. well surprise abrams made it 3 days straight. if you watch her as she goes through her forcast that she suppose have done herself she hurrys pushing that point because guess she didnt have time to go over it since it came from weather channel in atlanta and like always she didnt do it. proably since she too busy running with rooker covering parades,horse races etc she dont have time and proably wouldnt know how anymore. why should she you reward her like rooker and bettes to steal off other people and take credit. well maybe rooker will for a change spend time on christmas but lets see what happens on new years. well in about 15 minutes people will have to put up with the other make believer bettes. he can go around acting how hard he works doing forcast and allhe knows except does nothing steals offothers and takes credit. like rookers done all his life if not why all these years on today never promoted there stood back until real metoroligist left and you make him a metoroligist. you never gave him a show on nbc but when you bought the weather channel you didnt care because you were planning on destroying it anyway.

  178. guess working three days in a row was too much for abrams. last time you pulled jen carfagno fro her home and family to cover for your great metoroligist abrams so i guess you decided to do it to maria larosa is stuck with has been al rooker. if thats not bad enough in about a hour we have to listen to other make believer mike bettes and who has got stuck having to do his work and for him to steal their work to make it look like he did it. i guess his title this week is metoroligist again. you people just love screwing over your good people to make those three make believers good. oh i see you still have that false advertisement out about where bettes and abrams are out covering stories guess thats suppose to be a joke its not the truth. maybe you should show that van that is junk and those two guys that ended in hospital because of your great storm chaser then mike bettes of dont forget interview just a hour after it happen showing bettes talking how scare he was yet not even a scratch on him but the other two were in intensive care. need to explain that miracle since all three were suppose to be in same van

  179. see you stuck someone new for mike bettes to take advantage of. bad enough you send maria larosa up with that make believe metoroligist al rooker because your great abrams cant work just 5 days in a row. wasnt no parade and dont think there was a horse race or dog show. maybe she has to rest up for the coming holiday with mr. rooker. foronce you should reward the people that deserve it and not the three make believers of rooker,abrams,and bettes

  180. nbc is really sorry bad enough you give people like rooker a title of metoroligist when hes never seen one class room on weather then you start a station in new york suppose to be on weather with abrams and bettes then when bettes was getting in abrams way being with her hero rooker bettes is sent back to atlanta to hide under all those people that do the work until he is made storm chaser destroys a van and almost does away with two other people. now you take maria larosa from her home and family so is who knows where. cant even show up for 5 day program. and then these people are stuck with working by rooker but not real work because like all these years rooker lives off of other peoples work. abrams own friends complain about she and bettes never go out on assignment and she says her number comes up. what a laugh like her being bought a position in the hall of fame of space camp but she never reports on anythinf to do with space last time jen carfagno cpover it. if its a dog show horse race or a parade with al rooker shes there. weather channel was a good show until you took control and made these three make believers your top people. sorry to say i believe this show should be canceled since all you are doing is destroying show and keep miss treating the good people to makeyour three whatever they are great at other people expense

  181. thought maybe i wouldnt have to put up with the make believe metoroligist but i was wrong first been seeing al rooker with a raincoat on and the wind blows and get his poor head wet and thats when i turn it off. now at 11am what do i see mike bettes going to report on bad ice storm only problem he is where its nice and shinny out and storm is not suppose to go where hes at. of course thats normal. curosity who you really stuck where it is so bettes can take the work and credit. only think that was odd i thought you would have abrams at rookers side protecting him. of course seen early this morning on weather classroom abrams was suppose to be there,should have put rooker instead and then you could say he went to schopol on weather. again you people try to pull a scam with your make believe 3 but people can see what you are pulling

  182. seen yesterday that abrams showed up for her show. good how she made fun of those football players out playing in therain. since she cant even go out on assignment to do her job without has been al roker. almost time to see if she makes two days in a row and who she is making fun of or whats she talking about that she didn’t do the work to get just by stealing someone elses hard work. also seen number 2 mike bettes back from his so called assignment on storms past weekend he was in miss. but yet wasn’t due to go through there and didn’t but that’s not unusual he usually is a few states away from storms while someone else is where the storm is but bettes reports on it and takes the credit. like roker and abrams do. we have a little more time before we have to listen to his lies and forcast that he do do either. too busy hiding under desk coming up with lies. I guess those three get the bonus for the year and all the people that does all the good work to keep the show going get nothing but shafted. guess that’s why you have the worst network and people are always leaving.

  183. see abrams doing her usual talk about nothing to do with weather. her big thing was going to a general at noad about santa flight then all se did then say some words to make like she knew what see was talking about. surprise didn’t have one of the girls from Atlanta talk to him since it had something to do with space and even though she is a fame hall of famer of space camp usually when it has anything to do with space she stays away from it. guess she is down a little today since don’t see al roker and don’t know how she is dealing without him at her side. at Atlanta we have bettes running off like he knows all about the snow up in the Chicago area but he cant get out from under neath people like maria larosa protection and hard work but yet he try to talk over them like he is the one with all the answer and they don’t know what they are saying. yet if it wasn’t for them he would be setting there with his mouth shut looking down. he couldn’t cover rain storms in the south without going to states where they weren’t even going and then take what the people that went to where storm is and reported. don’t know how your great three can face these people after what they do but it seems it don’t bother them.

  184. yes you have bettes trying take advantage and her hard work today since hes talking about weather from yesterday and today but you have to come to work first and be able to do it. he fails at both since he didnt show up yesterday. see abrams showed up but bet she really sad since rooker hasnt been there for two days. they will make it up for new years i am sure. at least this time you let the rest be home with their families.

  185. well see abrams showed up 2 days straight but sure she feels bad since rooker hasnt been there. like how bettes there acting like he the big man since new girl is there but we now like always he isnt doing any the work. you have to know how first and since he usually hiding somewhere or stealing someones hard work like the other two,rooker and abram. their saying is why do it when someone else can do it and you can take the credit for it. worst part that is what you instruct them to do and then you reward them and screw all over all the other. maybe someday you will along with your special three get what you really got coming

  186. well we see now you come out that bettes needs a dog he has problem well guess that will do for a excuse. that allows him to have as many titles he wants and dont have to do a bit of work. just keep stealing off others that does the work. like i hear abrams in new york this morning on skying and bad weather. the closest shell get is on that computer. dont see her great friend yet dont know now see can keep going without the number one make believer there at her side. but new years is coming and bet they will be together like thanksgiving. i guess in about35 minutes we can look forward to the other leech bettes be on living off who ever is there in atlanta with him. too bad you have to come up with the lame excuses for the way he lives off of other peoples hard work. well this week whats is his title seeing you change it like people change their clothes. how about the two men he almost got killed because of his great decision dont hear about them but hear everything about poor mike guess they were not important enough just names

  187. see abrams was able to make it to work for a change. of course dont know how see is handle it without her al rooker again. of course tomorrow is new years eve and sure they will be one again. also i see you have had her on weather classroom just wonder who going to teach her. she has done or cover any actual weather stories. of course guess you can do like you have the people in atlanta do her forcast and other weather news. as long nobody ask her a question guess she will be alright. i see maria larosa reporting in atlanta and in about 20 minutes we can see if the other make believer is there faking all he says or is he a storm chaser this week. your lastest false advertisement with abrams and bettes out covering weather stories. what a lie.

  188. see are are lucky today dont have to make believer bettes. guess taking advantage of new girl was hard work and he needed time off. then abrams taking about all the cold weather and all those forest fires yet she was never out of the new york station beside her hero al rooker another make believer given a title that if he had to do the work himself could not. i guess thats what money can do dont do much for the public looking for trus information. this station is starting to look more like one of these soap operas

  189. well at least people can enjoy holiday without having to listen to bettes talk like he knows what hes saying or taking others work to make it look like he did it. i see by miracle abram should up for her show but see her counterpart not there. dont know how she can handle still not having rooker at her side. seen this morning her giving all these forcast. to bad they were done by someone else and for a change she did her own work. thats like she was talking about the outdoor hockey that was coming up we know see cant get out of station away from al rooker to cover that but she will take credit for it. was should see work for it when she can take it from someone and get all the credit and awards for it. i see your eveiews of the year. only problem only people you should was your so call greats. bettes,abrams,and rooker cover and doing all those stories too bad it was nothing but lies. no since saying anything more because you give them all the praise and glory and let them steal off all the good hard workers and just ignore them and give them nothing but the shaft

  190. see the number one two abrams and rooker. can see abrams happy rooker is beside her. they are there talking all aout past and present and one has not been there for a week and the other had to revive a day from parties on new years eve. dont know how new york city made it yesterday when weather station there was not on. oh thats right like always the people in atlanta cover for them and they act like its from them like today thats where they get all their great reports and forcast. just think in about 30 minute we get to see number 3 metoroligist mike bettes back taking advantage that is working taking their hard work pretending its his. i guess thats what he is to early for storm chasing plus most of storms are snow and ice and poor mike cant go out in that. hot sunny weather is bad enough for him. plus sure you have to try find new crews that dontknow what he almost did to his last crews so they will go with him and take their life in danger .

  191. to surprise no bettes guess he need more rest from all that hiding and taking advantage of all those people in atlanta. but then what we see abrams runnuing on about storm that went through and next ones but yet she eas even out yesterday but all you have to do is look and see every word she speaks is something someone wrote down for her to say then see says about 7 day forcast and it goes back to atlanta for that. guess rooker needs to give her some more lessons on using other peoples work to make it look like she did it. of course he wasnt right beside her.

  192. isnt that a shame abrams standing there inside station likes she cold and talking to all the people covering on the storm yet her and great rooker cant put their coat on and for a change go out and report on these stories guess easier to have someone else do the work and you take the credit. rookers been off for over a week and abrams was off getting straight from her party on new years eve. bettes you can forget hes still hiding in his bed plus theres nothing for him to destroy or no pace to hide up there.thats like those false ads you put on withh abrams,bettes and rooker out covering weather stories. if they were horse races, awards shows or like rooker talking about travel. maybe but about weather dont think they would know how. know rooker couldnt since hes never been to any kind of school for it

  193. well miracles do happen abrams finally out in weather doing a report. she not far from station but for a change she is actually outside. and what we see rooker inside acting as a metoroligist which he isnt and sure what he was saying came from a real one but he has live off of others expertise and work all his life why should he change. to bad hes got NBC and people like abrams he is great. only thing he is great at is being a leech. i guess in couple of hours we will have to put upwith other leech in atlanta mike bettes. dont have to worry poor boy wont go out in bad weather to cver it not when all the others do it and he hides in atlanta take their work and act like he does it. cant see how he can face those people after he takes advantage of everyone of them. abrams if she would get away fro people like rooker and bettes she could become a good metoroligst but if she stays glued to those two for an example she will be just like those two leeches

  194. well see abrams out but not outside guess that time last week will be it for the year. see rooker cant show up for his show. guess he dont have enough installtion to keep him warm went to your site to see list of metoroligist and look al rooker is listed as one. cant see how you people can list him and give him the title since he never been to school for that or anything else to do with weather. hiding behind someone that is and he leaves or dies dont get him the right to take the title and you buying a weather channel dont either. since only scool listed for him is a community college for business not the same. have to check on it. know when you file a false ad on tv or internet it is illegal so lets see.see you stiil got that false ad with your great 3 out reporting on storms. well see bettes is somewhere hiding but dont get me wrong at least now we have people on that really do the work and forcasting. sorry forgot abot abrams still acting at new york she does all her reports.

  195. well you can tell rookers back making believe he is a metoroligist along side abrams standing there in a dress made for a model and like always have NBC send one of the other hard working people outside to cover stories. of course thats is how rookers done all his life live off of someone elses work. only thing he did was go have some of his weight off guess they should have explain that you could get it back if not careful just look at mr. wonderful. see you are still hiding bettes somewhere but at least we dont have to listen to how great he is and other lies but see still false ad wiyh him abrams and rooker out covering stories that they dont do.

  196. its getting bad julie martins been out in -9 degree weather all morning just a few minutes ago we see abrams talking whats it like outside when she standing there in her mini dress. a few days ago she was ourside but wasnt that cold there was snow she was playing in wrap up like she was in alaska. but now when its going to be around -30 her or that real fake rooker wont cover it. who are you planning to send fro atlanta to cover up in that area. you sorry people ought to put those to fake people that leech off of the people in atlanta. if you want to drag someone from atlanta put the one that help start that station in new york who should be there instead of hiding under the people in atlanta ,mike bettes.

  197. i guess all that being a leech and taking other peoples hard work takes alot of rest. see leech number 3 back mike bettes acting like he did all what he is forcasting and reporting. guess good at lying too. well guess time to gosomewhere else for weather since make believer is back. seen rooker was on with his side kick abram acting like they were doing forcast too. also notice rooker said he was going to support the needy. sounds like his friends in white house and sure like them is just lies. guess he thinks that will get people to watch weather channel again. one way get rid of your three leeches,abram,rooker and bettes. i see bettes is on talking about the weather from past and what its doing now only problem hasnt been there for 3 weeks and he knows all. not hard to see whats going on hes stealing otherpeoples work like always to bad he and his other two friends dont feel bad about doing that but guess thats what it is when you only care about his self wonder if his new wife knew what she was getting or did he act like someone else until he got her tomarry her. be proud he is good at living off of other peoples hard work. he ought to crawl back under his rock. dont worry NBC will pay you their good at reward people that screw over others. look at rooker he done it for many years and got paid for it

  198. see fake metoroligist abrams and rooker on giving reports that they had nothing to do with. to bad abrams had to pick one of the top leeches in tv to be her hero. unless she thinks it great to take other peoples hard work and take credit for it theirself instead of doing their own then she has pick number one. just think in about 90 minutes will are stuck with the other mike bettes on acting like he did all his reports and forcast. yet for the past few weeks with all the bad cold weather he hasnt been around just hiding at home. let all the others do it and like always come back and talk like he was in it. i bet alot of people still wonder when he suppose went through that van got caught in that storm two of the people ended up in hospital yet he was on tv in atlanta at station saying how bad it was but didnt even have a scratch on him. of course you reward people like that. like rooker give him the title of metoroligist and never been to any kind of class on weather. but he has hide behind real metoroligist until they left or died then moved right in their job. like bettes completely destroy a expensive van and almost get rid of two employees of course you like getting rid of good people look at all the smart people that left if all the good people decide to leave you would be stuck with your fake three and between those three they couldnt do 1 day forcast right so guess what would happen of course maybe that was the plan all along

  199. this is getting sicking there great mike bettes cutting in while they are talking to a chief metoroligist from another station acting like he knows all. if it wasnt for theother people and people like maria larosa you wouldnt have a show. bettes gone 3 weeks and comes back and plainly steals other people work uses it to make himself look good after hiding i guess at home. then when he does show uo he hides behind all the people there or crawl under desk. then see abrams talking about drought in california seeing shes never very far from rooker side. she dont do local forcast but now expert on droughts in state never been. what you going to buy her a nother hall a fame award for something she never did.

  200. see like always you have two people that dont and cant do their own forcast. if it wasnt for the people in atlanta you wouldnt have a show. and in alittle over a hour we get to hear from the third person of this little group thats stands back lets other people do the work and they get the credit. oh forgot to say name mike bettes. you people are good at getting rid of good people and keeping the phonies.

  201. well i see this morning direct tv has decided to take the weather channel off. guess they too got tired of your they fake people al rooker, bettes, and abrams. i am sure before long all cable companies will follow i really feel sorry for all the good people that give their all to keep public inform but its not hard to see the only ones you care about is your great three fakes lets say metoroligist. of course maybe that was your plan to begin with. of course what they should do is cancel the whole nbc programming since it is no better. years back use to be good but thats change. so guess have 3 days to find somewhere else to go for weather

  202. come here and what do we see one of the people that has ruin the show and the reason direct tv is dumpimg station. between him rooker and abrams it has become the worst show on tv. so last two days you decide to put one of the make believe metoroligist on to ruin last two days. cant even enjoy the show on the weekend you have to give the screws to the american public for last time. i believe they should cancel your NBC station completely. rooker can sneek back into today show and hide there like he has for so many years. i guess you did what was plan along destroy the weather channel that way you think people will go to your other network but if they think they should go to someone else that truly cares to inform the public and not how much money they can put in their pocket

  203. well last day weather channel on direct tv and what we see the biggest fake in tv al rooker dont show up for his show and what does NBC do take jen carfagno in atlanta from her home and family to cover for him. maybe abrams cant read text with forcast so you have to send someone that does know how to do forcast and have. but yet the person who should have been brought there which help start this so call weather station is hiding again after ruin sundays show in atlanta. yet see ad showing him showing about tornado in that control setting. thats the closes he will get seeing most of the time hes two states away from storms. the one time he goof up and was near a storm he destroyed a van with all its equipment in it and put two people in hospital but himself never got a scratch and was able to be on tv that same night saying how bad it was but not even a bandage on him while the others were in intensive care in hospital. in fact when they were about to leave atlanta last year hadnt even left station and he rip off mirror on van with no storm. thatsyour storm expert.

  204. its is really sorry you drag jen carfagno up to new york since your make believer al rooker dont show up. mrs. carfagno is doing forcast which we know she does herself not like abrams and bettes being leeches like rooker taught them since hes done it all his life on the today show and when she is about done who comes out pushing herself on like she the one talking about snow which isnt in the forcast and then she starts talking how hot mike bettes is. thought he was just married shows alot about abrams and then the other make believer comes on with a forcast of his but you have to be there more than one day in a row to do that but then we see maria larosa so we know where he got his forcast. not hard to see one reason their shows isnt being renew with fake people like rooker,bettes and abrams but it bad all the other good people have to suffer but as we have seen it doesnt matter to NBC

  205. how about saying they have 200 experience metoroligist guess dont count rooker who isnt one NBC game him the title since they bought the weather channel never been to one school on weather but went to community college on business and abrams and bettes just go around taking other peoples work act like they did it and take credit. for it.

  206. see al rooker back trying to act like he knows something about weather since he never spent 10 minutes in a class on weather. he all his life hide behind someone that did and when they retire he took over like NBC buying weather channel giving rooker a show that no one likes give him a title of metoroligist which he dont deserve. then put someone with him that is suppose to be one but she(abrams) to busy covering horse races,award shows,parades,etc but never anything to do with weather. then you have mike bettes that every day his title changes. metorigist,storm chaser, storm expert but only expert is destroying equpment and putting other people in danger for their life. like trying out run a torando van gets caught completely destroy van two people in up in hospital in intensive care and poor mike bettes is on weather channel that night saying how bad and scare he was but didnt have one scratch on him when he was suppose to be in same van. and people want to know why direct tv dont renew contract people hate seeing all the good people do all hard work to inform the people and there is 3 people abrams,rooker and bettes be like leeches and take those people work use it theirself to make them look good and good people get nothing. more cable companies should follow direct tv and do the same. in fact they should think of looking at NBC as a whole sice all that matters to them is the all might dollar

  207. i guess bettes is playing metoroligst the week. see him reading forcasts and weather information but of course we know he didnt do it. you have to be there to do that and not show up at last minute proably got it from te two new girls seeing he likes to take off younger ones since the older ones know what him,abrams and rooker do. and instead of him being up cover those storms going through by the great lakes up north you send mike sidel. bettes should be up at station he started with abrams in new york but guess he would be in her way being close to rooker but after yesterday statement from abrams saying how hot she thought bettes was. of course i thought he just got married but guess that dont matter to abrams so is rooker. guess you people will keep going until everyone cancel this guess was your plan all along

  208. see this morning you have all 3 the fake metoroligist on. abrams and rooker talking about sking running into bear which they don’t get out of station. then theres bettes hurry through a forcast that he didn’t do. that’s why hes in a hurry he didn’t do it and don’t really know what to say. be glad no ones there to ask any of them questions they couldn’t give the answers. can see why their contract is renew by direct tv with those 3 they give bad information when they do give weather information of course I guess that’s why they have the other people on who give out what the people need but NBC stills make their 3 phonies great. guess you will go until you completely destroy the weather channel. look at the today show only morning show that says they have a weather man but is the biggest fake and leech in tv. all the years on that show when a spot at front desk was vacant he was never promoted to it that just shows NBC knows what he is but yet give him a false title of metoroligist

  209. well early this morning I see you still have al rooker playing metoroligist which he isn’t. talking on weather which he has never been schooled on just steal other peoples work like beside him his student who was showing all the forcast but only problem they were coming from Atlanta from someone that did them there. then later I was going through channels and I see the other make believer mike bettes hiding at atlantes weather channel like always but there was mike sidel out in north Dakota reporting on storms starting up come east. but like bettes isn’t even close even tho he is to be one of your storm chaser and storm experts yet he never covers one of them you send sidel or santorm. but your 3 make believe people stay hide in a nice warm safe station but report on them like they did it. no wonder direct tv don’t want to carry your station with false reporters like that. guess normal for what you want. fool the public

  210. see bettes still there being like the leech living off of maria larosa work. you have to be able to do forcast plus do more than hide under a desk or at home hiding. see mike sidel is in Dakota reporting on last winter storms but your great reporter bettes don’t go outside. I am sure earlier the big fake al rooker with his student and person that thinks he so great abrams was on but I didn’t want to hear their lies. plus all you have to dois wait until maria in Atlanta comes on and hear from the person that really did the forcast not the two phonies in new York. there is 3 reason why direct tv has not renewed contract. people tired of 3 phonies living off of other peoples hard work. only problem that depend on the weather news have to suffer because NBC is protecting their 3 phony people at least right now the new people that join hasn’t had to put up with bettes living off their hard work.

