Charles Gasparino Interview…

Talking Biz News interviews CNBC’s Charles Gasparino…

11. You’re dealing a lot with anonymous sources feeding you info about potential deals. How do you know to trust them?

My best sources are anonymous sources who I’ve been dealing with for years. The bottom line: I don’t trust them. I try to verify everything. Not because people are looking to plant false information. Actually it’s been my experience that most people on Wall Street don’t do that; they may have a bias or an opinion that colors what they say, but the vast majority of the people I know on Wall Street or even in government don’t lie. The problem is that even your best sources have a bias and they get things wrong, and that’s why even the best reporters make errors. But the best reporters also try not to make errors, and make a hell of a lot less of them because they don’t fully trust their sources. They check, re-check, call up other sources and then talk to their editors about their sourcing.

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