Courtney Friel’s Whereabouts?

Questions are coming in to ICN about Courtney Friel’s status on FNC? She hasn’t appeared on FNC since September 3. She hasn’t appeared on The Strategy Room since around the same time period. And that’s also around the last time she posted on her Facebook fan page. Her bio is still up on the FNC website but that’s not necessarily indicative of anything other than she’s still on the payroll, not what her status is (e.g. Brigitte Quinn, Page Hopkins). So what exactly is going on with Friel?

35 Responses to “Courtney Friel’s Whereabouts?”

  1. jerziegrl Says:

    And the next question should be…

    Does anybody really miss her???

  2. We just want to make sure that she really is gone from FNC.

  3. jerziegrl Says:

    Boog – you’re talking to me?

    I thought after my comparison of Gretch to Ainsley you might never acknowledge me again. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Not a big to us either way if you want to hang out (even just online) with a misogynistic creep who has bizarre fetishes and tendencies.

    On another note, we’re wondering if your girl Ainsley is also gone. We hadn’t seen or heard of her in a while, she was apparently bounced from the weekend hard news shows and Rick Folbaum did the update during Greta’s show last night.

  5. Not a big DEAL to us

  6. jerziegrl Says:

    LOL! I usually just stalk on line. Not one to comment at Jakeho. BTW…Ainsley is NOT my girl. For the record…I turn off F&FW when she is on.

    FNC would be doing itself a favor getting rid of Ainsley and Courtney.

  7. starbroker Says:

    I also noticed that Liz Smith had been doing Lips and Ears. The re-signing of Juliet Huddy must have meant they let 1 or possibly (Ainsley?) 2 go.

    I’ve noticed they’ve begun letting Lauren Sivan start hosting more on The Strategy Room.

    I’m just surprised about how many people dislike Courtney. I’m really surprised to see such much Ainsley negative comments. Of the two, hired around the same time, Ainsley seemed like a real news person. Courtney always seemed more suited toward ET or Access Hollywood.

  8. Well, we can’t speak for anyone other than ourselves (the BW household), but what we never liked about Courtney was that she was obviously in WAAAAAAAY over her head and had no business whatsoever on a professional news network. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that she was there for one reason and one reason only.

    Not that she was particularly good at the fluff stuff known as entertainment “news” (as evidenced by how shortly after she was hired, FNC then hired the marginally superior Jill Dobson), but that the Powers That Be gave her an incredibly inordinate amount of time and opportunities that were never given to any other woman (or man, that we know of) at FNC. What was truly bizarre is that she is not at all intelligent, well-read, knowledgeable or even adept at reading a TelePrompTer. She always came off as a 30 y.o. woman who insists on dressing, acting and speaking like a teenager. We don’t believe she belongs anywhere in a speaking role on TV, not even an entertainment show.

    As for Ainsley, she at least gave off the impression of being a real news person…until she continually botched things that a person in her position should know. Stuff like how to pronounce “Zurich,” as well as the names of people who were famous before she was born but died recently. Then there was the time she badgered Father Mike about whether the Pope was going to give his endorsement in last year’s election during his visit here a year and a half ago, because, as she insisted, we all know his views anyway. And who can forget “Hitler did good things, too!”? Or the time she displayed that she has zero understanding of the Constitution, separation of church and state, etc.?

    Ainsley also proved time and again that while she can read a TelePrompTer, she has no skill whatsoever in thinking and speaking on her feet, when there is no script in said TelePrompTer.

    Lauren Sivan is young and a little immature at times, but she is so much smarter and talented than Courtney and Ainsley combined.

  9. For some reason, the words ‘smokin’ but stupid’ come to mind…

  10. We assume that’s for Courtney, since Ainsley isn’t all that hot (outside of her too-tight clothing).

  11. — isnโ€™t all that hot —

    Yours’ may be a minority opinion on that one. She certainly wasn’t hired for news-ability.

  12. True. But she wasn’t hired for her face, either. If not for the large chest and willingness to wear too-tight clothing, we doubt she’d have been hired.

    Courtney has the face but not the body, while Ainsley is the opposite.

  13. biznews247 Says:

    Courtney who??

  14. Courtney has the face but not the body, while Ainsley is the opposite.

    Tough crowd. For the record, I think they’re both smokin’…but stupid.

  15. I won’t call either stupid, but agree with joe.

  16. starbroker Says:


    You’ve got a point about Lauren Sivan. I wonder if some of her tweets and Yoga News will come back to haunt her.

    I disagree about Ainsley. I think she is more attractive than Courtney. Granted, she looks better with the hair extensions and it being curled than how she regularly wears it.

    There have been others there who have screwed up names before. So she doesn’t know about the Pope. Big deal. She’s one of probably only a handful at FNC that isn’t Catholic.