  211. see abrams or rooker cant show up for their show but i see you put the other fake on bettes. of course you put maria larosa there so ther was someone to do the forcast that knew how and didnt just steal someone elses work. guess rooker and abrams had a too big of weekend. or are you sending them to russia to cover games which has nothing to do with weather but thats par for those two. like bettes cant cover weather they may have to go outside in the cold or snow. no wander direct tv cancel you infact more people should too since all you really worry about is your 3 fake people rooker,abram,and bettes

  212. see rooker and abrams back faking the weather again. i guess it was a holiday for both of them. but you still had your other make believe weather person mike bettes acting the part. of course you had a real metoroligist maria larosa there to cover up all his lies. thats like NBC replacing jay leno with fallon so how they like make a network worst. just look who his first guess which he is good but shows where they are taking this all. lets see how long it takes for that show to go to the bottom. in about a hour when can listen to bettes again talking about something he knows nothing about.

  213. still dont see how you can advertise falsely al rooker a metoroligist just because you brought a weather channel dont give you a right to give him that title and never been in a class room plus you have two that were but dont never do what they went to school for just steal off of other people. i hear bettes running his mouth about forcast that he didnt do. like him being a storm chaser and always 2 states away from storm and now he hides in atlanta station yet his real job is in new yorkwith other phony abrams. she been talking about cold weather there yet who is out side reporting Janel Klein in new york, and jim cantore is in washington and mike sidel is up in maine but you suppose have to metoroligist in abrams and rooker cant cover it. not because they have to be at station. they arent there half the time people from atlanta do it most of the time. just look at past monday rooker and abrams wasnt there of course you had your other phony bettes but he was hiding behind maria larosa like today hes hiding behind jen delgado. i think the fcc needs to do some investigation into what you people are pulling

  214. well if anyone notice with how bettes makes his forcast or weather news. right after like maria larosa does a forcast or weather story just listen at bettes she isnt off stage and he says word for word what she had just said so that just shows how he dont do any of his stories or forcast but steal off of her. its the same way abrams and rooker does everyday they do show up for their show.

  215. well see this morning abrams couldnt show up. guess to cold for her we know its not because she out reporting on latest winter storms that would have something to do with weather plus as she says her number isnt pulled. guess she likes to lie like you with false advertisement that al rooker is a metoroligist and never been in a classroom for weather. been to communnity college for business thats all. so you drag jen carfagno from her home and family in atlanta to cover for poor abrams and then sh stuck with the number one leech al rooker if hes so great a metoroligist why cant he run it himself. why because he dont know the first thing about weather. like bettes and abrams if not for all the people in atlanta weather station doing their job so that three can stel it there wouldnt be any weather channel. can see why direct tv drop you. surprise more havent yet in 30 minutes guess we have to listen to the other make believer unles he couldnt get out either

  216. see now you put one reason direct tv cancel your show you put phony al rooker which has never been to any school on weather on earlier and again his great student abrams not there. you drag jen carfagno from home and family to cover for abrams which only has to show up 5 days and cant do that. then we see mike sidel in chicago cover bad weather but you have so call rooker and abrams close and how about third person of that group mike bettes that claims to be everything from storm expert to storm chaser yet wait until 7 am you will see him hiding behind one of the girls in atlanta just repeat what they say so you know he doesnt do his forcast if he could. wont be surprise to see more net works cancel you since you put all these false ads with rooker,bettes and abram out covering weather stories when they stay hide at station when they do show up. i wander why jen carfagno wasnt doing her show yesterday but you knew that your number 2 phony wasnt showing up and one of the people that cares about get weather to public would do it and you could take advantage of her again.

  217. as i thought there was bettes hiding behind maria larosa just saying what she said. then mike sidel was on saying about the below 0 weather in chicago where he was and bettes saying he should have a cup of coffee. what should be done is he should be thetre one usually thats only city he knows. since he is storm chaser storm expert and a metoroligist he should be there instead of hiding behind mrs. larosa. then one of true storm experts was explaining why we are having the weather bettes tries to jump in and give his thoughts. then its time for forcast and guess who gives it not bettes for sure. he had to wait until maria gave the forcast before he could say anything. still wander what network is going to cacvel you next.

  218. see abrams finaaly can show up for her show and like always shes like her and rooker are one. but notice list of people out reporting on lastest storm from down south to north but not one of of your great 3 people of rooker,abrams andbettes not out there. with all the insulation rooker has he could keep him and abrams quite warm but guess their number wasnt pulled to cover story. bettes unless he has a chance to destroy equipment or put other people in hospital he will stay hide under people like maria larosa showing sames stories she shows and say the same words she said before he comes on. wander what network thats next to cancel your showbecause of the 3 phonies rooker,abrams and bettes and show ads where they are reporting on storms yet they really never go out of station their at. and the big one giving al rooker title of metoroligist and never been to any school for weather just because he live off of real metoroligist all his life and since NBC bought a weather channel they think they gave give him that title and now bettes and abrams doing the same trying to be just like rooker only people are seeing it and cancel your show. to bad all the good people have to suffer because of 3 pets of NBC

  219. just as thought theres bettes hiding behind Maria Larosa. talking about bad weather in houston and then they bring on Klien reporting in min. but like always cant even go out side the station in atlanta. repeat everything maria says since like his other two buddies abrams and rooker do live off of other peoples work and experience i see puppet bettes seating there waiting for maria to say something before him see abrams running her mouth but havent been there over a week and knows all. thats another one showing how she steals others work.

  220. see you really get despite got al rooker on dress like a polar bear and a picture behind him of the capital in washington but see no other people or weather around him so its a pretty go quess its a phony like rooker and bet in a hour when today show comes on he will be at desk with the rest. guess he can be in one state and in seconds in another state. dont see abrams either guess too cold. like how rooker talking about cold in washington and he knows all about alabama too and never leave station just like abrams. in a hour have to then listen to fake bettes hiding behind girls in atlanta. oh see abrams now talking to virgina whats it like why dont she doher job and get her crew and drive there to find out not that far away. oh thats right she might have to do her own work for a change. see you are having weather bowl friday. what you going to have the 3 phonies host it rooker,abrams, and bettes. no wonder direct tv cancel you. false people reporting weather false advertisement those 3 cover weather stories is the biggest lie yet. bettes last time out almost got two people killed destroyed a van and was on tv that night without a scratch on him. abrams last was just outside station in new york asking people about weather change. rooker is just phony like the so call race he ran after getting his weight cut out. saw him start and at finish but nothing inbetween thats like his title of metoroligist is a fake. suppose to have to go to school with a degree not company buying weather channel and give it to you

  221. went to see what lies you had on. atlanta got hit with that storm and since you have the great mike bettes who is a metotoligist, storm chaser and storm expert he might cover it but no bring someone in to cover it and he stays inside hiding behind the people there acting like he knows all about cold weather. i doubt he ever drove in it. thats like his partner abrams keeps coming on saying how bad it is tobe in cold weather she is in station with her nice tight short skirt running on and dont forget shes from florida how many snow days they have there. you think she be with her hero al rooker at that phony site hes on today maybe only place for one fake. guess him dress up like a polar bear makes him a metoroligist. ofcourse guess money will buy anything even lies

  222. see they made switch abrams out talking about super bowl and rookers inside trying to talk about weather he knows nothing about. all information coming from atlanta and they are just reading what is printed for them. guess NBC thinks people cant see what those two are trying to pull. likes bettes in atlanta he steals everybody work and acts like he did it. like he is so great why do they have to bring someone in to cover weather outside in atlanta while bettes stays hide inside. i am sure tonight on that show they are having for the super bowl their three phonies will be hosting so it will be a failure for that reason one that is no kind of metoroligist just by name,rooker and the other two that live off of other peoples hard work,abrams and bettes.

  223. see you still got abrams standing outside with her big heavy coat and gloves holding that lap top reporting only thing with that if all true how is she using with big gloves like yesterday and rooker suppose to be outside of capital building with no people or cars around something else a fake. and as usual bettes there by larosa waiting for her report so he can say something like his forcast now is same as the one gave earlier word for word so like always mr. great not doing his own work taking someone elses see they are talking to insurance commission and like always bettes got something to say he knows all. his wife proable brings him to work and takes home since hes good at destroying vehicles do you people think everyone believes abrams is far from station and rooker reporting on weather. guess you better think again since she cant even show up 5 days in a row to read reports from atlanta on weather in good weather and now she outside in cold reporting thats like yesterday fairy tai;l of rooker outside capital that dont make him a metoroligist just the fake he isl

  224. thats really sickening rooker on there by himself trying to talk about weather which he knows nothing about. what he get his words from bettes which he steals off of people like maria larosa and then theres abrams second day out covering super bowl. guess gives her a chance to be with all the football players like always nothing to do with weather and what weather says about is on that tablet with information from atlanta. but when that next storm comes she will be inside up against rooker and both acting like what they are phonies. and in about a hour get to see and hear the other phony mike bettes and him just repeating what who ever is on the desk with him. he dont do any work dont think he knows how. then tonight you are having that show on super bowl and guess you are having the three phonies together but you better have one real metoroligist on or it will be a bad show proably will be anyway. guess thats why this show went fro first to worst. also why was drop fro direct tv since you have 3 people who are phonies and when they do go on without help from atlanta it always wrong and bad. the real people that keep

  225. well what do we see both phony metoroligist covering super bowl acting like they are playing football all you need is big boy rooker there. that just shows who is going to try host your big super bowl show or guess call weather bowl only problem if they can show up who will do anything with weather none of the three know how. and when that next storm maxim comes bet bettes is hiding back in atlanta and abrams is with rooker close. guess this way they get something they dont deserve go to super bowl yet people like mike sidel that went and covers games all year in all kind of weather gets to go cover next storm while the phony 3 again gets something someone else work for all other networks should follow direct tv and drop this one and all of nbc shows

  226. guess abrams thinks standing there with a football in her hand beside a pro football player makes her a expert. she listen to rooker too much. theres bettes talking like he knows all about outdoor sports and football like hes expert in storm chaser. that pro better watch bettes is good at putting people in hospital and out of their job and come out fine. also see award was given to maria larosa nd bettes for forcast on snow but like always with him and abrams other people do the work and they get the credit. bettes couldnt forcast the snow if they handed the results to him. today just shows bettes is just a leech maria does fine without a leech stealing every word she says. send him out to d the job he keeps saying how great he is at of course abram should too instead of staying glued to rooker of course people would see how much of a phony he is.

  227. see bettes getting his reward for destroying a van plus put two other people in hospital gets go to super bowl stand up there acting like he knows football was complaining how cold there 32 guess for people never outside it is cold. then while he talks about all the great things to do there and sure he is doing off camera mike sidell is in the one city bettes and abrams talks about like the only city chicago where is really cold and get the newest storm while bettes and i guess abrams still there maybe she with her hero rooker again the three get rewarded for stealing off other people. wander if bettes took his new wife with him since abrams said on national tv how hot bettes is. thats really showing respect for his wife but when she said it bettes just smiled about it. thats odd. i see jen carfagno is up in pa covering ground hog day which she enjoys and does a good job surprise you didnt stop that because she does enjoy it and does a good job. or do you have plans some how your great 3 will get the credit for it. thats how abrams,rooker and bettes get all there work from someone elses doing it and they take credit

  228. see poor baby mike bettes is still dress like he is in below 0 weather and everyone has coats on but not as cold poor bettes is but since he is always hiding in atlanta station under people like maria larosia guess it is cold. of course he should be at one town him and abrams kmow chicago of course it really cold and snowing but they would have to report on real bad weather and he wouldnt have a vehicle to destroy and people to put in hospital and abrams havent seen since friday when her and rooker were together. guess they are to busy to be on camera. just think what these 3 great people would have gotten if they really did something on their own about the weather without stealing it from someone elses hard work. theyget to go to super bowl for doing nothing while all the other people have to cover next storms coming but like always they will pretend like they were covering them while lying at super bowl andbe sure those 3 will be under cover when maxium storm gets close. thats what it is when either you are related to one of big bosses or they suck up to them that they get all the special treatment never do wrong infact do nothing but show up once in awhile

  229. see you people like trying to shove mike bettes with his false forcasts and b pretend of his smarts on football. in fact just heard him say the teams may have to deal with weather and we hear how he is a metoroligist, storm chaser and storm expert but yet he gives all these maybes. that shows that all he does day by day is not from him because he dont know what hes doing. instead of rewarding him and abrams for other peoples work why dont you put them out in the field and not like these fake ads where they are out reporting on weather. rooker he is a lose cause. he has done anything on his own from start always living off of other peoples work and now you are turning two people into people just like him bettes and abrams off of real hard working people. guess we will have to put up with bettes all day. he is like this federal insurance being force to have to be put up with

  230. just seen shoving bettes again down our throats and notice if people really look poor baby mike says how bad weather is but really look he isnt even outside just picture of stadium and its raining but bettes is nice and dry and like before earlier when he was outside he has ear muffs on his ears. you inform him that trying to be like his teacher rooker not working like when he was suppose to be in that van that was pick up destroyed thrown but he shows up that same night on camera in atlanta with not even abandage on yet the two people that were in it was in hospital in intensvive care wonder did you give them a free pass to super bowl i doubt it not one of the great three. seen where phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter jen carfagno and jim cantore was there yet bettes comes out trying to get into the picture. even when hes not in same state hes trying to take credit what abrams and rooker going to do the same?

  231. well there rooker running his mouth about bad weather and why and goes to atlanta for answer. NBC says he is a experience metoroligist at least that is the title they gave him since buying weather channe. also see abrams no where in sight after big show friday with the other phony bettes. guess too much for her. cant wait to see in a hour when atlanta comes on if bettes is doing as usual hiding in station or behind one of those girls. of course since he spent all weekend on a site that was too look like he was out in weather at super bowl but wasnt interviewing retired football players trying to make him look like he knew something about sports whats that going to be his next title sportcaster. of course we know he wont be up in new york area since the one storm coming through and another right behind it. of course sure he will have to have a few days off to rest done want to make poor baby bettes too tired. he wouldnt be able to fake doing weather forcast or stealing other peoples work like his fellow student abrams and their teacher al rooker you peole make out like it was direct tv fault for cancel yet proably because of your false reports and the 3 phonies you keep pushing on people

  232. as aspected bettes had to have rest to but notice jen carfagnowhich cover groung hog day in pa. working 7 days straight is today reporting on storm coming through philidelphia today but poor bettes with all his fake reporting on super bowl like his buddy abrams off. of course see fake meteroligist al rooker on today trying to act like is the great one. see matt lauer was in russia but not like usual rooker not there guess he is like president is afraid something may happen even thou they say no but they dont go like usual. of course like the great storm chaser and storm expert bettes he dont go unless storms are gone and he will be safe. guess maybe can watch weather channel and get true weather report since abrams and bettes not there today

  233. see rooker on saying how going to have information on storms but he is the biggest fake and phony on tv and dont know how to do either and see again abrams not showing up and jen carfagno covering so there is a real metoroligist on. see other fake is back bettes. yesterday one person said maybe bettes was out covering a story but that was a joke he was home hiding under his new wife and back to day in atlanta hiding behind maria larosa stealing her forcast. he hasnt been there over aweek so how could he have his own he just like rooker a fake and phony living off of others. seeing last weekend he was with the woman that said on tv he was so hot of a man. now abrams cant even show up for her show but jen carfagno thats been on for over aweek is there covering plus have to put up with the biggest phony NBC has but keeps rewarding him for being one of the worst people on tv

  234. see got femasaying their role in bad weather thats just more lies from govt. said they were going help people in denver yet people say there is no help, no help for illinois,no help for texas its like bettes and rooker bettes just said first truth out of his mouth maria was tired seeing she is another been there over a week reorting while like bettes and abrams with their phony reports fro new jersey and then got time off. knew bettes would get out of new york area before storm hit. now it stands there telling the storm experts there about the weather. too bad he dont know what he is saying. like using marias forcast word for word he should at least change a few words so you couldnt tell what hes doing guess didnt have anyone to tell him maybe he should check with the one that thinks he so hot no not his abrams

  235. see rooker on there trying to act like a metoroligist that he is not still no abrams guess they party too much for her at super bowl. rooker does what hes good at switch weather to storm expert in atlanta and no not bettes that is in his mind and NBC. another hour guess we would have to listen to other phony bettes hiding behind girls in atlanta weather station. or he talks about storm like yesterday in kansas jim cantore comes on that is there out in it and bettes running his mouth setting in atlanta dont see him out in anywhere notice he hurry to leave new york area so he got caught in it that he was safety back in atlanta like always states away from storms that your experience storm chaser hiding thought storm chaser were out finding storms to warn public so they could get in safety not bettes he looks out for number one himself always one or two states from storm see NBC still puts those false tv ads. rooker,abrams and bettes are never in the storms as they show. if they do go out they are like fema its after all storms and dangers are gone

  236. going through channels and finally i saw that you be something that was true. rooker was talking not about weather but about the one thing he is a expert at food. i guess it what you should have if stuck on road in snow. of course if weather that bad people know best to stay home until roads are clear unless emergency and there is agencies with vehicle to take you where you need to go.still see no abrams at least it looks you finally sent jen carfagno home at least she not with your number one phony of course in about 10 minutes guess another phony and fake mike bettes is on hiding and taking who ever he is with at desk. of course phony two should be up at new york station seeing he help abrams start it of course if he had stay he would have been in abrams way for her to be with rooker and also guess it wouldnt be wake up with al of course maybe it should be wake up with phonies seeing usually unless you drag people out of atlanta that is what on all phonies and fakes that dont or cant do their own work easier to take off of other people

  237. what is NBC trying to pull thought maybe after almost two weeks straight reporting jen carfagno like maria larosa geta day off but no jen carfagno is outside in new york covering storm while their pretty princiness abrams dont even show up for her show. in stead of running around in those mini dresses chasing al rooker she should be there doing her job so miss carfagno can go maybe spend some time home with her family. whats real bad bettes was there and he hurried to run back to atlanta to hide behind all the other people. thats your storm chaser,storm expert and so call metoroligist. maybe NBC is trying to get the good people to quit. they should start to realize who is really making them money and its not their great three. of course maybe thats what they wanted but it seems the only thing NBC cares about how much money they can get for all this bad shows. weather channel use to be there to help keep punlic inform but not since NBC took over and made rooker,bettes and abram the so grat metoroligist they think they are of course rooker isnt one to begin with except on paper

  238. see abrams still not at her place with her phony friend rooker infact dont see rooker. but like always jen carfagno is there covering for those two fakes. guess rooker will be on today acting like he is a big shot since matt lauer isnt there. what do we see now sending abrams to sochi why who knows she dont know sports and quite event without atlanta she cant do weather. she never goes report on weather so what is this another reward. lets see she last was on last friday for short time at super bowl with other phony bettes and got a weel off to rest. gone to russia dont know what she will report on if she can even show up for that or is NBC going to send someone to cover for her since she cant even show up for 5 days in new york and just read what atlanta sends her. guess she thinks she can get close to the athelics but most know what she really is. see bettes like always hiding behind maria just repeating word for word what she forcast. instead of sending everyone else out why isnt he put out doing what he keeps saying he is guess the truth he is just a phony like the other two.

