CNN = The Social Networking News Network?

The Wrap’s Lucas Shaw writes about CNN’s social media endeavors…

And it has paid off in higher ratings — if not overall, at least on big-event nights.

“To say that there is a direct correlation [between ratings points and social] right now would not be the right thing to say,” Ghuneim told TheWrap. “But there is definitely a correspondence. This is the beginning of the ability for networks to value their media based on engagement and not just reach.”

CNN agrees. “I don’t think anyone can make case that there’s this causation where what happens on social media cause big ratings,” Steve Krakauer, senior digital producer for CNN, told TheWrap. “But on some of big events there’s a correlation.”

When asked why the social-media advantage hasn’t benefitted the network’s overall ratings, Krakauer said the Twitter population doesn’t represent the average viewer. Twitter in particular can be dominated by the media yammering about one thing or another with little regard for who’s actually watching what on TV.

5 Responses to “CNN = The Social Networking News Network?”

  1. and Rick always that TWITTER would do the trick.

  2. CNN has been ahead of the curve on social media for a while. I’m very social media savvy but I never heard of Twitter until I started listening to CNN at work.

    I know a lot of old school journalists and traditional media outlets won’t engage in social media, but it is the future now.

  3. Can I just say, Twitter is just another tool or medium for delivering news and interacting with your audience. It is not a replacement for delivering real news. Social media is a way to attract and engage your audience but your PRODUCT is video journalism. I find twitter to be a useful news feed and a fun way to interact with people but it clearly has its pitfalls because of the impulsive way we use it.

    And this recent trend where “journalists” rush to twitter to see who can break news the fastest is the most juvenile game ever. Honestly, it reminds me of last night’s episode of Tosh.o. FIRST!

    CNN’s ratings will continue to be a problem if they chest-thump about their twitter prowess but don’t deliver compelling, relevant content on their cable TV news channel.

  4. flyawy…

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  5. viewme…

    […]CNN = The Social Networking News Network? « Inside Cable News[…]…

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