Greta Van Susteren out at MSNBC…Ari Melber In at 6pm.

Well that was insanely fast…like itchy trigger finger insanely fast. I’m not sure that wasn’t a premature move on some level. Short of cratering outright, which Van Susteren’s show didn’t do, it’s hard to kill off a show after only six months.

But, what’s done is done. TVNewser’s Chris Ariens writes that Ari Melber will be taking over the 6pm slot.

7 Responses to “Greta Van Susteren out at MSNBC…Ari Melber In at 6pm.”

  1. I liked GVS BUT that’s how radio and tv do ya……. she will join CNN next????????????

  2. Billy, Van Susteren has already been there. She was on CNN before she went to Fox.

  3. “Well that was insanely fast…like itchy trigger finger insanely fast.”

    ^^Not much point in putting off the inevitable. GVS was a OK host but her constant insistence on giving both sides of every issue, even when the other side was flat out crazy, was really annoying. I gave up watching abut a week after she began at MSNBC.

    Now maybe they could put Chris Matthews out to pasture as well. His show has long passed its best before date.

  4. imnotblue Says:

    So she was fired for being too balanced and fair to both sides for MSNBC?

    Wow, Fritz! Is that an argument you or I made?!

  5. Seems that for the most part when hosts leave Fox they don’t fare very well afterwards.
    As for Greta MSNBC was obviously not a good fit. Even with Maddow giving her a seal of approval she couldn’t build an audience.

  6. Blue l have no problem with giving both sides of a story if there are actually two rational sides. Greta didn’t want to offend anyone so she often insisted on bring up the ‘good points’ about someone to excuse the bad behavior of a person who just said or did something truly awful.

    Now to be evenhanded about this she was ‘fair and balanced’ in that this strategy was used in both Democratic and Republican cases. 🙂

  7. Caroline Teresa Says:

    GVS lacked personality ever on Fox during O.J. trial reviews. While at Fox during Bush yrs, she literally acted like a teenager around Karl Rove & Roger Ailes, almost creaming in her jeans, it was disgusting! Couldn’t believe NBC brought her on, not a journalist!

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