  239. well see this morning rooker there by himself acting like he knows what hes talking about on weather. guess jen carfagno had to go back to atlanta to do weekend show and since NBC decided to give abrams another reward for doing nothing but running after rooker was sent to cover winter games in russia. usually when you reward someone its for doing something. she dont go out and cover stories on weather like now everyone else is out covering but rooker,abrams and bettes dont they just have excuses. guess either you knows some one in NBC or bought her way there like that title of in space camp hall of fame and when something comes up about space someone else covers it. also see poor old bettes hiding behind maria then when he does speak he just repeats what she says. couple more hours and he can sneak home and hide for weekend. what NBC should do is send him to new york and be with rooker that way we have two phonies instead of one. oh see rooker was on today acting like hes the big shot now another joke

  240. as i thought this weekend on olympics NBC sends great abram and like her show in new york she cant do it for 5 days its on always jen carfagno covers for her. of course she NBC sent someone else to do weekend in russia. and this morning abrams is on with big smile or close friend and other phony al rooker is there. now there two people there that dont know anything about winter sport abrams is from florida no snow but she acting like always she knows all about it. rooker been a fake all his life living off of others. like always theres jen carfagno keeping show going. nice how rooker goes on all these long trips with abrams but his family no where around. you would think something to see as this he might want some of his family to see. guess thats like why bettes isnt at new york station that he started with abrams he gets in her way to be with other phony her hero al rooker. well in less than a hour we have the pleasure to see the other phoney bettes which all he does is repeat what maria larosa says or you goes over to the expert desk and tries to tell them about weather or why its doing what its doing. NBC should have taken him to russia too that way they would have three phonies there. thats like NBC cutting that speech at openning and say it was because of time. what else was so important they had too show of course lets not forget NBC is one of obama puppets maybe thats what they were instructed to do

  241. well to every ones luck no mike bettes guess he heard bad weather coming towards atlanta and we all know he dont go out and get in it. thats way he never goes out to treport on these storms and lets other people do it but then he takes credit for it. seen abrams with a fake ad like bettes where she was going to ride one of those sleds that the biggest fake of all. then she talking with someone about weather there but she cant even do forcast in new york on her own without having people in atlanta doing it but she takes credit for it just like her hero al rooker. its bad enough that these games are turn policitical and now the medeals go to country that is host but now NBC got to make it worst with their fake reporters that know nothing about any of the event unless if they have a food event or horse race

  242. well see you still have your two phonies in russia covering something they know nothing about an what isa real joke is when they try to talk about weather there. since when they do weather here they have to get it from people in atlanta station. of course we know why they are together there not the games. only goog thing we havent had to put up with bettes. guess since bad weather in south he is hiding at home since NBC as everyone else out covering it but not their great storm expert,storm chaser ,metoroligist mike bettes he does what him like abrams and rooker do is hide and then when storms over they take credit for the work the others do. you people still keeping jen carfagno from her home and family while abrams and rooker are party together

  243. well see got worse al roker and abrams forcasting weather in united states in russia setting together in summer clothes so like all other phony part of there show is outside in russia. they couldnt do forcast in new york when they showed up for it. now rooker saying how bad driving is in the south and hes in russia big joke and abrams set there reading off her computer what she got from atlanta. two of the two biggest phonies NBC has and then maybe they go out and talk to someone about a event coming up and then not on until early next morning lying again while all the other people cover weather in us except bettes hes been hiding for two days maybe you shows up today and act like hes been there all along and take his usual credit for all of it. too bad all NBC can do is give these phony 3 people all these rewards and credits give the people nothing but bad programming with those three like giving rooker title of metoroligist and never spent a minute in a classroom on weather just hide behind real metoroligist. then you have two like abrams and bettes living off of all their fellow workers and it dont bother them at all. look at the show wake up with al it should be wake up with phonies. al the years he work for NBC he was never given a show and not weather until NBC bought weather channel

  244. like we thought wonder boy mike bettes is back hiding behind everyone acting like hes been there all along. but like always everybody else is covering storm but not great bettes weather too bad for him to go out. what did NBC have to have someone go pick him up and bring to work or maybe his new wife did since the woman that thinks he so hot is in russia lying with al rooker. guess have to go to another station for weather since bettes is back. all he does is try to make himself look good not worried about if what he says is true or not and since he hasnt been there cant forcast something but he keeps saying its worst storm of year but dont know how he knows that you have to be out from under your bed to do that

  245. see you still running false ads saying al rooker is a metoroligist just because you bought a weather channel gives you a right to make him something he is not. as for abrams without all the people in atlanta abrams wouldnt be able to have a forcast. to report on horse or dog shows or like now at winter games which is good since she never been in snow or played sports. and now you have those two phonies in russia telling you how bad it is and the forcast in their shirts that shows they are not outside and after a few hours dont hear from them yet the games go on all day. now what are they doing durning all that extra time they are not on camera. and in about a hour we have to put up with the other phony mike bettes. standing there taking other people work and repeating it word for word since he cant do his own either and people want to know why direct tv drop them. with the 3 phonies and all the lies nbc says surprisemore people dont drop them

  246. se phony al rooker is forcasting weather you dont know how for us and in russia and guess who he is spending and wishing happy valentines day and not his wife. the other phony abrams like all the other metoroligist except bettes another phony is out covering storms not covering something they know nothing about like winter games. gues rooker and abrams thought they run to russia no one could fiqure whats going on. what about their so call show oh thats right someone else will take care of it while they vacation its not work a hour or two on camera isnt a job and information coming from someone else and they just read it off a paper and take credit. how about number 3 phony bettes hes been hiding for days and its not from over work. everyone else has gone out to cover storms and what he going to come back today taking credit for it all.

  247. well as fiqured bad storms gone from atlanta or bettes wife tired of him hiding at home he is back. acting as the phony he is using everyone else work to make it look like he did it. still dont see him going outside reporting on weather no have everyone else do it. once i saw the phony back left channel didnt see who he was working with taking their work since he dont do any himself. then he talks how bad it is outside and hes been hide inside. oh i see NBC sent whole today crew to russia and rooker sets in the back doing like always stand in back ground and live off others. at least hes not acting like big boss now of course he did that earlier with abrams. just shows what can of phonies rooker,abrams and bettes are

  248. well see that a award for the forcast of snow went to morning rush and like always either abrams, rooker or this time bettes take credit for it with maria larosa which proably is the one that did the prediction since you have to be there to do it but like always bettes takes credit for something he didnt do and he stands there patting himself on the back and not once gave maria even a little credit. that shows you what kind of person he is. had to turn it off just makes a person sick to see people like that but whats really bad NBC will proably reward him for it. they sent him to super bowl for destroying a van and almost getting two people killed. look at abrams she got to go to winter games for doing nothing. dont come to work half the time and when she does report on a story it has nothing to do with weather like dog show horse race

  249. well like always with your great 3 metoroligist or should i say phonies. lets see rooker and abrams in russia cover games only problem like their show in New York only monday thru Friday no report on weekend and look didnt know they shut games down on weekends thats alright other people are covering them. wonder what the two phonies doing maybe reading a book theres another laugh. oh for bettes he does like always run home and hide then monday come back and use who ever is on desk with him because he dont do nothing but live off others like other two phonies.

  250. well again NBC puts on another phoy report in russia like the one with bettes at super bowl and al rooker suppose to be outside the capital reporting. abrams there reading off the paper proably what someone else covered. shes there in a nice outfit but snow in back ground talking sports. i believe she is a metoroligist but never does weather rooker dont know what he is not a metoroligist no sport caster either. guess money buys you anything. instead of being back in us doing their job they are over there faking working. while other people are doing their work. look whos in new england covering storms jim cantore from atlanta. for the other fake bettes hes just hiding like always but be back tomorrow stealing someone work for his credit.

  251. well first like always Jen Carfagno covering for two phonies abrams and rooker. guess he was tired from their weekend no rooker but there abrams with a real phony photo she talking that they are heading to next event only problem she shows how its raining but yet there she is standing in the the nice dry. so much for going to next event in about 20 minutes guess we get to see other phony bettes. stealng off of others there since he hasnt been there for days like other two live off of others. NBC couldpull big suprise this week its to go up in 60 or 70 and sunny maybe have pretty boy bettes talk outside while its nice and sunny of course dont know if he could do on his own. what do we see you are going to give abrams and rooker another show. they cant show up for the one they have now. keep it up rooker will never see his family or maybe he rather be with abrams thats who he was with on valentine faking they were covering games. that a real joke. NBC should be glad its not a law doing what they are pulling or someone would be in jail. can see why they are one of presidents favorite media they are good at lying to public and broadcast phony reorts

  252. NBC is really sorry i go to see who was on and there is one of the people reporting on newest storm going through minnesota and then mike bettes comes on laughing at him because hes out in it reporting it while he does like always hides behind Maria LaRosa stealing her work after hiding at home 3 or 4 days behind his wife. he should be put out for a change and do the job he keeps saying he is instead of hiding there getting awards and rewards for other peoples work. just like the other 2 phonies abrams and rooker. in fact since NBC likes to keep running ads that state al rooker is a metoroligist but never been in a classroom for it let alone have a degree lets see what authorities say about false ads on tv and internet

  253. went to see who NBC was throwing shaft to this morning covering for their 2 phonies vacationing in russia andthere was number 2 phony abrams talking forcast in russia but she cant do her own in the states when she does show up for her show. then she buts up al three picks of the day. only problem you have to be a metoroligist to do that which he isnt even though NBC thinks they can lie and give him that title plus anyone that saw the show when it came on at 4 am with the two new girls that was the same one they had on. abrams just put rookers name on it and like they do always steal someone elses work. abrams is reporting supposivetly on winter games but was born,raise went to school in florida and never been in snow or games. like her phony induction into space camp hall of fame yet since she left there never even cover story on space usually jen carfagno does it. something else NBC buys and she fakes about. watch and see next week when games are over and she if abrams shows up for her show and how many days. of course since her and rooker been working so hard they may need a vacation. people can go to weather channel now and see the 3 phony bettes using larosa report like he does away.

  254. there was abrams bragging how see has been out shopping and see bought a pin that suppose to have something to do with weather. good thing someone told her that she wouldnt know and that will be the closest shell get to anything weather. just shows what she really has been doing shopping. of course havent seen rooker. then bettes talking about peoples commute. that a real joke he cant do his own job on his own without taking others work. he dont go out to report on anything he stays hide behind maria. dont think he even drives to work either his wife brings him or nbc as a driver pick poor mike up. too bad NBC pick the three worst to hand them everything on a silver platter. when its too late it may hit them of course look how bad they treat and take advantage of the good people

  255. see this morning NBC having abrams acting as she cover the event for ice dancing couples interview the winners which was america but only problem its when the couple are dress in street clothes and the view behind them is the outside of ice building. we know she didnt cover it she may have got cold and would have got in her way of shopping and being with al rooker. just turn to station and look who was covering for the two phonys jen carfagno like always. wheres the third phony oh thats right he got 20 minutes before we see him hiding behind maria larosa stealing her reports looking important. and look abrams come back on with a big coat acting like outside but at smae postion she was in where she interview skaters with people walking outside you think NBC could at least make it look a little real but guess phony reporters you have a phony site.

  256. see NBC makes another stupid move. bad enough you have bettes hiding behind larosa and taking her forcast and other reports now you have bettes talking about sports. durning super bowl you had to have all those athelic from past there so he didnt make you look completely a fool now between him, abrams and phony rooker in a three of them together have enough smarts to talk aboy sport. only school rooker been to was community college for business management the rest of his years was hiding behind real metoroligist until they retired and he moved into spot and then you had places like weather channel supply him his forcast. the other two bettes and abram went to school to be metoroligist but proably only work it a few months and have live off of other people. and now they are sport caster rookers sport is after having weight removed in hospital did a so call marathon at least we seen him start it and finish nothing inbetween. abrams spent most of her life in florida on the beach so dont know where she got her experience in winter sports bettes in his mind of course as his friend abrams said on national tv he the hottest man on tv that shows the respect for his new wife all he did was smile and say thank you. of course that is your great metoroligist,storm chaser,storm expert and now sportscaster. bet those two guys in that van that ended in hospital while he went around saying how bad it was without a scratch on him think so but bettes gets all these awards and rewards. just like the other two phonies.

  257. well this morning see both of the phonies rooker and abrams standing there letting other people do forcast and talk weather that know what they are saying. of course the two phonies you can tell isnt outside not with just shirts on. then rooker like always doesnt say anything that is true. guess thats why him and the president get along two of the same and abrams tags along like a leech. in about a hour we get to see and hear number 3 phony bettes hiding behind larosa and after she does her reports and forcast bettes can speak same words the same as she says and try to acy like its his work. someone ought to tell him to at least change a couple of words that way it wouldnt show how a big leech he is stealing everybodies hard work and try to say its his. just about time of season he could go out destroy another vehicle and get rid of more employees if you can find someone thats not concern to go with someone that is out for himself and dont care about others

  258. see there is some real serve storms coming so you can be sure bettes will be hiding behind someone and not close to them but he surely will talk about them after their done. like they were talking about philadelphia and bettes stood behind larosa and let her talk since thats were she from but then he keep saying thats right. people like that make most people sick when they steal off others to make therself lookgood. like talking now about midwest thats where he hides from when storms come. to bad NBC rewards phonies and leeches like their lastest great replace leno with kimmel he cant get laughs so they send people out pulling pranks saying fdr died thats a good trick from phonies just show kimmel not as great as he think

  259. thats good this morning abrams giving forcast and report of new england weather. when she did show up for work which is not everyday she couldnt do it without going to atlanta for it. she is just like bettes and rooker. if she had to do it on her own she couldnt do it. you have to do what you were taught to be able to perform it. that leaves her out. she use to like bettesand rooker everything handed to them. she better enjoy her next couple of days with rooker they are to come back after closing sunday unless they are getting a vacation from NBC for doing nothing like always while everyone else works to make a show. see its time for the other phony to come on bettes. well like always theres bettes hiding in station while others go out in storms. plus we all know he didnt make the reports or forcast proably stoled off of larosa like he does always. he just have to go around for a couple hours then he can go home and hide there for weekend.

  260. guess NBC trying to make games in sochi a joke like hiring and giving fallon a job by having al rooker taking about speed ice skating. bad enough NBC gives him a fake title of metoroligist and he could forcast weather if he had to but now hes taking about these games like hes done the event. if on food maybe or showing how to live off other peoples hard work like he is doing with abrams and bettes oh see abram not around guess either had long night or out doing more of her shopping. maybe you can have rooker explain to our people that wasnt able to get medals what they did wrong since hes such a expert in sports too

  261. abrams comes on and start talk on how going to talk to skiers about waxing ski. only problem someone else did the interview and like she does always take the credit and act like she did it. she proably wouldnt know how to put them on let alone know of care for them but of course she has a great teacher her partner and hero al rooker. for fake shows for NBC. so i guess you are going to completely ruin weather show this weekend with the two fakes for last two days. wait to monday to see who NBC will shaft to run their show because bet they dont show up for it then. they cant show up when in new york and now have to travel from russia guess will have to have some rest time for the great couple

  262. see NBC is going to do like the president does about his health insurance last day and they are sticking abrams and rooker down peoples throat with their fake reports. its like the olympics its self all through games russia was behind but by some great time russia has taken lead over everyone. thats just like those invisible 3 woman that was going after the americans. americans shouldnt feel bad they werent suppose to get alot of maedals like why is this time first time no one out of whitehouse came to show support for our people. obama and biden can run all over the world pushing their ideas or like biden go visit your family station overseas but cant go show support to our people in russia. soguess we have to put up with abrams and rooker all day if we want to see weather.

  263. well didnt think NBC couldnt do anything else to ruin weather channel further but see thats not true. bad enough they have two metoroligist that are phonies and stand back and let other people do the work and thet steal it and take credit abrams and bettes actually if you dont do what you learn you never can do it theirselfs well thats abrams and bettes but they get all kind of awards and rewards bettes goes to super bowl knows nothing about sport like abrams going with her hero al rooker to russia covering olympics and know nothing. they already had al rooker thats not a metoroligist but NBC gives him the title since they bought a weather station and now they hire another thats not a metoroligist along side phony bettes and i guess maria larosa will have to do for both of them. talk about a company screwing over their people look at the worst employer on tv. all the good people at the weather channel there is and NBC is allowed to pull all these crooked dealings think time someone should set in and do something

  264. just as fiqure abrams couldnt show up for her show again look phony rooker there showing next month jen carfagno is doing show with another of rookers phonies what NBC promote abrams to a exceutive. since she cant do what she went to school for but good at going around with other people trying to look like she knows all but knows nothing. so NBC is trying to screw over the american people again

  265. NBC its bad enough just because abrams is to lazy to get out of bed to come to work that her pretty body needs rest after for 2 weeks fake about reports in russia you drag jen carfagno from her home and family in atlanta then she is stuck with the biggest phony in tv al rooker pretending to be a metoroligist he isnt just by you giving the title then going to stick jen with another one just like rooker while phonies like abrams and bettes keep getting awards you buy them and you reward the phonies besides

  266. see again abrams cant show up for her show with her hero al rooker and NBC gives the shaft to JEN Carfagno taking her home and family to cover for abrams and stuck with phony al rooker. then NBC is going to have to support not just bettes but they hire another one thats not a metoroligist. now NBC has 4 phonies that everyone else has to support. look abrams goes on a fake job to cover winter games with al rooker in russia which from her own mouth she braggs of all the shopping then she cant even do her own show now 2 days straight guess all the shopping and being with rooker with no one around was too much and needs rest she dont deserve and before long be time for phony number 3 bettes since he was not at work yesterday sure he will be there snesking around like he does best

  267. big news is how NBC is bringing another person that is not a metoroligist that people like Maria Larosa have to do the work and they get credit. if sam champion was so great on network why then go to a network that is on its way out. oh see abrams still cant show up for her show and jen carfagno has to put up with phony al rooker at least until time for today show to come on and he goes there to pretend he is something he is not like he done all these year oh dont forget his big moment when he went to hospital and got his weight taken away so he could become that sexy man at least in his mind. like the race he suppose to have run he started it and finish it but nothing inbetween people can fiqure that out since everyone else except rooker was shown running at different spots in race.

  268. see come march 17 if abrams is able to come back to work there will be 3 phonies on wake up with al. two that are not metoroligist and one that hasnt done the job of metoroligist since leaving school so without the other real ones there wouldnt be a show because they just steal the others work. now for some reason NBC got the other one from the other network to come to weather channel then people like Jen Carfagno and maria Larosa have to do work for those 3 phonies. that not counting other phony mike bettes which as been hiding for over a week and cant because of over work all he has been doing is reading maria larosa forcast and reports. we know abrams and bettes wont go and cover the only city they know chicago its below 0 and they dont go in bad weather rather see NBC send someone else

  269. guess abrams has to have a week or sofrom all those fake reports in russia, all the shopping and being able to be with al rooker the whole time. of course see bettes hiding from work. maybe he is saving all his lies and fake fake reports for when new man that isnt a metoroligist like rooker isnt and then maria larosa will have to carry those three while jen carfagno will have to carry the other two fakes abrams and rooker. i wander if NBC is trying to keep pushing and scewing over larosa and carfagno hoping they will quit. they should realize if it wasnt for those two they wouldnt have a show. NBC thinks hiring another non metoroligist is going to better their program. if they keep losing the real people it wont be long before there wont be a weather channel of course maybe thats what they want and want people believe its because other networks. sound just like our federal govt guess thats why NBC is one of obama favorite networks he takes care of

  270. i guess NBC is desperite getting fake al rooker wrap up a polar bear go to north pole on a coast guard cutter trying to talk about something he doesnt know about and not really anything about storms just like his two pupils abrams and bettes. why not go out west where the next storms are reporting on them. no NBC will screw over one of the other people and send them plus rooker cant go to far from new york station. if they are goingto have the phony cover a weather story why not at least be half true. rooker the same he has always been the biggest fake NBC has and now they hired another.

  271. see abrams again cant show up for her show and NBC like always throw shaft to jen carfagno having to cover for the great abrams guess all that shopping being with al rooker and making all those phony stories in russia took toll and needed all week off to rest thats if she comes back then. maybe she waiting for the other non metoroligist sam champion NBC hired to do weather. if so great why leave from where hes at. now maria larosa and jen carfagno have to cover for 4 phonies. rooker,champion,abrams,and bettes. two very good metoroligist are going to get the shaft big time from NBC because they dont care about them at all. i am sure there are many companies that would love to have two great people it event NBC dont they are like a ex partner get all you can out of them and give them nothing. champion will find out the mistake he made listen to NBC and al rookers lies

  272. see Jen carfagno is back at her show on weekend guess maybe after a week abrams finally come back and do her own show ofcourse we know she dont do her own reports or forcast everything comes from other people that do show up do the work. curious of something else bettes been gone all week too you know the one abrams said on national tv that he so hot even though hes married of course look who she was with for two weeks in russia and plus in rare times she goes out on assignment look whos at her side al rooker. in about two weeks maria larosa has to now instead of covering and doing all the work for bettes but now she has another that is not a metoroligist sam champiob another of NBC to screw over on the people that do their job but plus have to make these phonies look good now she has rooker,abrams,bettes,and champion to do work for.

  273. see still running ad with a metoroligist that very seldom shows up and when she does report on nothing to do with weather then al rooker given title he is not went to school for business not weather of course those two live off of real metoroligist at atlanta weather station and not bettes he is another phony that strangly been off all week with abrams and NBC new addition another person that even states he not a metorolgist that way people like larosa and carfagno have to do the work and they steal it and act like they did it. news flash for NBC pulling your scam bringing champion doesnt make it any better should have gotten rid of your 3 phonies may have help but you rather screw the good people over . waiting for 7 am to see if bettes back that will really be strange since abrams been gone too and how she kept saying how hot he was on tv.

