Whither FNC HD?

TVPredictions seizes on the Time Warner NYC HD channel list to note the inclusion of a FNC HD channel in its lineup by April 30th.

The top-rated cable news network has been working on a high-def simulcast for months, according to industry sources. But it has surprisingly failed to launch, although main rival CNN has been in high-def now for more than six months.

Sources told TVPredictions.com last fall that DIRECTV would carry Fox News HD when it launched — and Time Warner is now saying it will offer the channel by month’s end.

So, did Time Warner let the cat out of the bag by saying Fox News HD will be added this month?

It’s been nearly six months since I visited FNC last November. Back then they were working towards launching in HD but no timetable was given. News Corp. got FBN up and running in HD pretty quickly but it’s one thing to launch a new channel with a new HD setup when you’re starting from scratch. It’s another thing entirely to convert over to HD because you have to maintain the SD broadcast while you build HD infrastructure. Even CNN is only quasi-HD. Sure, the studio broadcasts are in HD but the vast majority of the field reports, live or otherwise, are not. If FNC is truly going to launch April 30th in HD, and I have my doubts on that given the fact that this news is coming from a TW press release and not FNC directly, I expect FNC will be following the same approach CNN has taken with its HD feed; full HD in the studios but SD for the field until such time as they can build out the field units with HD gear (see the below item from DCRTV on NBC equipping Washington field crews with HD to get an idea of how slow a process that can be given that Nightly has been HD for about a year now but its reports are in SD)

5 Responses to “Whither FNC HD?”

  1. lurkerlou Says:

    Someone posted an updated TWC list

    It has FBN HD listed for May 1st.

    “Effective May 1, 2008 in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Hudson Valley we will launch Fox News HD on ch. 744.”

  2. I mentioned this on Terance’s blog, but on the Fox Report last Monday, Shepard said that their new control room was up and running. This would be the new all-digital control room that we had heard about before, I presume. I had wondered why FNC’s graphics had looked remarkably sharper (still bad, though, ha) nearly two weeks ago and this new control room has to be the reason why. Perhaps the HD change is coming sooner than we think.

  3. imnotblue Says:

    I’m looking forward to this. I just got HD in my home, and let me tell you, watching HD primary coverage on CNN was terrific. They are able to use the screen so much more effectively.

    I just hope that crappy Cablevision decides to carry them.

  4. I have had HD on large tv screens for a long time now.
    The biggest funniest revelatiion is the amount of men who wear hair pieces!
    Women were worried about skin blemishes, etc. But they all seem basically lovely.
    I won’t name the guys with the hair rugs, but watch for it.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

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