Glenn Beck to Launch own Web TV Channel…

TVNewser’s Alex Weprin scoops that Glenn Beck will be launching his own web TV channel.

Outgoing Fox News host Glenn Beck and his company, Mercury Radio Arts, are developing a new service called “GBTV,” which will be a web-based TV channel, according to sources familiar with the matter as well as trademark applications filed by the company.

GBTV will be based at, which Mercury acquired in January.

16 Responses to “Glenn Beck to Launch own Web TV Channel…”

  1. laura l Says:

    Does this mean that Fox can have actual news at five? Oh, wait, they skipped-out til seven, last night..

  2. joeremi Says:

    Good, Beck can spew his crackers nonsense, and we can ignore it.

  3. laura l Says:

    Uh, well, he was easy enough to ignore before. And if you think that the left won’t keep raving about him…yeppers.

  4. stevemg Says:

    Love the “crackers” phrase.

    Let’s see, how does this go?

    White working poor who vote Democrat = Victims of the man and the evil corporations and those greedy Republicans.

    White working poor who vote Republican = Trailer park trash crackers and racists.

    Yeah, we get the picture.

    And liberals can’t figure out why white poor voters won’t vote for them?

  5. laura l Says:

    Um, well, I think he may have meant ‘crackers’ in the ‘nutty’ sense. Just guessing.

  6. joeremi Says:

    Um, well, yeah. ‘Cracker’ is a very different phrase. Crackers, nuts, bonkers, kablooey pick.

  7. stevemg Says:

    I apologize.

    Although I’ve seen a number of “they’re all white trailer trash” characterization of the Tea Partyers by folks claiming to be progressives.

    But not from anyone here.

  8. joeremi Says:

    “they’re all white trailer trash” is just as lazy a sweeping generalisation as “every time a white person criticizes a black one, they’re called racist”. Not my game.

  9. joeremi Says:

    Btw, I’m not a “progressive”. I’m not liberal enough to qualify, and I despise that sanctimonious term.

  10. whitneymuse Says:

    he’s cut back on his personal expenses and sold his house, too. This sort of makes sense if he’s going to have a subscription station on the web and have an audience of Beck believers. The man lost me a over a year ago. His end times speeches go nicely with independence from the Fox mother ship, if that is what this is about.

  11. missy5537 Says:

    Glenn’s SUCH an idiot! You know, he told us to buy gold last year, when it was $600/ounce? Thank GOD we didn’t listen to him, or we’d have to suffer with it at $1,500 by now.

    And that caliphate thing? What a dolt! The Middle East could not be more at peace right now!

    I don’t want to humiliate him by citing other instances, but wow, the guy is such a jerk. He is absolutely NEVER RIGHT about anything!

  12. joeremi Says:

    Uhh, I don’t think anybody thought his gold advice was bonkers. They questioned the fact that he was promoting his advertisers’ product in the editorial content of his show.

    The Muslim Takeover Of America End Of The World? Yeah..crackers.

  13. whitneymuse Says:

    I’m no fan of Beck, in fact I personally categorize him as a clown and even stronger, then I’d have to ban myself.
    Gold buys have worked out well, it’s his advertising and sponsor that got him criticized as many have pointed out.
    The problem is gold coins are a PITA and unwieldy;
    I frankly think Beck is a bit smarmy for my taste.
    Gold at 1500 an ounce should have been bought a long time ago.

    With all the tension in the middle east and weak dollar, one would have made money if they traded it.
    I usually do not like the politics of the critics of Beck, but in this case I actually do think they have a point worthy of reading their critiques. (Go go to Amazon’s books on Beck and it gives a good compendium of who might be talking badly of him).

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