  274. see finally after a week off abrams finally show up and acting like she knows all about latest storm. but yet people from atlanta has to come up from atlanta to cover storm guess to bad for her to go out. waiting for 7 am to see if bettes back too. then see you explain why abrams and hot bettes off the same time and same amount of days and comes back same time. and wheres her hero and partner rooker he was there running his mouth when a real metoroligist jen carfagno was there trying to act like he knew what he was saying trying to impress her but like most people know he is a phony and fake just like abrams and bettes and on the 17th sam champion another non metoroligist

  275. instead of abrams standing there in studio after a week off and get out and her job she is paid for instead of standing inside reading off someone elses report and forcast taking other peoples work and just being close to phonies like al rooker. wait till champion is there she will have another one to hang on to and make excuses why she cant go out and cover stories insyead stay close to two people that are not metoroligist. at least champion does state isnt one not like rooker with the false advertisement NBC puts out hes a metoroligist. guess NBC is seeing how bad they can make the show its just ashame for the people that does a good job and the 3 phonies plus NBC takes advantage of them

  276. what we see the two phonies in ney york abrams there in clothes that dont fit so people wont notice that her reports and forcast are not hers but from someone that knows how. then theres rooker standing there with papers in his hand which proably blank but saying nothing because he dont know nothing. guess waiting for 7 am so he can go today set and set at desk looking like hes important and abrams will keep trying to impress people with her looks and sending the show to atlanta so someone that does do forcast gives them out.

  277. i see abrams on there trying to show herself off then reading someone elses forcast and reports just like her traveling partner al rooker then transfer it to atlanta to jen carfagno that does the real forcasts she did. she NBC still running that ad with their for phony so call metoroligist rooker and champion which are not just by name at least champion has the nerve to confess hes not one and theres abram and bettes which have been to school but if wasnt for others there wouldnt be any weather reports or forcast.

  278. went to see what stupid move NBC made this time and like always they think if they put abrams on there in a dress made for a teenager skin tight and short that it will bring move people to watch and dont pay attention to what she says since she dont know whats she taliking about plus its from someone elses report. in about 11 days then we get to listen to another person that is not a metoroligist living off of maria larosa work. i guess thats why bettes has still been off resting up to be able to lie and steal her forcast and reports. i know dont matter to NBC for one person that i wont watch. bad enough have to put up with the 3 phonies they already had. rooker,bettes and abram but now they hire champion from the other network that at least admitts he is not a metoroligist of course NBC good at giving false titles out look rooker suppose to be a metoroligist and never been to school and abrams was bought into space camps hall of fame

  279. NBC is just like the government shove that health insurance down americans thorat. you keep bring abrams with her short skirt on talking about things she never even been close like now on avalances closes to snow was when she was playing in russia and seeing she brag about all the shopping so i guess send snow in books. keep showing your next phony weatherman champion if you want to destroy this show why dont you just cancel it so the good people can go where they would be appreciated. you could always put the other 3 phonies with rooker on today maybe with those 4 you might be able to get a good forcast once in awhile

  280. see NBC runningthat big ad on their 4 phony metoroligist. come on the 17th. poor larosa now has to do for four fakes. instead of hiding another one thats not a metoroligist and can do their own work should give that money to people like jen carfagno, maria larosa,mike sidel, jim cantore and others instead the four fakes. see abrams there today playing her role but just either reading someone elses report or let someone else talk. at least today she not there with a dress for a teenager. she can wait until 17th to impress the new guy. wander if abrams going to tell him he is a hot guy like she didb wonder boy bettes

  281. see NBC running that bad ad on another non metoroligist coming Sam Champion on 17 th with that crooked smile and Maria Larosa now has to do for another fake and phony. if he was so great at other network why is he coming to weather channel i guess NBC will do for him like they did rooker make him a metoroligist and steal work off of people like cantore,sidel,carfagno, and larosa and lets not forget the other two leeches abrams who cant even show up for a 5 day show and when she does she never reports on weather. in rare times she does it comes from atlanta and bettes he too busy hiding behind one of the people there and then he just repeats what they say. now hes been gone over 2 weeks guess resting up so he has no problem putting up his phony act of being a metoroligist if thats what hes going to be he has so many titles hard to say which one he will use from day to day

  282. see for a change abrams shows up for her show. also maybe no one notice but everytime abrams is on camera NBC makes sure it is a full view of all of her to show her in her tight short skirt guess so people wont notice how she is not doing her own report or forcast plus dont know what she saying but when they go to someone in atlanta they make sure view is just shoulder and face guess NBC dont want people to see that there is people as nice as abrams if not better and is the ones really doing the forcast and reports that abrams,bettes and rooker steals and next their new gloden boy sam champion which will live off of their experience. of course he came on their ad pushing him coming saying this station is about weather. that parts right but didnt say nothing about the phonies like him,rooker abram and bettes. they didnt need to hire him for that get rid of phonies and leeches rooker,abrams and bettes and everything would have gotten better. guess they thought hiring someone with blond hair and looks good will improve it they already have abrams going around like a teenager trying to impress people with her looks instead of doing her job then the other two phonies either telling lies or stealing other peoples work.

  283. guess NBC desperte they have abrams suppose to be talking to twins that are older training for space travel. that was a real phony report first if people notice they had space suits on but the back round is the today show. bet someone wrote what she should ask since keep reading off her tablet and like always she was dress like the teenager she isnt. also seeing the president cut the space program in fact just recently there was a new weather satilite sent off but wasnt sent from united states they took it to japan so they could send it off so why would there be a program for more space travel here thats like abrams report phony

  284. well theres abrams lying about something she doesnt know nothing about dog sled racing maybe what she seen in a book or her traveling partner rooker said but dont know where he got it from. what else oh about controlling climate change i was taught one person has control of that and everything else on earth and its not her and al rooker obama or harry reid and his buddies in the senate or pelosi but notice they work all night on bill for that. everytime they do that it like that obamacare which they wanted to sneak through before anyone reads it. like that law they want all that money so they can tell the farmers when they are having a drought wonder happen all these decades that they were able to do that without federal govt. sounds like they need to pay so top officals there. less than a week and the other phony coming to weather channel to live off of people of maria larosa and jen carfagno.

  285. see abrams doing what she does best and not weather but hugging all over sam champion. he says this is a show for weather only problem another person that is not a metoroligist like him and rooker or two that are metoroligist but never does or able to do their own forcast or eports abrams and bettes living off of maria larosa hard work you dont see her hugging all over champion like abrams but of course thats how shes got where she at and keeps getting all these rewards a nd awards and not having to show up half the time and when she does she does like her x co-host bettes steal off of others work. so instead of one fake phony in rooker nows there two i wonder who NBC is going to lie and make excuses about having to get rid of because of their newest stupid move. cant be larosa and carfagno since they have kept station running. guess champion with his blond hair and pretty smile is to improve this station. as long as maria larosa keeps doing her great hard work so these 4 phonies can steal it all will be fine. what happen when these people that do the work get tired of being used and leave. the smiles from NBC 4 wonder people will mean nothing.

  286. see in NBC wisdom to cover next storm going through they send mike sidel to cover it while they perfess they have two metoroligist in new york of abrams and rooker why dont they cover it oh thats right to bad out for them plus abrams couldnt show herself off all wrap up in winter gear and her real knowledge of weather would come out. could send your wonder boy bettes hes a metoroligist,storm chaser,storm expert and also sports expert from his last story he so called covered. of course i guess he is resting up so he can join champion so they can be two leeches taking off of maria larosa. champion better watch bettes good at putting people working with him in the hospital. they keep putting on tv of how great it will be monday with champion coming. still wonder if he is so great then why after 20 years is he leaving where he is and coming to a failing network. you would think after 20 years he would be close to retiring and not starting over at new failing station. maybe NBC lie to him like they do to the american public with their 3 phony people now. she abrams popping up every once in awhile trying to show off her teenage wardrobe to impress the people

  287. it is bad NBC got to every few minutes put on about sam champion coming but all it is another person that is not a metoroligist thats going to get off of maria larosa information and forcast to make them look like they know what they are doing just like bettes,abrams and rooker been doing along. instead of hiring another phony shpould have gave that money to larosa and carfagno. since when ever abrams cant come to work which is alot of the time jen carfagno covers for her. lets not forget abrams big quaility is going around with clothes on that you would expect a teenager in high school to wear instead of a professional of course guess have to do something so people wont notice what see dont know about weather and how her reports are copies of what someone just said like her hunk of a man bettes does

  288. well two more days before NBC brings their other phony weather person sam champion that wiil be like the other 3 phonies be leeches and live off maria larosa surprise they even showed her on the ads. she abrams was able to show up for work and surprise in a outfit not out of her high school years. was good she was talking about the new snow storm that went through new england and sking thata a joke. yet look who was cover storm in vermont jim cantore not the two great people up in new york abrams or rooker or how about the great mike bettes he has all those titles but like the other two dont never do their so call job. guess bettes saving himself for monday so he can act like the great one he is with sam champion but they have to wait for maria larosa to make her report and forcast before they can copy it and use her work. just think if all this people like maria, jim cantore,jen carfagno did the same thing guess there would be a show that no one says anything because if they had to depend on the great 4 there would be nothing. two days left to watch real metoroligist and come monday just as the ads show sam champion looking over maria shoulder at whats on her computor so he knows what to say just like the other 3 fakes

  289. whhat a surprise abrams showed up for another show and not in here high school clothes talking about irish sh isnt and cold season guess nows she a doctor. NBC still keeps going on about sam champion coming monday. all it is another al rooker someone to join living off of Maria LaRosa experience and knowledge just like bettes,abrams and rookers been doing. wonder which one abrams will be chasing after then rooker or champion or maybe both just look how she had nerve to say how she thought her buddy bettes was so hot a hunk and he just got married to a employee of the weather channel

  290. see NBC building another new site for another phony. he will be doing the same as abrams,bettes,and rookers been doing all along being a leech stealing maria larosa work because two of them are phonies rooker and champion not metorolgist not even been to class so they cant forcast just steal off of her and bettes and abrams found it easier to have others do the work and then steal it and act lie it their. abrams cant even show up for a 5 day program a week. half the timejen carfagno has to go do show. rooker is the biggest fake on tv hes been hiding behind the real weatherman on today show and since he retired or gone he move right in and NBC thinks since they bought the weather channel they can give him the title like them buying abrams the position in the hall of fame at space camp and she nevers covers anything on it last time again jen carfagno did it. so come monday champion comes out with his big smile and blond hair and stand over larosas shoulder reading her forcasts and report just like bettes been doing all along. and thats NBC great metorolgist, storm chaser.storm expert and one of their big leeches of course hes good at destroying vans and almost getting people killed and dont even get a scratch and get rewards for it.

  291. well tomorrow NBC is taking its next step to make weather channel the worst on tv. they bring another phony to live off of maria larosa like mike bettes,abram and the other non metoroligist al rooker. instead of doing what was needed to improve show get rid of leeches bettes,abrams and rooker. instead they hire another one that is not a metoroligist that just steal off the real people that work and care what they do. i guess with champions big smile and blond hair and standing behind larosa looking over her shoulder of her work on screen and just take every word she says just like bettes been doing all along. as for abrams and rooker if internet was gone they could even give the temperature since rooker wouldnt know how and without atlanta information abrams couldnt do anything unless it was a horse race. what a waste of someones money for her to go to school you have to practice what you are taught not go after has beens like rooker who has hide behind people all his life living off their work.

  292. not bad enough NBC keeps running ad about their new phony sam champion now they get fox to run their stupid ad just showing how bad they are first they put their two phony and fakes abrams and rooker and now change the name like last show bring champion and bettes living off of maria larosa hard work. just as phony and fake as rooker. keep saying after 20 years hes coming back guess back then he was nogood and now after 20 years at some where else hes coming back to live off someone eles hard work. if he was that good he wouldnt be leaving where hes at. his blond hair and big smile isnt going to make weather channel back what it was before NBC took over bring phony al rooker and making abrams and bettes so good but leeches like rooker and now champion. the rest of the networks should do like direct tv cancel them they made it even worst screwing over good people in the processes

  293. just as i thought the new show would be bad. all champion is a host and a white al rooker and whats worst yet is bettes shows up and now hes a expert on the science of the weather and him and champion are the greatest thing there. bettes cant even do his own forcast without stealing from people like maria larosa. only thing bettes good at destroying equipment and putting people in danger. just ask the 2 cameraman that was in that van that bettes was suppose to be in but cameraman ended up in a intensive care unit and bettes was on the evening weather channel without a scratch. notice that when champion wanted to talk about weather and forcast he sent it to jim cantore just like the other 3 phoneys bettes abrams,and rooker. so NBC should be proud they made it worst. of course i guess thats why they are one of the president favorite news networks

  294. this morning by a mistake i went to weather channel and what i see champion trying to get weather forcast which was right in front of him and he couldnt do that so who does he look to the other phony mike bettes which all he can do is read someone elses work. i guess that ad they run before where maria larosa was there but in two days not one time have seen her just the two wonder boys bettes and champion. unless they are keeping her hide in back doing the work and those two are suppose to steal it and act like its their and doing bad job at that. i believe all the people like larosa,carfagno ,cantore and others should look into someplace that will respect them and not use to to make NBC 4 great phonies great by their work. didnt think there wasnt anyone worst than rooker at using and stabbing people in the back to make theirself look good but i was wrong now can see why he left other place guess people got tired of his why he treated others and living off other.

  295. went tosee what was on wake up with al and theres abram on there with a mini skirt that actually a high school student should where acting like she knew what she was talking about. of course see ads now with just the phony champion. guess they cut those false ads with Maria LaRosa on since she not seen but everyone knows shes proably in the back doing forcast and reports since champion isnt a metoroligist just a phony host and mike bettes is a fake that suppose to know how but like his other buddies abrams and rooker rather let someone else do the work and steal it from them. i guess NBC believes they can do what they like legal or not since they are one of obama pet networks and he will protect them from any wrong like taking leno off put his puppet fallon on for one. all the good people on the weather channel should take notice that NBC has no idea ever being fair to them and use them as long as they want and then come up with lame excuses to get rid of them like so many they already have and hire and take care of fakes like rooker,champion ,bettes and abrams

  296. i see after 4 days finally NBC puts Maria LaRosa the real metoroligist on after their false ads on she would be part of team. she part of team doing all the work while champion and bettes act like they did the work another lie. of course yesterday i was at another channel that was playing the old home edition make over and champion was on with the people he is fitted with the muppets of course they are good and champion does then as he does now fake weather reports since he had title but never been to school for it like rooker and NBC will do like they did for phooney rooker just give him the title. didnt see wake up with al today but sure abrams was there showing her self off trying to cover up what she dont know and use someone elses report like the other 3 except she comes out with clothes that most woman would not wear since suppose to be adults not teenager but guess maybe she trying to impress champion

  297. how can NBC put on a weather show with a person that is a fake and phony like champion talking about something he know nothing about of that right they are one of obama puppets and he will protect them from any charges of champion can do like rooker,bettes and abrams does still it off the people that can and does all the work. still odd if champion was so great and was at other station so long would leave and come to a place that NBC is trying to destroy anyway. and since they refuse to at least put maria larosa on as they advertised so we could it from a true metoroligist dont watch anymore and hope many follow suit

  298. well see NBC newest false ad champion now beside being a make believe metoroligist now he is sportscaster newscaster host and editor. alse if people will notice they hired Anaridis Rodriguez who is from mass. station that was a news hosts so when all the people were yelling about direct tv dumping weather channel they just saw what NBC was planning on doing. they are going to do away with a weather channel and after they get what they want and use people like maria larosa ,cantore,carfagno they will get rid of them. but let bettes stay because he can lie and do what they say. rooker is like champion a phony abrams they will keep that way they have someone will dress and show off her looks not that she knows what they need but they fiqure she can do like she does now strut around with clothes that belong to a teenager to make so no one pays attention to what they say. so people enjoy weather channel while you can because it is on its way out unless someone stops NBC and its news fakes from ruin it. dont forget when they talk weather its not from them they dont know how. champion did that for 25 years and had people fooled and now hes doing at weather channel like bettes,abram and rooker

  299. at least NBC hasnt screwed up weekend view at least yet. you can go there for true weather news and forcast with real metoroligist like jen carfagno not like week days with phoneys champion rooker abrams and bettes and now they bring a news caster too. if we wanted news we could go to a station that didnt have all make believe people that steal hard work off of one person like maria larosa. of course champion has been doing it for 25 years bet people from where champion left are glad maybe they will finally get the credit they deserve since he is a metoroligist but of course hes at weather channel to help NBC destroy it and all the good people of course they will keep phooneys abrams and bettes but wait they will see that they cant do weather without the others since rooker has been teaching them how to steal and live off of others.

  300. see NBC is running its false ads of the weather channel on fox. i thought fox didnt like running lie but guess enough money is hard to turn down. people need to realize what NBC is trying to pull. first they bring another al rooker who is a metoroligist never been to a class on weather and have lived off of others that have just like rooker,abrams and bettes has been doing. then NBC brings Rodriquez which was a news erporter and host and they act ;like they know weather and then pull a slick one and put MARIA LAROSA the real metoroligist which rooker, abrams and bettes been stealing and living off of her hard work and actually NBC is planning to turn the weather channel into another news station. guess there others are lousy so they think with the 4 fakes they can make a great one and people wont notice and all the good people of the weather channel after they are done using and abusing them will get rid of them.before they do too much damage someone should stop them at least stop all these false and lying ads for a start

  301. see where champion left they are celebrating and very happy. guess it shows how they are happy finally they have lost the phony that was living off of others just like rookers been doing to the today show all his life and now does it at weather channel and NBC decides to bring another just like him to make sure they totally ruin a good show and put it the gutter and hurt alot of good people on the way. in about two and ahalf hours its time for that phony so call weather show instead of trying to fool the people why dont NBC call it what it is another news station and not good at that bettes stands back like the fool he is then champion and your news caster goes on about weather they steal off of Maria Larosa just like he did on other station and act like they did it and they have maria that they really respect and care about her but are just using her like all the other good people there

  302. iwent to weather channel early before any of the phonies come on and for so reason they have phony al rooker on early. yet what do we see two people from atlanta jim cantore and mike sidel in new england area but the two people that are suppose to cover rooker and abrams standing in nice warm studio of course rooker running his mouth abouth nothing he knows and theres abrams at his side standing quiet with her nice short tight dress to take peoples attention away how they are not doing their job as usual. and wheres the great storm chaser storm expert and now one that is expert of scince of the weather mike bettes oh like always hiding in atlanta except now he has two more phonies to hide behind so all three of them can steal maria larosa forcast and work. i hear now am headquarters is number one i guess in NBC eyse but i still see last place champion was it is getting better aand the people are so happy guess because they dont have to cover up and make someone look good since the one fake and phony they had is gone. i guess now from 5 am to 11 am every morning there will be nothing but phonies on weather channel and poor maria larosa has to put up with three snakes instead of one

  303. by mistake went to weather channel of excuse me am headquarters and wht is on mike bettes talking about torando thats funny usually he is 1 or 2 states away from them so he could never inform people and the one time he was close he got the van with all that expensive equipment in and two other people van was restroyed and the two others ended up in intensive care in hospital but he was without a scratch and on tv that night at weather channel in atlanta and had several rewards for destroying the van and almost got those two killed. got to go super bowl and act like a sportcaster and been living off of maria larosa work since and now new show with the fake sam champion and his newscaster friend and they all living off of maria larosa experience as a metorologist. oh see that station where champion was is still celebrating since he left and now they have a true metoroligist and not the phony going around with his big smile acting like he was one. now he can help NBC bring the weather channel down as it plan since dont need another news channel that is bad

  304. see like always had a story on outer space and travel and instead of person bought the reward person inducted into space camps hall of fame abrams and she is no where near. like hiring champion and newscaster from new england area for the weather channel oh thats right NBC has plan of doing away with weather channel and start another failing news channel and dump all the good people unless they can buy them so they will do what they say like bettes and abrams does of course they keep her to look pretty bettes hes good at lying and stealing other peoples work but hope they dont think those two can do their own forcast they have been stealing others so long they couldnt. people need to look back when they were direct tv was at fault because weather channel wasnt being carry any more but yet NBC didnt want it to be because of their plans to do away with it and hire more phoneys like champion and hire a newscaster but on their ad they act like they know weather just check their bio neither one has never been to school or trained as metoroligist they do just lie the other 3 abrams,bettes and rooker steal others work.