    Don’t know what she said about the Constitution but at least she would be right (like Ann Coulter and others make clear) there is nothing in there about the seperation of church and state. That’s a screwed up Supreme Court matter. But its not in the Constitution.

  17. I won’t call either stupid, but agree with joe.

    For the record, Al, that was meant semi-facetiously. I believe I used “smokin, but stupid” in relation to Ainsley the night Ted Kennedy died; when she did, in fact, get kinda stupid. I don’t honestly believe either woman is stupid.

  18. We are surprised that some who aren’t regulars on the pervert sites believe that they, Friel in particular, aren’t stupid. Just how low is the bar?

    Starbroker, we suppose it’s a matter of taste, but we find Ainsley to be unattractive in the face, and those extensions looked ridiculous to us. And now Juliet Huddy seems to be wearing them and looks just as silly.

    Neither of us (the BWs) is Catholic nor are we in the news biz, but we both knew that the Pope does not make political endorsements. We also know that even though he’s pro-life, he’s just as staunchly anti-war and very into the environment thing.

    What Ainsley didn’t know about the Constitution and the separation of church and state is that when a courthouse in some southern goober town had a mural of Jesus, the decision to remove it was not one to be put up to a vote. She seemed quite disgusted that someone complained about it and the issue went to court, where the town was compelled to take it down. She was rather annoyed that they couldn’t just put it up for a vote, or that whoever was offended couldn’t just walk by and ignore it.

    You may make an argument that Ainsley isn’t stupid, but there is no way anyone can deny that she is rather ignorant about current events and the many issues that someone in the media should know. The fact that a supposed news professional did not know how to pronounce “Zurich” is either appalling or hilarious. Or both.

    To compare her to an educated and informed person such as Ann Coulter is laughable. (We don’t always agree with Ann, but she knows her stuff very, very well.)

  19. BWs, ‘stupid’ is a harsh word when used in all seriousness. Neither woman is a font of intelligence, but they’re both a helluva lot smarter than Sarah Palin. THAT girl’s dumb as a shoe. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Well, Joe. Like we said, one can make an argument that Ainsley isn’t stupid, just ignorant and ill-informed. But Courtney? Are you so politically blinded that you honestly believe that she’s smarter than Gov. Palin? You think Friel could get elected mayor a city, governor of a state and then be selected to be the running mate on a major national ticket? Really?

    We don’t use the word lightly when we say that Courtney Friel is a moron. From what we used to see of her, she frequently used words incorrectly and usually had absolutely nothing to add to unscripted discussions. Except, of course, during a discussion about the Erin Andrews incident, in which her brilliant insight was that people should either not get naked ever or make sure to look good naked.

  21. I think Courtney’s smart enough to know she doesn’t know everything. Palin is absolutely convinced of her rightness in all things…which is unbelievably stupid.

  22. — make sure to look good naked. —

    First laugh tonight. I remember when she said that. My G0d, what an idiot. Ainsley is brilliant, by comparison. If you waded the depths of her soul, you wouldn’t get your feet wet.

  23. Wait a minute, I think I’m defending a coupla FNC Barbie Dolls. Against conservatives. I’m confused..

  24. For the record, joe, I already knew weren’t serious.

  25. Gov. Palin has been pretty clear about what she believes and never has she inferred that her beliefs are superior to anyone else’s. She has, however, strongly argued that each of us knows best what is right for ourselves.

  26. …never…inferred that her beliefs are superior to anyone else’s.

    Now you’re just being silly. There’s an entire “America” she feels superior to.

  27. You’re just being dense. She is talking about American concepts such as individual liberty.

  28. Yes, she believes liberals don’t believe in liberty. She’s wrong.

  29. It’s about the level of liberty and that’s the classic liberal v. conservative argument. But because she’s an outspoken (and good-looking) conservative woman many feel that’s justification to call her “stupid”.

    I call that personal attacks or politics of destruction.

  30. Good points, Al.

    There’s also the difference between intelligence and intellectualism. We believe Gov Palin has the former, but not so much of the latter. And that ain’t necessarily a bad thing.

  31. Snobby intellectuals are often closed-minded and stuck on working the wrong ailment… at least that’s been my experience.

  32. […] model, seemingly, came back to life on the Live Desk today after her disappearance on September 3 (according to Inside Cable News). However, like an apparition, her presence was strangely short-lived after […]

  33. I was told by someone they saw Friel last week on the Strategy Room. But on the channel she no longer does her factor segment with Jane Skinner or goes on any tv show. I wonder what happened. She is basically stuck with Uma, if that was true. I did see that they play segments hosted by her on Fox News Extra outside the country in place of commercials on a recent trip.

  34. Oh Just read the post above. She was on The Live desk Friday. Maybe she had an emergency or something that made her leave for a bit.

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