Kate Bolduan Is Not Another Alexis Glick…

FTVLive follows up on its New Day “trouble in paradise” story with a relatively newsless piece trying to draw parallels between Kate Bolduan and Alexis Glick’s trajectories…

Back in 2006, Zucker was hell bent on trying to make financial reporter Alexis Glick a star. Like Bolduan, Glick was young and had showed she was a solid reporter. Zucker fast tracked Glick to the Today Show.  

It became quickly clear that Glick was swimming in deep waters and was starting to drown. The Glick experiment on Today ended almost as quickly as it started. 

It was one of many of Zucker’s failures at NBC. 

Now, in 2013 it appears that Zucker may have made the same mistake with Bolduan. He rushed her to the line before she was ready.

Rubbish. I remember the Glick experiment. I watched in horror as she stumbled all over the teleprompter when she first popped up on Early Today. It was I who anonymously fed Brian Stelter this gem of a shot well before I had ICN because I was appalled that Zucker would put someone on the air who clearly couldn’t read a teleprompter without her eyes glazing over. I watched Zucker force her on to MSNBC after that where she didn’t improve much. And then it was off to Today where the Glick experiment ultimately blew up.

So I saw the whole thing unfold from start to finish and I can tell you right now that Kate Bolduan is not another Glick. Not even close.

Whatever problems New Day has…and it has plenty, Kate Bolduan not being up to the task isn’t one of them. Yes there is a chemistry problem between Bolduan and Cuomo and, regardless of who is or isn’t to blame for that, Bolduan will catch all the heat because she wasn’t the high priced talent Zucker poached from another network and those people never catch the blame right away whether deserved or not. It’s not fair for Bolduan but it is the way the rules are played. It’s called a pecking order for a reason you know.

I could go on about New Day’s ills. Michaela Periera…in the modern social media new age is a news headline reader really needed…especially on cable news? The format of the show is too rigid with regularly dedicated segments at regularly dedicated times with regularly dedicated talent occupying too much of New Day’s regularly dedicated schedule. In a lot of ways New Day isn’t a new day at all but a repackaged old day…namely American Morning with new hosts and a new paint job but little new in terms of changing CNN’s morning program sameness for the past decade.

Then there is the set. That set is the single worst feature of New Day. It’s easily the worst set in morning TV…broadcast or cable. It is so busy. There is literally no camera angle that I’ve seen on this show that doesn’t a have a bunch of distracting stuff in the background. It’s almost like the set designer went around the set and ensured that there would be never be even the slightest empty space. It is so painful to look at I speed scan through my DVR recording of the show…only stopping to watch when I absolutely feel I must endure that set to see the show content. Unfortunately for New Day, but fortunately for my eyes, I don’t have to do that all too often. New Day has yet to cross the divide from “just another CNN morning show” to appointment TV.

But back to Bolduan. She is not the reason for the rigidly predictably dull wheel format or the awful set. She is a capable enough anchor. As for chemistry…remember it takes two to tango. She is not the main reason New Day fails nor is she another Alexis Glick. But she is the convenient easy target for people who by rights should get plenty of blame for what’s happened on New Day. But they won’t so she will…even though it’s not deserved.

18 Responses to “Kate Bolduan Is Not Another Alexis Glick…”

  1. davidcalef Says:

    Kate Bolduan is definitely NOT the problem in this relationship. Cuomo is not an easy person to warm up to. Kate is smart, witty, personable, the best Washington reporter on the set with extensive knowledge. I like Cuomo and Bolduan both, and they are okday as a team. If you told me I had to choose one to leave, it would not be Bolduan. John Berman is easier to watch than Cuomo. But leave the team alone. They may not set the world on fire, but they are both damn good and not a terrible pairing. Stop blame on-air talent every time ratings don’t measure up to what you want. How about content? To me, CNN’s top watchable anchors at Kate, Brooke Baldwin and John Berman. They are rockstars with great talent, iron pants and ability to anchor anything and turn on a dime.

  2. Chris Cuomo has the same problem Bryant Gumbel did: You do NOT want to see that arrogant douchebag’s face first thing in the morning. Cuomo may be fine somewhere else on the schedule, but he’s the first thing they need to ditch on New Day.

  3. Rockstars? Rockstars make it to primetime. Non-rockstars stay on dayside. Or earlier.

  4. Brooke Baldwin should have been the morning co-anchor. While I don’t mind Kate, Brooke is much more dynamic. Both are miles above Chris Cuomo. He makes me ill.

  5. Cuomo has the same problem that plagued Mitt Romney; he always looks like he’s faking it. Any emotion or interaction with guests and co-host looks staged and forced. I don’t see any fix for that problem anymore than Mitt Romney was able to fix his robotic interactions with people that were not his close friends or family.