  305. why dont NBC try something different like tell the viewers the truth. they are doing away with the weather channel as it was known and now have phoonies,fakes and liars like rooker,champion,bettes,abrams and their new newscaster rodriquez not metoroloigist trying to do a news channel which is bad but with champion big smile it is tomake it good but since he left GMA they are all happy and has become a better show since the real metoroligist is shown and not a fake as campion. like this morning champion trying to talk about weather and he dont know so he goes to bettes for the science of weather and he hasnt been able to do his own forcast but steal maria Larosa work and know hes a expert on the science of weather thats just another joke and scam NBC thinks they can pull like al rooker advertise as a metoroligist and never been in school room for it. bettes is good at destroying a van and equipment and almost get two other people killed and he is suppose to be in same van but had no scratches and he has got nothing but rewards since then. i thought it was against the law to put on tv lies and false ads but i guess since NBC is one of presidents puppet news media they can get away with it. people need to realize that direct tv knew what was coming down when they didnt renew weather channel since NBC had no thought of doing weather channel but destroy it. more network need to follow suite because NBC is making worst and before long there wont be nothing but champion on there smiling at you and say nothing because they wont anyone but bettes and abrams and neither one can do anything without other people so there goes correct weather forcast

  306. see my cable company that the weather channel dont come in maybe they have follow suite with direct tv and seen how a fake and phooney NBC is making the so call weather channel/ news channel and blocking no lose. cant really get anything real to lunch time after rooker and champion are done with their lies and fake broadcasting

  307. well guess rooker needs est from all the lie see had to bring someone from atlanta to cover for the great rooker and someone that could do forcast since abrams is too busy cover horse races award shows winter games and going around showing off her looks but not practice what she went to school for so she could do it on her own. guess easier to steal and live off others hard work and the ad shows her hugging on al rooker which i guess she good at. from 5:30 am to 11 am all people have is two programs with alot of fakes and phooneys like rooker,champion,bettes, and abrams oh lets not forget their newest newscaster or has NBC made her a metoroligist like rooker since she says it all starts with weather thats if Maria LaRosa does it and they can steal it from her. wonder when NBC will come out with truth change the name to some news show oh thats right they are one of obama big media puppets so guess they wont come with truth better to lie to public

  308. well see NBC new newscaster on the weather channel first talk about what she does know news and then go to weather she does not and then comes phooney and fake bettes which couldnt do a forcast if his life depended on it like he has done for years and then come the white al rooker sam champion giving forcast for now in future and is like rooker not a metoroligist. but you dont see the ral metoroligist what they got them hide in back doing the work and the fakes stealing it from them taking the credit. why dont NBC do something different tell the public the truth. know its hard since all the lie they report for the white house but show how they plan to get rid of weather channel get rid of good people but keep the fakes bettes and abrams then dont know where they will get weather abrams good at hugging on rooker showing herself off in clothes you would expect a high school student to wear not a professional she good at award show especially when shes getting one horse races but dont look for weather oh not anything to do with space travel or outer space even though she is in the hall of fame for space camp. that was another one of NBC purchases like buying rooker a spce as a coast guard.. at least weekend comings and they havent screwed it up yet but give them time

  309. i see NBC and the weather channel still run ads with first two people that know nothing about weather but say they do champion and rodriquez then fake bettes not metoroloigist because he cant do even a forcast unless he steals from someone else. not a storm expert or storm chaser as he says. just destroy equipment and almost get 2 other people killed but he dont even get a scratch. and now expert in the science of the weather something else NBC buys for their special person while real metoroloigist like jen carfagno and maria larosa are hid in back doing work while those three steal the credit of course champion been doing it all these years at GMA guess thats why they are so happy number one phooney gones and they have real people now. i guess since NBC is one of the presidents puppet news media they can get away with all the lies and false ads on tv.

  310. went by to see what lies were there and big news hot in west coast and they have their new expert on the science of the weather which is a big joke he was running his mouth saying nothing since he dont know what hes saying and with out people like cantore,carfagno or larosa whos suppose to be there he knows nothing. thats like al rooker is a metoroligist. guess more of sam champions ideas that had brought gma down but they have recovered since he left and came to weather channel to screw it up or should we say champion news channel since thats what it is. lets not forget their new newscaster that keeps saying it starts with the weather which she dont know either unless maria larosa gets it ready because bettes could he hasnt done any real work since he almost got two camerman killed. but like always NBC said maria Larosa was to be on but like usual they put her in the back doing the work so the 3 phooneys can steal it and take the credit.

  311. guess NBC thinks changing name of show again bring phooney sam champion which he almost ruin gma but since he left they are moving up and all there is happy. their new ad where miss rodriquez states weather is the start yet she talks everything but weather but of course she has been newscaster all her life then champion comes on going to talk about traffic and weather which he knows nother about either if you look he has a card with all information from people that did it and wrote it down so he knew what to say like for weather is the real metoroligist Maria LaRosa which they should her face on ad but you dont see her on show ofter just the 3 phooneys oh the 3 phooney mike bettes now NBC makes him expert on science of weather another joke was storm chaser until he goes out destroys a van with all the equipment and almost gets two camerman killed but he gets not even a scratch,no storm expert without other people in atlanta metoroligist without someone else doing it he stands there saying nothing cant even do a forcast ones he gives are word for word of mrs. larosa now he expert on the scince of weather isnt that a laugh of course NBC gave al rooker the title of metoroligist and never been in a classroom for it just like champion for a company that wants to make money and keep public inform NBC has done everything he can to destroy one of the best weather cchannels. before they hired rooker,champion,rodriquezkeep bettes and abrams

  312. people need to realize what sam champion are doing to the weather channel. it isnt there there was maria larosa trying to say something and the great sam champion shows his respect for her and woman by cutting in and not let her say a word. and whats he talking about 4 guys doing some kind of folk singing whats that got to do with weather. and reports on other station of weather changing back to cold and snpow but wheres their expert on the sciene of weather telling why hiding because he dont know. people need to see there is no weather channel just by name to get people to watch once they hired phooney champion and that newscaster weather channel was gone and not direct tv fault they saw what was coming and they saw NBC doing that like news loies they report from washington. so NBC did what they plan all along destroy weather channel and blame someone else sound familiar

  313. be awhile since heard lies of rooker and abrams thought see what was going on since seen rooker arm in sling guess got hurt running after food. but what do i see i heard abrams giving a forcast but knew she didnt do it was curosity who see was stealing from since maria larosa work sunday afternoon but of course that wouldnt matter to NBC as long as their poor babies rooker,abrams,bettes,champio,and rodriquez wasnt over work. who do i see standing by one of phooneys abrams but jen carfagno the one work weekend mornings in atlanta and then had to do forcast today and had to be in new york. and what did NBC show abrams doing interview celebrities for awards show nothing to do with weather there with her teenage cloths trying to show off her self and act like she knew what she was doing. with rooker and champion coaching her and her doing anything they tell her she thinks that makes her great but people see what her and the other four are realy are phooney and fakes living off other peoples hard work. thats something for their family to be proud of of course a certain amount of money will hid any guilt they may have if they do have any since rooker and champion been doing it for over 20 years it proably dont bother them. they like throwing the shaft to people just like their employer NBC guess thats why NBC is one of the presidents favorite news media do what he sys no matter how many people it hurts

  314. see still Jen Carfagno has to be in new york cover for fat man rooker i guess his hand hurts to much to do his own show of course they do need a metoroligist that can do forcast since abrams can only go around hugging on rooker in her tight short dress and do everything but weather like today talking to a person that was in boston bombing last year which federal govt still hasnt done anything about just like shoots in texas. but abrams act like see a newscaster now. guess since she never does what she went to school for and when see does do weather she does like the other phooneys like bettes and champion steal it from someone else

  315. see this morning guess jen carfagno was sent back to get ready for weekend show. she not like the great 5 phooneys NBC has between wake up with al and amhq. which is all fake as far as weather goes. see today theres abrams in her nice short tight skirt and time for forcast and she steps back and let a intern do it. mainly because she cant do them and she dont want anyone to blame her if something wrong like went to theit amhQ theres champion trying to give a forcast that one he didnt do and dont know what hes saying and then he is the host and he ask one of the other phooneys on national tv whats next. you would think he know whats next since he suppose to be in charge. another joke.what bettes back to hiding under desks again. guess the expert on the scince on weather doesnt have anything to say or didnt his new wife write something for him to say. maybe he could go to the two men he almost got killed last year to write something for him or he can do like hes been doing for years steal maria larosa reports

  316. see this morning you have the two phooney metoroligist rooker which isnt one and abrams with her skintight short skirt couldnt if she tired since she has never done what she learned in school only run after al rooker report on everything but weather and forget forcasting easier for her to steal other peoples work. see NBC still has false ad that starts with their new newscaster that she says it starts with weather too bad her like champion wouldnt know what weather was without maria la rosa which you see for a few seonds on ad but show usually they have in the back doing the work. and mike bettes he is just a waste of space. now he is expert on the science of weather after last year living off of marias work and almost getting two men killed plus getting a very expensive van destroyed so he could hurry to get home and try to out run a torando bet everyone else knew better but mr expert storm chaser thought other wise. of course NBC gets away with alot of illegal acts since they are one of obama favorite news media look his press secetary wife is one of NBC top people surprise no wander they can pull what they do on weather channel from certain people to cable company for not taking their lies.

  317. by mistake went to wake up with al of listen to phooneys and there is him and his buddy abrams with her tight short skirt talking like their friend obama on controlling climate change i was taught one person has that power and no phooneys on earth then they went to forcast and who do they go to JEN carfagno because neither one could do forcast if their life depend it on them. then need we are to come at 9:10 to hear sam champion reports from La. guest have to wait for maria larosa to do them did NBC send their other two phooney with him bettes expert on weather and their newscaster. more lies while the three live off others hard work guess thats why GMA is so happy now got rid of their leech champion now they get the credit they deserved all those years while champion stood there with his big smile and golden hair taking something that wasnt his

  318. see rooker on there telling lies again. how can someone thats never even taken a class on weather give forcast or report on weather. he shows his 3 picks whats that what atlanta sent him and abrams does what she does best hug all over him. she proably could do want if she had to thats why she goes around with the type of clothes she wears so people dont pay attention to what she says if she does say anything about weather which she dont usually turns it to atlanta. and now NBC thinks bring another phooney sam champion is going to improve it. only place that has improve has been GMA since they got rid of the big smiling golden hair leech champion. nows he down in new orleans did he take other phooneys with him bettes and rodriquez who just a newscaster not metoroligist but says it always start with weather. of course they hide the one that does do the weather maria larosa and they just do like rooker,abrams and bettes been doing stealing it and take credit

  319. this morning i see one of the most biggest lie and phoney report that NBC and weather channel could have. mike bettes is talking on dangers of covering tornado one thing they but up dont get close but ;last year the great mike bettes has them chase one and get by so he could get home and the van is destroyed two cameraman had to be rush to hospital put in intensive care yet bettes was on the weather channel that night in atlanta saying how scared he was but didnt even had a bandage on him while two others wetre fight for their life but he got time off to rest even got rewarded by going to super bowl and he has the nerve to stand on tv saying how bad it was. still wander if he was in van and since all he did was confess how he was a experience storm chaser yet a rookie knows you dont chase one. bettes been living off of maria larosa hard work since and he steals her work he even repeats it word for word what she says and now NBC makes him a expert on scince of weather with the new phoney sam champion and newscaster rodriquez which they put maria in back and they live off of her work. thats your great NBC giving the people the weather they want just lies champion been a phoney on GMA for many years living on others hard work like al rooker has done on today and now he has abrams hugging all over him playing the same role

  320. dont know why NBC and the weather channel keep putting their one lying employee mike bettes on talking about being safe when chasing storms he has always done that but once usually he was always two states away what good is that storm chaser they are out there to let people know of danger but not with him. of course the one time he was in hurry to get home your experience storm chaser tried to out run a tornado. lets see completely destroyed van with all that equipment two camerman in it had to be rush to hospital and put in intensive care but bettes suppose to be in van yet not even a scratch on him and he was able to be on the weather channel that night in atlanta telling how bad and how scare he was. proably if someone that is not paid by NBC would investigate that it proably come out he wasnt even in van. of course he got time off got all kind of awards has live off of maria larosa hard work and he takes the credit he even got to go to super bowl and pretend with abrams they knew something about the sports. and now he is a expert on the science of weather. thats like when NBC bought that spot in space camps hall of fame for abrams and she never even reports on anything to do with outer space usually like always jen carfagno covers for her and does hers and al rookers job. guess NBC is about to throw the shaft to jen carfagno again see she got weekend off so guess they have something to take her away from her home and family inatlanta while poor people like rooker and abrams stay in station in new york

  321. well finally comes out how bright NBC is. they show in okal. they got team of storm chasers ready to go and who do they have in charge acting like he knows all the one person that almost got two people killed and destroyed a van with expensive equipment so he could get back home before weekend,the great mike bettes. of course if he does as he usually does he will be at least two states from any storm so he dont get hurt. wont do any people any good while he hides somewhere. surprise they found a team that would be with him. either had to pay them alot or maybe found people that didnt hear what he did last time. since hes out on road lying who is sam champion going to have to do the science of weather now of course guess champion can always lie like he always does.

  322. well see NBC and bettes playing games keep showing bettes standing by new van in oklahoma weather not bad him talking about storms yet before that the real experts were saying likely in arkansas so like always bettes at least one state away. why bettes did just televise it from his home in atlanta. just more lies and phoney as he is just like the new people champion and rodriques what tomorrow they going to be tornado experts too. everyday the weather channel turns more of a bunch of false shows thought that was against the law to put false information on of course since NBC is one of white house puppet media they can do what they too

  323. see bettes played it right. he was in oklahoma and storms went through arkansas so people were not warn because bettes does what he does best hide states away but sure other people will go there and after its calm and cleared up he will go you know like fema but fema proably wont show up. i bet bettes excuse is a great one of course people with him are proably thank ful at least they are not like last crew in hospital. bet champion got some big lies for this morning or hes he still hiding in new orleans. but no fear i wont hear it i dont watch it since NBC brought two more phoneys and are just throwing the shaft to all the good people ruin a once good show and now one of the worst. people should really quit looking at nothing but fake reports or stolen ones from NBC 4 greats rooker,abrams,champion, and rodqueiz

  324. see rooker and his real cost friend and partner abrams are hiding in alabama where storm has been through but talking to people on phone where storm is and needs help. even people like fox news sent their real metoroligist but she is not hiding in a safe place with a fake married metoroligist and where she can do some good. oh wonder where the great expert storm chaser and storm expert mike bettes hiding. weekend he was hiding where storm wasnt at but since it moved this morning there was people there but he wasnt one. guess hes hiding in atlanta with other phoney sam champion sure talking about storms he knows nothing about while bettes xpartner abram is hiding in alabama with other phoney al rooker but be sure if storm comes that way they will leave and hide somewhere else notice people where being notifed about storms but not from weather channel sam champion with his crew were too busy trying to act pretty and not worried about safety of public like bettes running his mouth about what they should do if storm comes when he was standing where there wasnt even a cloud. guess he needed some overtime money why he was playing this weekend but when real danger was near he was back in atlanta weather channel is like FEMA if they even show up its after everything is over and there is no chance they may get caught in bad weather

  325. that was real nice of champion and rodriquez to let Maria Larosa at front desk but they wont let her say a word yet the 2 phoneys had weather news to say. guess where they got it. you can see why GMA was glad to see champion leave now their people can get their credit they deserve. like i fiqure bettes comes on and wheres he at memphis tenn in his t-shirt under sunny skies and storms no where to be found while other networks have their people where they can help. dont worry bettes is like fema after all is done and clear up he may go there to tell them what they should have done. to bad weather channel dont do what they use to do and why it was created to warn and helppublic not have liars like sam champion standing there showing his pretty face and say things to make hilself look good. NBC you did what you do best destroy a good show and hurt the good people while you pick a few a treat like gods and all they care about is theirselfs and their pockets

  326. see this morning abrams pulling same trick as her x partner bettes in Alabama where either storms already went through or where there no chance of coming just like they showed earlier bettes standing in his t shirt where no storm and its safe but talking about storm else where. bet rookers not far from abrams either they are like a couple married but i thought he was already married but with abrams dont natter she said on national tv how hot bettes was and he was just married and he just smiled. guess like yesterday the two fakes bettes and champion will be standing together talking weather but dont know who they will steal their report from oh thats right they still have Maria larosa they take advantage of. wonder what new york is doing their two great weather people are hiding down south and they dont have anyone to give them weather of course when they do work it just monday thru friday guess they dont have weather on weekends.

  327. see bettes does what he does best goes to okal. after storms gone and all over. talking on tracking dont know how since he was trying to stay way like always at least one state away like his x partner been hiding in florida with rooker of course shes from there so maybe to visit family and act like she doing her job. lets not forget proably main reason shes out this weekend is one of the events she covers does have anything to do with weather but she gets new clothes and can drink showing hetrself off and dont forget her very close partner al rooker wont be far away of its kentucky derby weekend also see champion going to be out at a site where storms are good. thinks that makes him look good sure he will have people in back for weather questions since he knows nothing hes like rooker phoney and fake NBC hired just like our federal govt. they are no where to be found and obama in asia giving a3way whats left plus him and biden trying to start war they cant defend

  328. see rooker and abrams back from florida so that just shows that was time for the two to spend time together and for her to visit family at someone elses expense since other people from weather channel are there so like always a scam plus you will see friday they will be at kentucky derby and together. why is all these places rooker goes to he never takes any family member but abrams is at his side. didnt go see what lies champion was saying and bettes every time he opens his mouth its either a lie or what someone else has side. for past week everytime they show him he is there with his tight t-shirt and not a cloud in the sky like his x partner abrams trying to impress people with their bodies so they wont pat attention to the lies or bad report they are giving. people have to wait until after 10 am when all the phoneys are gone and the real metoroligist and storm experts are on to get real truth

  329. see bettes still hiding in okla. where storms gone and none due. maria larosa is where there is need someone but sure the great 4 will take credit oh lets not forget the great champion hes in louisville kentucky just happens thats where the kentucky derby is this weekend and want to bet abrams already there and what she changing hero now she after champion. how about something thats right see goes and do the job she went to school for without depending on others to do work and she take credit and a big one she wants a man how about someone not already married and maybe alittle closer to her own age of course guess better to let others do work and take credit for it look bettes,rooker and champion has done it for years and got away with it and got rewarded for it

  330. what do we see like thought abrams and rooker live from derby and other phoney champion going to be there nothing to do with weather. bettes ishiding in okla. so he can be home for weekend and all the other people of weather channel are at site that do need help from storm but 3 of the phoneyd abrams ,rooker and champion at a horse race hugging each other and bettes hiding in safe zone proably telling people what they should have done but if he done his job as a true storm chaser maybe we wouldnt seen any people hurt or killed instead of seeing how safe he was states away hiding in safety

  331. NBC should be proud they are the only station that has a so called metoroligist al rooker and abrams that tries to be one at derby but are the only two from all the stations setting at a table not even 6 am with drinks hugging holding hands like two people dating thought they were to do weather and thats a joke oh thats right let others do. but every other network that has their people are not going around acting like teenager thought rooker was married with a family not acting like it abrams if for a change would practice her job thats if she knows how without stealing someone elses work of course very seldom do you see her do anything about weather. it horse,dog or some awards and always has rooker at her side of course hear champion should be there later and she can take turns which phoney she wants to hug and whatever else

  332. went to weather channel to see and as i fiqure theres champion at the kentucky derby proably with abrams and rooker three phoney. showed bettes in okla. in his nice polo shirt in nice sunny weather not even a cloud hiding like he does best. and you have Maria Larosa in ark. where like all the other wether channel people are doing reporting on storms and helping where they can the people that need it. oh lets not forget the other member of the phoney squad miss Rodriquex is at wether channel station since she a newscateryou would think there would be a site she could go to cover oh thats right like the big boss champion thinks let others do it and they can take the credit he has for over 20 years abrams with her fancy dresses and drinks plus proably ruin weekend edition with her cutting in showing her self off no since looking forward to weather this weekend and be sure she wont show up monday since she is with both phoneys rooker and champion.

  333. well see NBC has abrams showing off another new outfit at derby but sure it was tape earlier since it is 5 am and we know she never is on this early. she cant show up for her 5 day program so since she at a horse race with i guess rooker and champion is with her i guess monday like usual jen carfagno will have to go to new york to cover for her since she will need rest after this weekend. i notice too at all the sites where storms went through there is people from weather channel but none of the great four not even the great storm chaser mike bettes sure he is at home hiding and bragging how great he was running from storms this time and three of them rooker,champion,abrams covering a horse race and rodriquex was in atlanta weather station cover dont know what. cant wait to see how bad abrams ruin weekend view with her cut in showing off herself and the dresses shes wearing talking about the race not weather she dont know how to

  334. see most people concern for people that went through all those storms except bettes he was worried to get back home to hide again and theres rooker,abrams, and champion the the most important for them was the kentucky derby and celebriting there. at least they didnt interupt weekend view with abrams showing off all her dresses and drinks they were having. still dont know what that had to do with weather but thats usual for rooker and abrams report on nothing just be together i guess champion things it makes the show if people see him.

