Free for All: 11/28/12

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15 Responses to “Free for All: 11/28/12”

  1. TV Newser has a story out about a joke made over at MJ this morning that will spark some controversy.

    In referring to the “three amigos” (McCain, Graham and Ayotte);John Heilemann said they now had two women or at least one woman. JS practically spit up his coffee and all the men snickered.

    This could only be taken as a comment at Graham’s s*xual orientation which has always been a subject of discussion on the internet; much like Charlie Christ.

    The joke was edited out of the replay hour but will now be a legitimate topic of discussion.

    Two questions. Does Heilemann get or deserve a suspension and why did TV Newser assume they were taking about Graham? TV Newser says the joke was at Graham’s expense but Heilemann made no direct mention of Graham on air – TV Newser did. Why?

  2. That was a really crass and offensive joke made by Heileman, if that is what he meant by it. He should apologize for it. Maybe someone should ask what he meant by it but somehow I doubt he will be truly honest in his explanation.

  3. The problem Elle is any apology draws attention to why he said what he did.

    My guess is that everyone concerned (especially Lindsay Graham) would just like this whole episode to just go quietly away – ASAP.

  4. I wonder what Carol Costello will have to say about this? She’s always commenting on things said on FOX, now it’s MSNBC’s turn to be lectured by her.

  5. I’d love to know who The Three Stooges are trying to connect with with this ridiculous ongoing attack on Susan Rice. For anyone outside the righty bubble, it just looks bizarre. Condi Rice was confirmed after telling the country that Saddam Hussein was going to detonate a nuclear bomb over New York City. Trying to block Susan Rice for repeating CIA talking points looks like nothing more than a bitter Republican Party picking a fight with the President. It will only further alienate moderates and independents. Conratulations.

  6. So the excuse is that she’s just a mouthpiece? She just does and says whatever she’s told, no matter how obviously false?

    Well, at least they’re not trying to elevate her to a position where she’d have to think for herself.

    Oh wait. Nevermind.

  7. If they want to investigate something..investigate the security situation there, including any Republican involvement in budget issues surrounding it. This witch hunt against one woman who stated what the CIA told her was the unclasiffied intelligence she could use – which she qualified at the time as “appears to be” and “as far as we know” – is BS grandstanding from sore losers.

  8. While I agree that Bashir takes things too far sometimes, the premise of the article is deeply flawed. ‘Progressive’ and ‘liberal’ are about as similar as ‘libertarian’ and ‘conservative’. To label the article as “liberals tired of Martin”, then base most of it on criticizm from Glenn Greenwald is kinda silly. As anyone who follows him can tell you, Greenwald regularly bashes MSNBC, and likely considers all three cable news networks conservative.

  9. If every nation on the planet agreed to take the rich the same amount, then the rich would have nowhere to go.

  10. *”tax” not “take”

  11. Leftists, Progressives, Liberals, Democrats in a Democratic Party.

    A rose by any other name still smells. Bashir especially.

  12. ^^ Or we could just build a fence to keep them in.

    It’s always nice to see people practice what they preach.

  13. Had the US cut aid to Egypt earlier, the Israel-Hamas ceasefire would probably not have occurred and the Egyptian President would probably be even more radical. At least that’s what some Middle East commentators are saying.

  14. Why is this guy on Mediaite? He’s a rank ideologue who’s not even attempting a media critique here. This is basic Sean Hannity “why is the president such a bad guy?” BS. From a writer who apparently has no understanding of rallying the public to your cause, then applying that pressure to Congress. It’s called involving people in their government..

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