Alisyn Camerota to CNN…Eventually…

FTVLive does another one of its FTVLive predictions…you know those predictions that are made so far in advance before contracts are even negotiated nobody remembers them when they actually come true…the people still alive who read it back in the day that is (<=== slight sarcasm [<=== not so slight sarcasm])…

But, FTVLive has learned FIRST and EXCLUSIVELY from CNN sources that Camerota will be soon headed to CNN.

“It’s still months away, but she is 100% going to end up on CNN,” our source tells FTVLive.

Many were shocked when Camerota announced that she was leaving Fox News after 16 years. She said at the time she would be “taking some time off before seeking out her next gig.”

She has already found the next gig and it’s at CNN.

Unless contracts have been negotiated and/or signed…she hasn’t found squat yet. Let’s not over-dramatize this. Obviously she has to sit out a non-compete clause…thus the delay in any move to anywhere. But if it is CNN, and I have no reason to doubt FTVLive, over-dramatization aside, on the central point of the story that this where she’s headed, I can think of two anchors who should be worried, one more-so than the other.


10 Responses to “Alisyn Camerota to CNN…Eventually…”

  1. If Alyson moves to CNN I wish her luck because I liked her on Fox. But does anyone think that a move to CNN is a good move for forward advancement these days?

    I give as an example Jake Tapper. What a waste of talent. He is on CNN but does anyone talk about him and the stories he does any more? Maybe the limited time I have to check the “internets” these days doesn’t let me see people singing his praises but I don’t see his name mentioned very often.

  2. bushleaguer Says:

    Of the two anchors, I’m guessing one of them is Kate Bolduan.

    Can’t think of who the other one would be, however.

  3. Why did Alisyn leave FOX? Was she forced out?

  4. bushleaguer wrote:
    “Of the two anchors, I’m guessing one of them is Kate Bolduan.

    Can’t think of who the other one would be, however.”
    I agree about Kate. For me the big question is would Zucker actually cut loose the ratings challenged but capable Erin Burnett?

  5. bushleaguer Says:

    Michael –

    Yeah, Erin Burnett might be the other anchor that Spud has in mind.
    I think Burnett is a good anchor……that 7pm time slot has been a nagging problem for CNN for a long time. I don’t know what they could do to provide a good lead-in for the 8pm hour. Eventually they’ll find the plane.

  6. bushleaguer Says:

    carol – From what I’ve read, it was a mutual parting of ways in regards to Camerota and Fox.
    Maybe Camerota was irked that she didn’t get Fox And Friends when they moved Gretchen Carlson to the afternoons but the Hasselbeck hire was a no-brainer.

  7. motownman Says:

    Congratulations to Aly. Yes, by all accounts she was upset by getting passed over for Elisabeth Hasselbeck and that’s understandable. I wish her luck but the move from Fox to CNN is a tough one. Just ask Kiran Chetry.

  8. carolmr Says:

    Thanks, Bushleaguer and Motownman.

  9. harry1420 Says:

    new people isnt the answer for cnn. i bet you could put bill oreilly on cnn and he would flop in the ratings. who knows what the answer is.

  10. bushleaguer Says:

    harry – Don’t know about O’Reilly flopping….it would be interesting to see if his audience would follow him if he made such a move.
    But yeah, if CNN thinks they can plug Alisyn Camerota into, say, New Day and fix the ratings then they are delusional. The problem isn’t with the hosts.

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