  335. first notice the great mike bettes is hiding in atlanta if people notice all week he was hiding in okla. where no danger or storms were but talking about other areas that had but this morning they report a very bad wild fire and another person from weather channel covers it no surprise bettes always hides from danger or storms but notice he was talking about it taking credit then they let maria larosa say about 2 minutes on weather and then they quickly went to rodriqueq on barometer of economics thought this was weather channel since champion back from being with abrams covering horse race. wander who abrams spent more time with champion or rooker but since champion is the big cheese now guess maybe she tried to impress him every other day shes with rooker can make it up to him. see rookers back at today show trying to act like he knows weather

  336. see NBC has its biggest joke ever. Al Rooker is in washington and talking with govt. on climate assessment. everyone knows no one here including rooker,abrams,obama or any other govt. offical can do anything about the weather. one person and hes not on earth. and having rooker even try to talk about weather is a joke unless the people at weather channel wrote something for him like abram see she back in new york in her nice tight short skirt doing what she does best distract people hearing what she and rooker says by prancing around in her revealing clothes. isnt it bad enough they steal credit for peoples work like jen carfagno and maria la rosa just like bettes champion and rodriquez and get away with it. rooker is the biggest fake NBC has. it like that marathon he suppose of had run seen start and finish but nothing inbetween isnt that odd but everyone else people did see them run another one of the tricks of NBC like abram inducted into space camp hall of fame for doing nothing and she dont even report anything to do with space usually it jen carfagno. can see why NBC is obamas favorite and where he got his press secetary they are good at streching or not telling truth

  337. see rooker back from his talk to obama on climate change and how those two can change it. two phoneys that think they are greater than anyone. there was abrams doing whats she for beside rooker in skin tight short skirt. then they bring another phoney on mike bettes trying to talk about weather but if people notice he was reading off a paper what someone else wrote. like the last week durning storms the great storm chaser stayed in okla. where there was not even a cloud and left just before weekend and fires started but others were there to cover it but he act like it was his report. in just about 3o minutes the other phoneys sam champion and newscaster rodriqez is on the use to be weather channel but actually is a nother NBC news channel just falsely using weather channel logo to get people to watch.

  338. what do we see sam champion talking weather and like his counter part al rooker are not metoroligist and know nothing about weather and then they go to a true fake and a person that steals other peoples work mike bettes talking forcast and weather map but the person he has been stealing forcast and reports for years mari larosa they dont show her but everyone knows shes the one doing the work since usually bettes is hiding somewhere. too bad NBC and the 4 fakes have no problem living off someone elses hard work but of course rooker and champion have done it all their life and not bother them. that why NBC has them to lie to the public and thats why NBC gets along with white house so good they will lie to the public no matter what

  339. went to so called weather channel and what was the great sam champion talking about events in africa not all the states here that all the americans lost their homes and love ones. it shows that this show is doing what NBC and obama want on broadcasting under a false name weather channel even see champion give metoroligist Maria Larosa a statement for her to read not weather but about the poor people in africa. maybe federal trade commission should be going after NBC for broadcast under a false name to get people to watch by still going under weather channel and its not even close to that any more just what champion and the white house wants them to broadcast also seen this morning that poor al rooker couldnt show up like his counter part does usually abrams and they had jen carfagno there that way they had a real metoroligist instead two fake just had one abrams

  340. see rooker was able to show up. unusal for abrams wearing pants suite something up but she still all over her buddy of course so much for true weather forcast since rookers is just metoroligist by name by NBC and abrams proably couldnt do one since she usually does like her x partner bettes steal theirs from other people like bettes being a storm chaser when he is at least 2 states from any bad weather. and then we have the other two fake champion and rodriquez and they all hide behind maria larosa of course it is not a weather channel any more NBC hides behind that name to get people to watch it just another one of their failing news channel with phoney people paying them high wages and lying about weather but mostly take about news or whatever the white house tells them to report

  341. thought could come today to hear weather since is only time it is weather here with real metoroligist but i see NBC trying to screw that up by putting interview with rooker which is a phoney has the title metoroligist given to him by NBC but never been to a class on weather and obama which thinks he knows all and everything and everyone is to listen to him talking about climate control its control by one person and not neither one of them but since NBC does everything obama tells them like fire leno,report only what he says not the truth and now he thinks he can control the weather. wander what this will cost americans. how about giving help to the people that went through all these torandoes that was promise you know storms that rooker,abrams,bettes, champion and rodriquex hide from instead report on horse races or how africa is only place that needs help while americans suffer or our murder and the govt thats suppose to help and protect us dont have time

  342. see NBC still running false ad about so called weather channel with fake mike bettes which is now a expert on the science of the weather then you have phoney sam champion which is just like al rooker living off of others hard work like he has done over 20 years then your new NEWSCASTER rodrequiz which states a false statement it all about weather but she knows nothing about weather oh you show a short glimpes of maria Larosa which is the only true metoroligist there but most of the time is not on or for very little. for 5 days very little is weather reported but NBC thinks since thet are one of the president media puppets they can lie and put false ads on and get away. only problem it is a crimminal offense to advertise falsely on tv or internet since there really isnt a weather channel just on weekends when NBC phoney 4 are off resting so they can lie to the public the next week rooker,champion,rodriqez bettes and abrams thats unless there is a awards,horse or dog race on then they may go together on report on it

  343. see NBC number one phoney al roker back from visiting monument in washington that was closed. dont know what that had to do with weather but dont matter he knows nothing about weather anyway. see there he is setting on a stool abrams hugged up next to him in her usual tight short skirt and then they say about weather forcadt and what happens it goes to weather channel in atlanta because neither one could do it. rooker his title was given to him by NBC since they bought a weather channel and since abrams does nothing that pretains to weather she proably forgot how like her x partner mike bettes they have alot of titles but are either bought or given to them by NBC. thats why they still go under the weather channel logo but are far from it. thats why they hired second highest phoney sam champion and a newscaster rodriquez and say its all about weather but if you look its everything but weather. they might do a few minutes of weather thanks to Maria L arosa but they dont let her talk long. champion to busy showing his blonde hair and big smile and his lies like his counter part al rooker

  344. well first sam champion running on about everything to but weather so much for weather channel yet NBC is allowed to falsely run its program under the old weather channel to trick people to watch it and when champion says alittle about weather who does he go to one of the weather channels biggest phoneys they have mike bettes he has more titles than there is holidays ever since he was run off the new york site so abrams could be with another phoney al rooker he goes to atlanta and lives and steals off of Maria Larosa reports and forcast. if people really watch he repeats her work word for word. then the few times they send him to be a storm chaser either he is so far from storms he cant help no one which i thought thats what storm chaser were for. the one time he was close he destroys a equip van and almost gets two people killed but he suppose to have been in van yet he was able that night to be on tv stag say how bad it was without a scratch while the two others were in intensive care unit strange and now he is a expert on the science of weather isnt that a joke. the real one maria larosa is hide back stage doing the work and they do like always take credit for the work. the few times she is allowed in front champion doesnt let her talk much. someone should look into NBC business practices they are pulling there just because they are one of obama top media buddies is no excuse for what they pull

  345. well this morning there is NBC first phoneys rooker and abrams first abrams like always nice and close with her tight short skirt and what are they talking about why the ide comes in what they get their information fro the now great expert on the science of weather mike bettes then they decide time for forcast and like always go to Jen Carfagno in atlanta mostly neither one could do it and rooker in over 20 years done anything on his own steal from someone else and his close partner does the same. in just about 40 minutes time for the other 3 phoney people champion,rodriquez, bettes on stealing weather that they may give from maria larosa. with new storms coming know bettes wont cover them everyone else will since bettes likes better to stay in safe building behind others plus proably with what happens to people thast go out with him like in a intensive care unit they proably dont have many willing to go with him

  346. wander how long NBC is going to be allowed to break federal law falsely going under weather channel but has very little if any weather just to promote a new news show with liars sam champion,mike bettes,newscaster rodriqez pretend to know weather but just steal off of people like Maria Lasrosa like now champion says how long this weather is going to last go to maria and lets her say 3 words cuts her off and goes to the other fake there mike bettes which for years live off maria work and he takes credit. like bening storm chaser goes out destroys a van and puts two men in hospital and then same night on weather channel saying he was in same van and how scared and bad it was but not a scratch on it and only reason it happen he was a hurry to be home and tired to out run a torando thats your expert storm chaser of course usually he was a state or two from storms so he was safe. of course he cant help the public but he lets that for others like he does for forcast and weather reports steal off others. its a shame you have a great metoroligist in Maria Larosa and NBC and the 3 phoneys take advantage of her steal her hard work and they get away with it. to bad MNC thinks it can do anything it wants because they do and report as the white house says so they can hurt and break any law they wont and get away with it

  347. see this morning they had one of the other phoney people. theres mike bettes talking about weather which be sure he didnt do. since he was run off from new york station so abrams could be close to rooker he came back to atlanta station and been living off of Maria Larosa weather reports and forcast doing like champion and rodriquez are doing now taking credit for it. bettes is no storm chaser since he always hides one or two states from storms and now NBC decided they would give him a title of expert on the science of weather. thats like them giving rooker the title of metoroligist they both are fakes and on their own would be proven the phoney they are. sooner or later it will all come out showing how bad NBC and its 4 phoneys has been lying to the public taking advantage of all the good people that try to give the public what they want but hard because of these people

  348. well i guess rooker was jeaulous how well champion was doing whith his lies and phoney weather show he would try it. he first tried talking weather which he cant since never been to even a class on weather but NBC gave him the fake title. so he goes to one of storm experts in atlanta no not bettes i meant a real one and then for the real forcast they go to jen carfagno then they go back to rooker and whos there with him not his great partner abrams no she missing like always but they bring a newscaster from NMBC just like champion does so NBC again running a show under the weather channels name but is not weather. thought that was against federal laws but guess since NBC is one of obama news partners they get away with it. it just shows that NBC is not here to inform public and care they get the truth but line their pockets wth money and dont matter how they lie to public

  349. see this morning by a miracle abrams shows up for her show in her nice pretty tight and short dress to show off herself so no one pays attention to what she says. and what is she talking about which she knows nothing about oh war and being a veteran like yesterday sunday there is rooker talking about indy 500 he is not a sportcaster unless NBC gave him that title next we know he never ran the race he could even get in care but like NBC does as it likes put on lies. then abrams says about weather forcast but like always switch to atlanta weather station. look at money they could save by getting rid of new york but that would break up the two very close people abrams and rooker.

  350. NBC saying lies like their two top fake people rooker and champion that there show is all about weather which is a lie. champion is one of the biggest fakes on tv which he has done like rooker over 20 years living off of true metoroligist. you got one real one in Maria LaRosa while champion,Rodriquiz, bettes in atlanta and rooker and abrams in new york two of them been to school but they rather hide and live off others thats bettes and abrams. bettes got so many titles but he cant do one of them by himself ask the two camerman he put into intensive care last year so bettes could get home for weekend. abrams too busy hugging on rooker and running around in her nice tight short skirts trying to impress the public with her looks. like NBC new lying ad on covering tornadoes theres picture of abrams,champion,bettes,rodriquiz, rooker and the one that does cover them and all bad storms jim cantore all the others do like their teacher bettes hide until over or wait 2 or 3 days then go and tell people what they should have done sounds just like the people NBC lies for everyday federal govt. so NBC statement is nothing but a pack of lies just like their people say and go falsely under weather channel just to get people to watch just another bad news channel by NBC

  351. NBC hires another phoney sam champion just like al rooker just a different color he comes on talking about weather which he knows nothing about and if it wasnt for people like Maria Larosa he would be nothing like bettes ever since he was run off from that fake station in new york where other phoney al rooker is with the one that just stayed close to him like glue abrams she acts like she knows weather but if not for other people she would have nothing to say of course she can do like always strut herself around in short clothes that were meant for a teenager so people wont notice whats she is really doing like she is taught from the master rooker live off others work like rooker and champion always dont and now NBC coming with lies they are covering torandos thats like bettes storm chasing always 2 states away and comes there when all over. then they hire a newscaster from new england rodriquez and she claims all starts with weather like champion and would know weather if hit them in face. all NBC is doing going under the weather channel name so people will watch and is just another bad news channel but if they didnt lie no one would watch it and they get away with it of course since they are one of federal govt. station that report only what they want the public to know they think they can keep breaking the rules and get away with it like giving rooker the title metoroligist and never been in a class on weather been to business mangement in a community years ago

  352. NBC pulls another joke. tornado season starts June 1 and who do they send to new york city about to get ready the one person that knows less than anyone. the one that runs at least two states away until its gone NBC number one fake storm chaser Mike Bettes. why not have the other two phoney there rooker or abrams. you have to least be close to one bettes only time was when he was trying to get home quick and used his smarts to out run oneonly problem he didnt get a scratch but two others almost lost their lives and bettes gets all the glory look hes sam champions expert on the science of weather guess their lies about weather being first is catching up and people are realizing what that show really is another bad NBC news show should have at least put someone that knows what he is saying.bettes like rooker and abrams has been living off of people like larosa and carfagno for years. then they take the credit. its to bad NBC is allowed to ruin a good informing show and lie and turn it into another bad news show which not need with the 5 biggest phoney in tv champion,rooker,abrams bettes and rodriqez and take advantage of all the good people trying to give what people want but with the bad ones it just gets worst. champion and rooker have done that for over 20 years and it dont bother them but you would think the other 3 would have a hard time looking in a mirror and enjoy how they are screwing over their fellow workers but with the teachers they have it dont matter

  353. see NBC still pulling the big lie running their show with the phoney sam champion as weather under weather channel names and is just a bad news show. at least they let the true metoroligist maria larosa on site but they still didnt let her say anything even though its her real work but champion talks like he did the work. then they got the weather channel one of its biggest phoney mike bettes talking about bad storms in south and hes been hiding under his new wife all weekend so you know who did that report then comes their other new addition you know the one that says it starts with weather newscaster from new england rodriquez thats like champion knows nothing about weather. then a little later come back to that weather channel and theres champion talking sport so much for weather so theres more lies. people should do whats right stop watch it since it all lies and no weather. like rooker show earlier same thing only different he has abrams running around with her mini clothes close to him to distract people from seeing what they really are phoney. see this weekend jen carfagno was in floorida cover about the event of them doing underwater and you have abrams stuck to rooker who is from there but you cant go from rooker to do her job. better to take jen from home and family and cover it.

  354. this morning since NBC decided to pull a big scam and lie like always there is abrams trying to play metoroligist since rookers not there she is dress inpants suit but not hard to see not for her. then everyone knows there is no equipment there to do forcast so all came from atlanta like always and she takes credit. then they send rooker one of the top fake phoneys they have to atlanta something about treasure hunt but like he has like champion over 20 years try to act like they know weather and they dont. maybe NBC thinks being close to weather channel makes him one. and like always got big storms through southwest and their great storm chaser is like always others go out and hes hiding in atlanta weather channel. i can imagine his lies but i am not looking. as always NBC is doing illegal going under weather channel and running one of the worst newscast they have but have people buffalo its about weather but actually the real metoroligist they say is on maria larosa they hide or once in awhile they let her on the tv set but champion and bettes make sure she dont get to talk. for past years if it wasnt for her people would have seen actually what mike bettes is a big leech living off of her hard work like the awards that were given which should have been hers but like abrams getting into space camps hall a fame rooker into a honor cost guard was bought by NBC and others hard work and now they have two more just like them cham[pion and rodriquez. then NBC keeps lying to american people how this is the weather channel but is not. guess they have lie for obama so long they can keep doing it every where. as they say lies always catch up with you and when the day comes it will be a big payday for someone but not NBC and the 5 phoneys they have now

  355. why is NBC allowed to falsely put al rooker as a metoroloigist which he isnt. never been to school only school was years ago at a community college for business manghement has always been behind real weathjer people and when they died or retired he move up like on today show but since NBC bought the weather channel they think they can give him the title but is false and a lie like when they bought abrams position in hall of fame in space camp never did anything special and even now when there is a report on anything to do with space others do it. she does whats she good at like this morning no rooker on their show so she comes out in her nice tight short skirt so nobody notice anything and she gives forcast but not hers like always and like its been for years her and bettes steal from others to make them look good. now NBC brings two more phonies champion which has been doing it for over 20 years on other channel and a newscaster from in new england area rodriquez and act like its weather channel but just another of NBC bad news channel so they show maria larosa let her say a few words but she does all the weather and they steal it oh let us not forget bettes they make him a expert on the science of weather another joke. after he tries to be a storm chaser completely destrots a van and almost get two others killed he promoted. i guess the worst you are the more you get from NBC sounds like our federal govt. of course NBC is one of obama newschannels he likes

  356. went to so called weather channel to see what lies they were giving theres rodriquez which states on ad it starts with weather yet she talk about everything but weather then what here comes NBC number liar. sam champion reading off a card weather forcast but you dont see the one that is the metoroloigist maria larosa so they are doing like rooker,abrams and bettes been doing for years living off of her hard work and all NBC is doing id running another bad news program under weather channels name so people will think its like the old weather channel but really is just a way for them to sneak their news program. thought it was against the law to go under anothers name and just plain lie to public oh thats right NBC has obamas backing

  357. see NBC is still faslely going under the weather channel still for its new bad news channel doing away with weather scam people to believe its weather channel still. they keep maria larosa so the 3 phooneys there have something to say about weather but know nothing like advertise on weekend but all he is talking about is news not weather. bettes been living off of maria since he was run off from new york station so abram could be close to other phoney rooker. nbc wouldnt give him a show before on their main station but since they bought weather channel they can lie to public with a fake weather man plus all abrams does is like bettes live off others except she comes out in clothes that belong on a teenager not a suppose grownup and in atlanta bettes hides there after almost getting two guys killed and destroying a van with all that high tech equipment and now hes a expert onthe science of the weather we know he cant forcast unless he steals marias report like he has. then theres rodriquez which is a newscaster from new england area yet she comes on saying it starts with weather she would know weather forcast if it bite her in her butt but another that comes out in short tight skirts so people dont pat attention what she says and the ring leader champion for over 20 years he live off other peoples work just like rooker no weather man just a thief and liar.with his big smile and blonde hair got away with it all these years. people need to realize this is not the weather channel that was here to inform people of weather its just another bad NBC news program that they are scam the public with. notice very sldom is maria larosa at front desk and if she is between champion and bettes she dont get to speak alot but if investigated it would be found out what those two fakes say about weather is what maria has written down. so NBC gets to keep lying to public you know like federal govt. does of course NBC is one of their favorite stations for spreading lies

  358. see NBC lets al rooker set on today playing a weather man. thought maybe he did enough lying on tv program with his name he should have never had going under weather channel names but dont have a true metoroloigist on it abrams went to school but its been years since she has done anything to do with the weather. horse races flower shows award shows yes or just out in her skin tight short skirts to impress people like rooker and drawl intention away from their reports if people notice are same ones people from weather channel in atlanta give thatsanother there is no true weather channel any more since they hired phoney sam champion and rodriquez its just a bad news channel they are hiding under weather channels name they say maria larosa on there which does do proably all weather stories and forcast but they dont let her talk just show her face and steal from her like mike bettes been doing for years and they give him a fake title of expert on science of the weather. hes a expert out destroying vans and almost got two other people killed because he was in a hurry to get home for weekend. sooner or later people will see NBC lies and there is no weather channel and quit watching then rooker and champion can fight for spot on today to be on and lie to public there

  359. see NBC and sam champion trying to pull another big lie to public to get people to watch and get them to think it is still a weather channel and is not. as stated champion is going to talk to people from double tornadoe not in person or at site on phone so just a news report thats all and bet question he ask is written by someone else. and their great storm chaser mike bettes is hiding in atlanta station away from storms of course we know hes good at getting equipment destroyed and putting other people in danger thats why NBC gave him a new title and he can do like always steal reports off others hidein safe building and sneak home to his new wife which is a storm chaser and metoroloigist. must be nice hiding behind her and others and still claim he is great. of course he fits in with champion,rodriquez,rooker and abrams live off others and do nothing. look at all the rewards and trophies him and abrams has gotten that they didnt even have to earn someone else did the work and thet got credit thanks to all the lies NBC has done for them

  360. NBC trying to pull another lie. there abrams and rooker on a street rooker not in his suit and abrams dress like always in tight short skirt at night suppose to be covering tornadoes but yet they switch to another person which is in NE at tornadoe site so abrams and rooker like always out somewhere but not covering weather but taking credit. watch today and see whos at desk for NBC weather at 7 AM so just like champion show all lies and they all take credit for other people work.

  361. went to today show to see and NBC did pull big scam. rooker and abrams wasnt at tornado site like they tried to make the public to believe no they were in orlando ,florida together and not for any kind of weather report. so like NBC does dont tell the truth. dont know what they will do when their protector obama is gone. maybe then someone will do something about all they have pulled

  362. not bad enough have to put up with NBC/weather channels phoney and fake metoroligist durning the week but now put three of your phoney on ads first theres abrams and rooker suppose to reporting on torandoes in nebraska of course everyone knows abrams covers nothing on weather if horse or dog race or maybe awards and rookers at her side and seeing rooker been in florida all week you know thats a lie wonder who they stoled that report from thats like obamas fema agency going to help but never shows up. then whats come up is the science of the weather and who is doing that mike bettes which dont know what weather is if it bite him in the butt. hes too busy hiding behind maria larosa for years and now he has another great phoney sam champion another fake and liar. guess NBC seeing if they can ruin weekend view next. thats a good start since they like lying to public about this still a weather channel like the lies they put out for the democractics now

  363. how kind a phoney,fake and liar like sam champion stand there forcasting weather never been to a class only all his life he has stoled forcast fro true metoroloigist now maria larossa of course mike bettes done it for years and seen him on sunday forcasting torandoes when he was a so call storm chaser he went and hide from them but once and that was because he was trying to get home to atlanta for weekend restroyed van and almost killed two others and better yet bettes was at station that night in atlanta not even a bandage on him but other two were in intensive care in hospital and now he is a expert on the science of the weather wander who he is stealing those reports from. then we see the other two fakes rooker and abrams suppose to be covering double tornadoes in nebraska but shows they are live in florida. lets see rooker family is in new york and he is in florida with abrams lying about covering storms only problem when goes live to storm shows someone place covering it. here goes NBC/weather channel spreading more lies to public trying topush there bad and phoney news show under the weather channels name thought that was against the law oh thats right NBC is great friends with white house and can break law and get away with it.