  6. Bolduan is the scapegoat and Cuomo is predictably being an arrogant jerk. Seriously, I like the idea of Micheala and Berman – both are perfect for the morning. The set doesn’t bug me as much as the repetition and the overuse of viral videos as if it is news. In the beginning I thought New Day was a fresh alternative but its quickly going stale. If I want a newsier morning show, CNN has to give me a reason to watch over CBS This Morning and they haven’t done it.

  7. harry1420 Says:

    back in the day, stars were made. now they hire the stars from other channels. that disgusts viewers. knowing they are getting thousands..maybe millions to come in and instantly gain an audience. make news the star and NOT the anchor/host and you could be a winner. if you are lucky a star will be made of the anchor/host.

    As for content, cnn is doing news..crazy, not many people want news in the morning time…go figure. I prefer to be informed and not entertained in the morning time. whats the solution..cnn will always trial the others…keep doing news and information.

  8. bushleaguer Says:

    Harry – I agree with you to a degree that CNN should stick to their brand but the show is overloaded with the anchors covering the top stories, the crawl blaring the headlines and an additional crawl added so I know what the temperature in Albuquerque, New Mexico will be that day.

    If I want the headlines I just log onto the internet and peruse CNN’s website. They can soldier on with a bland show and live with the ratings they will get.

    And to the topic at hand – Kate Bolduan is not the problem. What Kate should be worrying about is CNN throwing her under the bus.

  9. Cuomo is the issue not Kate or Perira. John Berman would’ve been better and out of all the ABC hires he’s the best for anchoring.Make Perira a full anchor, replace cuomo with Berman, and the show will improve. To punish Kate over Cuomo is ridiculous. He’s an idiot for leaving 20/20 for a CNN morning show. All of the ABC hires is a waste for CNN except for Berman and Tapper. Berman is the only good anchor, and Tapper is good political wise but should be on Sunday Mornings. Weir and Cuomo were just white guy filler on ABC News and I’m sure ABC was happy to let them go to cut the budget. Cuomo is better suited in primetime with sensational content versus mornings.

  10. Yes, New Day has problems, but IMO the three hosts are pretty good, and I like the chemistry between Cuomo and Bouldun – it’s not quite so “young couple”y, if you know what I mean. John Berman should be a regular, but Perira is a nice addition.

  11. I agree with Bell the Cat and others who appreciate the show. Cuomo unlike Kate has broad appeal. Michaela Pereira has the depth Kate Bolduan is missing. Kate is excellent in political reporting but can seem obvious in her questions. Cuomo is obvious as well but can expound on the reasons for his political leanings. Cuomo knows that its important to build a relationship with your audience. He is not the problem. Michaela Pereira, Indra Peterson, Nischelle Turner and Chris Cuomo seem to have the chemistry with eachother that Kate Bolduan lacks with everyone. Everyone else seems down to earth and Kate seems to be out there on an iceberg by herself. I love her addition to the team but to suggest Cuomo is the problem is so wrong. Morning Joe (which I switched from because of Chris Cuomo) beats New Day because everybody seems to like eachother. Every morning is like a scene in St. Elmo’s Fire. And it’s great, you get the sense that they hang out. They are friends. The Morning Joe audience has been dissatisfied for years and if you dont believe me, go on twitter. @CNN has a chance to move those viewers away…but that’s not happening with Kate Bolduan. Who knows if Kate is the victim here…but the audience has no idea and frankly doesnt have the time to think of it or care. Yes, Kate Bolduan is important because of her contacts…and experience as a congressional correspondent but that in no way grandfather’s her in to news junkie stardom. Audiences want a friend, they want to hang out with you, they want to see a sense of humor. Spending three hours of your life with someone that you cant relate to is torture… Good or Bad, you have got to at least have a personality your audience can relate to…

  12. […] New Day was last or second-to-last in the prized ratings demographic of viewers aged 25-54 all week long. It also finished last in total viewers every day except […]

  13. […] New Day was last or second-to-last in the prized ratings demographic of viewers aged 25-54 all week long. It also finished last in total viewers every day except […]

  14. […] New Day was last or second-to-last in the prized ratings demographic of viewers aged 25-54 all week long. It also finished last in total viewers every day except […]

  15. I tuned into this show when it first started and couldn’t stand more than a few minutes of it. They were all so stiff and uncomfortable, made so many mistakes, especially Michaela. I started to count how many times she miss spoke, instead of hearing what she was saying. It was painful to watch and listen to these people. I stopped watching for a while, hoping that they would get more comfortable with each other. Clearly, weeks later things were worse. It was obvious that Kate and Chris were having problems with each other. Their body language, and the way they didn’t look at each other, and especially Kate’s face, made it clear they didn’t like each other. This made Michaela nervous and she made more mistakes. I tune in once in a while now for a few seconds and then wait for Carol Costello to come on – she is always right on. Wolf Blitzer is another painful anchor to listen to. Anderson Copper is the best! Why can the higher ups not see it when a show, or an anchor just doesn’t cut it?

  16. play option

    Kate Bolduan Is Not Another Alexis Glick… | Inside Cable News

  17. […] well…actually…I am… […]

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