  364. see after weeks absent jen carfagno is back either on vacation or thought NBC didnt like how she like maria larosa show how much of phoney and liares that NBC/weather channels 4 phoneys they are champion,rooker,abrams, bettes and rodriquez. rooker been living off of others for years like champion did and still is abrams she too busy coming out in her short tight outfit hanging on rooker and when she reports on anything its got nothingto do with weather if it is she stoled someone work like her and rooker does for forcast. bettes hasnt done any work on his own in years thelast time he could take credit which he dont is when he decided to out run a torando to get home for weekend destroyed van and almost got to others killed then reports on it but was suppose to be in van but not even a scratch but he got rewarded. rodriquez is a newscaster but plays like she knows weather. the true weather person thats suppose to be on that phoney weather program under the weather channels name is just another NBC bad news channel but they do that like the lies they report about out of white house. if maria is allowed on set champion makes sure she doesnt speak but he fakes reports like he did on other network

  365. see alot of people out covering newest storm but not NBC/weather channel great storm chaser mike bettes oh thats right he does what hes good at hiding from it at safe place let other go out and then take their reports and pretend its his like he has been doing to maria larosa on weather reports and forcast like the other two new phoney sam champion and rodriquez. of course i guess most employees dont like going with bettes since the last two and the van were destroyed and they ended in intensive care in hospital so he could be home for weekend without a scratch. of course now he has another title expert on the science of weather wander who he is stealing reports on that. see NBC is still allowed to go falsely under the weather channel names but is only another bad news station but to try and fool people they act like it is still a weather channel. guess money and being obama number one station to broadcast what he wants and not the truth you can break any law you want

  366. see NBC spread more lies and get away with it can see why they are obamas favotite network plus where he got his lying press sec. from now NBC got rooker on asking question on what a metoroligist would do or say and he isnt one to begin with it and never been to a classroom on it only one was business all the years he worked he hide behind real ones and stoled their work like on the today and now since real one retired and NBC bought the weather channel they think they can give him the title of course maybe they bought him a degree like the position they bought abrams in hall of fame at space camp but she never reports on anything to do with space like weather which she does like rooker steal off real weather people like the crew on their so call weather program am headquarters where they hired another phoney sam champion,a newscaster rodriquez from new england then there is the fake expert on the science of weather you know the storm chaser that totally destroyed a van almost got two other people killed and he was in same van suppose and never got a scratch and they all live off of maria larosa the real metorigist the one bettes been living and stealing from for years but she dont get credit in fact champion never lets her talk even if she is allow on set. but soon NBC one that protects them from all the illegal things they do and maybe the next people will remember and put them in their place but people need to realize the weather channel is gone and is just another bad NBC news channel they go under the weather channel to get people to watch

  367. see NBC/weather channel running another false ad like the sam champion and rodrequiz that it all starts with weather if maria larosa does it so they can steal the report. now they have al rooker out in rain in rain suit cover weather. that is such a lie and fake this morning poor al cant show up for his show but got his pick dont know how since he isnt a metoroligist except by name and there is one of NBC phoney metoroligist abrams and along side her is the true one jen carfagno and look who does weather report and forcast not abrams if anything but weather and rooker is beside her to hug like the opening of show how she is hugging on rooker. i see she talking about amusement park wonder what thats got to do with weather i guess like horse races award shows. if it wasnt for the two top metoroligist jen carfagno and maria larosa there wouldnt be any weather of course most of it isnt. sam champion very seldom lets maria talk of course they got the other phoney mike bettes which has live off of marias work for years on rookers show abrams has no choice since see dont know what to say or do and without rooker to hug and show off her little girls outfit she has to let jen talk to keep show going since jen loves weather and keep the public inform NBC takes advantage of her like others.

  368. see even on their ad that it is a nes,current events with weather which they falsely run their new bad news station under the weather channel station and logo but not weather channel anymore. see champion allowed maria larosa to set at desk but he runs his lying mouth then goes to rodriquez to talk tv celebrities but no maria oh where is the other phoney bettes. know he isnt covering storms unless they gave him another van to destroy and a couple more em[ployees to see how bad it can get them hurt. NBC thinks just because they are obamas favorite network that they can just break all laws lets see what federal trade commission and the congress and not obamas puppets has to say about all the laws NBC is doing. champion was a leech on other channel for over 20 years and he is the same here with bettes and rodriquez following his lead people need to realize there is no weather channel any more since NBC took over

  369. flipping through stations and what do i see on the new bad NBC/weather channel their two newest phoney and leeches champion and rodriquez talking about torando that went through virginia neither one would know one if right in front of them not having anyone that does and not bettes hes proably hiding under desk like always. that shows everyone how champion made his name all these years off of someone else and the other was suppose to be a newscaster from new england area and now see is like champion a true leech living off of others bet makes her family proud we know NBC dont care they have lie to public since obama took office and since his first press secetary was married to one of their own they think they can still try to lie to public. of course we know it dont bother champion to live off of other peoples hard work hes done it over 20 years.

  370. see NBC/weather channel came up with new ad for their new show only problem is like others a plain lie except only one phoney liar now sam champion. its suppose to be weather channel yet he even says come for current event and news no weather yet him and rodriquez report on it even though they know nothing if not for people like maria larosa they would have nothing bettes is just another that has hide behind people stealing their work. like now NBC gives the other big phoney al rooker another show not on their main network NBC but weather channel about what you do in certain weather and what a metoroligist does be ok if he ever went to school or was a real one but he is not he has always hide behind people like on today show and when the real one retired NBC moved rooker up and when they bought weather channel they gave him the title unless they did him like they did for abrams on the position in the space camps hall of fame they bought it. if they took that card off of rooker he wouldntknow the answers. rooker is famous for one thing going in hospital have fat taken out of him and then fake running a race saw him start and finish nothing in between. now jen carfagno has to go to new york from atlanta some there is a true metoroligist to do weather reports and forcast since rooker dont show up and abrams is to busy going around trying to impress people with her looks and body in the skimpy cloths she wear or hanging on rooker

  371. see this morning big phoney rooker can show up for his show there abram in her nice short skirt beside him trying to mislead viewers and see another maybe one of champion newscaster but when they are ready to talk weather its suppose to be they transfer it to atlanta weather station of course no one in new york know how now if to cover a horse race or talk like obama controlling climate change they can lie their way through it. 30 minutes their other phoney and false weather show which is just another bad news show by NBC running falsely under weather channel name comes on

  372. went to see what fake and lies rooker was doing if he even showed up. good thing him and abrams can read. they were showing for week forcast and temperatures which people know it came from people that knew what they were doing then like always there abrams with her tight short outfit up against rooker then what are they taking about nothing weather something rooker should be good at since he had to had fat cut out to get rid of it food. good thing on air that plate of cupcakes would have been gone if not. just in about 10 minutes time for NBC new news show they falsely run under weather channel to have people believe it weather but its 95% news from phoney sam champion ,ring leader,rodriquez and weather channels big phoney and one that lives off others and steals their work the new expert on science of weather mike bettes. since he is their great storm chaser why didnt he cover tornado in new york guess too busy hiding under desk like always. hope his new wife dont look for protection from him of course she is a storm chaser and she does go out covering weather without destroying equippment or endanger other people like her husband

  373. go to NBC today show and see their make believe weatherman rooker setting there waiting to steal someones work and give weather forcast because NBC lie like always hes a metoroligist but never been too school then go to suppose to be weather channel but again NBC lies and its not weather channel anymore just falsely go under name to get people to watch another bad news station by NBC and theres their number two phoney sam champion talking weather of course over 20 years he lived off of others on other network and now him and new newscaster rodriquez are there living off of maria larosa and others like bettes , abrams and rookers been doing for years. thought it was against to advertise and falsely run programs but guess since NBC is one of federal govt. top news channel they can do what they want. people need to realize what they are pulling and quit watching

  374. joeremi Says:

    Dude, wtf are you doing? For two years?

  375. see NBC/weather channel still pulling lies with fake al rooker doing weather challenge. if he didnt have card with answer he would be the fool he is since he isnt a metoroligist to being with NBC just give him the title. like the other phoney liar sam champion you know news channel that is falsely run under weather channel and they get away with that big lie. see jen carfagno not on weekend view what she have to cover for two new york phoneys again abram and roker cant be because of work they dont do any just steal others work and take credit like the others champion,bettes and rodriquez

  376. joeremi Says:

    Psst. Hey..Ernest. Who in blazes are you talking to?

  377. Hi Ernest. If you need someone to talk to you can email me at

  378. see there is the make belive metoroligist al rooker just by name only and theres abrams there with her skin tight short skirt up against married man rooker giving a forcast neither one could do without stealing it from someone else like rooker has done for over 20 years on the today show. just a bad NBC news show lying to public

  379. see NBC/weather channel al roker lying about being a metoroligist now they have him about losing weight looking young. only way he lose weight is go have it cut out not the way he gain it and for looking young he has abrams hanging with him in her nice tight short dresses like that one so call race he run in after that but not since has he been in one and if he would have been showed running in whole race not start and end only. saw yesterday on NBC false weather show with champion he wasnt there guess after all the lies he need time off but see rodriquz was there filling in. but seen they allowed maria larosa set at front desk and talk bet champion will be complaining about that.see their expert on weather mike bettes not there whos desk is he hiding under now or did NBC give him another title or promotion

  380. went by wake up with al and NBC great weather people reporting not on weather but on how to make up mix acholol drinks and not even 7 am there al slurping down booze with abrams at his side holding on to him that like NBC program after that still goes under weather channel but just another bad NBC news show and they are allowed to do it illegally. of course for two days straight they let maria larosa set at front desk guess because champion still missing.

  381. i see now NBC has a real metoroligist on ad for their new news show not weather channel just by name instead of phoney rodriquez or champion and thinks that makes it right. like their today shoe see have return one of the old people back but when are they going to put a real metoroligist rooker isnt one never has been. he has never even been in a classroom. NBC gives him the title even shows with people like abrams but she just a show piece out with a nice skin tight and short skirt and they both get their information from realn weather people or transfer it when they want forcast. rookershide behind people all his life just like champion did on other network and does it know with maria la rosa like bettes has for years the new expert on the science of weather

  382. Whenever threatening weather appeared to be coming, or even if the wind started blowing, I would head for the Weather Channel, because I knew I could find LIVE weather-casters standing in front of a live weather map with doppler. Also, I knew that every ten minutes, I would see a LIVE, UP-TO-THE-MINUTE, LOCAL forecast, including live doppler radar showing what was coming. (AND I would watch it when they had those foxy LADYS walking-around in front of that map, just because they were nice to look at!) NOW I never watch the Weather Channel anymore, because the “weather channel” is no longer the “WEATHER” channel! Every time I CHANNEL-SURF by ‘TWC’, I see schidt like, “FAT GUYS IN THE WOODS”, “ICE PILOTS”, “How weather changed history”, or some boring garbage about this ‘crocodile dundee’-like moron supposedly ‘RISKING HIS LIFE’ to take a freaking picture! No-more weather channel for me!

  383. see on rookers phoney show there like always abrams there with her shorttight skirts buy fake rooker and say nothing about weather or anything else but when want weather or forcast transfer to atlanta but rooker gives you his three choices but you would have to be able to give weather first i see why he works for NBC and good buddies with obama a good phoney and liar. in 20 minutes you can watch NBC new bad news channel under false name of weather channel but they are allowed to lie and advertise falsely since great friends with obama then the white al rooker comes on sam champion,with rodriquez acting like they know weather of course havent seen other leech mike bettes dont know where hes been hiding maybe NBC has another title for him waiting to showit. maybe if a miracle happens they may let the true metoroligist maria larosa say something you know the one they steal all their reports from

  384. see like always theres abrams with her tight short skirt and then rooker gets next to her trying to give forcast only problem it the same one pictures and all that jen carfagno gave hour earlier in atlanta so people can see its all fake. also this week reports on space programs and outer space and is their great one abrams who was put in the space camps hall of fame. no like always jen carfagno guess if it was a horse or dog race or maybe a sports event her and rooker can go away together to cover that has nothing todo with weather. NBC better watch since they are reporting what obama says wrong they may not be protected like before and like their new bad news show going under weather channel with the phoney people on there stealing reports from the real weather people they maybe in deep trouble maybe send champion and rodrequiz to school for weather so not all lies bettes thats just a leech so guess just get rid of like abrams since they do nothing for public

  385. i went to wake up with al this morning and for a change abrams wasnt there with a mini skirt just a tight pants and shirt but i guessall the hugging she was doing on rooker was to make up for it. then they were trying to give a forcast made from someone else. then comes als 3 picks. since he isnt a metoroligist like champion how does he have picks plus if anybody watch the true weather channel show before him those picks were the one jen carfagno had on and talked about a hour earlier. so theres rooker stealing more from someone. they also had about reports on space programs and other but the one thats in space camp hall of fame abrams nothing like always too busy smiling hugging on rooker more of NBC false broadcasting like reports from white house they make. guess that will be on news show after since it isnt really weather channel anymore just by name to sucker people to watch another bad show

  386. go to so called weather channel and they are talking about lastest hurracane and whos talking mike bettes finally crawled out from under a desk and talks about something he always runs from but once when he almost got two others killed and completely destroyed a van loaded with equipment to pin point storms which he dont know how. then the other two phoneys champion and rodriquiz comes on talking about weather they know nothing about. wheres the real metoroligist maria la rosa who is suppose to be there what in the back doing the work and they steal it like champion and bettes done all their life and the other is just a newscastefr from new england area. its a shame NBC can run a news show falsely under weather channel names so people will watch it bad enough they have another fake al rooker on their today show which has been doing the same for years surprise he dont have abrams there in her short skirt hugging on him like other false weather show they have earlier. see they are going to cover about undersea what jen carfagno going to cover that like last time none of the rest can leave station to work.

  387. see they still have the two pnoney in new york al rooker who isnt a metoroligist just by name and there is abrams like alays hugging all over rooker in her nice short tight dress. he comes with three pick but if people watch show that was on before with jen carfagno it is the ones she talked about of course rookers just doing like he has all his life live off others abrams there for show they dont have equipment to forcast so they steal it off others like the false so call weather show with other fake people sam champion and rodriquez with leach mike bettes whpo they all live off of maria la rosa. and still go falsely under weather channel name to sucker people to watch another bad news channel by NBC maybe one day someone will do something about all illegal acts NBC does proably when their great friend obama out of office too bad the good people of the real weather channel have to put up with all these leaches. rooker,champion,abrams,bettes,rodriquez

  388. see NBC sends al roker to cover something he knows nothing about and like usual NBC pullds its tricks its got abrams there which is suppose to be a metoroligist but like always shes there with her nice short tight skirt but they bring jen carfagno from atlanta from her home and family to do show and she just worked all weekend. then wait to until 7 am for other phoney show which is not the weather channel any more just people lying to public like NBC has done since becoming the president one news media to report what he wants not the truth

  389. see NBC decided to try a new ad for their bad news show not weather but still illegally under weather channel logo but now use other leach bettes talking about tornadoes he knows how to hide from them usually two states away the one time he made mistake and got close and he made the decision as a expert storm chaser to try and out run it completely destroy a equipped van and almost get two other killed so he could be home for weekend and yet those two ended up in a intensive care unit in hospital and he was suppose to be in van too yet he was on tv that night in atlanta weather channel without a scratch. hes been living off of maria larosa for years work when not hiding under a desk and now there is two more champion rodriguez living off her reports too while NBC produces a bad news show falsely under weather channels name and very seldom do they let the real metoroligist talk. just like rooker and abrams does in new york. rooker isa fake no metoroligist and abrams comes out in her short tight skirts hugging on rooker showing herself and stealing reports off of people like jen carfagno andv maria larosa

  390. i see NBC/weather channel have their great liar sam champion on ad now with the false statement about your new news show not weather and use weather channel logo so you can get people to watch. nice how you can do illegal acts and get away with it. now there is three people living off of maria larosa instead of one phoney mike bettes now champion and rodrequiz and the true metoroligist is not allowed to talk. and bettes is given another title he cant do now expert on science at least this one maybe he wont get other people almost killed he can hide and steal other peoples work like he has since he was run off from new york show so the other phoney al rooker can be with abrams and her nice tight short skirts hugging on him while they steal off others like rooker has done all his life. of course NBC gave him a title of metoroligist and his own show on weather channel and only school hes been too is business mangment.

  391. notice that NBC was saying mike bettes was going to be in ark. where storms were heading but notice that night and next day mike sedell was there and bettes does what he does best proably ran back to atlanta to hide behind his lying hero champion. also notice yesterday abrams was faking giving forcast in her nice tight short skirt. but if people look past that and listen to her forcast is same word for word of people that was on at 4 am. she should at least change a word or so if she is going to steal someone elses work. of course thats how she was taught by other fake rooker hes been doing it for over 20 years and abrams been so busy hanging on rooker and doing everything but weather she proably dont know how if she had the equipment. but as long as obama in power and nbc is his number one news media to report lies they are alright like the false weather show with fake sam champion

  392. i see NBC is now trying to destroy the only real part of weather channel that is really weather. they put on the phoney Mike Bettes. bad enough durning the week he is with phoney sa champion stealing off of maria larosa which he has done for years since he was run off new york station so abrams could be with her hero al rooker another fake. she they have moved bettes back to metoroligist todayfrom exoert on science of weather but of course both lies. so he is being a leach on jen carfagno today. gues NBC will go to no end to ruin a show. weekends were the only time people got a true weather show with true weather people that cared to give true weatherinformation. maybe bettes wife finally seen what he is and run him out of house. of course he has abrams that said on national tv that she thought he was hot of course she things rooker is too. look how she hangs on him. guess have to watch other stations since NBC is going to ruin weekend too. have to see if i can drom this network since all it is another lying NBC news channel run falsly under weather channel logo

  393. i see NBC pulling their scams again. there is phoney mike bettes talking science of weather in giant staduim. he cant do a regular forcast without maria larosa. since he was threw out of new york station so abrams could be with number one fake metoroligist al rooker he has hide behind maria larosa except when he went out and almost got two other people killed so he could be home for weekend. then NBC promotes him sportcaster went to super bowl last year and now expert of science of weather as long as someone writes the report for him to read it. like champion and rodrequiz does after mrs. la rosa does it since neither one are weather people like rooker and falsely run a show that suppose to be weather but really another bad news show under weather channel logo falsely or just a plain lie. but get away with it like their news reporting for obama the past 6 years

  394. see NBC has pulled another sneaky move buying one of their so called weather people a award like when they bought abrams way into hall of fame of space camp but she never covers a story on anything to do with space not like the one person that covers that and goes to cover for her or phoney al rooker when they party too much on weekend, jen carfagno. now they make fake metoroligist mike bettes broadcaster of the year. thought you had to work to get a award like that. since he was run out of new york station so abrams could hang all over rooker bettes been stealing reorts and hiding behind maria larosa like him,sam champion,and rodriquez does now. dont ley=t her talk but got no problem being leeches off of her work like fake ad this weekend with championout in snow blizzard. that had to be one of his phooney reports at other station. only thing bettes did badly was play storm chaser and when he was trying to hurry beat a hurricane to get home destroy a van and almost get two iothers killed that ended up in intensive care in hospital but he was on weather channel that night lying how bad it was without a scratch. so bettes like champion getting awards for something he dont deserve.he sets there acting like he knows the science of weather another title NBC gave him like NBC likes giving out false titles look at rooker and this bad news show under weather channel logo lying to people it is the weather channel but is everything but weather. and they get away with the lies weather channel,bettes greatest broadcaster,rooker a metoroligist,champion report on weather when he couldnt do it on his own if his life depended on it like abrams stand there with his blonde hair big smile and lie and take credit for work they stoled

  395. went to weather channel at 4 am like always to get real forcast before phoneys come on al rooker and abrams then champion,bettes rodrequiz what i i see no forcast just history of weather. well one thing people will see how great rooker is with no picks unless NBC pulls he tricks and drags jen carfagno up to new york to cover for the fools. all has to happen on new news show not weather show with phoney sam champion is maria la rosa not show up because they will be screwed even with the phonet broadcaster of the year bettes. then people see who should have given the award and not fake mike bettes.

  396. see NBC decided to ruin weather channel more. taken weather off at 4 am put bull on and first weather forcast is with first fake weatherman al rooker. but what do we see. rooker who isn’t one and couldn’t forcast weather on his own without stealing it like him and his other sam champion done for over 20 years. his partner abrams don’t know where she is hiding maybe under rookers desk waiting for him but NBC brings people from Atlanta weather channel to do weather while rooker stands there say yes and shaking his head like the fool he is. then the other phoney weather show comes on that isn’t weather with fake champion.rodriquez, and new broadcaster of the year bettes which was bought he didn’t earn it like arbams didn’t earn the spot in space camps hall of fame. and whats new rooker is expert on beds and sleep. maybe on beds but that’s all and not just for sleep look how abrams always smiling. so again NBC gets to broadcast false and bad shows and get away with it

  397. i see NBC pulled another fake deal like bettes,broadcaster of the year,abrams in the space camp hall of fame,rooker running in marathon, now he suppose to broke record for forcast for 34 hours only problem he is no metoroloigist so how can he break something he isn’t. reading a real weather person work don’t do it. like always like his friend Obama lie and cheat. wonder whats next for NBC lies you going to make one of the fake 4 god next. like NBC never covers any story against Obama breaking constitution. like making rooker and champion weathermen and neither one has even seen a classroom just thiefs like they have done for over 20 years

  398. I see weather channel trying to trick people again by having al rooker give holiday forcast that he stoled from someone most likely from Atlanta weather channel. since he has never even been in a classroom for weather and abrams been too busy hugging on him and most likely forgot what she learn in college and since her and the new fake broadcaster of the year mike bettes who have stolen all weather reports and forcast for years. nice now NBC gives bettes a award when he hasn’t work most of the year and when he did he used maria larosas reports word for word if anyone listen to it. like the new phooney sam champion and rodrequiz on not the weather channel but a bad nes channel under falsely under the weather channel by lying. like NBC been doing since Obama became president. wander rooker going to spend holiday with abrams again or surprise his family and be there with them for a change

  399. wander when NBC would ruin the weekend weather channel well see they started by taking the one that started it and gave great weather forcast and reports for the public and replaced with alex Wallace and wolf guess since Obama is NBC is his great friends they can take true metoroligist that care to give true report to people and replace them. people should notice they have taken all females off and put males that don’t have the same level of education. they totally destroyed weather channel Monday through Friday and now they are doing it on weekend. see wolf trying to act as smart as jen carfagno but have to have it to give it. just like alex Wallace how he was there when mrs. carfagno keep showing how much more she knew but guess that don’t matter like Obama your sex and race is how you get promoted. NBC has done to weather channel like Obama has done to united states destroy it at any cost breaking every law there is. in past 6 years NBC has not given truth to American people.

  400. The best thing they could do is bring in Jen Carfagn
    o at 6:00 AM and turn it over to her until 10:00. When she got tired, Maria could fill in for a little bit while Al ran and got her a chair and Sam ran and got her a cup of coffee. When she rested up she could go on.

  401. I see NBC still lying to public now about weather on their today show with a fake metoroligist al rooker. just because NBC bought weather channel they think they can promote AL Rooker a weather manwhen only school he ever seen was a business school. like his fake show don’t know where they are hiding abrams but like always drag good people from Atlanta to come and make him look good. then he does what he does best steal someones work. all these years NBC did not give him his own show until they bought weather channel and they start that phooney show like the one after with more fake people champion,rodrequiz and the biggest phooney mike bettes who didn’t work most of past year but NBC makes him broadcaster of theyear when he did work he hide behind maria larosa and stoled her work. only thing else he did was destroy a expensive van andalmost get two people killed. of course since NBC is one of the president news media that reports lies to public they think they can keep breaking laws. like running a news show under weather channel logo falsely

  402. I see NBC decide to do like their boss Obama screw over woman. the weekend show on weather channel was done by one of their great weather woman jen carfagno but now its black American male alex Wilson show. even now when there is a female on ashow with one of the men they are not allowed to talk. just like al rooker except they have to bring a woman from weather channel since rookers is a kake and cant do forcast just like his counter white part on other phoney weather show champion with thief mike bettes which has lived off of maria la rosa for years and NBC buys him title of broadcaster of the year. thought you had to work job to get it but not with NBC look at abrams award intospace camps hall a fame and never did any thing or even reports on anything about it. talk about someone that has no respect for women NBC is right at top but since they are obamas main news media that lie to public guess they can do what they want

  403. went this morning at 5 am to see maybe yesterday was just a day off for metoroligist that started weekend show and has kept going and knows all aspect of weather jen carfagno the one that is able to cover in lab when people are off but no there is the alex Wilson show, just another al rooker and at 9 am another new man comes on and people can see NBC/weather channel has done like sam champion put the woman who really do the work off stage and try to make their men look like they know something. like Wilson you don’t see him go out of studio cover any story but NBC got no problem sending women except one al rooker close friend abrams. I guess direct tv knew what they were doing when they didn’t renew weather channel after NBC bought it and was going to destroy it turn into another failure news show but falsely run under weather channel logo to lie to public so they watch it. I know just me not watching don’t hurt but is a shame how they are treating the women and get away with it of course they have Obama and holder to protect them

  404. see NBC/ weather channel trying to pull scams even on Christmas. theres phoney Al Rooker with his close buddy Brams out beside him in her nice tight outfit up against both playingweather people then when comes time to forcast go to the person that took Jen Carfagno show and the person more quailifed to do weather than any of them alex wison of course NBC has done using the true metoroligist the womem just like there other fake weather show with phooney sam champion. I guess Wilson got it because of his race and being a man. but never see him doing the lab or even going in the field covering a story, just like rooker and abrams. it a shame NBC is allowed to break so many laws but that is about to come to end. or maybe they can help buy the next president like the one now of course with 5 millions illegal becoming citizens taking all from true citizens of this country maybe they think they are ok

  405. see NBC/weather channel still pulling their game doing away with their true great metoroligist the woman and put just men. when are they going to change name on show on weekend like first one to the Alex Wilson show. see how the one thatstarted show and gave great information Jen Carfagno replasced by a black male of course every part of so called weather channels shows are hosted by males. guess that’s why NBC made someone that did not even worked broadcaster of the year,fake Mike Bettes. of course when people in lab and bad weather department are off look who covers it jen carfagno not their great male host they are like one of their bosses joe biden cut down woman until they need them but NBC thinks they can get away with it as long as the two in power are there just like their two fake weather shows on falsely under weather channel logo. wake up with al and sam champion news show which neither ones are weather people just thiefs

  406. see NBC up to their lie and fake shows. see on today show have make believe weatherman al rooker acting like giving a weather forcast he didn’t make. you have to go to school to be able to make forcast and be sure it came from weather channel where him his girl friend abrams and phoney broad caster of the year mike bettes. see last night another NBC lie show mike bettes was outside in Chicago if true first time outside in 2 years he has gone outside since he almost had two camera men get killed because of a stupid move on his part but NBC awarded him for it. seeing gop is taking over and maybe put Obama in his place and then go after people like NBC and you will finally gety what you deserve for lying and misleading the public for over 6 years

  407. Just report the forecasts ,show the maps,and give me my local on the 8’s.I don’t want to here this evolution garbage.the weather channel has worked well for over 30 years .there are 360 some million people in this country.not all of them tune in at one time,there has to be a very healthy rotation tuning in at any given time of the day. Twc is just needed for forecasts ,so people can plan their lives around weather.stop screwing around with something that is almost like a part of this countries infrastructure.the meatheads that want to change things are so wrapped up in the allmighty dollar,would sell their own souls to fill their own pockets John Coleman would never do something so stupid.

  408. It is now May 2015… And the weather Channel has continued to deteriorate… I have loved the weather Channel for many many years, and it used to be the first, foremost, and the best place for weather prediction and information. However, their iPhone/iPad and Android weather application is terrible in comparison to other applications for these devices. Storm/Intellicast HD is made by weather underground, and is now about the best weather application you can get for your devices. It has the most features and best accuracy of any other weather application on the market. You would think that weather bug would hold his number one spot… And it has for many years as weather bug and the weather Channel have been the gold standard for prediction and information

    Both weather bug and the weather Channel applications like many features that other applications have – especially products that come out of weather underground

    Some of you will probably ask why weather underground can predict weather better and provide better information versus these two companies and the NOAA itself… The answer is very simple: they use the backyard weather network that uses weather stations house did homes and businesses both by novices & storm chasers & hobbies all the to professional meteorologists Who keep personal weather stations at their homes, and/or businesses. Weather bug does have access to this backyard network… However they do not let you view it in the main application nor do they let you set up backyard station as your main point of weather for the area you live in. Weather bug only will display information of the backyard network and they also do not factor into their forecast models

    Weather underground Products – especially storm/Intellicast HD (currently storm is exclusively for Apple devices and the iOS operating system and OS X, but Intellicast is its predecessor and is almost just as good) not only uses all of the free public data from the nexrad ww88-d radars that NOAA uses, satellite data…but weather underground uses the backyard networks to factor in data into the forecast scenarios giving them, in my opinion, the best 10 day forecast you can find. All other apps are constantly changing their 10 day forecast due to constant changes of the jet stream… However, with weather underground products, their 10 day forecast does not change nearly as much as the weather channel, weather bug, and AccuWeather.

    I happened to be one of those people with those fancy $5000 weather systems on my roof of my house that has HD camera… So not only am I part of the backyard network, with Professional equipment, both weather bug and the weather channel allow my house to be listed just like a school or airport that will come up as a location that you can choose from. Except in those apps it does not say it’s a house it just says my weather stations call sign. you do not need an expensive system be part of the backyard network… You just need a system that has the minimum required data reporting capabilities: you must be able to report weather data at least once per hour, temperature, relative humidity, dewpoint, and barometric pressure are the bare-bones minimum for a system in the weather network – backyard. A system that can measure rain rate and rainfall is optional, but I highly recommend that you always have something that can measure the rain rate. This is very important because often I will use radar pro – which is a professional radar app for iOS/Apple products, and it will show that rain should be happening at my house – no matter what tilt/angle I choose of the radar… however, it is not raining at my house sometimes when I see this. So Weather Underground needs to see data showing that the radar says it should be raining here when it is actually not. The reverse also applies… My radar Pro app will show no precipitation in anyway shape or form over my house… Yet it is lightly raining… And this app does have the capability of using what is called expert mode. Expert mode is usually turned off and any weather application that you buy…with no way to turn it on. Most applications filter out snow, insects, birds etc. etc. but the drawback is it also filters out extremely light rain. My point is, even with expert mode on, my station will be reporting rain when the radars are saying it should be no rain

    Weather underground then shares this data with the NOAA so the NOAA can help better to refine the radar systems… Weather underground also uses this data to adjust their forecast models… So if 10 backyard weather stations with in a 50 mile radius of me showing precipitation, but radar is not showing precipitation… The applications will still send a precipitation alert to anybody in the area even though the radar system says it is not raining

    SUMMARY: The weather channel, weather bug, AccuWeather etc. etc. which were once all the Giants and weather prediction and information, in my opinion, are no longer… And the best source for weather data, and information is using weather underground applications. However, in my opinion the best source for weather news – as in watching a video on weather disasters or severe weather is either using the WeatherBug app or watching the weather channel itself because weather underground concentrates on data, Science, accuracy versus news. If the weather channel and weather bug would embrace, the over 100,000 backyard weather stations, and use them into their forecast models… Then it might just help them climb back to the top

    Thank you for the time and thank you to all who have read my long post

  409. I see now jim cantore and delgodo good at stabbing in the back the one person that kept morning show going maria of course cantore is with his fake partner now champion and he can swear like he did before. how about bettes get broadcaster of year last year and most of it hide behind maria stealing her reports. its ashame how FCC lets NBC brake all rules and laws running a news show under weather channel logo for one just like the wake up with al roker if you like seeing abrams in her short tight clothes hanging all over a married man plus why new York only needs a 5 day weather show of course she has a hard time showing up for 5 days

  410. I see they are going to give the fake mike bettes a show in the evening. wonder who will do the reports for him since him, cantore and champion shafted maria larosa took her off the show she keep going for years and who bettes as stoled her report haven’t heard how those two other people bettes almost got killed to get home for weekend are. I see most of the males on weather channel are disrespected females like they were instructed except for ones like abrams,brown and delgodo you know the one that took maria la rosa position and now she is right beside back stabber cantore and champion

  411. see this morning weather channel/NBC out doing more harm to station and to women on it. see back stabbing jim cantore now on sunday with another male pushing women off. plus him talking about something he knows about. surprise he don’t have other phoney mike bettes and sam champion and where there new Spanish weather girl who step right in after they shafted maria larosa after she cover for phoney bettes and kept show going. waiting for their great friend in Washington is gone and lets see what new peole think of lies and disrespect NBC and their male phonies are doing

  412. I see that phoney new show weather underground with mike bettes as host but what female does he have doing all the information since him and cantore threw the shaft to the woman maria larosa who cover for bettes all those years and only thing cantore at doing is using bad language on tv and back stabbing females but see he has new friend de glodo who he put in la rosia part bettes is only good at putting people in danger like the two he put in intensive care so he could get home for weekend or maybe his new wife is writing his story for the show soon NBC will lose their protection from Obama and maybe new person will put them and all these so called weather men what they deserve fired and bring out the true weather people who care about the public and get rid of fakes like champion and rooker

  413. I agree. I don’t even watch TWC anymore. If I want the weather I go to either Weather Underground, or TWC online. Personally, I get aggravated when TWC uses their brand to promote political agendas and junk weather science. Which makes me wonder, where do they get their marching orders? Are they a free channel that promotes weather, or are their big politicians and rich cats holding onto the plug and telling the owner of TWC to say what they are told, or get unplugged?
    I am a weather geek of geeks. I admit it. At least it’s better than being a Star Wars geek. TWC was my favorite channel back in the 90’s. I’d watch it all day. I enjoyed watching the storms over the plains start popping up at noon, and then grow into huge storms with tornadoes and hail. I loved watching a snowstorm come into Denver or Boston. But now, when these things happen, as they always have, I get Jim Cantore telling me it’s a result of climate change. Then they interrupt the big storms coming into Kansas City by putting their very important “Fat Men in the Woods” show on.

    And what really angers me is the corruption within the media that doesn’t allow a competitor to come into the scene and knock TWC off the TWC’s slot. It’s illegal to pay people off to keep a slot, and it’s also illegal to collude with other networks and channels to stay in business. But, in America, we ignore these laws. So we are stuck with TWC. Great. My hobby of watching TWC went out the window, and that’s fine. I found a new hobby, writing.

  414. Also, don’t get me wrong, I like that women are working. They worked in the past, thousands of years ago, and somehow men got mixed up and tried to control them. They are finally working full time again, just as they did many years ago. However, I really don’t like someone mixing my weather with sexy women. I mean, c’mon. If I wanted sex I’d go to a porn site or an ESPN night-time show where those hot blondes flirt with the men that they work with.
    Mixing sex with my weather is like putting Mustard on ice cream. It doesn’t really work. Just put some smart looking dudes on the show, and a couple of nice, non-argumentive, un-controlling, sweet women that want to do the weather. I’m getting tired of these silent little arguments and power battles between the men and the women. It wasn’t like that in the past.
    And sit some of these ego men down and talk to them. Look, TWC, we see it all on the screen. You know what I’m talking about. The insecure egos of the men on the screen. Get a grip my friends. We know you all want to be the big man on the set. Funny, though, that the controlling ego maniac usually ends up being less liked in the end, and the charming, friendly, sincere man is the one that everyone ends up liking. Practice that a little Cantore and Bettes.
    And you crying women, get a grip. Just be yourself. I hate to burst your bubble but people will always psychologically listen to men more than women. It’s not a slam against women, rather it’s just a fact. You don’t see men getting pissed that people don’t go crazy over their hips like they do yours. It’s just life.
    You women will do so much better and become much more liked by developing a sweet, agreeable personality. No one likes to see women trying to control men. You have homes that you can do that in, but on TV, people will just turn the channel. I’m sorry your wimpy TWC managers can’t have a talk with you about the difference between men and women, and how it effects the watchers of your show. So here’s what you do. You download my post, and then post it on the refrigerators and bulletin boards in your office, and then someday have me on your show.

  415. i see NBC pulling another lie Al Rooker break a record giving weather in all states first you have to be a weather man he isn’t now or ever has been only school he went to was a business school but NBC thinks since they bought weather channel they can give him a title like who giving him forcast does he have the person who is always attach to him like he married and don’t mean his real wife the one that went to Russia with him plus always close to him in her nice short skirts abrim you know one NBC has her inducted into space camp hall of fame but has never even done a story on outer space or anything like it if horse race or award she covers it only think rooker good at stealing off others or food. his main accomplishment go have his extra weight cut out this phoney story is like the phoney marathon he was suppose to have run he started it on camera and finish on camera but not one picture inbetween just like same champion over 25 years he lived off others on other station that’s why he wants to go back look at the new back stabbing phoney jim cantore and delgodo how they shafted maria larosa cantore good at swearing on camera and making false statement about weather up north he knows nothing about or him and bettes acting like they are out covering stories on storms

  416. Some may be too young to recall TWC being live 24 hours a day–all weather and of course the local weathercasts. It’s not possible that the public has suddenly turned away from TWC. Back in my day it never went to tape. Always spot-on, relevant and no bozos trying to be big tv personalities. That just won’t cut the weather world…and I’m sure as Highway Through Hell not interested in Fat Guys in the Woods. TWC has been overtaken by fools, pure and simple. The meteorologists are staying on, for the most part, but then we have the Weather Girls like Abrams, who have to literally act out the weather with their spastic arms. People who can barely speak in a civilized way. Put the channel the way it was circa 1990, problem solved.

  417. I see this morning again they bring back their black male alex Wilson who help destroy weekend with his phoney report and get the top women who started show Jen carfagno just like the phoney doctor on weather postel who all he does is report what woman say. who is Wilson going after next. it nice how weather channel allow him and vivan brown never go from studio to cover stories it like lying back stabbing swearing Cantore who put his self on morning show brings Delgado there chase larosa out guess it a spnaish show not a weather channel they don’t have any true weather people like in new York there abrams with her short tight skirt hanging and chasing fake weather man rooker. as for champion going back to ABC they don’t want him after 25 years stealing credit for being a weatherman he isn’t. oh see again they give bettes a show he knows nothing about and like always has to have a female there to do work he don’t know how unless they have people they want put in danger or almost killed at his hand

  418. see you afraid of truth about abram and cantore two of the biggest phoney and liar wonder where abrams love rooker is she never far from him. be sure she not near storm she don’t cover weather just horse races or run off with rooker. cantore is like phoney dr on weekend in weather channel studio knows nothing steal other work.

  419. December 18,2016—Why does the Weather Channel spend money to send Meterologists to cover the tailgate parties, etc. when the weather is supposed to be the main subject of the Weather Channel–Not the Kentucky Derby and other sports ,etc In our area, Roanoke, VA, from the early morning until 6:00pm you can—SOMETIMES get a local on the 8’s. After 6:00 pm you get Weather Underground with a few “weather people” sitting around in recliners and taking stupid questions from the public like “I am going on a cruise to the Bahamas next week. What will the weather be like there”? Or, worse still “, what causes sleet and/or hail?” Anyone who had science in elementary or high school knows the answer to these questions. Back to my first question—If there are local weather people who are also certified Meterologists who could cover things like unusual high or low temperatures, etc., and not a major weather occurrence like a tornado or hurricane, etc., why spend the money to send Cantore, Mike (?) who is at a tailgate party for Green Bay and the Chicago Cubs this morning and others to cover something stupid like that? Also, I am sick to death of turning on the Weather Channel and seeing Storm Stories from 3-4 years ago that have been on too many times to count and programs like Ice Road Truckers that also have been shown many times. We TRY to watch the weather channel to see if we need to cancel doctor’s appointments due to bad weather as we are older and don’t want to venture out and get caught in a storm, etc. Our local channels do a good job, but they only give the weather at 6:00am, 12 noon, and again at 6:00pm and ll:00pm. If there is a serious weather situation in the area, we get a notice across the top or our TV screen and a beep to get your attention to let you know what the situation is. It is done whatever TV program you are watching. I wish the Weather Channel would go back to the old way of programming—covering the weather 24 hours a day with the local on the 8’s every 8’s and do only the weather. Not Coast Guard rescues, Weather Underground, It’s Amazing Out There, and other things like–as I said before–have been shown over and over until I can almost repeat what they will say before they say it. We used to watch the weather channel off and on all day as we are retired now, but only watch it if we are going to be out and about and then we never know what will be showing. In my opinion, it has become a “show” just like the History Channel–which is very good–and other stations that carry decent programming 24 hours a day. Thanks for letting me vent. Alberta Mayes, Roanoke, VA

  420. see it get worst like weekend with fake wolf that make believe doctor oh lets not forget all old retired one that was retired because of drinking problem. all there to disrespect women. they know nothing about weather and look on fakes like cantore who was proven he know little by a grade school student and how last year he ran up north to buy his girl friend Delgado a Christmas present of course don’t forget he has a wife in Atlanta. bettes another phoney oh lets not forget about rooker and abram the two love bird who go everywhere but do nothing. soon maybe federal govt will see scam and lies by them and NBC and will shut all down

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